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Socklen Homestead
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Tatooine » Socklen Homestead
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Mi'kal Socklen

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 Post Posted: Wed, April 09th 2008 09:45pm    Post subject: Socklen Homestead
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There had been rumors floating around ever since he had arrived on Tatooine. There were always rumors on a planet like this. Always had been. Mi'kal had always ignored them the best that he could. It usually kept him out of trouble. Usually.. He had been on Tatooine most of his life and it showed. His deeply tanned skin and sand whipped facial features showed an aging man who was timid, meager in his ways and disposition. The fact that he had survived so long in the twin suns, earning a living on moisture farming was a wonder to even himself.

He was the first to admit it. he lived by himself, running two evaporators with only the help of 'droids. He rarely went into town; and only for necessary supplies when he had to. He never drank, gambled or made deals with the lowlifes in town. The fact that he had survived without owning even a blaster was a surprising thing indeed. Considering his property was further out than even the most hearty and brave souls would venture. Still, he did hear rumors.

The current rumor was of a very wealthy man setting up residence in town. Well, nobody actually knew if he bought a property or merely was wandering aimlessly, but he was there nonetheless. " And he must be wealthy," the shopkeeper had said. " He has a great freighter that appears to be a custom job. And the way he pounds down the liquor, you'd think he had enough to buy his own bar!"

Despite the rumors, though, nobody tried to seek the stranger's supposed credits. One had tried, it was whispered, only one. A podracer had tried in vain during a bout of alcohol and confidence to assail the man for his wealth. The stranger, it had been whispered even more quietly, had moved so fast, nobody knew what he did. Only that the podracer ended up with three broken ribs, a shattered jawbone, a dislocated knee and more than a mere bruise to his overinflated ego.

Since then, nobody had tried to even look at the newcomer. That was the rumors, at least. Mi'kal never went to the cantina himself, it was far too dangerous. Unfortunately, so was what had been happening the past three nights. Sand people. Now, they frightened him. It made him regret having no real weapons. All he could do was hid while they trashed his property and laid waste to his equipment.

And so, he sat on the ridge facing the east on the fourth night, waiting to see the familiar sight of the Tusken Raiders, so he would know when to hide as night fell around him. Sure enough, in the far distance, he saw them as the night began to grow darker. They marched in single file, as usual, to hide their numbers. Mi'kal stood quickly, ready to hide and hoping this wasn't the night they found him.

Suddenly, howls went up, echoing hauntingly across the empty distance between the sand people and the moisture farm. He turned to lok and saw they had stopped their advance. Something was wrong, why had they stopped? He couldn't see what was happening from so far off, but their cries and howls seemed to indicate some kind of trouble. That was when the lights began...

Some kind of purple flash erupted from the group. Howls of fury erupted from the expanse and the flash of purple light moved swiftly among them, figures dropping in it's wake. There was some kind of...figure, out there, a black shape that moved with the purple flash. It all happened so fast. Soon, there was no movement. All of the figures except the one with the purple light had fallen. Two banthas shuffled away from the figure and the purple light vanished, showing nothing of what had happened.

Mi'kal gasped and finally caught his breath again, turning and running to his shelter. He would spend the rest of the night in his storage closet, praying to any god he could think of that the purple light wouldn't come for him. It never did...

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Tatooine » Socklen Homestead
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