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Coronet Zoo
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Coronet Zoo
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Alatáriël Pallanén
ECP Member

Joined: 30 May 2006
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 Post Posted: Sun, September 17th 2006 08:33pm    Post subject: Coronet Zoo
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The day began to close as the sun parted from the sky. The massive zoo's one-hour night-light system powered on, giving the many visitors an extra stay before it would close. The Pallanén-Davad family had gone out for a night, away from the investigation, the many families and children crowded over the fantastic beasts. Damian and Lucas were attempting to stand in their hover-strollers, Arlyn and Ryan coasting them along the many beasts.

They stopped in front of a caged Nexu, Damian managed to lean against the window, his eyes met the Nexu. "Mami!" he exclaimed excitedly. Arlyn and Ryan exchanged a confused look and Arlyn moved towards her standing son, "You mean, mommy?" she said with a smile?

"Mami! Mami! Mami!" Damian said over and over pointing at the female Nexu. Arlyn shrugged and nodded, "Mami it is." she responded kissing her son's forehead. Lucas struggled as he saw his brother against the glass. Ryan paused, "You hear that?"

Arlyn turned to see a mother arguing with her son, "Billy! I swear to you, if you wreck that speeder, I'll kill you!" A motherly smile flashed against her face. Her finger pointed and shook a warning as the teenager took the access card and started the engine. Pulling upwards, he began to reverse.

"Yeah, let's not let them drive-" Arlyn turned and teased but Ryan shook his head.

"GET DOWN! EVERYBODY DOWN!" Ryan yanked Isabel and Lucas into his arms, Arlyn instinctfully grabbing Damian as an X-Wing part shot from the sky. It slammed into the speeder the son was driving, the mother screaming her son's name, before the speeder clipped her and tossed her aside like mere ragdoll. The X-Wing rummage soared towards their position, Arlyn's wings opening. Holding the terrified Damian, she soared to the skies as Ryan kicked open a basement to one of the lower feeding levels. Luckily it was vacant at the time as he inhumanly dashed down the stairs.

The X-Wing hull piece slammed into a crowd of people, many not able to escape the madness of the remaining starfighter. Arlyn gasped as it exploded and fire soared on the lower levels of the zoo. Her right hand extended to her pocket as she reached for the small headset. She clipped it to her ear, the device sensing its activation.

"Lady Pallanén-Davad?" Eve's voice asked worried, "How was the family outing? Cutting it short-"

"Eve, an X-Wing just exploded into the Coronet Zoo." Arlyn's voice said to the quiet headset. It hesistated before she responded, "Lady Pallanén-Davad, can you get closer to the hull piece?" Arlyn hesistated with Damian within her arms, however, she flew over the massive hull piece. Some letters remained on the hull, 'ald Blade'. Eve responded, "It would appear Luke Skywalker had an accident." Arlyn could detect a tinge of humor in her voice, "I'm scanning all available public footage." Arlyn watched as Ryan emerged from the basement door, Arlyn adjusted her wings so she glided over to his position.

"Public transport system...Public Speeder Bus 214 seems to have gained an extra visitor." Eve responded, "Luke Skywalker."

Arlyn nodded looking at her husband, "Ma'shi's Investigation just got a new lead." Turning with Damian in her arms, she told Eve, "Alert CorSec Security and Rebel Security. Alert Zack and Trisk, tell them we will meet them enroute to the Public Speeder Bus's location."

Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad
Leader of the Zerconian Hive
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Ryan Davad

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 Post Posted: Mon, September 18th 2006 12:43pm    Post subject:
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"Ma'shi's Investigation just got a new lead." Arlyn had informed her husband. Ryan acknowledged with a grin, but it quickly disappeared with the amount of death around them. Ryan also had a communication to the entity known as Eve, and he kept in frequent contact.

Eve had a unique personality, one that defied what she was, but her limitations were almost depressing. Ryan activated the link with her, "Eve, can you locate the shuttle. I want the nanny droid to take the children back to our ship, and then engage the cloak. Have them reset coordinates to a new hyperspace meet."

"I understand. The nanny is enroute." Eve responded with ease, "Do you require anything else, Lord Pallanén-Davad?"

A series of Corellian medical transports soared into the sky, their sirens and alerts screeching into the night air. The animals roared and seemed to go insane at the high pitched frequency and all the commotion. "Eve, that's it. Thanks." Ryan responded. Was that really enough Medical personnel?

Eve answered throwing Ryan off balance for a moment "At your service, sir." her response was brief as the connection seemed to disappear. Moving towards his wife he kissed Damian's forehead, the three children's eyes bulging at the sight of fear, panic and the dread around them.

"The nanny droid is enroute. I just want them safe." Ryan said looking over his children. Arlyn nodded, her eyes looked as if someone familiar was nearby. Ryan turned to see his recently acquired friend, Zack suited in a CorSec uniform. His voice was concerned, "Your family...everything okay?"

Arlyn nodded, knowing that the many around them was not as fortunate. Zack scanned the area, his eyes taking in the gloom and despair. "Come on, Trisk is already going towards Public Bus intrusion site." Arlyn hesitated, knowing that she needed to secure the children first. Answered by an unseen luck or fate, the Vaatrik shuttle and medical aide arrived. Thirty of some of the best trained doctors swarmed over the fallen and the wounded. Medical droids were dispatched, in a matter of hours, everything would be back to where it was originally and the people would be either healing or healed.

The nanny droid rushed over moving towards them, taking the children from their hands with three of its arms. "Lady Pallanén-Davad, I can take them from here." Arlyn and Ryan watched their children be safely tucked into the nanny droids nesting program and a lullaby began to play. Zack pulled around a police speeder, his voice called to them, but neither moved until the shuttle had safely taken off with their children and soared towards the heavens.

"Eve, make sure they get to the ship. Inform us otherwise." Ryan added.

Eve took a moment to respond, before her voice sounded in both Ryan and Arlyn's earpiece, "Your children will be safe. I will protect them if the need be. Go. You must finish the investigation."

Ryan and Arlyn, trusting the sidekick, jumped into the back of the police speeder. Zack, not wasting any time, slammed on the accelerator and they zoomed towards the Public Bus's position which was only a click away.

Ryan Davad
Human Replica Droid
dubbed "Lord of Droids"

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Deacon Frost

Joined: 30 Aug 2006
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 Post Posted: Wed, September 20th 2006 06:35am    Post subject:
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Frost leaned back, letting the sweet smell of death fill his nostrils. It had been such along time since he had killed something and it was a relief to let the chaos wash over him again. He walked slowly through the Zoo, watching parents screaming, the dismembered corpses of their children grasped in their arms as though some life still remained. Children standing beside parents who had lost arms and often more. Behind him, the flaming wreck of a speeder crackled and popped. Everywhere, people were screaming.

It was magnificent.

There were CorSec agents everywhere, taking samples, interviewing witnesses and saving people who's brains had not yet realised that they were dead. Deacon snickered to himself. These humans really were pathetic. Whipping around, he strode towards one of the ambulances. S'vita was a hospital administrator, so a good place to start looking would be the main Coronet hospital.

<Humans are nothing more than useless pawns!!> he yelled in Shi'idese, the language of the Shi'ido.
"This one's going crazy," said one of the ambulance officers, "restrain him."

Two paramedics moved forward to restrain Frost. He put up a fight, but not enough to injure the men. They strapped him to a stretcher and placed him in the back of the ambulance. Turning on the sirens, the driver sped off towards Coronet Private Hospital.


Deacon Frost
High Lord of the Black Hand
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