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Reclamation Contest: Luke Skywalker
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Assessment Room » Reclamation Contest: Luke Skywalker
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Nevin Antilles
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 Post Posted: Sun, December 24th 2006 12:04am    Post subject: Reclamation Contest: Luke Skywalker
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Read the rules first!!!

Character Name: Luke Skywalker
Character Faction: League of Free Worlds
Previous player: Gavin Young
Reason for repossession: Community complaints and inaccurate portrayal of character, character motives and character morals

Requirements: Players participating must be willing to give up their Force sensitive character(s) if they win the contest.
Page range: A4, 4-11 pages. One line of whitespace between paragraphs.

The player of Luke has to be very special and with an understanding of the character. They have to know and apply his belief and knowledge of the Force canonly. They also need to be consistent with his morals that have been displayed time and again in all sorts of books and the movies.

Setting: (please follow the plotline listed below)

The year is 12 ABY. Luke is on Yavin IV in his newly-founded Jedi Praxeum, teaching his students the ways of the Force, the powers that lie therein, and how to apply it correctly. Additionally, his sister, Leia Organa Solo, is visiting to supervise the Republic's investment.

The Praxeum is thereafter invaded by a team of Dark Jedi. The origin and method of attack used by this team will be determined by the participants. The only requirements are that both students and Leia are threatened. Luke must use his own knowledge and ability to protect them.

Total knowledge of this period is not required, though it is helpful if you wish to tie the Dark Jedi in with some kind of sect. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo must survive. The Dark Jedi must be defeated, killed, or otherwise driven away.


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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Sat, January 06th 2007 07:44pm    Post subject:
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Alias: Tensig "Zara" Fey'Kel
Why I want to play this character: Luke was always a character I connected with. He always stood out as a great character in the Star Wars movies, and I loved how he was portrayed. I'm eager to be able to be in control of him, since I think I could make the right kind of choices that would portray Luke as he was in the movies and books.
Where I plan to take this character: I intend to bring Luke back to the way he should be. After reorganizing his thoughts, he'll return to being the wise Jedi master he's depicted as in canon, perhaps even returning to train a few Jedi himself and attempt to balance the Force to the best of his abilities.

"It controls us, then?" a young man asked. Luke, standing with his hands clasped behind his back was about to answer, but was cut off by another student.

"I thought you said it would bend to our will?" The deep, powerful voice was familiar to the Jedi Master. Even within the crowd of people that stood before him, the owner of the voice stood highly above everyone else. Expecting a quick acknowledgement, his beady eyes watched his Master intently.

The entire room was watching him closely, leaving it in a deep silence. With the size of his meditation chamber, even the smallest sound would echo against the huge walls. The room worked beautifully to shut out sound, which is why Luke used the room to concentrate.

With the large set of stairs at the far end, the hall made an excellent classroom as well. Being the teacher, Luke stood on the top step, giving his lectures and answering questions. Standing atop his stage, he appeared as an intimidating figure, and no one ever dared to join him at his level. He disliked the idea that his students looked at him so highly, but being that he was their mentor, there was little he could do to help it.

"Actually, you're both correct," Luke replied, scanning his own eyes across the many faces. Each one was lit brightly by the midday sun, shining through the massive slits in the wall behind him. The bright beams of light turned him into a silhouette against the beige background. Listening intently, his students were all eager to learn everything the Jedi Master had to teach them. "The Force can act as us and through us. Knowing when to use the Force properly is an important aspect of being a Jedi. In time, each of you will understand the need for both."

The students shared glances with each other, all except the one whose voice had just boomed throughout the room. His gaze remained fixed on Luke, who waved his hand and told them, "That's all for today's lessons. Soral and Havet, I want you two to report for lightsaber combat training. I'll meet you there shortly."

Eager to begin their training, the two students acknowledged Luke and hurried out of the room with the rest of the others. "Master Skywalker?" echoed the voice once again.

