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Apartment 05-AF-002
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

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 Post Posted: Mon, March 05th 2007 02:51am    Post subject: Apartment 05-AF-002
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Nevin rolled over onto his back, ripped from his slumber by the sun rays and the insistent whining of the chrono alarm. Although he had felt like he was asleep for months, the annoying-bright light emanating from the alarm indicated it was only a few minutes after he had last been awake. It had been a restless night.

He slowly lifted himself up and sat on the edge of the bed, slapping his hand on the chronometer. Nevin sighed and ran a hand across the skin on his face, a slight headache nagging in the recesses of his mind.

Although he should be resting in relative peace, having just been granted a few weeks' leave by Admiral Ackbar, something had been pulling at him while he slept. Whether it was an aftereffect from being on active duty and slowly easy off, or just regular insomnia, it kept him waking up throughout the night. He had elapsed several hours, but he felt as if he had only napped for a few moments.

Regardless, he was awake now, for better or worse. He had much to do later that day. By far the most important was his meeting with Salla, with whom he hadn't really been able to socialize intimately since before their four-month assignment to the Storm. They had, of course, encountered each other, but the strict military protocol and the natural tenseness during the Imperial threat lent an unwelcoming locale to them.

With another glance at the oft-traitorous chrono, Nevin saw he had about three hours. After he had showered and taken care all of the other essentials, he put on his regular civilian clothes, which felt far more comfortable than the uniform he had to wear any other time.

He collapsed onto the small sofa in front of the holoreceptor, intending to get some more sleep, as he figured there was two hours more until his meeting with Salla and his migraine still persisted. Relenting to the fact that he was unable to slip into unconsciousness, he reluctantly turned on the imager and flipped through the channels.

“--ummarize our main story of the day, and quite possibly the rest of this season, Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master and hero of the Galactic Civil War, has—has died,” a female anchor on a news program stated, shakily. “Family and friends will be meeting for a private ceremony tonight, and Vice Chair Fey'lya has announced an intergalactic day of mourning in lieu of the Chief of State.”

Nevin stared in shock, wondering if he was hearing correctly. However, the subsequent discussion between several other anchors confirmed that Skywalker was indeed dead. He sat up slowly, awestruck as he considered the new information.

He had never been particularly close to Skywalker. In fact, he had lost all respect for the man after he abandoned the Alliance for his own ventures and idiotic puppet governments. Nevin thought it showed the true nature of the Jedi. Perhaps Skywalker deserved it.

Still, the Master had identified the potential within Nevin. He had offered to train him to control the Force. Nevin at the time had denied it without a second thought – that was years ago. Since then, Organa Solo had concurred with her brother's assessment. But she was no Jedi.

Something about that door, that opportunity, being permanently closed to Nevin disturbed him, sending an eerie chill through his body that he had not experienced in a long time. He himself could not understand it – he hadn't paid Skywalker even a passing thought in the past year.

He stood up, just as his comm indicated a string of text inviting him to the private ceremony, signed by Leia's most personal aide, Winter. He stared at it, not in disbelief but in curiosity. Why would he be invited? Sure, he knew Leia, but no one really liked Skywalker – not even Organa Solo herself.

Instead of thinking about what Leia had in mind, if anything, he simply called Salla. She had already found out, but didn't particularly seem affected by his death. She was surprised when Nevin asked her to come with him to the funeral.
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 Post Posted: Mon, March 26th 2007 11:25pm    Post subject:
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Vengeance is mine, the presence hissed to itself. It found the host that would take it to the completion of its journey as a disembodied entity.

Grand Moff Nevin Antilles, Imperial Security Bureau commandant. Only, now it seemed he had fallen in with the Rebel scum. Once the presence saw him, Antilles' fate was sealed. However, the presence learned something more: the Force ran with incredible strength through Antilles.

He would survive the trip that was needed to complete the journey, at least.

The presence stalked the young man back to his apartment, ducking into the shadows on the way, always masking itself. It was dead set on punishing Antilles for his treason.

Its body walked up to the door, and knocked. "Mr. Antilles? Are you there?"

