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Spire of War
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » "Coronus" » Spire of War
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Alatáriël Pallanén
ECP Member

Joined: 30 May 2006
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 Post Posted: Tue, October 14th 2008 11:26pm    Post subject: Spire of War
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"Spire of War"

High Command:
Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad (Zerconian Leader)
Shreeftut Keeramak (Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium Leader)

Ryan Davad (Praetor Commander)
Admiral Ivpikkis (Supreme Commander of Imperium Forces)
Admiral Audacious (Second Commander of Imperium Forces)
Admiral Arrianna Ryarrol (Subcommander of Zerconian Forces)
General Kku'uunk (Grand General of Zerconian Forces)
General Ikakvov (Supreme General of Imperium Forces)
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Alatáriël Pallanén
ECP Member

Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 2465

 Post Posted: Wed, October 15th 2008 02:59am    Post subject:
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The Command Center buzzed with activity as soldiers, agents, operators and High Command issued orders, retrieved data reports, or assessed multiple operations and paranoia. The demeanor changed as soon as the thanagarian stepped onto the operation's deck. Hundreds of world holograms lit across the room, each operating officer beckoning her to look at their latest reports. Agents across the galaxy were sending in reports, while the Bothan Spynet Agency demanded her attention and offered pricey intelligence.

Admirals, and various commodores took multiple turns explaining their fleet's provisions, and where an Indomitable, or an Apex could be reassigned to flank, or defend their chosen sectors.

The war drums pounded, consuming everyone in the room, almost a hundredfold. Droids were rushing from one side of the room, to the other, then retransmitting the new orders to fellow artificial comrades.

The Spire of War, it seemed, was brimming with the latest Imperial Declaration. Arlyn assessed the situation, as best as she could, and began to speak. And as she did so, the entire room fell silent. "Admirals. Generals. Comrades, "she started, "War has reached us once again, and this time, we fight until the bitter end of either existences. We shall send the Emperor, and his followers to the grave... or if we fail, die trying!"

Multiple soldiers roared at the feat they were about to attempt, "Palpatine's Empire shall not last." she affirmed. "It cannot. It will not."

She circled the largest of the holographic displays, the very center of the room: the Galaxy. The charts swivelled, and the map zoom into location as various Zerconian or Imperium fleets were highlighted. "We have chosen, if the motion carries, to attack the Empire's territory! It will be a small, but hopefully, a time consuming distraction..." the thanagarian exclaimed, pointing to a strange looking orb, "Which fleet is in closest proximity?"

Admiral Audacious, a cyborg that she had not seen in person for several years, spoke with a narcissistic tone, "Admiral Freyja, aboard the Indomitable-class dreadnaught Valkyrie II. She is enroute to the rendezvous point now."

Nespian Senators still held the right to vote; war, or surrender. All they were waiting for, was Jahan.

Then together, they would strike the Empire.
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Karlos Ketra
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 Post Posted: Wed, October 22nd 2008 05:45pm    Post subject:
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The War Room was brewing with technology he had never even heard of before. It was way above the next generation, and some of it was so alien, he wouldn't even know how to work it. He cursed as two massive wookiees strode right into him, and growled as their bodies tossed him aside. A few of the aquatic technical brutes looked up, then immediately turned to work as though it was nothing interesting.

"Why am I even here," Karlos breathed sympathetically for himself, and peered into the clear doors that held Arlyn and her top commanders. It was an interesting room, despite the glass, the images were fuzzy and he couldn't tell who was who, except for Arlyn. It was hard to miss a thanagarian.

He waited patiently, Geonosians flying all about, as though it was some kind insect nesting place, and he realized, it very well could be...

He shivered, attempting to recall the human city blocks of Coruscant, wishing he was surrounded by all the beautiful people, versus the bugs and the hairy beasts of Kashyyyk.

"Karlos?" came a voice, and he realized the conference doors had opened, and the entire lot of military commanders were staring at him.

Right, he thought, rising to enter. A droid appeared, its visual camouflage disappearing as its strange hands ran over his body. With a green light, literally, Karlos entered. "You've summoned me, mi'lady?" He said, almost with a sarcastic tone, though he kept it light...not wanting to press too many buttons.

"Yes...yes I have," Karlos realized he had never seen her so distracted, and integrated into her work. It truly was a time of war. "The one thing I'm good at, is getting under the Imperial's skin. They will expect overconfidence in my naval fleets, but to be honest, we can't stand toe-to-toe with what the Emperor will have ready for us. He will be expecting that. More, or less."

Karlos breathed, knowing she was right, and was glad that this time around, she was quick to logical reasoning.

