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Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Parade Grounds
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Carida » Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Parade Grounds
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Thanates Scyntor

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 Post Posted: Tue, December 30th 2009 08:02pm    Post subject: Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Parade Grounds
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Corps, atten-HUT!

A bristling sea of pristine white armor, polished to perfection, with fully operational weapons snapped to a perfect parade attention. The 160 acre parade ground was completely covered with a gridwork of Stormtroopers, arranged in blocks of a thousand with a black-clad commander at the fore of each. At the inside row, the group commanders stood in full dress uniforms, at the sides of their troops.

Behind him, four Field Marshals stood. Field Marshal Braun'Syar, commander of the Dark Trooper program, stood at his right shoulder. To his left, Field Marshal Preigrus was at an uncomfortable parade rest, his eyes flicking rapidly over the mass of ranks. Inwardly, the Colonel-General smiled... it wouldn't do to have a lax top commander of reconnaissance. The third figure was in a pristine suit, his eyes sharpened by small square spectacles, and his eyes never stopped either... but only worked over the command row. Internal security at its finest.

The fourth figure, however, stood squarely at Scyntor's left. Field Marshal Nebulax, the most venerable of the six Field Marshals, looked over his former students with a gruff sort of pride. He had worked harder than virtually every officer below his rank, upholding the most fierce ideals of Corps dedication and determination. Today, this was his personal triumph.

The Colonel-General himself was perfectly relaxed and at ease on the dais above the square. Around him, holovid cams recorded and amplified his visage to broadcast on massive screens behind him, so the furthest officer could see. Voice amplification algorithms boosted his voice without losing a trace of quality, so that all could hear his words clearly.

"Stormtroopers. Compatriots. Brothers and sisters." He began softly, as if speaking to close friends... two and a half million close friends. "We stand, now, on the brink of total war. Our Emperor has returned to us, after such a long absence, and has begun to purge the galaxy of all those that would oppose the rule of the one true Empire, the single deserving ruling force of this great unity."

This statement was met with a fierce "For The Emperor!", which resounded with impact of voices in perfect unison, almost palpable against his skin. Scyntor looked over the assembled troops, over the Acclamator transports dotting the landscape, and up at the Starfury assault bombers that flew in parade runs overhead.

"Even now, the Navy has begun its campaign against the Nespian dogs that have flaunted their independence before us time and again. Already, their forces are getting a bare taste of the Empire's true might, a power that only comes with the resolution and purpose of determination!" Scyntor's fist clicked as he tensed, looking out over the assembled troops with a sort of furious pride.

"But that is not enough. Nespis will not fall by the force of the Navy alone. The Imperial Army has begun to mobilize, but they are months away from being able to mount more than a haphazard assault against the worlds that exist because we allow them to." It was a lie, of course, the Army was already prepared for a full-scale ground attack, spearheaded by the Stormtroopers garrisoned aboard the fleet currently in action. However, it was a terrific morale booster for his men and women, to believe that they were better prepared than their compatriots in the Army.

"The Navy is the Arm of the Empire... but it is useless without the fist at its fore. We, my brothers and sister, are the Fist of the Empire. It is we who are called to lead the ground attacks. It is we who are chosen for the missions that count. And, my Stormtroopers, it is we who have always come through for our Emperor." Scyntor's teeth gritted with a barely contained smile as his Corps... HIS Corps shouted in unison For The Emperor!

"Today, we embark on the greatest conflict of our lives. Today, we stand on the brink of conquest. And today... we will prove beyond any shadow of doubt who the true victors of this conflict will be. And before our enemies fall beneath our boots, the last words they hear will be the same from here to the Outer Rim... 'Laurus Supremus Totus, motherfrakkers."

The assembled corps erupted in a chorus of "For The Emperor! as Scyntor turned and left the dais. The cams switched off as the assembled armies continued to chant, and a cheer rose as the shuttle Flagstone lifted off from behind the raised platform and out to the orbiting fleet.

Inside that shuttle, the Colonel-General of the Stormtrooper Corps simply smiled as he laid his finger over a name on a list. There would be the galaxy's first taste of the Corps' new might.

"I do not forgive. Look into my eyes, and you will see only the promise of Hell."


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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Carida » Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Parade Grounds
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