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New Coronet (Surface)
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Nevin Antilles
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 Post Posted: Tue, June 20th 2006 02:28am    Post subject: New Coronet (Surface)
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The smoke clouded the entire area, and ambient scent of dark alcohol and dark intentions flowed through its visual companion so gracefully and subtly that it all formed together into one vile environment. The music playing from the folk band gave it an aura of false innocence, but anyone that had dwelled here for long knew it was just a fallacy. The light through the transparasteel windows, ridden with blaster marks, was dark. Some bits of snow could be seen as the passing patron walked in through the door. Sitting across the dense near-fog was another human – though there weren’t many other species here. Her long hair twisted vividly, reflecting its blond color, using the harsh, dark smoke as a catalyst, down to her shoulders. Her jade eyes cut through the smoke, the only thing worth seeing in this dump.

She wore the clothes that one would find a woman wearing on this planet. They were dirty, torn in some places, and not colorful. They looked like something a pilot would wear. It just made a greater contrast between the dank surroundings and her face.

“Perfect,” Nevin Antilles thought aloud as his eyes searched her. He diverted his gaze around the area to downplay his remark. Salla Vivek turned to regard him, nose slightly upturned in the undesirable air.

“Seems more like hell to me,” she muttered, wrapping her arms around herself with a concerned look on her face.

“You’d be surprised that this is the safest place on Mantell,” Nevin replied with a slight smirk as the band began another song.

Moskau, Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand, Mantschland is ein schönes Land, oh ho ho ho ho…” sang the band about the fictional province as they re-arranged on the small stage to kick their feet to a traditional dance.

Nevin gestured over a living waitress, a rarity in these times of droids substituting all of life’s little tasks. Salla seemed to be un-encouraged by Nevin’s assurance and even more upset with the short dress of the woman that walked to the table wearing a smile. “Durstig?” She asked in New Mantellian, the closely-guarded native language of the local colonists. There were several dialects of the language, but Neumantelln was the common variant in the capital of New Coronet.

Ja,” Nevin confirmed, glancing at Salla. “Thirsty?”

The young Chandrillian shook her head in a look of disgust. “No.”

Nevin smiled. She had wanted to be with him on this mission when Antilles was ordered here by the Chief of State herself. The last time he and Salla had been here was over a year ago, their first mission together. She had obviously thought there was some kind of romance in being a spy on Nevin’s backwater homeworld. From the expression on her face since they had entered this place, she had changed her mind.

It was downtrodden and a frequent haunt of anyone from Neukoronett. It was visited by the Mantellian street police that had joyfully accepted the advent of the Empire’s rule and virtually every other citizen. More importantly, members of the secretive Resistance against former-Corellian and now-Imperial rule also met in this unassuming tavern. It was an ideal place for gathering information about their activities here if he ever saw one.

Ich werde ein Korellen Ale hab’,“ Nevin informed the waitress as she scurried off back behind the bar. Salla’s mood picked up slightly as the young woman left.

“Sometimes I think you brought me here just to talk behind my back in that weird language,” she quipped with a smile on her lips, staring into his blue eyes. Although she was speaking light-heartedly, Nevin didn’t doubt she meant every word of it. Still, he had to grin. She was funny in her own right. Salla had a subtle humor which the two of them had learned to fit in to each other’s very different personalities. Not to sound cliché, but the opposites fit, even if others would view their playing off one another as not-exactly-funny at times.

“Who says I haven’t?” Nevin responded, his voice dripping with cynicism.

She shook her head slightly and looked back down at the table. She returned her gaze to the waitress as she began to walk back over. “I hope the only reason we’re here isn’t to watch this slut deliver drinks all night,” she said while sneering.

“Nah,” he said as the woman set the drinks down. The waitress smiled at Nevin in particular and “accidentally” dropped her notepad. She set the drinks down on the table and bent over to retrieve it. “Why bother when I got way better to look at?”

Salla looked up and smirked at him. “My, Nevin, your words rival that of the greatest Alderaanian philosophers,” she scoffed as they both laughed.

Nevin’s laugh was cut short as suddenly he felt a hand grabbing at his thigh, groping around his inner leg. Antilles quickly looked down to see the waitress quickly return to picking up her notepad as she stood, returning her hands to the handles of the drinks. It’s not that he didn’t appreciate the unique attention, it was that Nevin was beginning to think if the bounty hunters and thugs didn’t kill him, the horny waitresses would…

“What in the worlds—“ Salla’s breath cut short as the waitress spilled some kind of dark beer on her. She grabbed her napkin by reflex and glared up at the smiling server.

Es scheint, dass fällt dein Drink!“ she said innocently and obnoxiously at the same time with a laugh directed into Salla’s face, as if in revenge for sitting at the same table as Nevin.

Salla glared at her in anger, not understanding what the waitress said but somehow getting her meaning. “She didn’t order a drink,” Nevin said, oblivious. The waitress merely set down his ale and walked away, a wide, satisfied smile on her lips.

Vivek’s fiery eyes focused on the Alliance admiral. “She did it on purpose,” she growled, as if mad at Nevin for not understanding her plight.

“Oh,” Nevin acknowledged, looking at the waitress who was now across the room, tending to other male customers. “Well, I guess I just have that touch.”

Salla snorted. “I’d say you have a touch,” she remarked regarding the waitress’s actions.

As she finished talking, he spared himself another look through the smog. Their mission here was infiltration and information-gathering; normally a job for Intelligence agents, but Nevin’s unique familiarity with the society of Mantell was found to be essential to the completion of the assignment. He was supposed to meet with two men. One of them, from the Resistance – that man would give them information just to see the Empire take a hit. The other man, a mercenary, would give them information on the Empire’s activity in this region for credits. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the mission, no one would know how to identify the other. Nevin knew they were to show up in this bar, but not when, or where. There was also the chance with the hundreds of bars in New Coronet alone, that the contacts would go to the wrong ones. It was also a possibility, Nevin had to begrudgingly admit, that they were killed or captured since his initial contact with them.

There was no one particularly obvious to Nevin’s eyes. He knew the contact from the Resistance would be human, which would make him even harder to find. He looked carefully around the room and saw several beings: a group of gruff human men at one table, bearing the insignia of the Imperial Street Patrol officers; a man and a woman off in one of the dark booths; a Rodian already engaged in conversation with the bar tender; a woman getting up to leave, stealing one of the glass mugs as she stood; a Bothan sitting alone, having a drink and talking with his…mouse droid?; the band, composed of a human male wearing a red jumpsuit, two other men, one of them a bald Zabrack, as well as two mildly attractive human women. There was another human member of the band, dressed in brilliant green, but Nevin honestly couldn’t decipher its sex. Needless to say, there were several unremarkable people, all of them merely trying to merely blend in and make their way around the establishment.

Nevin released the breath he had been holding in the form of a heavy sign and leaned back, downing the rest of his drink. No one outstanding was here. Nevin couldn’t just go up to them and start questioning if they were a top secret contact or not. That would have been stupid.

“This is hopeless, isn’t it?” Salla asked, leaning her elbows against the table. “We’ve been here for two hours and that waitress hasn’t done nothing but treat me like bantha shit.”

Nevin determined that she was absolutely right. “Just give it a few more minutes,” he pleaded, sitting back as the band began to sing what the announcer said was “Olé Olé”

They sat there with nothing in particular to do for another thirty minutes before Nevin finally decided to give up on the hopeless venture. “It’s getting late,” he muttered. “We might as well come back tomorrow.”

Salla’s face perked up at that possibility. She didn’t make an attempt to hide her happiness that they would retreat from this cantina. “Well, if we have no other choice,” she trailed off with a smug smile on her lips as she stood. Antilles set down a few credits on the table and began to walk out of the establishment with her at his side.

