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A Guide to SWVIII: Binds of Tyranny
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Sun, June 18th 2006 10:48pm    Post subject: A Guide to SWVIII: Binds of Tyranny
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A Guide to SWVIII: Binds of Tyranny

Here you will find a guide to most of what goes on here on SWVIII, from admins to Zeltron parties. :p

SWVIII has several levels of moderators and administrators to keep peace on the boards and make sure things run smoothly. First are the Galactic Moderators, who police the forums, and step in during violations of the Code of Conduct as well as report RPG Rule violations back up the chain of command. Next are the Aediles, who are kind of senior Moderators. Then are the forum administrators, who can intervene during in-character issues (godmodding, etc.), and put a hold on events until higher-level admins are called in. Finally, there are the Central Management Admin Council administrators, or CMAC admins. They hold absolute authority and are the very top of the admin chain. They handle battles, designs, additions to the forums, and almost everything else. All admins and moderators, though, are to be respected. They have tough jobs, and when you cooperate, it makes things so much better.

Also, some of the admins have specific jobs. If you have a question or issue in a certain area, be sure to contact them. We will do our best to assist you.

Art and Graphics
Han Solo

Battle Council
Ams Jendob
Nevin Antilles

Design Bureau
Ams Jendob
Nevin Antilles

Diplomacy Board
Ams Jendob
Han Solo

Force Bureau
Han Solo
Nevin Antilles

Technical Assistance
Nevin Antilles

As mentioned in the rules, planets may be captured by diplomacy. When you post your negotiations, please inform the Diplomacy Board so that we may roll for the results. Do not demand the results right away. After negotiations commence, there will be a twenty-four hour period in which the planet "considers" your offer. Please note that diplomatic negotiations may not be conducted on planets that are uninhabited or controlled by another faction. Also, if a planet is independent and under a player-controlled character, you may negotiate with them. However, if the planet is shared, you will have to contend with all occupying factions. There is no majority rule for taking a planet in the situation. It's all or nothing. Finally, creating characters just to take over planets then hand them over another faction is illegal, and applications can be denied on this basis.

So, now you've had your roll, which is based on the planet's attitude toward you faction (ex. Mon Calamari would never join the Empire willingly, and Carida would reject everyone but), your negotiations (you need a convincing argument), and presentation (people get nervous with 100,000 fighters over their head). There are three possibilities: yes, undecided, and no. Yes means you get the planet. Undecided is something of a "please try again" result, and means the planet isn't sure if they want to join. No is a flat out rejection. Any faction may have a minimum of two rolls, if a yes is not the result in the first. If the second or later roll is a no, the planet rejects and you may not try again. If you get undecided rolls, you may keep trying until you get a yes or a no by continuing negotiations. Of course, nothing says you have to stay there and take the planet or at least keep going until rejection. This is a more character-based RPG than a nationsim.

More Planet Matters
Planets are the major source of income for factions. While they can also open business or engage in trade, planets are the bulk of the funding. As such, most factions and faction leaders are fiercely protective of their worlds. However, sometimes factions lose planets. The most obvious is an enemy invasion that drive the defenders off-world. Sometimes the methods are more covert. An official may sign over planets to another faction, or declare them independent. It is important to note, however, that after some harsh lessons learned in the original game, it has been decided that any planetary transaction, whether approved by the faction leader, executed by an underling, or carried out by a hostile faction, must involve the removal of all original forces, either by transport or termination.

When invading neutral planets, as an "alternative" to diplomacy, the situation is explained rather thoroughly in the Rules. I will just remind that invasion success is not guaranteed, and that planet will be a major revolt risk if taken.

Planetary revolts can occur when a faction does something drastic, such as blowing up Alderaan. :p Also, being a major negative influence in public (officers throwing around vicious personal insults to people on the Holonet, etc.) can increase the risk of revolt. To solve them, you may do so either diplomatically, or by force. Force is almost guaranteed to cause more problems, whereas diplomacy carries no guarantees whatsoever.

Finally, a planet that is not on the map cannot be used for anything beyond a stop point. You may not take it and gain income, or remove any artifact or person from the planet. Exceptions will be few and grudgingly made. It's best not to ask to be one.

Battles will probably occur frequently in this game, and the admins are prepared for just such an event. Our battle system has evolved from a simple dice-based method to automated and electronic procedures and functions. It is set up to provide the most realistic feel, while still being fair. However, there are some things that you should do with battles.

1. If you are a combatant, please stay active and try to keep delays between orders as low as possible. Also, try to send in the needed information to CMAC as quickly as possible.
2. If you are not a combatant, please do not inject commentary into the thread. It's unneeded, annoying, and disruptive.
3. Remember that all decisions are final. Do not assume we are biased if a certain faction takes the upper hand in battle. If you suspect bias, please tell us privately, as a group. Openly insulting the admins on the boards, or publicly on IM (via a screenname or personal message), will be construed as harrassment and result in punitive measures.

When you are engaged in a battle, you need to send in three basic pieces of information to CMAC to begin:
1. Your forces, and their point of origin if coming in from another system.
2. An order of battle, split into "turns" of five ships each. (A fighter squadron of 12 counts as a ship, as does a blastboat unit of 10).
3. The formation your forces are in.