Luke looked down to the familiar, lizard-like face, studying it's features once more. His tan-colored skin was covered by purple markings running from the end of his nose, across the top of his head and down his neck. Teeth jutted out from his thin slit of a mouth, giving him a very crude appearance. Despite his looks showing him as a simple man, Luke knew there was far more complexity to him.

"Yes, Desann?" he answered, turning to face the Chistori. Desann had moved towards the steps where Luke stood, but dared not begin to ascend them. It was almost as if he was afraid of his Master. Luke knew that his fear could only spell further problems down his path and did his best to comfort him.

He stepped down until he was at the same level as the student, walking toward the doorway at the opposite side of the room. "Is something bothering you?"

"Well," Desann began hesitently. "It's the other students. I feel as if they do not understand me. As if they're trying to ignore me."

"Don't worry. It's natural for one such as yourself to feel out of place, especially in a place such as this, but I'm sure the others have no less respect for you as they do for themselves. You're a very promising student, Desann. Don't let your fear take control of you. It is-"

"Yes, I know. It is the path to the Dark Side," the Chistori finished, almost irritated. However, he quickly realized his tone and apologized. "I'm sorry Master. Perhaps I should get some rest to regain my senses."

Luke only nodded as Desann hastily left the room. The student was a mysterious one indeed, and it unsettled Luke that his emotions were so out of order. Especially one as powerful as Desann. If he were to fall to the Dark Side...

No. I musn't think such things. I will do everything in my power to make sure he does not fall. Luke's thoughts were clear, but there was something else that bothered him. There was something nearby that felt different than it had only minutes before. As if a surge of Dark Side energy had rushed through the Academy. A presence that he had never felt before.

What troubled Luke even more was that the presence was almost too faint to notice. After all, none of the students had mentioned anything. He had sensed no confusion among them. Even Luke himself hadn't noticed anything until he had time to focus on it. Whatever it was, it was hiding itself well.

"You know, if you keep that face all the time, your students will be afraid of you," another familiar voice said, breaking Luke from his thoughts. When he looked up at the doorway, he was greeted with a woman, wearing rather unflattering clothes with her hair done up tightly in two braided loops. Her face and the overwhelmingly beautiful smile is what he noticed next, which finished the picture of his sister before him.

"Leia, what are you doing here?" he asked, returning the smile and receiving a warm hug. "I thought you had work to do for the Republic?"

"Well, consider this part of the work. I figured I would check up on our little investment here, but it looks like things are going pretty well."

"Come on, I'll show you around," he said, putting arm around her and leading her into the hall. Just before they left, he felt another jolt of energy and stopped in his tracks. There was something wrong. He felt like he was leading her into danger, but before he could concentrate on it, the feeling dissipated just as it had before. Seeing her brother's sudden pain, Leia immediately stopped with him and asked what was wrong.

"I'm fine," Luke answered to Leia's concern. "There's a lot of residual Dark Side energy from these temples and sometimes I get hit with a burst of it. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

I hope, he added in his mind.

* * * * * *

The door in front of them hissed open, leading them into a large, open arena with a platform before them, held up by four stone pillars. The floor of the platform was made of a thick glass, allowing those below to see up through to anyone atop it. It was an impressive display, but was almost entirely empty. Only two Jedi students stood waiting for Luke as they entered.

"And this is our combat training area. You might even get to see a bit of action yourself," he explained with a grin. He introduced the two students as Soral and Havet then gave them the go ahead to begin training. Leia watched excitedly as they leaped onto the platform and ignited their lightsabers.

However, something stopped them from moving. They both looked toward Luke, as if asking if he had felt anything as well. The grave look on his face told them that he had, and the three rushed for the door. Before they could make it through, it closed shut, stopping anything from getting past.

Leia's excitement had died, now replaced with fear and confusion, which was only multiplied when an explosion echoed through the room. The glass observation tunnel above had shattered, and a number of men had dropped through, all wielding lightsabers.

The students reacted, jumping to engage the others. Red and blue blades clashed with each other in a brilliant show of lights. Each Jedi fighting a single opponent, they made their way around room. Luke watched carefully, waiting to make a move. He had faith that his students could easily defeat their opponents, but when more foes joined the battle, they were quickly overpowered.