Initially, Nevin had secured a room for three nights in the adjoining small motel. However, he didn’t exactly trust his fellow Mantellians, so he had also rented a room a block down the street. If the Empire somehow found out about their plot, they would assume Antilles was staying closest to the rendezvous point. Even though the measure would offer them some protection from the Empire, New Coronet was quite unstable and very prone to crime. Sadly, it was also the most secured city on the entire planet. Nevin knew this from experience, and even Salla had seen the desperate thieves and murderers in their last visit here.

Salla stayed close to him, reaching down to take his hand. It was a cold night, and she leaned against him both for warmth and protection. The snow had stopped falling. The streets appeared to be empty, but dregs hid in the alleys waiting for the right targets. Whether it was for money or just the thrill of ending someone’s life, there was someone in this city who would do it to anyone. Of course, it was now worse since the Empire paid some of these men to “safe-guard” the streets. As such, Nevin kept his hand very close to his blaster…and even closer to Salla.

Their entrance into the hotel brought welcome warmth from the electrical heat unit on the far side of the wall. He checked in with the clerk and glanced around while the man went to retrieve the room key. The hotel was rather nice for this part of town. The entrance opened up into an antechamber with the empty counter marked “concierge” farther down in the hall. Above was a grand chandelier, but it was broken and none of the small illuminators were functional. Instead, light was cast into room by several industrial lights attached to the top of the ceiling. There was no one in the lobby with them aside from the clerk behind the desk.

New Coronet was initially a Corellian city, built on the backs of the members of the non-royal bloodline. As a result, there were still several grand structures in the city, such as the governor’s palace, but were now just a ridiculous affront to the true nature of the city. The Corellians had jammed communications within and outside of the planet and spread propaganda to their own citizens and to the reset of the galaxy to prevent being cited as despots for their treatment of their own brethren on Ord Mantell. Corellia had also imposed a restriction of atmospheric craft, preventing the citizens from quickly transporting to various sites on the planet, which also prevented spread of information as a by-product. Therefore, the Resistance had, for years, only used basic technology like swoops and primitive blasters to wage their uprisings – still the most common form of attack on Mantell was with a knife.

The Empire had re-established communication and transportation, but nothing had really changed. Although the Empire was initially greeted as a liberator, the truth soon proved to be contrary and most Mantellians still kept to themselves preventing the spread of the many dialects that had developed. As a result, only Mantellians knew the various forms of Mantellian, simply because of the decades-long ban on communications and the fact that all Mantellians, even those that were now imployed by the Imperial government, refused to share their language with the Empire, their Corellian brothers or anyone else. It proved especially useful for covert groups of the Resistance, which could give orders without the Corellians or Imperials being able to decipher the dynamic tongue.

Such a vehement protection of language was certainly an accomplishment for the persons on this world that, even when united in war, could barely consider themselves a civilization. Through the passing of time, so much had remained a secret, and it was one of the reasons they had been able to violently resist the Corellians and the Empire for the past century. He hoped it would end one day, but it was always comforting to know some things never changed, no matter what external pressures and stimuli were forced upon them. It was a testament to the hardiness of the people born of his world, and it was also a tiny point of encouragement on which Nevin could always fall back. It wasn’t much, but it was just enough to remain in the corner of his mind.

Nevin received the key then gestured Salla to follow him up the flight of stairs. The only luggage they carried were the clothes on their backs. They had kept everything else in the shuttle they had used to get here. Antilles didn’t plan to stay for much longer. Hopefully he would be able to meet up with both of the contacts within the next two days, and then they could return to Denon to help assist in the preparation for war.

The Alliance had seen itself in various skirmishes with the Empire for the past year, ever since Nevin’s own staged trial and consequential rescue on the Imperial homeworld of Coruscant had provoked the reigniting of the war. The peace treaty that had held the galaxy together for longer than any other truce had been dashed by a rescue attempt by Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. It was a difficult fight, but they had managed to retreat from the prison ship Lusankya with minimal causalities.

Recalling his less-than-admirable past, before the treaty had ever been signed, Nevin Antilles had once been one of the most powerful, efficent and successful men in the Empire, on his way to the very top. He had been the Security Commandant with the power over billions of lives. He could destroy anyone he pleased. He also had been twenty-one years old and a Grand Moff; a threat to the Imperial officers that had worked their entire life to get to their positions. After Han Solo, the Commander in Chief of the Rebellion, had been imprisoned on the ship Lusankya, several elder members of the Empire had banded together in order to exterminate the Grand Moff forever.

Their plan partially backfired. In what was a great riot and the turning point of the entire war, Solo escaped. In the crossfire, Nevin was captured by Solo. The center of Nevin's life, his fiancée Kara T’tol, had taken the brunt of a massive discharge from a heavy blaster. At the time, Nevin was too naïve to realize the shot had been meant for him, but his entire life was crushed and he allowed himself to be captured.

He joined the Alliance some weeks after the incident and found his redemption in Salla, who was one of the few people that cared about the former-Imperial. Over time, Nevin made friends with Solo and his wife, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo, and became a respected member of the Alliance for his unconventional tactics. However, he lost several friends in what he realized to be a corrupt organization, the Empire. He managed to rekindle his friendship with two of them, but on the whole, he was resented as a traitor by the Imperials. During the midst of all this commotion, a far more important event sparked the “Tatooine Accords” which kept the two major powers at peace for over a year.

During an intergalactic event on Coruscant one year ago, Nevin had saved Solo from an Imperial assassin. Though Ams Jendob, one of the redeemed friends, defended Antilles, a mock trial held by the original conspirators accused Antilles of murder and summarily sentenced him to death. Solo felt responsibility to rescue Nevin, as did Salla, Leia Organa and several other friends he had made. The attempt had succeeded due to their unique talents and common sense, which was something the Imperials frequently lacked.

Unfortunately, this had the side effect of the re-declaration of war. Jendob, despite himself, ended the treaty and Organa Solo soon declared war. The galaxy had remained in waiting for over a year as some fringe captains engaged their respective enemies, but new intelligence recently came forth that suggested the Empire was preparing a full-scale invasion. They were here to find out if those claims were true, since much ore was harvested from the southern side of the planet, making Ord Mantell an important world for supplying shipyards.

With Nevin pre-occupied with his recollection and Salla thinking her own thoughts, they both remained quiet until they entered the freezing room. Nevin groaned slightly. Either the heating unit wasn’t working or the idiot manager had forgotten to power it. “Gods,” Salla remarked as she moved over to one of the transparasteel windows. “Don’t you guys believe in heat?”

Nevin smiled and threw off his jacket. Her companionship had been very welcome on the trip. “Not particularly.”

They talked for several minutes about the plans for the next day. It was largely going to be the same as today: they were going to wait in the tavern and perhaps explore the city a bit. Salla, as one might have expected, wasn’t looking forward to it. “There isn’t much point in staying in the same area, hoping to find one person out of thousands,” Salla argued. “Especially if we don’t even know what he looks like. What either of them look like,” she corrected.

“No,” Nevin agreed. “But this is the kind of place where you’ll get shot if you ask too many questions.”

“I gathered,” she scoffed as a moment of silence ensued. Perhaps she realized that Nevin's plan was the only viable option aside from returning to Alliance space with no information. “Well,” Salla began, yawning. “Might as well get to bed.”

“Yeah,” Nevin responded half-heartedly, eying her. She stared back at him with the identical not-so-distance longing. He wondered which bed she would choose. His heart dropped as she went over to the second sleeping area. Somewhat disappointed, he removed his boots and laid down into his own bed, sighing. He supposed any feelings they had for each other – feelings that he knew existed in her as well as they did in him, confirmed by their own words after the Lusankya incident – were now forced to wait for another time. The two Rebel Alliance soldiers had work to do in the morning.