"In less than a month, the clone facilities will begin to release our army. It’s been an agonizing year, waiting for them, but finally, they are reaching the final stages of the operations. In the dawn of this event, I have a mission for you.”

"Does it endanger my life?" Karlos asked, then cringed at how that may have sounded.

"It will."

"Do I have a choice?" he asked again, more mindful of his tone.

"You do."

"Then let's hear it." He supposed it couldn't be too bad.

"I cannot brief you on the entirety of the operation, I have tasked one of the preliminary clones to do that." And if on cue, the man strode into the command center, and even Karlos was taken back by how beautiful the man was. He wasn't necessary swinging in that direction, but he could tell the female commanders found it hard to breathe, almost intoxicated by his presence.

"He is a rare specimen, and the rest are not cloned to his exact perfection..." she marveled, but her mind was elsewhere, than to be caught into his breathtakingness. "Karlos?"

"Yes?" he turned, as emotionless as possible.

"I need you to find a trader we've recently contacted and negotiate the terms with several new mercenaries. We will be attempting to cause as much havoc, on as many Imperial worlds as possible..." her voice trailed, as she added, "You'll also be doing a recon mission to an outer rim world…one on the very edges of known space. It’s not visited regularly, and I fear this may be used as an Imperial fallback world."

Karlos understood that if it was true, a bombing-Apex would be called in, and the entire surface will feel the wrath of nuclear weaponry. Politically it was called "military targets", morally, not so much. It could devastate the humanoid population......if there was one. As his eyes glanced over the world, he wasn't sure.

"Lt. Commander," Karlos noticed Arlyn was speaking to the Clone, "I need you to fill in Mr. Ketra, and bring him up to date. You'll be taking a freighter, and meeting our contacts in the Corellian Sector. It’s the safest place, for now.”

The clone nodded, a smirk appearing over his face as he saluted. Somehow, in the crazy schemes that came to be, Karlos relaxed and treaded after the spawned-godly-man.
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Alatáriël Pallanén
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Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 2465

 Post Posted: Thu, October 23rd 2008 04:28pm    Post subject:
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"Absolutely not, Admiral!" Arlyn exclaimed, her voice raising so nearly the entire War Spire fell silent. Audacious stomped away, his mechanical claws clinking against the flooring. He had just proposed a rather sick tactical operation, and she had let him loose before, and it nearly annihilated her self conscious.

"That withstanding," General Kku'uunk spoke suddenly, his own face seemed to be recovering from the thought. It was, however, difficult to discern whether or not he agreed with the cyborg Admiral or not, "I believe that we have something valuable to consider. With the attack on the Utapau system, the Empire will look to retaliate. Geonosis is now a prime target-"

The Archduke of Geonosis, Toogle the Higher, clicked in laughter, "My people have already planned for this. Our queens, and our eggs are buried deep beneath the surface. Let them come." Arlyn admired his courage, but if the Empire wished to crippled her operations, they would find very little in the Geonosis system now. She only used the factories, and even then, their manufacturing capabilities had been exported.

"Has the Rebellion released a public statement yet?" Admiral Arrianna Ryarrol asked, her voice bringing a new topic of discussion. The doors swivelled suddenly, and took many of them by surprise. All the high ranking individuals were already present, with the pure exception of the Imperium's Shreeftut.

Ryan entered the conference, his eyes focused on her, and she could feel his gaze burning inside of her. "Commanders," he started respectively, "May I have a word with Alatáriël?" They seemed annoyed, but granted his request in silence.

Her eyes gripped one of the hologrids of the advancing Utapua attack fleet, not meeting her husband's stare. "You haven't slept in four days." Her fingers carefully picked a set of coordinates and adjusted a droid patrol.

"I know," her voice was stronger than it felt, "I can't rest, not yet." Ryan moved closer, his hands wrapping around her side until his fingers hovered above her belly.

"Please," was all he needed to say, causing Arlyn to set the reports down and retreat with her husband.

A lizard watched as they slowly departed the command center, and he bowed his head respectively. Arlyn spoke in equal respect, "Admiral Ivpikkis, be sure they do not gamble too many souls today."
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Alatáriël Pallanén
ECP Member

Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 2465

 Post Posted: Tue, December 30th 2009 07:30pm    Post subject:
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"Alatáriël! Freyja's fleet is about to engage the Imperial Defenses of the Utapau System," exclaimed the translator droid to Admiral Ivpikkis, "Blood will be spilt."

A strange orb circled the room as the telemetry from the fleet appeared. It was delayed by fifteen seconds, enough time for the signal to beam to Geonosis, then be re-transmitted to Coronus on a Zerconian established network.

She, like the others around her, watched the pixels formulate, and the device prepare to holovise the battle...
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