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Imperial News Network
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The Imperial Network

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 Post Posted: Sun, November 04th 2007 02:18pm    Post subject: Imperial News Network
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Sorry about the two threads. I can't use this account in the other one, so we'll say there was a studio redesign. :p

Hello, and welcome back to the Imperial News Network. I'm Rojr Moor.

We are here in our new studio, in the heart of the bustling CoCo District. This week: military buildups, a new Supreme Moff, and a slew of new worlds in the Empire. But first, here's Ranulph DeTiglio with sports.

Thank you, Rojr. In the big Army versus Navy game, Navy came out on top once again. As usual, the Army coach is not pleased. This would be the twenty-seventh consecutive game that Navy Midshipmen has beaten the Army Troopers team.

Navy later went on to break their losing streak against University of Coruscant. The last time the Midshipmen defeated the Fighting Coruscanti was seven years before the Clone Wars began, during the reign of the Republic. We'll have more on that planet-shaking game at eight tonight, during SportsWorld.

In the realm of Greenputt, reigning champion Kleeborp had this to say about his stunning defeat.

<The camera cuts away to show Kleeborp, a Child of the Green Planet, standing on the course.>

<The camera returns to DeTiglio in the studio>
'Ouch' indeed. Kleepborp's winning streak was broken by Phillip Howell of Corellia. He was unavailable for comment.

Back to you, Rojr.

A good week for the Naval Academy, that's for sure. In politics, Exarch Spitzer's plan to issue vehicle licenses to illegal residents has fallen flat. The executive order almost passed when local talkshow host Al-Roni got ahold of the story and promptly began lobbying both the public and government sectors to bring down what seemed like an enormous security risk. A clerk for the Department of Repulsor and Motor Vehicles, Francis Merola, emphatically stated he would not issue licenses to residents without an Imperial Identification Number.

<the camera cuts to a well-groomed man with salt and pepper hair and a dark mustache>
"This kind of idiocy would only invite terrorists to attack Coruscant. The Empire assigns those numbers to provide support and security to Imperial citizens. If you no longer need an ID code to get a license, you could have Organa Solo herself getting a legal license in the Empire."

<camera cuts back to Moor and co-anchor Liz Bishop>
This morning, Executive Joseph L. Bruno announced he would not support the law and ordered it retracted.

In addition to the tumult from Spitzer's district, the Empire has a new Supreme Moff. Adria Reyna, former Grand Moff, was recently confirmed as the Empire's fourth Supreme Moff. She is in charge of the Southeastern Quadrant, which contains a large Rebel presence. She was unavailable for comment at the moment, however, we are still attempting to arrange an interview with her.

Also, the Devaron Sovereignty and Oligarchy of Vita are now official members of the Galactic Empire. Our sources say the integration process is going smoothly, if a bit slow, as the myriad resources provided by these two powers are still being folded into Imperial assets. With these new arrivals, former Emperor Petyr Baelish is now Supreme Moff Petyr Baelish, and Natalie Pearson has been appointed as the Empire's first female Superior Moff. Her exact duties are unknown at the moment.

Could all of these new troops, ships, and high-ranking officials have some ties to the rumored military buildup, especially at worlds like Kuat and Fondor? The Office of the Executor says no, and that there is no buildup. They state that the 'massive fleets and troop formations' are actually defensive postings to defend against pirate attacks. They do admit that a large number of ships provided by the mergers are being used for defensive purposes on major manufacturing worlds as they are often hotspots for terrorist attacks.

In foreign affairs, another civilian skirmish on Thyferra took the lives of two Imperial Army servicemen caught in the crossfire. Lance Corporal Major Alain Jurgis and Senior Corporal Tyl Drist were killed when the were shot down by anti-Imperial guerillas while trying to pull wounded loyalist civilians out of the battle, bringing the total death toll for the Thyferran defense force to 62 since the planet was partially ceded.

Brave men and women, Liz. They certainly deserve our respect and remembrance.

Thank you for tuning into our supplementary report. Don't forget to watch our full report at six and don't miss Ballity and Holmes at seven with special guest Executive Bruno.

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The Imperial Network

Joined: 04 Nov 2007
Posts: 2
Location: Coruscant

 Post Posted: Fri, March 14th 2008 02:26pm    Post subject:
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Hello, and welcome to the Imperial News Network.

Our first story of the night: Uprising on Ord Mantell? Three dozen Mantellian militia are dead after an attack on one of their headquarters units. We have this captured image from the base's security system before the attacker destroyed the base's power supply:

There are some rumors that this man is a member of the Mantellian Resistance that the Imperial Army claimed was destroyed in a sting operation. Others are that the man was a Rebel operative, a shapeshifting alien, or a human-mimicking droid from one of the crime syndicates trying to gain a toehold on Ord Mantell.

When asked about Rebel involvement, Supreme Moff Jendob said that, quote, "Though we are reluctant to rule out very many possibilities, we can definitively say that the Rebellion was not responsible for this attack." End quote. Nevertheless, we will continue to investigate this story further.

In other news, Exarch Spitzer has resigned in disgrace after he was caught in a high-price prostitution ring scandal. Executive Bruno has not yet appointed his replacement, although Regent Dayved Patterson is rumored to be the favorite.

The issue began when strange credit transfers were found by the Imperial Security Bureau to a nondescript corporation. This corporation is now known as the front for a high-end prostitution ring known as the Emperor's Club.

I wonder how they got that past the Board of Culture, Rojr.

I don't know, Liz. In any case, the ISB found documents referring a Client 99 with certain 'Lylla'. More investigations linked the Exarch to this Client 99.

It was found that Spitzer paid some three hundred thousand credits over two years to the prostitution ring, despite his appointment speech discussing how he would put an end to the corrupt practice of using tax credits to pay for personal and political adventures.

Unfortunately for Spitzer, he was caught breaking his promise, and resigned shortly thereafter. He stated that he needed to repair his family.

A real shame.

Indeed it is.

We'll be right back after this ad break with local and galactic weather and sports.

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