Just kidding. I know what you’re all expecting. :p

“Gods, it’s freezing under here,” Salla grumbled as she sat up on her bed. Sighting Nevin, she stood up and, to Nevin’s surprise, scurried over to his bed and pulled the covers around her body. Nevin rolled over to look at her. If that wasn’t the biggest joke I’ve ever seen…

Salla smiled as if she could read his mind and gazed at him. “Warmer here,” she explained, placing her legs closer to his under the sheets. She held his stare for a moment then impulsively moved in and kissed him on the lips, forcefully. For over a year, Nevin had been waiting for that sort of passion. It was all he needed to set himself off. She threw her arms around him, placing her hands on the back of his neck and he reciprocated by wrapping his own arms around her waist. The bottled-up desire had exploded as a volcano.

She pulled him closer as she moved her hands up to his defined, scruffy jaw, holding his head as she continued to press her lips against his. Nevin ran a hand up her still-cold back, sending a visible chill through Salla’s body on the sensation of the tactile contact. She pulled away, “I-I’m sorry,” she gasped, remaining exceptionally close to him, and not making him believe for a second she wanted to stop. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Nevin shook his head and moved in again. “You should,” he breathed as he placed a hand on the back of her head, letting his fingers feel her smooth hair. Salla made no more attempt to stop what was already in motion. This was they had both been waiting for. She placed her hands on Nevin’s back, under his shirt. Salla rolled her fingers up his skin, almost getting more energy from the warmth. Nevin moved his mouth down her beautiful face, kissing the base of her jaw. She pulled the black Undershirt over his head, eyes turning to his body. She pressed herself against it, kissing the upper portion of his chest. Nevin reveled for a moment then removed her own shirt in turn. They remained as such for several moments, simply taking in each other, Salla tracing a finger down Nevin’s body, running over every cell of skin and every strand of hair. Nevin’s eyes reflected the deep green orbs on Salla’s face which were alight with a strong fire. This was right. They were supposed to be here, right now. It was different this time, because this wasn’t the core of their relationship. But it was certainly one of the better parts, Nevin thought as he regarded Salla with a grin. Nevin situated his hands on her shoulders as the two kindled the passion that had been fueled since the very first moment they met.

Nevin moved his lips down her soft, long neck, making an effort to kiss every part of her body that he could reach at this point. Salla’s feelings were a mirror of his own as she gripped his hands with her own, almost like testing his strength, as she found pleasure in moving her lips down Nevin’s own neck to the bare skin that was now accessible around his collar bone.

As Salla retracted her hands, Nevin framed her face with his fingers and proceeded to enthusiastically re-connect their mouths. He could keep this up forever. It was incredible, more than that fake lover Kara.

Rescued from Kessel after Antilles had led the fleet to take over the planet, Kara T’tol once held an important place in Nevin’s heart. Nevin had mourned her death for months, blaming himself and Ams Jendob for her death. But no more. A long time ago, Nevin had accepted the fact that she was killed accidentally. He also accepted that she never really loved Nevin – he was a young Captain-gone-Moff. It didn’t take a genius to recognize the power one could obtain by attaching to certain people. Kara had certainly recognized it. She manipulated Nevin’s sympathy for her situation so she could get vastly too far into Nevin’s life and thoughts. He had planned to marry her. Now he was glad she was gone, for he would have made the most gargantuan mistake in his life, and, in all likelihood, he would have been now helping to hunt down the Rebels instead of assisting the freedom fighters in their struggle. Kara's demise was a necessary occurrence in his life, and he recognized that now.

Nevin snapped back into the present. Salla ran a delicate hand over his left shoulder, fingers feeling the scar that had manifested there. He could recall each incident that contributed to the mark; Kara’s blaster, Ams’ knife and…ok, well, he couldn’t remember the third, but that didn’t matter. She let her hands fall to the sides of his body, gripping his strong frame and pulling him close to her before gently kissing him on the lips. He closed his eyes and lifted his arms around her upper body.

“I love you,” she said, letting her head sink into his shoulder for a few moments of recess. Nevin had known that she had loved him – he loved her too. They had confessed it to one another and to their own selves. He hadn’t expected it to be so…profound when heard again. He had rehearsed it over and over in his mind and he could still not prepare himself for the shock of hearing those words from her mouth, in her voice, and having her actually mean it. There was so much behind those few words, so much that he longed to explore and learn. He wanted to know what those words meant to her.

“Me too,” he said simply, meaning each of the two short words. She stared into his sapphire eyes, looking into the origins of those simple vocalizations. They weren’t from his brain or his mouth. She recognized from where they truly came. They originated deep down inside his very being, outside of what anyone would define as a body. She knew it. She didn’t just feel his flesh, she felt him, what was truly guiding the motions of that…extremely attractive body. Salla felt it was so much deeper than what either of the two lovers could ever express. But she had done enough analyzing. She could wonder about this man for years, but she needed to do this. She wanted to do this. Now.

He began to finger the bra strap located on her otherwise-bare back. As he popped the lock, Salla initially jumped and attempted to clothe herself with a sheet, but Nevin shook his head and pulled her closer to him. After a few moments, she let her hands run down his sides to his stomach, from whence she placed her hands on the front. She followed the line of hair down to his pants and glanced up at him. Nevin responded by kissing her with more force and bringing his own hands down her delicate, yet strong, body. She undid his pants and pulled them down, now being able to fully follow the trail until she stopped at something quite solid. She once again looked up at Nevin as he pulled off her pants forcefully.

Hours passed as they made the final step in this chain of events. Both of them experienced the event that they had denied themselves for so long – it was all the better due to that fact. It was nearly daylight and they had only a few hours to sleep, but neither of them could bring themselves to rest after the incredible thing they had undergone, even though they were exceedingly tired. Nevin lie on his back in the bed with Salla’s head reclining against him, an arm wrapped around her exhausted body. She gently stroked his arm as the two of them stayed motionless for several minutes.

“I love you,” Salla simply reiterated after a few minutes, tears almost in her eyes as she fully realized how much he meant to her. She reached a hand up and combed her fingers through his brown hair, smiling in contentment and pride.

Nevin observed her as she touched him. It had meant so much to him as it had to her. She had done so much for him – and not just the acts she performed for him tonight – and he wanted to be with her ever since Lusankya.

The sun was rising over Ord Mantell when Salla finally closed her eyes, her head close to his. She rested there next to him. Nevin, beginning to doze off, almost convinced himself that they weren’t engaged in conflict and that they weren’t here for a reason pertaining to that war. That was a deceptive and tempting illusion to his sense of hope. Still, as Nevin watched the sun rise over the war-torn, ravaged, but still somehow beautiful, Ord Mantell, he couldn’t help but wonder when, if ever, the people of this world, and the people of the galaxy as a whole, would be freed from the binds of tyranny…

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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Tue, June 20th 2006 09:30pm    Post subject:
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A low whistle came from the black box, followed quickly by a mechanical squeak. Although the mouse droid had no eyes, Tensig could feel it staring at him. It sat motionless on top of the bar counter, only making a few low hums and whirs to poke at the Bothan's silence.

"No, I don't understand the language, alright?" he finally admitted, rolling his eyes after the droid started to squeak again. "You do not know the language. The waitress smiled at you? Of course she did, she's an idiot. She probably thinks you were 'cute' or something."