It already knew the answer; the presence could almost taste his power. Destroying him would teach that treason was a crime that could never be escaped from, not to mention sow a healthy amount of discord and confusion in the brittle Rebellion. The presence could feel the chaos, the corruption, the discord... and would utilize it to its fullest abilities to destroy the hated enemy.

But first, a lesson needed to be taught. The presence's eyes burrowed into the door, waiting for it to open.
Emperor Palpatine
Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor
Conqueror of Death
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Thu, March 29th 2007 12:11am    Post subject:
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Nevin looked back towards the door, hearing the voice coming from outside. He sighed. He was hoping to get to sleep and end this strange day. Apparently he was not to be granted that wish.

He approached the door and, blaster ever-cautiously in holster, opened it to see a human male standing before him. "What?"
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Faction Leader

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 Post Posted: Thu, March 29th 2007 01:13am    Post subject:
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The presence revelled in its victory. The trap was sprung, Antilles was now at its mercy.

And there was none to be had for the traitorous pig.

The presence seized control of the host body's arms even as its powers distintegrated the bone and muscle within by the minute, and clamped its hands tightly on Antilles' skull before transferring itself through the connection as a current flows through a wire. It looked at its old body through Antilles' eyes as the old host flash-dessicated, and crumpled into a heap of dust on the floor.

One Rebel down, it thought to itself. However, it learned its lesson in a previous life about complacency. It immediately drew its attention to Antilles himself. And then it knew that this would be no ordinary host.

The powers it had sensed in passing were almost overwhelming, a potential bordering on the presence's own. But it was untrained, and as Antilles tried to push the presence out, it held off his powerful, but ineffectual assaults. Their battle lasted mere milliseconds in the world of the living, the world of Denon and the reality that contained it. But to the respective presences within the body of the man known to some people as Nevin Antilles, an eternity of vicious combat elapsed. One presence, fighting for control, domination, and to further its goals. The other battled for its very existence. The two forces grappled, scratching, clawing, strangling, crushing, smashing... each trying to destroy the other.

Eventually, the dark presence dealt Antilles his final blow. The resistance ceased, though the young man's essence was very much alive. But the interloper couldn't destroy it; the battle had drained so significantly. It couldn't even maintain total control over the body, instead having to focus on very specific sections of the brain and body. Of critical importance was control of speech: the mission could not be compromised. Next, it focused on the voluntary muscles of the legs... it would not be on this scum-ridden rock for long.

It began to drag Nevin Antilles where it needed him to go, devoting what little energy it had left to keeping the young man under its proverbial boot. The presence realized the very real possibility of having to work with Antilles to further its aim.

However, it had its control for the moment. It would cross that bridge when it got there.
Emperor Palpatine
Sith Lord, Galactic Emperor
Conqueror of Death
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Sat, March 31st 2007 02:46am    Post subject:
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After the confrontation, Nevin slowly became aware that he still existed... somewhere. He was still in the apartment, but... he couldn't think. It was like his mind was aching and was slow and reluctant to respond to any glimmer of activity.

As for his muscles, he couldn't control them at all. He was on the floor. He wasn't aware that he had fallen. He couldn't remember what had happened, and his eyesight revealed only a distant view of reality behind a hazy veil.

He knew something had happened. But he didn't know what. As his consciousness slowly rose to the surface from the darkness, he could feel something gripping his brain, twisting it until Nevin could realize what it was saying.

“Where is the nearest spacecraft?”

The seemingly random question was even more confusing to the bewildered mind of the man.

“Answer me, whelp!” It screamed again, its grip seemingly pulling Antilles in all directions, yet he could not and did not move. He dampenedly felt pure malice running through his blood, burning and scorching his muscles and ripping through his organs to search for its answer. To scream would have been too painful.

He didn't know. He couldn't concentrate from the pain, the confusion, and from the lack of record of the past days... or minutes. The ships... what ships, what kind of ships?

The thoughts streamed through his mind once again, sensing and trampling his pathetic answer. “Liar. You are a Grand Admiral in the Rebellion.” The feeling moved to his stomach, seeming to boil writhing acid throughout his chest and stomach. “I know who you are, Antilles... and who you were.”

Nevin couldn't bring himself to respond. He felt as if he was going insane, or he didn't feel at all – it oscillated between the two. He felt the entity's impatience budding, expressed through the increasing vice hampering his thoughts.

