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T'au (Capital planet)
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » The Centrality (T'au) » T'au (Capital planet)
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 Post Posted: Wed, January 17th 2007 03:06pm    Post subject: T'au (Capital planet)
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The Master of the Undying Spirit was not one to worry unnessecarily. His faith in the Greater Good and the cycle of Tau was undying. But he knew now that this would be a challenge even for the devoted. The system that the Gue’La called the ‘Centrality’ was on it’s way to complete Tau domination.
He paused for a moment, and once again, turned to the miniature translator that the Caste Por had supplied him with. Centrality…this system was on the outskirts of their galaxy. The Gue’La’ had the oddest habits…

There was no time for thoughts such as these: they belonged more in the realm of the Caste Por. The working of the Gue’La was strange, illogical. Better for the Caste Por to work it out then he: it was their place in the Greater Good.

“Master Aun’Va, are you ready?”

His thoughts were interrupted by his Fire Warrior bodyguard. He stood in ceremonial armor, his Pulse Carbine held across his chest in parade rest. Aun’Va was followed by this unit of bodyguards around the clock. It was an elite unit, each soldier in it fully able to become a capable Cadre leader, but gave up that great honor for this even greater one.

“I am, Brother.”

Aun’Va sat up a little straighter in his personal throne, and smoothed out the creases in his ceremonial robes. His throne was mounted on repulsor-lifts, and was easily manipulated by the controls built into one of the arm rests. With a whistle and a hand gesture, his lead bodyguard signaled the others into formation around the Throne. Soon they would disembark from their alien shuttle into the city square, where they would be met by the largest Tau colonization force known to the race.

This entire parade had been arranged at the behest of the Caste Por. They wanted to set a good example for the Gue’la to show them what the benefits of the Greater Good are. The Gue’la were not a trusting race, but they would soon submit to the will of the Greater Good. At least the smart ones would. The others…well, at the moment, Commander Puretide was taking good care of them.

Another, different whistle from his bodyguard, and the Caste Kor pilot of their ship lowered the door to the outside world. Again, another trick of the Caste Por: use the Gue’la’s ships to instill trust in them. Little things, hidden to others, that were picked up on by the Water Caste.

The doors opened to a wide city street, well-paved, and lined with Gue’la on either side. Though the Gue’la were everywhere, the Tau presence was obvious: Fire Warriors stood by the barricades, each one constantly searching the crowd for any threats. The Gue’la seemed complacent…for now. But they were known to frenzy easily, and it was a delicate times in the relations between the two races on this planet.

Aun’Va proceeded through the streets at a steady pace, and as he got closer and closer to the city center, the signs of Tau integration of the planet become more obvious. Amongst the Gue’la crowds watching Aun’Va’s procession, Tau faces could be seen: Caste Fio, Por and Kor alike. These were more excited, as they understood more fully what it meant to be in the presence of the Master of the Undying Spirit.

They came to the main plaza of the city, to the steps of the Government Center. Here stood several figures; Tau and Gue’la alike. Each of the Tau were robed in ceremonial garb, Caste Por and Caste Aun alike, with a single Caste Kor representative. The humans stood in a line directly across from them, each one matched up with a Tau of their own. Each one was the leader of some branch of the planet’s government, and each of their Tau counterparts was to be their replacement. Sad that General Thule had not agreed to submit to the Greater Good, but that was to be taken care of in it’s own manner.
Aun'Va, Master of the Undying Spirit
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » The Centrality (T'au) » T'au (Capital planet)
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