Yet more whistles burst from the tiny frame, but Tensig paid them no heed and went back to his drink. The Corellian ale was terrible, but he drank it anyway. He needed something to take his mind off everything around him. It was bad enough that he had skipped out on his job at Nar Shaddaa, but now being on Ord Mantell was nerve-wracking. It may have been the ideal place to hide out, but probably the most dangerous too. Even in the high-class districts of New Coronet he didn't feel safe, but then again, he didn't think anyone did.

Suddenly, he caught the glance of a human, sitting across the room. He was giving Tensig a rather strange look, along with nearly everyone else in the bar. The attention didn't surprise him, as he was the only one who really used a mouse droid as a companion.

M-4C3 was his real name, but Tensig decided that calling him "Mace" was considerably easier. Most people think of MSE-6 droids as being useless for anything other than maintenance, but Tensig didn't let that stop him. Building the droid himself, he added a number of custom enhancements to make him a lot more useful. They weren't anything special, but at least it kept the droid from doing repair duty on your average star freighter. Along with the physical upgrades, he added a better personality, keeping him from fleeing at the first sight of danger, but also giving him a rather sharp wit.

Tensig looked back at Mace, who was still jittering about and making as much noise as possible. The squeaks and whistles that mouse droids were famous for were never really considered a language, but when you spend enough time around them, it becomes second nature. Tensig was usually the only one who could understand the tiny robot, and that's what gave him the looks from others. After all, being caught with a mouse droid as a friend is one thing; talking to it is another.

"I need to get out of here," muttered the Bothan as he watched a couple leave the bar. Mace groaned a few times before he continued. "I know I don't have a ship, but there's go to be some kind of ticket off this rock. ... What do you mean 'what's wrong with this place?' Take a look around. We're sitting in a filthy bar arguing with one another while the waitress insults us in another language."

Ironically, as he said that, the skimpy woman walked by, smiling at him and saying something he just ignored. "Oh yeah. We've got to find a ride."

He left a few credits on the bar table to pay for the drink and hauled Mace back onto the ground. Just as he was walking away, he heard a call. Immediately his heart started to race. Who was it? A bounty hunter come to claim his prize? Mercenaries from Nar Shaddaa getting revenge for their boss? Tensig didn't know, and he didn't want to find out any time soon, so he simply ignored it. When the call came again, he walked faster.

He could heard footsteps running behind him. Whoever it was, he was following him and Mace. Finally, he had no choice but to stop when a hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"You forgot this," said a young human. He handed Tensig his DL-44 pistol and grinned. "It's dangerous out there. You don't want to be forgetting this, huh?"

The stunned Bothan didn't answer. As the human walked back to his table, he put the blaster in it's holster and stepped out the doors. Mace trailed behind, adding a few squeaks.

"I am not jumpy."
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Rae Radjadoren

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"Not even a 'thank you'... And my mother used to say I had no manners," Rae joked as he reclaimed his seat. Azura laughed lightly, taking a sip of her drink.

The two had come to Ord Mantell to purchase a ship to replace their old one, which they had decommissioned a few weeks ago. It had been an old ship, but it was all they could afford at the time they bought it. Despite it's age it served them well, helping them get a good start as freight pilots. However, its age caught up with them when its hyperdrive engines failed, stranding them in the middle of space for a few days. The two decided to set aside some of the money they'd made towards a new ship. They spent weeks searching for something that was within their price range, but would be a good dependable ship. They had contacted SuroSuub to inquire about their ships, and they had made an offer to the two that was irrisistable: for fourty nine thousand credits, they could own a Spofigoi-F transport, one of their newest models. The only catch was they had to send weekly reports on the ship's performance, as it was still in final development phases. Unfortunately, they were required to travel to Ord Mantell, which is no small trip from Malastare. It was difficult, but they managed to secure passage to Ord Mantell with an Anzati that happened to be heading there. They had met up with the SuroSuub representative, who showed them the ship and informed them it would be fueled up and ready to go in an hour or two. Rae and Azura had decided to get a drink while they waited.

The bar was filled with all sorts of people. Mercenaries and bounty hunters talking about their latest job, freighter pilots like themselves relaxing after a long haul, civilians just stopping in for a drink, and the poor, run down waitresses that served them. The bothan that had been there was a rarity. In all the times he had been to Ord Mantell, Rae couldn't remember ever seeing one. His chrono beeped, alerting him that their ship should be ready.

"Should we get going?" Rae asked Azura.

"We should probably stick around and try to find some cargo to haul. Might as well try and make some money, especially since SuroSuub is paying the docking fees until we leave," she replied. It made sense, of course, but he had to admit he was anxious to get back into the pilot's seat.

"I guess we should get looking then," he said. Rae placed a few coins on the table to pay for the drinks as the two got up and left the bar to go looking for some work.

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Tensig Fey'kel

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Mace scooted along beside Tensig as they both made their way through the grim streets. Dark alleys were far from being uncommon, as the majority of the street lights didn't work. When they passed a certain alley, he caught the glimpse of someone moving. Moving toward them. The droid squealed something to the respect of, "There's someone following us."

"I know," Tensig answered, walking slightly faster. He noticed the person pursuing them had sped up as well. "If you can move those wheels any faster, now would be the time."

As they passed another alleyway, a lanky Zabrak hopped from the shadows, waving a knife in front of him.

"It's not smart to walk around alone out here," he teased. Tensig tried to walk past him, but was forced into the shadows as the thugs closed in.

"Maybe not for the average person, but for a mercenary-"

"You're a merc? Oh jeez! We'd better back off boys!" said the criminal, his voice thick with sarcasm. "After all, we wouldn't want to hurt such a tough guy!"

Tensig's hand instinctively wandered to his blaster and gripped it tightly. He was ready for anything.

"Well, if you're a merc, then you shouldn't have any trouble getting out of this one, right?" the thug commented as someone grabbed the Bothan's arms from behind. His hand, still holding the DL-44 shot up and it was quickly removed by another shady character. Tensig was ready for anything... Except that.

He heard Mace give a few helpless squeaks as the other three men inspected the pistol.

"This ought to give us a good price on the market, eh?" one said, the others agreeing. The apparent leader waved his knife in front of Tensig's nose a few times before someone else noticed Mace on the ground and picked him up.

He gave the mouse droid a good look, holding him close to his face. He added that the droid would also add a hefty sum of credits as he looked it over. Suddenly, Tensig noticed that Mace's laser cutter was directly in front of him.

This was his chance.

With a burst of energy, Mace's cutter came to life, burning the thug's face. He howled in pain and dropped the black box to the ground with a crash. Tensig didn't waste any time. He smashed the man holding him against the nearest wall. As soon as he felt the grip loosen, he saw the other lunge at him with the knife. A well-timed duck and he had the perfect opening to attack. Wrapping his arms around the criminals waist, he charged toward the far wall. The impact knocked the thug unconcious, his knife clattering against the pavement.

Tensig collected himself and grabbed his pistol from the ground. Mace was lying on his side and desperately squealed at Tensig to help him. With his boot, he nudged the droid back onto it's wheels. It gave a satisfied whistle as the two wandered back into the brighter streets.

"Yeah, I know," the Bothan commented. "That was crazy, but at least we're still alive right?" He suddenly saw a group of other men moving toward them. Moving fast. They were probably the rest of the criminal gang, come to finish the job.

His hotel room wasn't far off, and he knew he would be safe there. He knew they wouldn't be allowed access to the building. Deciding it was probably their best bet, he began to run as fast as he could, taking a few shots with his blaster every time he turned around. Of course, being as "well-trained" as he was, he didn't hit a thing, but he continued to fire anyway.

After what seemed longer than it should have, he arrived at his room and charged inside, slamming the door as soon as Mace scurried inside. He let out a long sigh of relief before wandering to the table in the center of the room.