He then felt his psyche pulverized, an unseen force trying to push it outside of his body, outside of existence. But Nevin resisted. And the pain stopped. The thoughts continued, frustrated and franticly repeating, echoing through his mind.

“You will answer me.”

Nevin felt the gaze before him become more illuminated as his mind came within his grasp again, though his body remained motionless. “T...the spaceport... few blocks away,” he thought.

The feeling of anxiety quickly changed to pressing excitement. “We must leave this world.”


“Of course... unless you wish the Jedi to destroy you,” the voice spoke, a smooth seductive quality becoming what was in the place of the harshness.

Nevin's relatively weak state lent him no understanding. “What?”

“You know little of them, don't you. Just what you were spoon-fed by them,” it snorted, a dark undertone concerning the topic coming upon the silent resonation. An air of sympathy enveloped Nevin's conscience as the thoughts continued. “Poor soul. They're after you, you know. If you wish to survive, you must leave this world. I can protect you, if you'll just let me.”

What interest did the Jedi have in Nevin? He knew his potential; Skywalker had confirmed that. But Skywalker was dead, and the rest of the Jedi had no more respect from Nevin than he had held for Luke in life, which was negligible anyway. But, he couldn't help but be intrigued. “Why me?” He asked.

“You have a gift, Nevin,” the cold whisper told him. “A powerful gift, and they wish to twist it to a tool for their own ends. You are unique... but to them, you are nothing but another cog in their machine of domination and control.”

Antilles listened – not that he had much choice in the matter anyway – and he had to admit that some of the things the Jedi had done since he had arrived were most disorderly and were against what the Jedi themselves taught. Numerous ones had left the order for personal endeavors, and even more had turned away from their almighty codex.

“Even now, they control the Senate, the Chief of State... countless others,” the voice continued.

Leia? Well, her brother was a Jedi... and she had been trained minimally in their arts. But he knew that Leia couldn't be involved directly in their plot... if there was one. The entity reacted not to his thoughts until he more directly responded, “But Skywalker's dead.”

An breeze of stale disappointment flowed from the source of the thing. “I know. But there are others. The Jedi are also in league with Rebel Security, we must be extremely careful.”

While he didn't know what their plan could have been, it was suddenly, shockingly obvious to him that he must seek safety until he could deal with and find out more about this new information. “Where do we go?”

“To the shuttle, first... we must get off this world unnoticed.”


“I will explain once we are safe,” it prodded before almost audibly saying, “Now go.”

Nevin then found it within his power to stand. The world spun before him until he grabbed onto the ledge of the table, his boots sliding a bit in the pile of dust that was for some reason before him. The opaque veil over his vision was gone, but he could feel as if something else was leeching off of his sight, his hearing and his very mind. It was uncomfortable... but at the same time, it was tasking him to move.

As fast as he could, he got to the spaceport. Parts of it were still in quarantine from where Skywalker had initially collapsed, but the port itself was still operational. He swiftly moved into the restricted military wing of the facility. He looked around until he saw the stock navy Lambda shuttle nestled into the corner of the spaceport. He knew the presence approved of its form and model, and he was soon inside of it, making up some excuse to the technician who oversaw its maintenance.

The presence made him painstakingly look over the shuttle for any trace of a tracking device. Having known from his prior posts where such listening devices would optimally be placed, and from the guidance of the entity, he was soon enroute to space. Within moments, he – they – were on course to a point unknown to Nevin. The thing willed him through its own accord alone where to engage, reposition, and disengage the hyperdrive until they finally approached their destination.

Nevin Antilles and the Disturbance in the Force are enroute to an unknown destination, free of any tracking or trajectory projection.
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Sat, January 19th 2008 01:44am    Post subject:
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The warm liquid ran down his body. The pleasant warmth piercing him was relaxing and, for a moment, it seemed to release the frustrations of the day – and the month. It dripped off of him and flooded into the drain, taking with it his worries.

Nevin, eyes closed, strutted his arms against the wall of the shower as its water flowed over every surface. He knew the vain comfort would only last for a moment, but it was worth it. Gods knew where he would end up over the following days and weeks; his service in the Navy was, now, behind him. Long had he desired free time, but the person with whom he desired to be was now out of his reach.

