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Medical Facility, Denon Capitol (Surface)
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Medical Facility, Denon Capitol (Surface)
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 Post Posted: Mon, September 25th 2006 09:49pm    Post subject: Medical Facility, Denon Capitol (Surface)
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The awkwardness of the situation held true as Admiral Ackbar led Han through the brightly illuminated corridors of the main medical facility. The vetern war hero had attempted to stir up some conversation, but Han had stubbornly refused. He knew the direction any conversation would lead and he had no intentions of traveling that route right now. He would rather be left to muse over his anger alone.

The long march down the corridor finally came to an end and the Mon Cal native led the Corellian through a double set of doors. The white, sterile walls of the examination room welcomed Han on the other side and it caused him to scowl. He hated hospitals.

"Glad to see you, Commander," came a sultry, female voice from deep within the sterile prison. Han whirrled around in the direction of the voice to see nothing but a closed curtain. His hazel eyes narrowed and for a moment, he was tempted to strangle the Mon Cal next to him for leading him into this trap. But in another second, decided against it. The curtain parted gracefully to reveal a blonde woman with angelic features which were highlighted by her perfect smile. "Would you please sit down? It won't take long."

Han's sour mood visably vanished and a quirk to his upper lip hinted at a smile. "Nah, take all the time ya need," Han provided before moving to the small cot without hesitation and taking a seat. The female medic smiled in turn and got to work running a handheld scanner across his body.

His eyes followed her as she worked, taking in all her features and every nook and cranny on her body. She was attractive, that much was a given, but Han wasn't sure if his flirtatious nature came out of that or the fact that he was still angry with Leia and wanted revenge. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he was leaning toward the latter, which was a good thing. More fun for him.

The scanner suddenly chriped in her hands, indicating that the scan was complete. She studied it briefly with furrowed brow. "Hmm," she mused to herself. "A recent blaster wound, treated. Some minor bumps and scrapes...uh, I'd say you're in almost perfect shape, Commander."

Han's expression dropped momentarily at the effectiveness at the scan. It was performed way too fast for him to work his magic. If Leia wanted to treat him like this... "How 'bout running a more thorough scan just to be sure?" Han challenged with a mischievous smile. He wanted to see how far word traveled and if he would be successful in riling up Leia some more.

The medic slammed the small scanner shut in her hands. "I don't think that'll be necessary," she explained in a curt tone.

Hard to get, huh? Han could play this game. "Ya see, Doc," Han rambled on, lowering his hand to his right side and cringing. "I got this pain right down in here when I move like this." He paused and twisted his torso experimentally. "You might wanna check that out."

The woman narrowed her eyes marginally and reluctantly popped back open the scanner and ran it across the right side of his body once more. After another minute, she shook her head and deactivated the device once more. "It must be psychological, sir," she finally concluded. "There's nothing wrong."

Of course there was nothing wrong! Was this woman that dense? Han tried to humor her some more, cringing again and edging toward the end of the cot. "Nah, I don't think so," he complained, forcing some pain into his voice. "Maybe a closer look."

"If you insist," she gave in with a sly smile. Turning her back to Han, she reached into a drawer underneath one of the counters and produced two latex gloves. She quickly pulled them on, snapping the material to her wrists while turning back to face Han.

The fake pain he was expressing quickly vanished as he sat up a little straighter to study her. Sure, he was expecting a more "hands on" examination, but not exactly in this way. "Wait a second," he inquired with some nervousness. "Whaddya gonna do with that?"

The medic smiled, stepping closer to the side of the cot. "You said you wanted me to inspect closer," she pointed out while pulling a stool over. "Lower back and side pain can be an indicator for troubles in a certain area."

A certain area. Han's mouth gaped open as a nervous laugh escaped it. Okay, now this was taking things way too far! Standing up suddenly, Han backed away from the medic's latex hands. "Uh, no," Han stammered. "Not that low. It's uh, right under my rib."

"Oh," she sounded somewhat disappointed. "Well, in that case, an endoscopy should see what the trouble is."

"Ya, know, maybe--" He was cut off by a beeping sound issuing from deep within his pants pocket. With one last nervous grin, Han reached into his pocket and exposed a comlink. "Solo," he muttered into the small device.

"Commander," a hurried voice filtered over the other end. "Thyferra has fallen under attack and your presence is needed immediately at the fleet."

Han's mood sunk some more at the news. So, the Empire had finally decided to attack. He knew it was only a matter of time before they took the first shot and now they were about to fall head first into another war. So much for a relaxing resignation. "I'll be right there," he said in monotone before switching the device off.

"Sorry to cut this short, Doc," he smiled to the woman. "But duty calls. Thanks for the time, though." He gave the medic a wink before rushing from the room.
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---Leia and Han
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Leia Organa Solo
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 Post Posted: Sat, October 13th 2007 10:07pm    Post subject:
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Note: This is still loosely three weeks before Han returns with Jaina.

Leia drifted down the corridor of the medical facility. Still in a surreal state due to the recent events, she was finally sorting out some thoughts and feelings in her mind. But at the same time, there were loose ends which she thought would never be knotted.