Strangely, there was something on top of it. A message, directed to Tensig. He didn't know how or when it had arrived, but he went ahead and read it anyway. It said only:

The cantina. Tomorrow. He'll be waiting.

Slightly unnerved, Tensig put the message down and fell on his bed. He was exhausted and at the moment, sleep seemed like the best idea he had had all day. His eyes closed as Mace let out a small coo.

He didn't know who was waiting for him the next day, but he wouldn't chicken out this time. Whoever was waiting would not be disappointed.
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Nevin Antilles
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Nevin went over the simple plan in his mind yet again. It was a futile gesture, seeing as the strategy remained unchanged since they had arrived here, but it nevertheless kept the idea in his head. “Head back to the bar,” he informed as he stood from the bed. “See if this guy really exists.”

His companion sank deeper into the bed and growled a sequence of words below audibility. “Oh, great...just what I was looking forward to,” she vocalized sarcastically.

Pulling his shirt and pants on, Nevin said, “I can't change the mission.”

“I'll change it myself,” Salla threatened as she stood from the bed, retrieving the remaining clothes she was not yet wearing and heading into the ‘fresher with them in hand.

The stillness and cold of the outside quickly absorbed any heat the pair brought with them from the comfortable hotel temperature. The snow had started again, and the daylight bounced against the white particles in a slightly irritating fashion. Still, all the elements formed together to make up a brisk morning walk. Covering the cracks in the buildings and the blood in the streets, the snowfall gave an impression of what the original marble buildings looked like when the city was first built millennia ago.

The snow-cover also made the area safer; the reflective illumination and the chilly air made hiding in alleys both almost impossible and inhospitable. That didn’t protect them from the equally imposing lawlessness behind the walls of the deceptively innocent-looking buildings, conversely.

Nevin and Salla entered the tavern as two Street Patrol officers exited, projecting obnoxious looks toward Salla, whom immediately sought cover of the enclosure. Nevin trailed after her, but not before he countered some retort offered by the other men.

He closed the door behind them, but the environment contained only a small fraction more than what the warmth the outside contained. However, it was fortune that the waitress from the previous night was not serving tables – yet. Antilles walked past Salla and cautiously sat down at a booth on the far side of the building.

The crowd was different from the night before. There were less people, but the ones here would surely spend their day shooting up the place and becoming evermore intoxicated as the day rolled forward. Nevin, attempting to make his glance passively unobtrusive, looked around the room. It took him a few moments to register something odd; there was a Bothan and…his mouse droid sitting at a table. Nevin was no good at telling the furry creatures apart from other members of their species, but he doubted every one of them had a mouse droid.

He looked toward Salla, compressing his jaw tightly. “Either we found our contact, or we’re going to have some trouble soon.”

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Tensig Fey'kel

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"No, I'm not carrying you back," Tensig told the droid, which let out a disappointed coo. "I don't care about the snow. You're a big droid now. You can afford to get your wheels a little dirty."

The bothan smiled as he took another look around the room. It seemed like every person that was there the day before was someone different. At least, all except for two. His eyes caught the sight of another human, who was watching Tensig from the far side of the bar. "I think whoever was waiting just found us." Mace gave him a reply that resembled something along the lines of "how can you tell?"

"Because those two were here yesterday too. I saw them leave together. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that they're the ones we're looking for."

Once he had worked up enough of a nerve, he stood up and began to leave the table. Mace squealed in protest as soon as he had taken a step. "No, you wait here. There's no point in us both getting involved." Before Tensig could argue any more, Mace leaped from the table and crashed to the metal floor, almost tipping himself over in the process.

After pushing his way through the crowd, he found himself standing before the human in question, not exactly sure what to say. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Mace gave a small beep, prodding Tensig to say "Waiting for someone?"

"Well, that depends," said the young human, "are you looking for someone?"

Suddenly, Mace let out a rather loud screech, catching everyone in the area off guard. "You stay out of this," Tensig said as discreetly as possible.

"Girlfriend?" the human asked, glancing at the jittery mouse droid. The remark caught Tensig off guard, and he stumbled through his words.

"Uh.. well... No, but he is-" he tried to explain, but once again Mace pushed his own opinion into the matter. "Look, if you stay quiet, I'll carry you back, okay? Is it a deal?"

Mace let out an unsatisfied squeak as the other just blankly stared at the droid. "I bet..." he muttered.

Holding out a furry hand, the Bothan finally introduced himself, "Tensig. Tensig Fey'Kel, mecernary for hire. I may not be the best there is, but I can get a job done."

"Nevin Ant-" the human started as he shook the paw. He seemed anxious about something. "Well, let's leave it at Nevin for now." Tensig gladly shook back and quickly took a seat across from the two humans. The woman was giving him an odd look.

Just before he could get comfortable, Mace beeped again. "Staying on the floor won't kill you." The droid beeped again, obviously angry about his treatment.

"So what is it that you got?" Nevin asked. Tensig panicked as soon as he heard it. He had some questions of his own to ask first, but apparently he was the one explaining things.

"I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at. What exactly are you looking for?" he pleaded as politely as he could. He noticed Nevin's expression drop. He was obviously becoming frustrated.

"You contacted us."

"I did?" Tensig's eyes traced to the cieling as he tried to remember ever contacting anyone. He couldn't recall a single instance. Another screech broke the awkward silence as Mace interjected again.

"You did?" He was beginning to lose his temper with the droid. "Who told you to do that? What cargo? I don't know anything about-"

"Let's take a walk," Nevin broke in. Tensig felt embarassed for arguing with a droid in front of others. However, he noticed that the other two were becoming agitated. Then he noticed the street patrol wandering throughout the bar. Whoever this was, he didn't want trouble from the law.

Tensig stood with them and followed closely behind as they walked outside. Mace obviously wasn't impressed that they were going back into the light snow, but didn't mention anything about it. Once they were down the street far enough from any other pedestrians, Nevin asked, "Now, what is it?"

"To be honest, I don't know. He keeps rambling about some sort of cargo... Armor... repulsorcraft and such." Tensig was desperately trying to explain his way out of the situation, but it was proving to be harder than expected.

He noticed Nevin give him a sharper look. "So you don't even know what you brought us here for?"

"Can't say I do, but he would lead you to think he does." Once more, Mace spoke up, but this time Tensig listened. "Oh... you do?"

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Nevin exchange a look with the other woman. They probably thought he was insane.

Once Mace was finished explaining, Tensig continued. "Alright, well I'll have to apologize again. Someone wasn't telling me something."

"Do you have something for us or not?" Nevin said in a frustrated tone. "We're taking enough risks just being here," he muttered.

"Alright, well from what Mace tells me, he saw a specific ship back when we were on Nar Shaddaa. Apparently, it was an Imperial cargo ship, hauling all sorts of armor and repulsorcraft. Although I never saw it, he seems pretty confident that he did."

After explaining what Mace had said, he turned to the droid. "What kind of useless information is that? ... Well, of course the Alliance would find it helpful, but-" the realization finally hit him. The two humans were avoiding the patrols not because they were criminals. They were part of the Alliance.

"Don't go spreading it around," Nevin said quietly. Tensig was still too shocked to say anything. "I'm guessing he was the one that contacted us?"

Mace beeped proudly as Tensig tried to pull himself together. "Well, yeah... He must have. Not with my consent of course, but..."

"Anything else?" Nevin added. Tensig was about to end their confrontation when Mace peeped up again.

"Really? That's interesting," the Bothan thought out loud. "I guess when he was scanning the identification of the cargo ship, he managed to get a copy of it's flight plan."

