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Vix's Bar & Grill
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Han Solo
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 Post Posted: Mon, August 18th 2008 10:16pm    Post subject: Vix's Bar & Grill
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Yea, if this seems weird, I just want to say that this actually happened. Except replace Jonash and Jaina with me and Cray when we were much younger. :lol:

The lunch crowd continued to steadily flow into the ritzy restaurant, jamming up the entrance with impatient senators and government officials from the Senate District as they waited for tables to clear. Luckily, Han had beaten out the lunch rush by less than a half standard hour and found himself seated at a table along the main thoroughfare. He wasn't too happy with the location, but making a fuss over it would've drawn more attention to himself than having a bunch of stuck-up Senators gawking at him. Then again, maybe not. He was stuck with the kids again this afternoon and they were known to make a normally quiet meal into a nightmare.

"Hey, Jo," Jaina called to her brother, throwing her silverware to the table and reaching her hand towards the basket holding sugar and other condiments for caf. Her plate had barely been touched, but that wasn't surprising. The two had been up to no good since they sat down. "This is mom!"

Jonash lifted his brown eyes from the drink he had been blowing bubbles into through a straw and gave a tenacious laugh in response. He seemed to know what was coming, meaning he saw this before. That was never good.

Han poked at his food, a pasta and steak combination from Naboo that everyone seemed to rave about, and shoved another forkful into his mouth. He didn't like Naboo cuisine, but that's all this place served and it was the only place the kids seemed to want to eat at. They could be so damn picky - like their mother.

And speaking of which...

"Hey, that's enough," he scolded through a full mouth, thrusting a hand forward to intercept Jaina's as she pulled several sugar packets from the basket. But as usual, he was too slow.

"Mwuahhha!" she yelled suddenly, throwing both hands above her head and dispersing the packets into the air. They rained down unceremoniously to the table and floor and all Han could do was shrink back in his chair as he felt the eyes of the Senators directly on them. "Have you no consideration for a woman's feelings?!" she continued.

A snort issued from Jonash as he started to fall into uncontrolled laughter. Jaina noticed his reaction and it only egged her on further. "Pearls!" she yelled, and more sugar packets rained down.


More sugar packets.


And then came the grand finale.

"AHHHHHH!" it was a continuous moan as she waved her hands in the air while shifting around in a circle where she sat. Jonash looked as if he was about to die from laughing and as usual, Han felt helpless.

Throwing a nervous smile to an elderly couple that were sitting at the table beside them, Han rose from his chair and grabbed Jaina's wrist, hauling her to her feet. "That's enough!" he growled, abruptly ending the performance before more damage could be done. He gestured wildly to the mess of sugar packets on the floor before thrusting his index finger into her face. "Get over there and pick up your mess if you don't want your mother to find out about your little impersonation. I know she won't appreciate it."

She looked as if she was about to cry but she obeyed, yanking free of his grip and stooping to the floor to collect the packets. Han sighed, rubbing a hand over his face and returned sheepishly to his seat.

"C-can I....get you anything else, sir?" the server asked nervously as he approached the war zone. He was probably considering kicking them out right then and there. He didn't blame him.

"A good Corellian whiskey," Han groaned. He had opted not to drink alcohol around the kids, but this was ridiculous. "Nice and strong. I'm sure you understand."

The server smiled wearily and nodded before hurrying off into the crowd to place the order. Whoever said being a dad would be easy should be shot.
Han Solo; Captain of the Millennium Falcon

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---Leia and Han

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 Post Posted: Thu, August 28th 2008 04:59pm    Post subject:
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He left a note on the bottom of the glass for the Rebel to find then disappeared from the diner entirely.

“Isn’t it early to be drinking, Mr. Solo?”
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Lando Calrissian

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 Post Posted: Sat, September 06th 2008 04:59pm    Post subject:
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One of Lando's greatest restaurant success stories, had been Vix's Bar & Grill... not exactly the most prestigious of names, but it had served his business endeavours rather well. After all, it was a Senatorial Hot spot, and a few words to the right world representative, could seal the deal to millions of credits...

He was known for his entrepreneur, and investment style operations, yet he had made only a few large moves in the last years. He had bought, and remodelled several outer rim race tracks, which brought several million credits his way, but moderation had become a rising issue. He invested most of his profits into a rising droid and clone company, which was later bought by none other than the Rebellion Security Chief, and sent most of his shares into a downward spiral...

Lando, though living the lavish lifestyle, held only fifty thousand credits to his name. His funds were depleting, and considering the Board's decision at TechnoLogic, he wasn't about to seal any get-rich-quick schemes here.

No, he needed something more... a planet that held less gaming restrictions, and a place where worldly, and Rebellion taxes wouldn't seize most of his profitable gain... Then again, he was thinking in the same rut that he had been for the last couple of years, and it was getting him no where. He needed a fresh set of ideas, but there were very little people he could trust...

Lando leaned against the wall of the manager's office, his eyes casually glancing out of the window and venturing into Denon's populated surface. Although Denon served as the Rebellion's Capital, it was an ecumenpolis that was difficult to crack. It's population was constantly changing, making one idea profitable for several months, then nearly bankrupt the next.

It were times, and places like these, that he daydreamed over Cloud City, and the steady, high-rolling future he had laid out. There, he was successful, influential, and most of all, lucky.

A nervous employee entered the room, "Sir Calrissian?"

Lando grunted, still unnerved at his financial situation.

"Several senators are making a complaint against a father, and his two children." the employee closed the door, his hands shaking slightly. In all his years, Lando could never understand why some people, were still afraid to talk to him.

"Could you move them to the far side, where most young families are located?" Lando asked, his fingers dangling over the buttons of his latest shirt; imported directly from the Muunilist Bank Clan finest fabrics.

"Sir. It's Han Solo."

That would explain the nervous reaction, as Lando had always requested he be personally informed should the Corellian show his face. It had been several years since the two had been in direct contact. Suddenly the business woes, and the financial disaster vanished, and a new light lit in his eyes.

"Tell the complaining Senators, the meal is on the house." Lando ordered the young employee, "Compliments of Lando Calrissian, be sure to mention that." He rose from the chair, "But keep your voice low..." Lando glanced in the mirror, adjusting his outfit, and hair. He always wanted to look better. Lando cruised out of the office, his eyes immediately catching the Solo-scene, and he decided to approach Han from the backside.

Lowering his voice, he said, "Mr. Solo, we're going to have to ask you to leave."
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