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Thanates Scyntor

Joined: 29 May 2006
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 Post Posted: Tue, June 20th 2006 03:30am    Post subject: Yinchorr
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"Present arms!"

Below the parade ground platform 15 batallions of Stormtroopers and 5 batallions of IntelForce Commandos execute a presentation of arms in perfect unison. Colonel-General Thanates Scyntor of the Imperial Stormtroopers stood with his hands on the railing, eyeing the display intently. The ranks split formation and retreated back to barracks, to be replaced with a second contingent of troopers and commandos, who performed just as admirably.

"Sir, the Sovereign Hammer has just dropped out of hyperspace and is enroute." A young second lieutennant, fresh out of the Academy stood panting at Scyntor's shoulder. Thanates smiled and drew himself up to his full height, then turned to face the corporal. The Colonel-General's suit was immaculate, made of armorweave-infused nanosilk and cut to accentuate the already-massive proportions of his form.

"Have an escort of Royal Guard and Black Hole Troopers meet the Grand Marshal, and respectfully request that he meet me in the administrative wing at 1800. Inform him that I will have a full debreifing ready for him at that time." The officer nodded once, executed a shaky about-face, then broke off in a dead run towards the hangars.

Thanates watched him go, then turned back to the parade grounds. In the distance, the clouded shapes of Acclamator-class troopships hung misted in the reddish-orange dust of the Yinchorri surface. Were it not for tradition the planet would have been abandoned long ago. But now, there was too much invested here to back out. The IntelForce, Imperial Guards, Black Hole Troopers, and others were all necessary to the Empire, and were all trained at these very facilities.

Thanates watched as a batallion of Dark Troopers seemed to appear out of nowhere, filling in the staggered ranks of one batallion of Stormtroopers. He smiled to himself as they continued to execute the parade-ground maneuvers flawlessly, then turned and left the observation to the Master Sargeant as he went to the administrative offices. The halls, once nearly desolate and bare, were now abuzz with activity, people traveling up and down the corridors with the cold efficiency of the military.

Reaching the CTOs office he entered and shut the door behind him, taking a seat at the desk. He began to pull up reports he already knew by heart but still smiled whenever he saw them. Production was as expected, and engineer Maximillian Corsova, who had been at the facility for nearly two years, had made extensive modifications to several systems that boosed effeciency and productivity to levels unheard of even in the old Empire.

It would be soon - the chronograph read 1530. Just enough time to get in a quick spar with some of the newer recruits before his meeting with the Grand Marshal.

"I do not forgive. Look into my eyes, and you will see only the promise of Hell."


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Darth Avaritus

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 Post Posted: Wed, June 21st 2006 02:36pm    Post subject:
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Avaritus reached out into the force, as the boarding ramp began it's descent. Two presences waited at the bottom. Seconds later, he saw them. Crimson Guard, some of the most fierce warriors of the Empire. Although Avaritus was hardly impressed by them. They didn't pose much of a challenge to a force user, but to regular soldiers, they were devastating.

As he reached the bottom of the ramp, one of the Guard cocked his head, as if listening to a transmission, then said, "This way, Zytsef." The two of them turned in perfect precision, and marched through the facility, John behind them.

As he moved into the registration office, he felt a disturbance in the Force. The Jedi had made his decision. He would be here soon. Smileing to himself, he stood, and spoke with the officers in the registration office for nearly 30 minutes, as they assigned him quarters, a training schedual, and everything else he needed to begin his training as a Soverign Protector. After he was finished, Avaritus made his way to his quarters to meditate, and wait for the Jedi to enter the system. Once the Jedi did, Avaritus would make his way out of the facility to the desert, and have the Jedi land there. He couldn't risk anyone seeing them battle in the facility.

Sitting down, Avaritus meditated, sending his call to the Jedi again.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Yinchorr » Yinchorr
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