Luke knew he had to help, stepping forward and reaching for his own weapon. However, the door behind them had slid open again, revealing an immense energy that Luke recognized from before. Only this time, it was in full force, not hidden in any way as it was before. Before he could even turn around to face it, a red blade had ignited at his neck and his lightsaber was removed from his belt.

Leia and the other students were disarmed as well and brought over to Luke. Standing before the four of them was the presence he had felt. The entire time, he was so close, but somehow he had masked his power until the opportune time to reveal it.

Cursing himself for not acting on the threat, Luke held his head shamefully. His eyes stared at the ground, wondering what kept him from investigating the strange feeling. After all, he knew it was there. He knew it was potentially dangerous. So why didn't he immediately search for an answer?

Perhaps it was Leia, he thought. She arrived shortly after I felt it. My attention must have been averted when she arrived. Blinded by my emotions once again.

The thought was harsh, but Luke knew it was true. It was not the first time, either. He recalled the time atop the Emperor's tower on the Death Star nine years ago. Although he considered himself to still be training at that point, he remembered his emotional outburst at his father, nearly killing him. The image of his father's severed hand flashed in his mind, the picture still burnt into his thoughts after so long. He had to make sure his emotions were in check once again.

Once he had gathered himself again, Luke tried to call forth any Force energy he could, but nothing came to him. He tried once more, but failed again. Those who were holding him were somehow surpressing him. They were keeping him from using the Force. Such power was rare, but he knew it existed, and finally being so close to those able to use it was unsettling. He knew there was little he could do except wait for them to release their grip.

"These temples are wonders of the Force, aren't they?" the old man asked, smiling widely. "Even one with power such as I was able to sneak in without being detected. To evade the senses of the great Jedi Master Skywalker is an impressive feat, is it not?"

Luke knew it was more than just the Massassi temples. The mysterious stranger had a unique power. "Who are you, and how did you manage to surpress your power so well?" Luke demanded as the unknown attackers held him back.

"My Master brings a message," the man answered, ignoring both questions. "He wants me to tell you that the time of the Jedi is nearing it's end. Soon he shall be the one to snuff out your pathetic beliefs."

"Your Master? Who is he? You're from the Remnant, aren't you?"

"I'm afraid that is all I can tell you. My Master made it quite clear that I am not to divulge any information without permission. Of course, you can always ask him in person once you meet him." The Dark Jedi spoke with a powerful tone, as if to intimidate the others. Judging from their reactions, it was working.

He wore loose, dark-colored clothes and a black robe to top it off. His hair was white and slicked back, exposing his grim face and his sadistic smile. In a way, he reminded Luke of Obi-Wan, but with a sinister power about him. "You know, even at this very moment, I could kill every last Jedi this galaxy has. I have you all at my feet. But, of course, what fun is there in that?"

Luke was becoming irritated at the man's arrogant attitude. Every time he encountered a Dark Jedi, they were all the same. He only wished there were more like his father. More that could be saved.

However, Luke was glad that he was dragging things on with his speech. Each second they gave allowed him another moment to formulate his plan. He had to get Leia out of the Academy at any cost, before the others could-

"And to top things off, I have in my grasp one of the most powerful women in the New Republic, Miss Organa. I can only imagine what the Remnant would pay for someone in your status."

Too late, Luke thought. Now there was no time to waste. He had to act.

Leia didn't answer. She looked away from him, trying desperately to hide her feelings. Luke could tell she was afraid, and if he could feel it, the Dark Jedi certainly could.

"What do you want with us?" he demanded once again, yanking against the others holding him. He realized it was futile, but something made him do it anyway.

"I only want to do my Master's bidding. And he is interested only in you, Skywalker." He leaned down close and spoke in only a whisper. "But we're going to do a little more than that before we leave.

"Me and one of your students had a bit of a talk. It seems he's quiet upset with the other students. They treat him as if he's some sort of an outcast."

"Desann," Luke said under his breath.