A small datadisk popped from Mace's chassis, which Tensig snatched and handed to Nevin. "That's all he could get together."

Nevin gave the disk a quick look over while muttering, "This should help. Thanks."

"Yeah... Sure..." Tensig whispered. He was still taken aback that the two had been part of the Alliance. And his face certainly showed it.

"Something wrong?" Nevin poked after studying the Bothan's dumbfounded expression for a few seconds.

"What? Oh... It's nothing. I've just... well, I've never really been around any sort of Galactic politics, much less take part in them."

"People have a tendancy to get caught up in them," he aswered with a smirk.

"Right..." Tensig drawled. A glance down to Mace caused him to beep proudly once more. Nevin put the datadisk into a pocket, then gave a slight nod.

"Watch yourself around here," he said before walking away with the other woman. Tensig nodded, then looked back at Mace. The droid cooed, but Tensig didn't reply as he wandered back to the bar.

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Tensig Fey'kel

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The cantina hadn't picked up any more activity since he had left, and Tensig was glad. The only thing he wanted was to be left alone, and so far things were going good.

"I don't remember telling you to give any information out."

Mace squealed his case, but the Bothan just ignored him. In his mind, nothing justified contacting the Alliance, especially when one wants to lay low. But then again, who ever heard of laying low on an Imperial Planet?

"Because Nar Shaddaa is exactly the place we don't want to be. I know it's the best place to 'hide,' but considering Tyron's eyes scan everything around that moon, it'd be impossible to stay hidden," Tensig explained after the small droid whooped a question.

Suddenly, someone sat down next to him. He was heavily clad in armor, but didn't wear any sort of helmet, exposing his red skin and lekku. The Twi'lek ordered a drink, but didn't turn to see Tensig. The waitress happily gave him his order and asked if she could get anything for his "friend," motioning to Tensig.

"He's not with me, but I suppose we should have a little chat," the Twi'lek said, making the Bothan jump. Mace was silent the entire time.

"Do I know you?" Tensig asked, trying his hardest not to not appear surprised. Obviously, it wasn't working.

"I was in Tyron's office when you showed up to report the damage you'd done to his freighter. I know all about you, Tensig."

The Bothan's heart nearly stopped. They found him. He didn't know how, but they found him.

"You work for Tyron, then?" he continued, his voice cracking suddenly. As he awaited an answer, he desperately scanned the room, looking for the nearest way out of the situation. Unfortunately, the front door looked to be his best bet.

"Been working for him for three months now. He pretty much trusts me more than anyone else," the Twi'lek boasted. "And he certainly has a problem with you."

"I think we can both agree on that."

"Then why don't we make this quick and painless?" Tensig was about to say something more, but wasn't quick enough. Before he could respond, his hands were clapped up in binders.

"That was pretty quick," he remarked, to which the Twi'lek smiled. He began to say something to boost his ego even further, but someone fell backwards and pushed him. He didn't take to it well and stood up, ready to defend against anyone that wanted a fight.

Mace gave a squeak while Tensig wasted no time. He put the binders up to the droid's laser cutter wincing as they were blasted open. Luckily, the Twi'lek didn't notice as he furiously argued with a few other patrons.

"I'd rather take my chances than go back to Shaddaa with this idiot," he said to Mace as he checked his side. His blaster was still there, and that's all he needed.

Tensig quietly lifted Mace from the counter and slowly made his way to the front door, keeping his eyes on the Twi'lek, who was now holding another human by the neck. Once he was finally out the door, he put Mace on the ground and quickly started walking down the main road, but soon veered off into an alley.

"The last thing we need is to be seen out in the open. The Starport isn't too far, so it might be best if we split up. After all, we won't be recognized as well if we aren't together."

Mace agreed with a beep before turning around and heading a different way. Tensig gave a sigh, slightly relieved that he was out of the cantina, but he knew well enough that this wasn't the end of his little encounter.

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Tensig Fey'kel

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The sign read, "New Coronet Starport." At least, Tensig thought it did. The native language was beyond his skill and any translations of the sign had been scratched off or were too dirty to be legible. After a few minutes of straining to read anything, the Bothan gave up and wandered inside.

He spent his first moments searching for any sign of Mace, but didn't see the droid anywhere. He decided it might be best to secure a ticket off the planet first. Unfortunately, a quick scan of the room made his heart sink.

Usually, starports just had terminals that people would quickly use to charter a ship, but as Tensig knew, Ord Mantell was far from ordinary. There were three terminals set up along the room, but every one of them was disabled or apparently stripped for parts. The only other place to buy a ticket was from a single booth tucked away in the corner. And to make things worse, a rather large line of people stood in front of it.

Tensig moved to take a spot at the end of the line, but arrived at the same time as another. As he looked up, he noticed the other person was a huge Ithorian, who seemed bent on taking the spot before Tensig. Not wanting to create any trouble, the Bothan stepped aside. Not unexpectedly, other people saw this as an open door to take advantage of Tensig. A lot of people.

Before he could step back in line, there had to be nearly seven other people in front and more shoving their way in. He knew it would be hours before he would finally be at the front, so decided to head to the waiting room and look for Mace again.

When he arrived, he was met with an empty room. That is, empty except for the crowd of people gathered around a single man. He was apparently telling a story that had them all mesmerized. Tensig didn't see Mace, so joined in listening.

"...there were... How many? I can't seem to- Oh yes! Three! Three of them! And each were armed to the teeth!" the man explained. "But I outran them! Each and every one! They even damaged my hyperdrive! ...Or was it my engine... Either way, I came out on top!"

Judging from the way he slurred, it was apparent he had had a bit too much ale. Tensig then realized the crowd wasn't there listening to his stories. They were criticizing the drunk, trying to get him to tell more of his rediculous stories.

"Oh, leave the man alone. He only wants a few drinks and to have a good time," Tensig said to the crowd. His sympathy was unexpected, but it wasn't without purpose. The man said he had a ship, and Tensig was going to make good use of it.

"Don't scare off my fans!" he yelled as the people split up. "Well, I suppose you're still here, aren't you?"

"Of course. In fact, I loved the story!" the Bothan said, putting on a large, fake smile.

"Indeed? Well, where was I? I outran them all! Yes, that was it! My ship was faster than all of theirs and it didn't take long for me to-"

"So you do have a ship, then?" prodded Tensig.

"Had a ship! I had a ship, my dear boy!"

"You don't anymore?"

"Well, I ran into some trouble here on Ord Mantell and had to sell it off! But I do have a wonderful speeder we could take a ride in!" the man said. Tensig's mood fell again after hearing that his "big lead" was nothing more than a washed up drunk pilot.

"Alright, I think we're done here," he remarked, giving the man a pat on the shoulder and walking away. Tensig heard him calling out, but ignored it and continued out of the room.

He stopped when he felt something heavy run into his leg and nearly send him off-balance. Now irritated with the crowded starport, he looked down to see what it was, but was happy to see it was something familiar.


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Salla Vivek
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Somehow, through all the haze and chaos, they made it to the slum hole that was the spaceport. It didn't look like much and Salla was even surprised it supported space faring vehicles, but that was the least of her worries right now. She had just went to Hell and back and the devil herself was tagging along...in Nevin's arms.

Salla scowled under her dirt-encrusted brow. The blaster she held within a white-knuckled grip shifted as the same thought that entered her mind several times since leaving the camp once again resurfaced. She wanted to kill the devil..Val, or whatever her name was. Nevin must've said it more than once, but Salla wasn't really interested in details. The woman's quick demise was all that mattered.

It wouldn't have been all that bad if she would've just kept her hands to herself, but no. She had to explore certain regions on Nevin's body that were reserved only for her. Or maybe Salla was wrong about that notion as well. Nevin seemed to be enjoying the attention to an extent.