Pressing his thoughts back into his head, Nevin pressed the dial and the water stopped. With a sigh he stepped out. He grabbed a pair of comfortable shorts and other clothing, and began to put them on. He pressed the button for the door and it slid open into the bedroom.

He saw a figure laying on top of his bed. Nevin started and whacked over some items on top of the dresser next to him. Then he realized his blaster was foolishly across the room; however, as he saw the figure more fully, he knew he didn't need it.

“Hello,” came the calm voice of Valia Eross. She was smiling from beneath the covers of his bed, her long black hair tossed around the pillow, but her eyes were lustfully looking over Antilles ever centimeter.

Nevin gaped and quickly pulled on his shirt. “Val!” He exclaimed. “What-- why are you here?!”

“Just figured I'd stop by and pay my favorite friend a visit,” Val informed him, slipping into their native tongue. “I'm just sorry I couldn't get into that 'fresher.”

“I bet,” he muttered, looking to the door. It was still closed. “How'd you get in?”

“Really, Nev,” she said, as if she were surprised. “For a former security – am I right? - man, you chose locks that were quite easy to break through.”

I didn't choose them,” the man muttered.

“I only came in that way because you didn't answer the door, and I didn't really feel like waiting any longer,” she continued as she stood up on her knees, leaning forward playfully.

Her clothing was rather out of her character, Nevin thought. She had on a dark, low-cut undershirt, and not much was left to the imagination. “Been shopping?” Nevin asked, ignoring her other comments for the time being.

She shrugged and her red lips curved into a smile. “I came into a little bit of money, and that seems to be what women like to do on this planet. I myself have other interests, but, when in Coruscant...” she quoted the oft-heard saying. Apparently she had been integrating herself.

“So why are you here?” Nevin said, circling around the bed to his dresser to find more appropriate pants.

“Do you really not know?” she asked, standing up and moving over to him, tearing the long pants from his hands. She placed a delicate hand on his thigh, and the other around his waist snaking her hand under his shirt. “Isn't it obvious?”

Surprising himself, Nevin found a stupid smile on his face. “I, well, guess so... but...” he trailed off.

Val's pearly teeth were revealed as an even wider smile crossed her face. “If you must know, Tensig and I came back and decided to make this our base of operations. That wreck of a ship needed some more repairs, too. And I'm not quite ready to go back home... unless you'd join me?”

Nevin shook his head. Though he knew not where his future was headed, he was sure it wasn't back to Mantell. “No, thanks. I've had enough of the military life for now.”

“Then perhaps you'll have to pursue other endeavors. And that blonde isn't around either, hm? You're getting quite smart now, Nev,” Val chuckled backing away a bit to lock her gray eyes with his.

Nevin stared down at her. His eyes flickered away just a bit. “Well,” he began. “Not exactly.”

He expected Val to push away from him, but instead she pulled herself closer. “Then I'll just have to do my job extra well.” She ran her hands up his sides, trailing all the way to his shoulders, pushing up his shirt with it. She moved in to lock her lips with his.

Antilles closed his eyes and succumbed to yet another guilty pleasure. He felt his arms gripping her, his hand placed on the small of her back. Meanwhile, Val ran one of her hands down his chest, across his stomach and rested it eventually on his pants.

Then suddenly, the door opened; apparently Val didn't think to re-enable the locks. She sprang back, immediately, and took her blaster from her holster – unsurprisingly she had still been wearing it. Nevin pulled back down his shirt and looked over, his hand also naturally reaching where his blaster would be.

Luke Skywalker was standing in the doorway. In the back of his mind, Nevin was infinitely grateful for the distraction. But in the forefront, he was rather angry.

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Luke Skywalker
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 Post Posted: Tue, January 29th 2008 11:59pm    Post subject:
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"Am I... interrupting anything?" Luke asked as casually as he could. It was obvious that he was, and there was no avoiding the awkwardness that he felt, but he had to talk to Nevin.

The dark-haired woman standing next to him muttered something in another language, still pointing her blaster at the Jedi. He could feel the tension within her, but before he could even say anything, Nevin had already made an attempt to calm her down.