Havet quickly spoke up, "That lizard is the one who bullies us! We're only trying to stand up to him!"

"Havet, don't! He's only trying to lure you away from your teachings!" Luke wasn't going to let such a lowly band of Dark Jedi poison his students. Havet only nodded and kept his head lowered.

Luke envied his students. Even in times of great stress, they had someone to guide them. He hadn't been so lucky. Ben had been there for him at times, but when he was needed the most, Luke called out. There was never any answer. Even after narrowly escaping from his father's grip and fleeing from Cloud City, Ben would not answer.

"Well, 'that lizard' isn't particularly happy with the way you treat him. In fact, I believe he has a few things to say about it." When he had finished, Desann strode into the room. He had no one holding him back, as if he were working with the Dark Jedi all along.

He stood still a moment, then approached the two Jedi students. Havet looked up at him with confident eyes. Luke could sense that he was afraid, but he wouldn't dare show it in front of the others. Judging from Desann's attitude, he could sense the fear as well, but it didn't make a single impression.

What terrified Luke even more was that Desann's fear and unorganized emotions were no longer there. Instead, all his thoughts and feelings were focused onto a single pool of hatred. His fear was no more, replaced by his anger.

"You were the one who continually opposed me, Havet," Desann's voice resounded in the silent room. His voice seemed to carry an entirely new power.

"I was only standing up against your own bullying!"

"No! You were casting me out! You never did understand me, and you never will. My power is far beyond yours, yet you still treat me as your lesser."

"Desann, stop!" Luke cried out. "Don't give in to your anger! These men have tainted your vision! Don't fall to the Dark Side!"

"Silence, Skywalker. You never understood my plight either, and you will never know the pain I've had to endure. My new Master has taught me the truth," the Chistori said, looking toward the older Dark Jedi. The man smiled, then nodded, allowing Desann to turn back to watch Havet closely.

"Don't..." Luke whispered, staring at the terrifying events unfolding. He then watched in horror as his former student ignited his lightsaber and held it at Havet's neck. Seeing a blue blade at the neck of a fellow student was too much for Luke, and he decided close his eyes and wait. He knew what was coming, but couldn't bare to watch it.

"No more will you stand against me," Desann said proudly. A moment of silence passed, then the sound of a lightsaber blade cutting flesh broke the quiet, followed by that of a body collapsing to the floor. Luke, his eyes still closed, felt the last trace of the Force dissipate from Havet's body.

Suddenly, sadistic laughter filled the air. "You're path to the Dark Side is complete! Now, strike down the other students and let us return to my Master. The end of the Jedi will be through our hands!"

Luke's eyes shot open to see Desann moving against Soral, now cowering before the massive Chistori. Time for standing by was now over. He had to do something before his students were all slaughtered. Even if it meant striking down one of his own.

No, his thoughts corrected himself. He is no longer a student of mine.

Then he felt it. The Dark Jedi keeping him surpressed had diverted their attention. They had not been trained properly in concentration, and Luke would have to take advantage of that fact. The grip they had over the Jedi Master was just loosened enough for him to break through. In a matter of seconds, he had ready his plan.

Jutting out his elbow, he smashed it into the guard beside him, knocking him back a number of steps to regain his air. The other Jedi still holding on was sent reeling back by a burst of Force energy from Luke's now free hand. Almost instinctively, Luke's hand shot into the air, calling forth his lightsaber, which shot from the hands of a Dark Jedi and into Luke's.

The familiar green glow surrounded him before he leaped into action. Using the Force to boost his jump, he soared over the heads of those watching, including Desann. The Chistori swung his own saber, but it was deflected, and using another burst of Force, Desann too ended up on his back.

A well-placed kick broke the grasp the Dark Jedi had on Soral and in seconds, the Jedi was on his feet with his own lightsaber in hand. However, the odds were still against them, as the remaining Dark Jedi had all ignited their weapons and were quickly approaching. Something suddenly caught their attention, and Luke felt a familiar presence.