Little bastard...

Swallowing back the anger burning within her, Salla turned her head to the right to look at the man she thought loved her. He looked a mess; his mop of brown hair was tossled and unruly, blowing about in the frigid air, his face determined as the thought of escape was fresh in all of their minds. But there was something more. Regret? Pain? It was hard to tell at their pace and the placid light of the gray afternoon didn't help matters any. Obviously this whole situation was bothering him as well, so at least it wasn't Salla just being paranoid.

The speckled lights of the landing strips and landing pads came more into focus as the small group continued onward through the streets. Salla had no real clue where they were headed since it was pretty obvious they couldn't head back to the shuttle they arrived in. It was probably already confiscated by officials or worse...

No, Salla was stuck entrusting herself once again to the man who claimed to love her. So far, his lead had kept them on track, but Salla wondered how long would that last?
Commander Salla Vivek

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Rae Radjadoren

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Entering the crowded, slightly depressing surroundings of the bar, Rae and Azura sat down at a table. Rae sighed heavily and took a sip of his drink. They had spent the last two days trying to find some form of work, but most on Ord Mantell either had no need for such services, or were freighter pilots themselves.

"We should probably go to Coruscant or Corellia. We've always had good luck getting work there," Azura said. "That's an awefully long distance and a lot of fuel spent with no pay at the end. We haven't got many creds," Rae replied. "You're right, though. We'll never find work here..."

The two finished their drinks and set out of the bar headed for the spaceport. They trudged through the snow, a fresh blanket pouring from the sky. Rae enjoyed cold weather, in fact he preferred it, but something about Ord Mantell's winters made him despise it. Thankfully, the port wasn't a far distance from the bar, so the two arrived quickly. They made their way into the building, shaking the snow off their clothing. "This weather is NOT good for my hair," Azura said, pulling snow out of her long brown hair.

They walked through the spaceport towards bay 22, where their new ship was docked, discussing their destination. "We should probably go to Coruscant. It's closer, and we can get free docking at Jet's port. Of course, it's not in the best place on the planet, but he tends to make sure we're taken care of."
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Tensig Fey'kel

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"Regardless, that doesn't give you permission to sneak aboard. Besides, you'd be leaving me behind," Tensig explained to his fellow droid, who was slowly rolling along beside him.

The two had been casually walking through the starport, approaching any person they thought might be a pilot. Unfortunately, they had also been turned down by everyone they met with. No one was willing to take along a refugee for as little money as they were offering. Either that, or no one wanted to take along someone they didn't know. And judging from Ord Mantell's gritty surface, Tensig guessed it was the latter.

Mace squealed a reply, to which Tensig answered, "Leaving me behind would be a bad thing. After all, I'm the only one who can repair you." Deciding it might be better not to argue, the droid let out a small "dwoo" and settled down.

"Alright, it doesn't look like we're getting passage anywhere," Tensig finally admitted, leaning up against a wall and letting out a heavy sigh. "We'll have to stow away on a freighter or something."

Mace protested, but Tensig assured him that it was their only option. It wasn't favorable for either of them. As they argued, a couple walked by. A young woman and a man, talking about where they should go. Tensig didn't hear the entire conversation, but he did hear "Coruscant" and "Corellia."

"They have a ship! They must!" he whispered to Mace, who was now angrily ramming himself against the Bothan's leg for being ignored. "Even if it is just a public transport, it's worth asking, isn't it?"

Tensig quickly approached the couple, Mace trailing at his heel as he walked. He quickly darted out in front of them and asked as politely as he could, "Excuse me, you wouldn't by any chance happen to have a ship, would you?" Mace squeaked a question as well, trying to get attention, but was silenced with a light kick from Tensig's boot.

"We do. Why do you ask?" the man responded, not at all phased by Tensig's sudden appearance.

"Well, I've been trying all day to find some sort of passage off this rock, but no one is willing to help out. I'd expect you to be the same way, so I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time..."

"Actually, we've been looking for any kind of cargo transport or passengers for the last two days," the other said. Tensig was relieved to hear the words. "How much are you willing to pay?"

"As much as it takes to get away from this place. The only cargo is myself," Mace let out a loud squeal when he paused, "and a droid."

The couple waited for a moment, looking over Tensig. "Where is it you need to go?"

"Anywhere that isn't here or Nar Shaddaa," he answered quickly. He didn't have time to waste, and didn't want to spend any more time in the starport. That mercenary was likely still after him, and the starport would be the first place to look.

"I can take you to Coruscant for eight thousand."

Tensig shared a quick look with his droid before finalizing the deal. "Coruscant sounds lovely."

The man gave small smile as he nodded his head. "Alright, you've got yourself a ride to Coruscant. We'll leave whenever you're ready."

Glancing at the starport entrance, he saw a familiar figure. The Twi'lek from the bar had just walked in, and was apparently looking for something. Or rather, someone.

"No need waiting on any occasion! Let's get going," he said, obviously panicked but trying his best to remain collected. Apparently, the man noticed Tensig's urge to hurry and replied only with a short, "Follow me."

The group then proceeded down the hall toward the docking bays, but Tensig's mind was not nearly as calm as he had hoped and the increasing sound of blaster fire wasn't helping his mood....
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Nevin Antilles
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Nevin held cradled in his arms Val's unconscious form. If she would stay without awareness until they were off-planet, the Mantellian fighter might have information that could salvage the failing mission.

Allowing Streiter to take hold of Valia, Nevin released his burden and proceeded deeper into the spaceport. Many smugglers would be in this area, but only a few of them would do such meager work as chartering. The few of them that would do it would easily be subject to Imperial customs checks, and that could end their mission - and lives - very quickly. Then there was the matter of outrageous cost.

But, they didn't have a choice. Nevin passively took a long look around the area, and spied a detatchment of white-clothed men enter the dock. For a moment, Nevin could have assumed it was snow, but as they stepped into the light it was appararent these were Stormtroopers.

Running back to Dschak and Salla, Nevin took Val's arm around his shoulders and pulled her away from the approaching troopers. She was beginning to moan softly; perhaps that would be good, since they might have use of another skilled marksman. "The Empire's back!"

With that, the group moved further into the bowels of the seedy port.
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The Stormtroopers were growing increasingly closer. The entirety of the party was aware of the revelation that if they were unable to find transportation, they would be stranded here in an Imperial jail cell.

Nevin’s body tensed as he heard a familiar sound. The resonance of blaster fire clearly echoed down the narrow hallways of the spaceport, and Antilles knew they had been found. The three of them increased their speed immediately, entering a large hangar.

A young human was in front of an obviously brand-new ship, instructing something to a Bothan standing beside him. “Alright, I’m going to check the ship over and make sure everything is in good order. You can go ahead and board and make yourself at home.”

They decided to make a run for this soon-to-be-spacebourne ship, Streiter and Antilles supporting Val between them. The two others were not aware of their presence until another round of blaster fire occurred.

“..the hell?” The human said, finally turning his head in direction of the fire. The Bothan muttered a phrase of distraught, looking around in a nervous fear. He seemed to be staring past Antilles and the rest, looking towards the corridor.

Soon, white armored terrors poured out of it like grains of salt. “That’s worse! That’s much, much worse!” Yelled the Bothan.

The human yelled for the Bothan to get onboard the ship. The man pulled out a blaster and began shooting at the troopers as he backpedaled up the ramp. The furred companion fiddled around with his holster, eventually succeeding but dropping the blaster in a episode of fumbling.

It was at this time that Nevin took care to look at the Bothan’s feet. There was a peculiarly feisty mouse droid there. This was the insanely clumsy contact they had met earlier. “Wait!” Nevin yelled out to him, trying to make his voice amplified enough to be heard over the sound of activating repulsorlifts.

