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Confessions of a Broken Galaxy
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Galactic Communications » Confessions of a Broken Galaxy
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Alatáriël Pallanén
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 Post Posted: Wed, September 20th 2006 01:22am    Post subject: Confessions of a Broken Galaxy
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Confessions of a Broken Galaxy
Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad
Chief of Rebellion Security

The forces of good and evil have always been fought within this galaxy. It has been fought on a grand scale, stretching from two planets to the entire galaxy. It has been fought on the surface of the worlds, within their oceans, or even above or under them. The war between benevolence and malevolence has been fought with minor injuries or the complete genocide of an entire race. The war does not have to extend to small or even massive militaries, but to the heart and soul of a single individual.

The war has returned to a grand scale, one that will bring the death of hundreds of billions, if not trillions. The war will extend to consume trillions of credits and the resources to produce some of the finest military equipment this galaxy has seen. It will produce some of the finest soldiers. This war will produce some of the most extraordinary inventions, some of the most interesting projects will prosper and individuals made as heroes.

It also creates remorse, mental depression, family destruction, a great and vast darkness that will consume all in its path, and ultimately fear. Fear can be handled several ways, but it runs in the hearts of all. We fear for the lives of family and friends, and sometimes selfishly, our own. And some are thoughtless on the amount of lives taken. They are absolutely naive to the ring of suffering a single death will cause. A single individual’s death causes a ripple on a galactic scale.

Take that to your minds and hearts, for the Rebellion does not wish to fight its Imperial brothers and sisters. We hold true to Chief of State Leia Organa Solo’s words. We will not cast the first stone of destruction, but we prepare for the almighty destruction the Galactic Empire shall bring. Our people know the grave consequences that some will experience. Our people have met in their homes, in committees, entire continents even, to discuss the action our grand democratic Senate has made.

We have made a decision.

That decision was the act of war.

And here we stand, the cold brink of destruction slowly winding to an end. The Rebellion and her planets wonder what massive invasion the Empire will bring upon us. We wonder if their soldiers and leaders have truly converted to the benevolence to which they claim. We wonder if our homes will stand, if our families will stand, will we stand against them when their armies come in such a terrible force. The answer, is simply, yes. We will watch the enemy come with such terrible might, some will perish within seconds, and others will die slowly. We will watch as our brothers and sisters are wounded, killed and even mutilated by the Imperial Army and Navy.

The Rebellion and her officers will not only watch, I can assure you, we will fight back. We have fought against the most oppressive leader, the most malicious politician, the most dominant force in the galaxy and we had won. We had won our freedom, our government of precious democratic freedom. We have won the sacred acts of choice.

No longer does the Rebellion answer to the brute and straightforward force of the days of the powerful Emperor Palpatine. No longer do we face the massive Death Stars, the genocides or the human superiority. No. We fight a more cunning enemy. One that hides it’s darkest secrets. One that will build entire worlds to gain an audience to turn the eyes away from the rape and devastation they have caused.

The Galactic Empire is this enemy.

I can testify they are not the saints they claim to be, they fight for domination. How could their hearts be true when lead by Lord Vader. His ferocious might has destroyed hundreds of billions lives and has tormented thousands of souls. It was he that assisted in the great and terrible destruction of Alderaan.

The Dark Lord has not changed, merely set the timetables in his next move. Does he truly support democracy or justice? His secret police move without trial, without investigation, and silence those that have spoken against his Grand Empire. Vader has challenged the Rebellion to the greatest of all wars, and we have accepted. Not for domination, for our defensive purpose of choice. It is our choices that power the forces of the Rebellion.

Ams Jendob is an incredible, yet dark man. His atrocities extend many years before the Tatooine Accord. His intelligence matches his malice. He is the man behind the scenes in Vader’s Empire. He rides for the rebellion. His soul is powered by domination in all things. Do not fear this man, for that would be a terrible mistake. Oppose him. Listen to him, and discern his manipulations. Jendob will tell nine truths, to sell his one lie. Let his acts go noticed and challenged. Kneel to him, no more.

We can stand inert or mobile. We can smile and act as if the war will not come, but that action, will be our end. The Rebellion is in need of grand souls, not heroes, but souls that will march knowing that great destruction will come their way. All will die in the end, but it will be in the act of defending our homes, our loved ones and democracy that these mighty souls will mortally die. Their lives will be eternally remembered as the ‘Soldiers of Hope’.

For hope is why we exist.

We look to the grand prominence state of Nespis and dread the battles their people face with the Devaronian faction lead by the merciless Petyr Baelish.

The Rebellion calls for aide, extending to artificial and biological beings. All is needed to fight the Galactic Empire and her mongering Moffs. The Empire will fall, in time, but with the might of a combined galaxy, it will be this era.

We call the aide of the neutral, not for military, but the open questioning of the validity of Galactic Empire’s words and actions. I plead that you assist us once more, in removing this Galactic superpower. Remove Vader. Remove Ams Jendob.

Look into the eyes of your children and promise them you will leave them a galaxy they can live with choices. Confess the truth, admit your mistakes, and adjust to the forces of good. Some believe ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is merely a point of view, but I say it is not. We know in our hearts what is for the greater good of the galaxy and I admit that I have done wrong in the past. I plead my loyalty to the Chief of State. I plead my loyalty to the democracy the Rebellion has established. I plead the changes I will adhere to, to make the galaxy a safer place for my children. What are your confessions?

For thsse are the confessions of a broken galaxy.

Please do not post, I would like this topic locked. All questions or comments, PM.
Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad
Leader of the Zerconian Hive
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Galactic Communications » Confessions of a Broken Galaxy
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