"Cut it out, Val," he said. He then met Luke's eyes, obviously somewhat angry at the intrusion. "A little."

"Should I come back?" he asked the couple, though he really had no intention of leaving. After all, he couldn't leave until he had what he came for. Of course, getting the information he needed would likely prove to be easier said than done. Especally given the recent events he had barged in on.

The woman gave him a glare that answered his question for him, but Nevin took a moment to correct her with a shrug. "You came here for something," he began. "Might as well say it and get out of here faster."

"Very well," Luke agreed, carefully stepping further into the room. The woman, however, kept her eyes trained on him the entire time. After another long, awkward pause, she muttered another few words to him. Nevin gave her a look, but didn't say anything. Shortly after, she said a few more words in their language, then returned her weapon to her holster before kissing Nevin's jaw and gathering her coat. On her way out the door, she shot Luke yet another glare. Even after she was out of sight, Luke could still feel her eyes digging into him.

"I just spoke with Leia, and she... Well, she told me about what happened," he stated once they were finally alone.

"She really is getting obsessive, huh?" he asked as his eyes narrowed. After giving a scoff, he finished his thought. "If I wouldn't tell her, what made her think I'd tell you?"

"Because I think I can help you find the answers you want."

Nevin snatched up a nearby pair of pants and as he put a leg through, he explained, "I don't want to think about what happened. That's why I resigned."

"You don't understand," Luke continued, taking a few steps closer. "There's something dark in this Galaxy that we can't explain. But I have a feeling that you can. And maybe, if we catch it now, we can stop it before it's too late."

Once his pants were properly fastned, he seemed to take a defensive step back. Luke could feel the conflict within him, but he could find no reason for it. Not yet, anyway. Although Luke would much rather prefer him to just say what the problem was. He didn't like poking around inside the heads of others. Especially those who needed to trust him.

"I'm done with bailing this galaxy out! I just want to be alive, that's enough for me now," Nevin said.

"I understand that, Nevin. But I need to know what happened. The Alliance does. Can't you feel it? Something just isn't right anymore."

He looked away from Luke's eyes for a moment. "Yeah, I feel it," he stated as casually as he could. "Doesn't mean it's my place to do anything about it."

The tone was familiar to Luke. Even though it had been years, he still remembered exactly what Han sounded like inside the Death Star. The only promise that would get him to vaguely act outside of his own interest was a monetary one. Unfortunately for Luke, it didn't look like Nevin would simply sell away his troubles.

"You know, Han would say the exact same thing when I first got involved in all this," Luke explained as he gestured through the air a bit with his hand. "He had his chance to grab his money and run, but in the end, he still showed up to do the right thing. And think of where we'd all be if he hadn't? I never would have survived that trench run. And the Alliance would certainly never have turned into what it is now. We'd still all be cowering under the Empire."

"I was never in it for the money."

Luke suddenly caught something. A loose thought. Perhaps this was his ticket into Nevin's mindset. All he had to do was...

"Then what are you 'in it' for?" he asked.

As if it were a reflex action, Nevin immediately responded with his wit, apparently finding some sort of defense within it. "I'm not 'in it' anymore, that's the thing."

"But you were there for a reason before, were you not?"

"I hate the Empire. The Alliance did too... and," Nevin trailed off, his thoughts drifting to something separate. Suddenly, Luke could see it. A woman, but a different one. Not the one he had just been with. No, this woman he truly loved.

"And you want to protect her," he finished his thought for him. Nevin looked up to him with piercing eyes, and apparently about to speak his disapproval of the intrusion of his mind, but slowly decided against it and turned away. Obviously, his answer was "yes."

"You can protect her. The information you have could save her, and billions of other lives, and you know it can."

"No, the only way to protect her is to get away from her," he said somewhat frantically. After taking a long breath, he continued, "and I already did that! I did!"

"That won't save her. And you know it won't," Luke pressed. It felt cruel, but it was the only way into Nevin's mind. The fact that Nevin could come up with no response was a sign that he was on the right track. "I think I know what you went through, and if it was anything like my own experience, then whatever held its grip over us learned everything we knew. Which means they know about her. And they know how much she means to you."
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

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 Post Posted: Tue, March 04th 2008 11:56pm    Post subject:
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“I think I know what you went through,” Skywalker continued. “And if it was anything like my own experience, then whatever held its grip over us learned everything we knew. Which means they know about her. And they know how much she means to you.”