From the now broken observation tunnel, a large group of Jedi students dropped through, each with their lightsabers in hand. The confused Dark Jedi moved to engage the others, leaving only a few to attack Luke and Soral.

Luke unleashed the Force from his open hand, send one back into a stone wall, knocking him unconscious. Another attacked from his side, but he parried the blow and swung low. The Dark Jedi just barely dodged, but Luke had already brought his blade back up and smashed it into the other's, sending the lightsaber hilt flipping through the air. When it landed on the ground, Luke's had stretched out and it darted from the ground and to his palm.

Meanwhile, Soral and the other Jedi students had freed Leia and were dealing with any Dark Jedi left. However, before Luke could help out, another red blade stopped him. The old man stood before him, holding his lightsaber in one hand.

Luke didn't waste time, bringing his blade down upon him. It was blocked, but he swung again from the side. The other jumped back, causing him to swing wide and lose the advantage. In a flash of red and green light, Luke had blocked an attack, and another within a single second. The battle raged on, each getting chances for the offensive.

Suddenly, an unexpected hit caused Luke's hand to swing aside, leaving him wide open. Seeing the opening, the Dark Jedi struck out, stabbing his red blade forward. Luke spun aside and managed to block the assault. Both their weapons high above them, they traded blows until finally Luke had him against a stone pillar.

The other tried to make a final attack and free himself of the obsticle, but it failed when Luke pushed his blade to the side and brought down his own, making contact with the other's wrist. As quickly as the entire battle had begun, it was all over. The ringleader's hand was now severed and he was pushed against a wall. The Jedi had emerged victorious.

"Now, we shall discuss this Master of yours," Luke said, keeping the green blade at the other's throat. "Tell me everything you know."

"You'll get nothing from me," the old man returned, clutching his arm in agony.

Luke's quest for answers was useless, so he made for a different approach. "Why did you follow this path?"

"Because it's people like you who ignore the power of the Dark Side! You ignore people like me!"

"It's not too late to join us. Come back to the light," the Jedi Master pleaded.

"Spare me your pity, Skywalker. There is no redemption from the Dark Side. You have defeated me, and my life is no longer worthy." The man was stubborn, but Luke was determined. He was not going to let another Jedi die needlessly. Not after what happened to Havet.

"Your life is in no danger," he explained, lowering and turning off his lightsaber. "It is the way of the Jedi to preserve life."

After a long moment of silence, the man looked up, his sadistic grin returned to his face. "That is why you will never be able to defeat us," he said in a low tone. Luke paused in confusion for a moment, then watched as the man's hand called forth his lightsaber and spun the hilt in his hand.

Luke jumped back, ready to defend himself, but the jump to action was for a different reason. He was holding the lightsaber upside-down, and ignited it after only a small pause. The red blade pierced his chest and his body fell lifeless to the ground. Luke's heart sunk as another life was lost to the Dark Side. Once again, silence overtook the room.

Leia finally decided to speak, explaining to the students to take the remaining Dark Jedi to her ship. "They'll be detained and questioned when we return to Coruscant. We'll see what we can get out of them." She then gave a solumn farewell to Luke and left the room with the others.

"What of Desann?" Luke muttered to Soral after the room was empty again.

"He must have escaped during the chaos. I'll see if any shuttles have left recently," the young student said, briskly walking out the doorway.

Luke stood over the body of the Dark Jedi before him. After a long moment of quiet, he felt he needed to speak.

"I'm sorry, Havet. I've failed you, and I've failed Desann. But I swear to you one thing. This needless loss of life will never happen again. As a Jedi- No, as a Mentor, I promise you that."

The room quickly returned to silence as the Jedi Master left, his head bowed.
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Sun, January 07th 2007 12:27am    Post subject:
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Seeing as you're the only contestant... you win!:p

But seriously, a very skilled portrayal. Your victory is well-deserved. Congratulations. :)

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Nevin Antilles
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 Post Posted: Sun, January 07th 2007 12:28am    Post subject:
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 Post Posted: Sun, January 07th 2007 12:50am    Post subject:
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Congrats! :D
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