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Denon Central Commerical District
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Denon Central Commerical District
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Don Corleone

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 Post Posted: Sun, December 09th 2007 10:54am    Post subject: Denon Central Commerical District
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“The Naboo are great people. We laid the bricks that built this city, we have the artists. We have Meucci who invented the comlink, we have Don Ameche who played the guy who invented the comlink, eh? So listen, c’mon. Buy yourself a nice raffle ticket, maybe win yourself a speeder.” Joey Zasa beams to the reporters before him and bites into a hotdog, “This sausage, is wonderful.” He passes the hotdog to someone else, “Here, have a sandwich…” He looks to his goons and nods, “let's go.”

As Joey and his men walk though the streets numerous passers by wave or call out, “Nice to see you, Mr. Zasa.”

In cordial reply Zasa calls out, “Have a nice time. Don't forget you buy your raffle tickets, huh?”

As the entourage progresses down the street Joey is hit by a ball. A boy, obviously the owner of the ball, attempts to retrieve it. As he does so Ant, one of Joey's bodyguards intercepts and leers, “Hey! What you doin'?”

Quick as a flash the boy's father appears and apologizes for his son, “The kid didn't mean nothing. He's sorry. Come here son, tell him you're sorry.”

His son, not quite understanding how dead he could possibly be right at the minute steps over and mutters, “Sorry…”

Joey just shrugs and shoves the father out of the way, saying to his men, “let's go.”

Suddenly Armand, jumped out from the crowd, “Hey, Joey Zasa! Joey! Up your ass!”

Ant shouts back, “Hey!”

Zasa turns to his bodyguard and asks, “Who is this?”

His bodyguard just shrugs, “Ah, ignore 'im.”

Armand sits on the speeder that’s up for raffle, “Hey Joe! Who's gonna win the speeder, eh? Your aunt?”

Zasa smirks, “Hey. hey, why don't you get off of the fraking car, huh? You got a raffle ticket?”

Armand smiles, “Hey Joe, take, take a good look at my raffle ticket, here we go.” He takes a vibroshiv out of his pocket and scratches down the side of the speeder. “Here's what I think of you, and your raffle ticket.”

Ant steps forward, “I told you, get the frak outta here before I break your fraking jaw, you understand you son-of-a-Thanagarian! Now why don’t you get the frak outta here! Get outta here! Get outta here!”

Armand looks over to the street where the procession is and then suddenly obliges and rushes off. The Ant looks to see what it was. One of the hooded icon bearers has pulled out a rifle from under his robe. He shoots The Ant causing a commotion to break out. Shots are fired as the icon bearer drops his side of the statue and runs.

Suddenly, from directly behind Joey to blasts ring out, Joey turns and gasps as he recognises the bodies of his bodyguards laying dead on the sidewalk, “Run Joey! You piece of shit!”

Not asking questions of the cloaked man before him Zasa runs down the street and tries to get into a building for safety. The man quickly draws level with him.

Zasa doesn't notice straight away and continues to pound the door calling out, “Open the door! Open the fraking door!”

“Hey Joey,” calls a voice. Joey turns and his face drops. The man draws a shotgun from his robe and lowers his hood.

“D-don Corleone!” Zasa practically screams.

Corleone nods and smiles menacingly, “You, Zasa, are no more than a little cock-a-roach that needs to be squished. So... say hello to my little friend.” Stepping over, Corleone presses the muzzle of the shotgun against Zasa's skull, “Tonight the Corleone family settles its accounts. Goodbye Joey.”

Still wiping the blood from his face, Don Corleone removed the bloody robe from his body and withdrew a lighter from the pocket of his pristine suit that had been protected beneath the light material.

Igniting the butane Michael pressed the flame against the material of the robe that quickly caught fire and before long the robe was nothing more than ashes on the ground that blew away with the next gust of wind.

The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance as Security forces drew nearer. Hearing them, Corleone deposited the shotgun in the nearest trash bin, along with the pair of gloves he was wearing when the deed was done. He also drew a small spherical object from his pocket and twisted it slightly before dropping it in the bin also. He stepped over the body of Joey Zasa that his men had leaned against the bin.

Stepping away from the bin scene Corleone signaled his men to scatter to pre-arranged safe locations, while he made his way towards the spaceport. As Corleone walked off the thermal detonator he placed within the trash bin detonated, incinerating the shotgun, the gloves, and the body of Joey Zasa.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Denon Central Commerical District
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