Nevin shook his head, determined to bash any of Skywalker's ramblings from his own head. “Why would they want me!” He yelled, more an state than a question.

“Because you're the only one that knows what they do. And if they get to you before you can tell us the truth, then everything you know will be lost.”

Antilles looked away from the man. He tightened his jaw, teeth pressing against each other with an amount of force that pained him. Skywalker's intrusion was indeed unasked for, but he was, unfortunately, right on.

Nevin moved to the bed and sat, his gaze still on the ground. “I've already done all I can to protect her.”

“There may be more you can do,” Skywalker reassured him, also sitting on the mattress aside the younger man. “But not without the proper training. I can help you, Nevin.”

“How?” Nevin asked, eventually looking at him. He asked more rhetorical than interrogative, “what could I do against... it?”

“The same thing I did. Fight back. The Force can a powerful ally.”

Then the trigger in Nevin's mind slipped, and the walls went up. “Oh no, not this,” he muttered to himself, eyes icily piercing Luke's.

“I realize the confusion you're going through, but I'm telling you to let me help. The Force can provide answers you never thought you were even looking for,” Skywalker informed.

Nevin scoffed. “Thanks, but I'm doing pretty good with... okay, maybe not, but I'm not looking for a new way of life... I just want to help her,” he said, stumbling along the thoughts in his mind to speak them aloud.

“And you can,” Luke confirmed, a slight smile across his lips. “I can see that you're not very interested in the path of a Jedi, and I understand. Perhaps you just need some insight into the matter? Some training to get yourself started?”

Nevin was so distraught he couldn't even muster up a defense. “I guess it couldn't really hurt,” he admitted. His contempt for the Jedi was incapable of surmounting his desperation. “I don't want this to happen again, either,” he added, referring to the mysterious incident which had stolen his body from him.

“It won't. Not if *you* can stop it,” Luke said, placing a hand on Nevin's shoulder. After he had gotten the young man's glance, he continued. “The best way to solve a problem is to understand it. And right now, we both have problems to fix. Together, I'm sure we can work them out.”

With a irreverent sigh, Nevin finally responded. “Then what do we do first?”

“First,” Luke began, standing. “We need to make sure you're in a safe place. For all we know, the enemy could be looking for you as we speak.”

“And where wouldn't they be able to find me?” Nevin asked, in an almost-mocking voice despite himself.

“I think I have just the place,” Luke proposed, a glimmer of a smile on his face. “It's where I began my training. It should shield us from anyone seeking you out. We should probably try to keep a low profile as well. We'll have to avoid taking any charted shuttles or well-known ships.”

Nevin also stood, studying the man. “What exactly are you thinking?”

“Well, if you know of any reliable pilots that hold no affiliation to the Alliance, then we should be able to avoid any unnecessary attention,” Luke stated.

Nevin shrugged his shoulders. He could probably dig up a few, but it was useless unless he knew to where they were going. “Where to?”

“Dagobah,” Luke said.

“Dagobah,” Nevin echoed with a sour expression. “Don't hear that name much; worthless planet.”

“Dagobah has far more importance than you can imagine... but only if you're taught to see it,” Luke stated.

“Right... and we need other people, to get to Dagobah?,” Nevin asked before shaking his head. His doubts were growing, though they hadn't ever totally subsided, and he was beginning to second-guess. “Maybe this is all nuts...”

“Just wait until you see Dagobah. I thought the same thing. But trust me, things will start to make sense soon enough,” Luke encouraged.

Falling into silence, Nevin paced around to the other side of the room. Why was he even drawn to do what this man proposed? For all Nevin knew, this Skywalker could be another clone, or robot, for Sith lord, or – whatever. “I just--I need to sleep on this,” Antilles finally sounded.

“Of course,” Luke said with an understanding nod. “Please, let me know your decision as soon as you can.”

Nevin nodded uneasily. He didn't look at Skywalker walking out the door. He, once again, felt like being alone. He thought he had retreated, but in reality he just backed up into another battlefield. And it was clear Skywalker had some other intentions in mind.

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