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Speeder bus 214
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Speeder bus 214
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Luke Skywalker
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 Post Posted: Fri, September 15th 2006 10:34am    Post subject: Speeder bus 214
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Luke rushed out of the ship, Artoo staying behind, and walked along side a mysterious cloaked figure, "status." he said in an all too formal voice.
The woman nodded slightly, "he's on a speeder bus heading out of the city. It's stopped at a refueling station about three clicks north of here. Your wife wants her husband home for dinner tonight and Ben said his first word today."
Luke raised his eyebrows and the woman shrugged, "well it was more a gurgling noise but Nicole thought it was important."
Luke smiled, "good. Now, we have to go catch a bus."
Jumping onto a passing speederbike Luke directed the driver to the refueling station.

About ten minutes later the bike arrived just as the bus began to take off again, standing on the bike Luke launched himself forward, propelled by the Force Luke flips all the way around and landed feet first on the roof of the bus. Flipping the hilt of his lightsaber out of his belt he began to walk slowly towards the front of the bus.

The bus was now about twenty-five feet in the air and still rising. When it reached about fifty feet Luke felt a tremor in the Force behind him. Igniting his emerald lightsaber with a snaphiss Luke twirled around just in time to intercept a scarlet blade.
"So Skywalker, you finally got some balls and decided to fight eh?" Secra's mouth twisted into an evil grin.
Luke shrugged nonchalantly, "Secra, your Corulagian accent is coming through."
Secra frown, "what're you on aboot?"
Luke smiled and replied, "oh... never mind."
Secra's frown deepened, "enough talk." He lifted his lightsaber and cast it down towards Luke's head, adjusting his grip slightly. Luke bent backwards slightly and angled his emerald blade to intercept the blade of scarlet.

The Speeder bus was now very high up into the skylanes. So high that it was becoming harder for Luke's lungs to take in oxygen, Secra on the other hand could survive vacuum. The bus vibrated sending waves of movement up Luke's legs.
Secra lunged at Luke's stomach, where the wound inflicted earlier had all but completely disappeared. Luke easily deflected the weak attack. Luke smiled and started singing to himself, "these are the Star Wars that they will think of..."

Secra frowned and made several quick slices with the scarlet blade of death in his hands. Luke deflected some, the rest made a burning contact with his skin.
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Secra Mirosa

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 Post Posted: Fri, September 15th 2006 11:46am    Post subject:
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Secra smiled and kept up the vicious offensive, totally overwhelming the Jedi. The bus rocked violently and swerved to avoid a smaller speeder, Luke had fallen to his knees and slid off the edge. Luckily for him one of the passengers had opened their window and he was desperately clinging on with one hand as he held his lightsaber with the other. Putting his saber onto his belt after sheathing it he gripped the open window with both hands and, with the assistance of the Force, pulled himself up onto the roof again.

The speeder bus was living up to it's name as it sped through the air at speeds around 300-400 miles per hour. And Secra was having trouble balancing on the speeder, but he managed it. The two men flurried and lunged and parried and swiped at each other for the best part of twenty minutes

Until finally Secra sliced through Luke's wrist. Destroying the servos controling his hand and making him seemingly powerless. Luke collapsed to his knees holding his robotic arm. Secra sneared and cackled over him, "that's for being cocky."
Luke looked up and smiled weakly, "and this is for being a smartass." He lifted his other arm into the air, casting Secra higher and higher. He came down again, faster and faster until...
"Bodda Boonga!" A red speeder rammed into him at high speeds. "I'll get you Skywalker!" Secra screamed as he was flown far away from Luke.

Luke opened the maintainance hatch and dropped down into the speeder bus just as it arrived at Coronet Spaceport.
"Have fun?" the mysterious woman from before asked.
Luke shrugged, "I think I need a panel beater but I'll be ok."
The woman smiled, "good. Get back to Yavin IV and get ready. Your wife and daughter will be there later."
Luke nodded and walked off. Dawning on him he paused, "daughter?"
The woman sighed, "Nicole will tell you the details but... while you were playing prisoner, the Tusken Raiders were busy destroying your house and killing your family. Only Nicole and one of your daughters survived." And she walked off quickly, not wanting to be near Skywalker after that news.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Speeder bus 214
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