Please be advised that all assets must be listed, including fighters, troops, vehicles, etc. If you do not list them, they will not be present, and we will not alter the assets engaged. You will also not be informed on the information provided by your opponent. You must send this information within 24 hours of the battle thread's posting, or your assets will be determined by CMAC. However, if you have notified CMAC prior to commencement of the battle that you will be unable to provide the information due to nonavailability of computer/Internet access for longer than 24 hours, we will wait for the extra information. However, assets will be taken from the faction's asset thread.
Failure to provide CMAC with formation or order of battle information will result in your fleet coming in unorganized, and loss of turns for your fleet. In SWVII, too many people simply delayed, for whatever reason. That will not be tolerated on SWVIII.

Also note that all combat commands must occur in the battle. You cannot launch all fighters, or fire weapons prior to the battle to circumvent certain limits. If your fighters are hyperspace capable, be advised that this doesn't mean they can launch from clear across the Galaxy outside their carriers. Any distance beyond 6,500 lightyears requires that fighters remain docked until commencement of battle.

You may issue one command per ship per turn in battle, whether it's to maneuver, launch fighters, fire weapons, or other. Repairs are handled automatically. Orders may be posted in the battle thread, but whether you opt to do so or not, they must be PMed to the battlemaster, preferably in a simple format. Be advised, though, that all orders in the battle thread are considered public knowlege, and therefore your enemy may change his or her orders before submitting the final commands to CMAC. Once submitted, orders cannot change. You may roleplay in the battle thread as well, such as interacting with your crew or responding to damage suffered. But, if you post orders, they will be publicly known. You also may not post one set of orders in the battle thread while PMing something completely different. A turn consists the commands given to each "block" of ships (5 ships maximum, or 5 unattached fighter/blastboat formations) from each combatant force, and their admin-compiled results. Turns may not be folded into each other as units are lost.

When ordering smaller units such as fighters or blastboats, they are attached to the mothership. In effect, they are mobile weapons platforms, and as a result, are not counted against you in the turn. That is to say that a single ship that has launched four squadrons of fighters will not use up the entire turn. However, fighter squadrons that are not attached (such as ground based units), or whose mothership has been destroyed, will be counted as units in and of themselves in the turn, meaning if a Star Destroyer launched all of its fighters, lost one squadron, and was subsequently destroyed, the remaining five squadrons would now take up a full turn.

Another vital point is that when the battle thread is posted, all assets engaged are frozen in that battle, and adding new assets via fleets will be subject to a time delay. Each turn allows the reinforcements to move one hour closer. Adding planetary assets after the post is up is expressly forbidden, and trying to include them in the planetary assets will be considered godmodding.

In battle, ships will take damage. Perhaps the most insidious weapon is the ion cannon, which disables a system at random. Ion damage will knock a system offline, which in turn will effect combat performance of stricken ship. The most dangerous losses are those of computer function, propulsion, power, and communications. When a ship's computers are disabled, all systems go out. The computer must be repaired first before repairs of any other system can begin. Loss of propulsion is a smaller scale version of this, knocking out both sublight and hyperdrive engines. Again, this must be repaired before the individual systems can be fixed. With power, except in one very special case, this will shut off your entire ship. Power must be restored before work on the main or auxiliary power systems can begin. Communication loss, while seeming to be harmless as no combat systems are affected, is actually quite dangerous. The ship or station will be out of contact with all other friendlies. For NPC vessels, they will be unable to go. If a player-controlled vessel is struck, the captain will be able to issue orders, but will not know what the orders for the rest of the fleet are. However, if the fleet flagship is disabled, all ships are out of contact with the commander, and will be unable to execute orders until communications are restored. Only the flagship itself will be able to go in turn, since there will be a player-controlled commander for an offensive unit. For defensive fleets, planets or stations can replace a flagship's order, but only if so specified by the officer in charge of the planet.

If your ship takes hull damage, you have the option to fix it after the battle. If you don't, the ship will stay damaged and this may return to haunt you in a subsequent battle. To know the repair cost, consult the Battle Council.

For ground battles, they are carried out much like space battles, using squads of troopers or individual vehicles as analogs to individual ships in space. Technically speaking, air combat is carried out as part of space; only air to ground fire or vice-versa will fall under the ground section. Ground units are ordered by platoons of four squads each, much like the five-ship groupings in space.

Finally, to ensure battles don't drag on for months, there is a strict 48-hour limit to post orders per faction. Failure to do so will result in any commanders who fail to submit in time being skipped. This will also cut down on intentional delays, which were prevalent in VII.

Legal Information
Your characters are your own (if original. If canon, Uncle George owns them legally :p), you may take them wherever you please online. However, the storyline of this game, from backstory to current events, is all copyrighted by CMAC. Violation of this copyright may result in legal action. Also, though there are several Episode VIII's on the Internet, we are not associated, affiliated, or based on any. This game is merely the sequel to Episode VII: A Shattered Hope, also copyrighted by CMAC. If anyone is seen stealing your original character in another RPG, you will be notified, as well so you may seek redress as you see fit. However, be advised that the knife cuts both ways. If you steal characters from another RPG and CMAC receives complaints or legal notices, rest assured the culprit will be indicated to the victim.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and happy Role Playing. :D

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

Galaxy Map|Board and RPG Rules|Game Guide

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