He looked back to check where the Stormtroopers were. Salla was panicking and Dschak was firing some shots back. Nevin jumped back in surprise to see a bolt slide right past his face…but…it was heading in the wrong direction…

The young Rebel looked back towards the ship to see – Fey’kol? – the Bothan firing at the Stormtroopers. Well, he was trying to, at least. “That was a mistake! Honestly!” He called out in apology.

“Bothan, get on!” Came a call from inside the ship.

“Oh, right,” he yelled in reply as he shoved his blaster back into the holster. He turned around and began to run aboard again. Apparently he still wasn’t aware Nevin was trying to run to him.

“WAIT!” Nevin called again.

Tensig didn’t respond, but the other guy in the ship did. “Who the hell are you?” He called out a question from the top of the ramp.

“Don’t matter, just get us the hell out of here!” Antilles retorted as he turned back to the hangar. Reaching for his blaster, he allowed Dschak to take the weight of Val’s form. He fired off a few shots at the quickly-advancing Stormtroopers. There would be no time to ask questions.

Salla tried to stop him, apparently concerned that the ship was going to be no better than the Stormtroopers chasing them. “What?!” Nevin asked in desperate anticipation.

“Who says we’ll be better off with them? After all, one of our contacts did betray us!” She pleaded with him as a few more Stormtroopers faced their fate from Nevin and the stranger’s blaster bolts.

“Well, what have I got to lose,” the stranger muttered to himself before calling down in a voice of resolve, “Then get on!”

Don’t worry, this contact’s too clumsy to actually kill us. He’d kill himself first. “Then pick your death!” He informed Salla as he took her hand.

In an almost queued respond, a searing bolt streamed pass Salla. “Sorry! Honestly, I’m putting this away!” The Bothan called.

Yeah…. Salla was just as uncertain as she was a few moments ago. “Go!” Nevin called, regardless of her feelings. Whether or not she, or he for that matter, were hesitant to get aboard, it would at least be a chance for life. The mouse droid swiveled past their feet into the ship, and Salla begrudgingly followed.

Now only Nevin, Dschak and unconscious Val remained outside. Nevin quickly sprinted down the ramp to usher Streiter into the safety of the ship. Antilles took Val’s other arm, but had to adjust his hold on her as Dschak dropped her other arm.

“What’re you doing?” Nevin demanded as the troopers began to set down the stand for a powerful E-web repeater.

Dschak took a step off the ramp. “I can’t go with,” he began, ducking behind a hydraulic support. “I need to get back to the Resistance, they must still be under attack.”

Nevin would have persuaded him to stay…but time simply did not allow it. He merely nodded in understanding. He couldn’t ask him to do the same thing which he himself had chosen so many years ago. “Thanks,” he conveyed in one word.

Dschak returned the nod before charging across the hangar, trying to get to safety. Nevin watched after him, thinking a silent prayer as he pulled Val up the ramp.

“Azura, get the boarding ramp up and let’s get out of here!” Called the human running to the cockpit.

Nevin dropped Val right inside the hatch. Standing back up, he cast a few blaster shots into the stormtroopers attempting to run towards the ramp. Soon, the ramp closed and Nevin could feel the ship lifting off beneath him.

Sighing a relief, he lie back against the bulkhead, looking towards Salla, who was seemingly contemplating blasting Val’s head off. She turned away in disgust and went to the other side of the room.

Nevin felt a hand on his leg. Looking down, he saw that Val was awake again. “L-l,” she started out weakly. Nevin had brought her with them for a reason, and it was more than the possibility of her having information the Alliance could use. He stood up and surveyed the room. Fortunately, there seemed to be a medkit on bulkhead containing the entrance to the cockpit. He dislodged it from its resting place and brought it back to the injured woman.

Sitting back down next to her, Val’s eyes watching him studiously, he opened the box. He took out a small container of bacta, a patch bandage and some numbing cream. Pulling up the underside of her shirt gingerly, he grimaced at the wound that had painted itself on her stomach. She was lucky to be alive.

It was awhile after applying the medication and dressings that Nevin noticed he was also wounded. Blood had been gradually absorbing itself into his sleeve. He supposed he had not realized the grazing blaster bolt in the heat of the moment.

After wrapping it up in the remainder of the bandage, he looked down to see Eross was awake once again, and she was able to speak. Her first words were, “Why?

Nevin stared down at her recovering body. “You have information,” he informed. She was just as surprised as Salla was that Nevin would risk his own life to save that of his betrayer.

I’m…sorry,” she spoke. For once, her words seemed sincere. However, Nevin had to wonder if she was sincere about the fact that she had turned Nevin and Salla in, or the fact that she herself was betrayed.

Regardless, Nevin thought has he spied the human exiting the cockpit, it would have to wait. “Later,” he said in Basic as he stood.

“Well, that was…fun,” the man joked. “Mind explaining who you are and what that was all about?”

Nevin wiped the remainder of the blood off his arm and held out his hand. After a few seconds, he realized the man wouldn’t want to shake a bloodied hand, so he took it back and held out his right arm. “Nevin Antilles,” he said.

The Bothan, standing a bit farther off in the corner of the room, held out his own hand to the human as well. The two men looked at him for a moment as he stood in awkwardness. “Tensig Fey’kel…mercenary for hire…” he trailed off into silence.

The other man, however, took it and shook it as he said his own name, “Rae Radjadoren.”

“Great,” came a quite retort from Salla, sitting down across the room. She had been watching Nevin like a mynock since he tended to Val. It was no secret that Vivek must have been pissed at him, but Nevin still couldn’t figure out what her reason was.

“Now, do you mind telling me why there were squads of Stormtroopers chasing you?” Rae asked.

Nevin smirked slightly. “Would you believe they were my fans?”

“DO they always worship you at blaster-point?”

“He’s just popular like that,” Salla quipped as she leaned forward in her seat. Mad or not, Salla made Nevin smirk.

“We’re—“ Nevin paused for a minute. Fey’kel already knew they were from the Alliance. Could this Radjadoren be trusted? “Guess it won’t do any harm…we’re from the Alliance.”

“The Alliance, eh?” Rae repeated. “Guess that would make you their number one favorite.”

“Yeah,” Nevin agreed, throwing a dull glare at Valia. “But that’s nothing new. We need to get back to Denon,” Nevin informed. “We can pay when we get there.”

“How much are you paying?” Rae asked.

“Wait a second!” Tensig interrupted. “How remote is that?”

Salla’s brow furrowed slightly in disbelief. “You’re kidding, right?” She asked in response to Tensig, whom the other two ignored for the moment.

“Three thousand sound good to you?” Radjadoren haggled.

Nevin responded with a nod. “Should be fine.”

“Seriously,” Tensig butted in. “How far out of the core is Denon?”

This time, Nevin heard him. “It’s still in the Inner Rim…not too far.”

“Is it far from Nar Shaddaa?” The Bothan asked inquisitively.

“And you call yourself mercenaries,” Salla muttered. She was answered by an angry beep from the mouse droid.

“I resent that,” Tensig said.

“Denon’s actually on the way there,” Nevin confirmed, breaking up the small cat fight. “I see you’re having some problems too?”

Tensig seemed on the verge of a loud scoff. “More than you know,” he exclaimed.

The Bothan had helped them out before, though with not too much vital information. Still, whether or not his trouble was the Alliance’s fault, Tensig had made an attempt. “Well, we’ll get you some payment for your help too,” Nevin responded with an understanding nod.

With that, Rae turned around back to the bridge. He was muttered something about retards.

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