She halted and placed her hand on a pad against the wall, and slowly, fluidly, the door to the room slid to allow her access. Not wanting to disturb her brother, Leia entered quietly; however, Luke was already awake.

At least, she assumed so. He was reclined in the stiff bed, head downward. For a moment, she thought he was meditating or contemplating, but she soon saw he was transfixed staring at his new artificial appendage.

“Feeling better?” She broke the silence, moving across the room with a light smile on her face. Although this was indeed a cheerful moment, and though she tried to display that, her depression over the loss of Jaina was still dominating.

Startled, Luke looked up at his sister. “My head's still a little cloudy, but I think I'll be fine,” he explained, looking down at his hand once again. “It didn't hurt as much this time.”

“I guess you knew how to handle it better, this time,” Leia responded, her smile turning grim. She didn't want to remember that horrible day – the day to which this ordeal seemed so similar.

Finally, a smile broke Luke's face, the first Leia had seen from him in a long while. “How have things been with you?”

Leia's heart welled up in her throat. Not only did her brother not know what had happened, but she would have to explain it to him. “I take it you haven't read the last few issues of the Central Times,” she muttered, studying Luke intently.

“I've been out of the loop for a while,” Luke grinned. “What about Han? How's he holding up?”

She internally grimaced. To shatter his optimism would hurt Leia. Looking toward the window to the overcast sky, she spoke quietly. “That's part of what I was talking about.”

Leia braced herself. She had become calm over the issue, but speaking it aloud would only bring it rushing against her barriers at great force. With a determined force, she looked back into Luke's face. “They kidnapped Jaina... and Han went after them.”

“What?!” Luke interrogated, surprise propelling the sound from his throat. “Who would have done such a thing?”

“I'm guessing the Empire,” Leia proposed, shaking her head in uncertainty. “I can't think of anyone else. But, I don't know.”

“But aren't we at peace?” Luke questioned.

“You really are out of the loop,” Leia recalled. “We dissolved it some time ago,” she recounted yet another event that haunted her. Although she was without regret, it had been the day the galaxy ripped at the seams. No; it was the day the Alliance realized that no compromise could ever be made with the tyrannic Empire.

“The whole issue with Admiral Antilles pretty much set that in stone. I'll have to get you a datapad with a link to the archives,” she finished the topic before she could invest more thought into the issue. She didn't need to get riled up from old absurdities.

Leia watched her brother, sitting herself on a small chair beside his bed, as he processed her words. “I guess I never realized just how long I had been gone,” he murmured. “What else have I missed?”

“Well... those were probably the most important things,” Leia confessed. Then she re-evaluated her knowledge, and recalled something else. “Oh... and your clone had a daughter.”

She hadn't been in touch with Nicole or her family since the private funerary service, and that was over a week ago. She wondered if she would ever have any modicum of involvement with that family again, although she still felt some attachment through the impostor.

Leia could read the look of surprise in Luke's eyes, but he spoke nothing. For a long while, he remained quiet, as if he was preparing to face a cold reality. Finally, he spoke, “I'm not looking forward to the process of bringing me back from the dead.”

In a similar fashion, the troubled woman was compelled to face her own doubts, her own warnings, deep within herself. “Well... about that,” she sighed before continuing. “Maybe you shouldn't, just yet.”

Luke's eyebrow rose.

“I mean, I just,” Leia shook her head, rubbing her nose in an effort to concentrate her words. “I thought it was you, or that spirit, nagging at my head. But, something still feels strange – not right,” she admitted uneasily. “It's like it's been gaining ground in the time you've been hidden away.”

Her words echoed in her ears, and they cemented the fears within her. It was like an ocean; one wave upon the other, with the ultimate tapestry far greater than any wake or any small current. It was like a ripple in a pool, with each ring passing to be followed by another, masking the object which caused the ripples.

Poetry aside, Leia knew something was not right. Her alignment to the Force and to her surroundings had been at a low; with Luke back, and with one “ripple” equalized, she was now opened to the full range of perception. She was now adrift in a current greater than she had felt for years.

And frankly, she was somewhat surprised Luke didn't sense it. “I'll look into it,” he said after a few moments of cognition.

“It's probably nothing,” Leia tried to convince herself. “There's... there's a lot going on right now,” she sighed, losing her composure. She brought her hand to touch the skin of Luke's uninjured hand. “I don't want to lose you again,” she whimpered.

“You won't.” Luke responded, looking into her caramel eyes. “I promise.”

His words carried a treatment that Leia had not felt in years: assurance. She nodded her head, squeezing his hand tightly. In that moment, she knew nothing could take her brother away again.

She wouldn't let it.

“But,” she sniffled, standing up and recomposing herself. “I think your biggest worry is getting some more sleep,” she advised, her cheeks pulling at her lips. Luke smiled back.

With that, Leia left the room. She had to return to the world of manipulation and greed... she had to return to the senate.

However, though strengthened by Luke, Leia felt her thoughts would not leave her. She wondered if they ever would, until the source of the ripples could be located.
Leia Organa Solo
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