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Caridan Plains
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Carida » Caridan Plains
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Thanates Scyntor

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 Post Posted: Thu, February 22nd 2007 08:09pm    Post subject: Caridan Plains
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Aboard the Catalyst, Scyntor laid in a medical bay being seen to by a human doctor and a pair of medical 'droids. His bare chest rose and fell with his slow breathing, barely flinching as he was injected with first a mild sedative, then an infusion of osteoplasts and osteoblasts directly above his cracked ribs. A long strip of white gauze bandaging encircled his torso afterwards, supporting the ribs as the ship wound its way through the Caridan atmosphere on its way to the Administrative wing of the training facilities. Next to him, about four meters off, the cryostasis pod containing the man who had so brutally defended himself laid as though in state.

Somewhere else aboard the ship, General Khryss and Maximillian Corsova were decoding and viewing the data taken from the detelict transport, now securely held in the largest of the ships research facilities. Admiral Skirata was standing guard just outside the medical lab, leaving the Colonel-General and the man virtually alone. Scyntor slid from the medical bed to a standing position, walking to a cabinet. He opened the polished oak door, and looked at the suit that was pressed within. He took out a folded shirt and slid it over his shoulders, then turned once again to the cryostasis pod.

Who are you?

He unzipped the suit bag and pulled out a vest, then a pale blue overcoat to match the one that had been trampled during the fight. Tturning to a vase, he saw two blood-red roses, a testament to Corsova's appreciation for nature in his work. He took one and snipped the stem with his vibroblade, recovered from the wall of the transport pod. Slipping it into his lapel, he inhaled its scent deeply before turning once again to the pod. A name flashed through the direct network interface of the pod, replacing the pulsing blue of "John Doe." In its place, in letters of pale green, were two words. "Project Zero."

Inhaling the scent of the second rose, he withdrew it from the platinum-wrapped crystal. He walked to the pod, standing over it a moment to look into the face of the one that had struggled so valiantly. His ribs flashed with a dull ache, reminding him of the beating he had received, and with the rythym of his heart a sympathetic pain flowed through his fingers, reminding himself that the man had received the worse end of the bargain. Even fresh in coming from stasis the man had put up an incredible fight. It might be worth it to him to place the man in a position of authority, perhaps as a close-quarters trainer. That was what Adminiatrator Shadowstalker was for... to determine whether or not he was trustworthy enough.

Scyntor pushed his thumb against one of the thorns, into the dark flesh. A pearl of blood bloomed, and the Colonel-General pushed a smear across the transparisteel above Zero's brow. He whispered a soft prayer of strength in the language of the Caridan ancients, then laid the rose across the panel covering his chest. "Rest well, warrior. The battle is only beginning."

"I do not forgive. Look into my eyes, and you will see only the promise of Hell."


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Firmus Piett
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 Post Posted: Tue, February 27th 2007 05:55pm    Post subject:
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"Careful wih' those uplinks!"

Mejaque waddled around the lab floor as the Catalyst's techs worked on fixing the Imperial-CIS uplinks into the bowls of the ancient transport into place. Information streamed directly to the consol bellow Corsova's fingertips - Mejaque was monitoring the information remotly - most of it regarded the CIS's obtainment of the subject and the compatibility requirements for the creature to interface with some form of armor - he nodded to Corsova as soon as the first mention of the armor came up, and they instantly started shelving the origins of this 'Project Zero' as Skyntor had come to call it under 'non-essential information' it was instead Mejaques determination to uncover the armor.

Early in the collection of the data it became obvious that the process was intrinsically flawed - the subject was dependent on having his suit to survive - he flagged this information and forwarded it to the recovering Colonel-General - the armor specs he got out were nothing special, the design was incredibly crude...almost ceremonially barbaric, nothing compared to the Phase-III Darktrooper, but, the neural interface technology - while dangerously intrusive - was years ahead of current Imperial neural interfacing - even the Phase-V didn't have technology this complex - he started to forward this information to another of his pet projects before starting to compile the armors data, he sighed and nodded to Corsova again. All this trouble for such terrible armor...he had built better toys in the old days...
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Firmus Piett
Lance Corporal

Joined: 01 Feb 2007
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 Post Posted: Wed, March 14th 2007 03:18pm    Post subject:
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Mejaque twiddled with a needle tip and mused over the design plans for the CIS armour - glancing at the partially erected endoskeleton with its collection of needle like neural links that put some of the Empire's most cruel torture devices to shame. Given the choice he would have refined its primative neural interfacing structure - but the Colonel-General wanted the suit as soon as it could be reconstructed. Mejaque reached over to a tiny pump device that was attatched to the skeletal 'rib cage' of the suit - sending a neural interfacing liquid coursing through the microrubular structures - causing the needles to drip like viper-fangs. He smilled to himself and thumbed the comms to alert the Colonel-General that he was ready to make a progress report.
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