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Announcement from CMAC (individually)
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Thu, October 05th 2006 08:11pm    Post subject: Announcement from CMAC (individually)
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Ever since the game has started, there has been taunting about the war to start. Now that it finally has, instead of people being happy that their desires have at long last come true, they complain even more.

Baiting, harassment and flaming is something everyone here can attest to. Even we admins have had some periods where we lost control, or thought about doing so. But regardless of who's doing it, there's only one thing that can be done.

It has to stop. This stupid competitiveness that is transcending its IC origins is tearing the game apart. Whether it be outright lies, wholly intentional godmodding, continual baiting and annoying of other members, or generally acting like a jerk, it is getting insane.

The community has brought all of us, individually, to thoughts of resigning due to the immense pressure put on us to maintain a game in which these sort of emotions run high. It's growing harder and harder to maintain objectivity, and when insulting and IC grudges are being taken to OOC, and when that thin line continually grows more blury, it's too much for anyone to bear.

Then, of course, there are those that continually complain about applications, issues, etc. It is extremely hard to balance a full-time job, like Han, school, like Han and I both, personal problems, like ALL of we admins, administering another totally different website, like Han and I, and all at the same time taking part in the full-time job that is administrating this game. I, and I know I speak for the entirety of CMAC, am dead sick of the variety of useless complaints we get.

We expect the community here to be mature. Very often that isn't so. This kind of problem isn't anything new. For example, in VII there were internecine conflicts inside of own factions that made people despise each other OOC, and those wounds haven't fully healed in some cases. They have carried here into VIII.

You may remember a post similar to this if you were here during the Galactic Ball in VII. That was a low point of VII, when everyone was fighting, information godmodding, and supporting one-upsmanship. That same thing is very quickly establishing itself again in this game, and I want to see it stop.

We all have put too much time in this game to let it fall because people dislike each other. And, honestly, if anyone dislikes someone over an internet game, that's a pretty stupid reason to be resentful. However, I know some people still carry that resentment. I know some people get pissed off when CMAC rejects or postpones an issue you have waited on forever. I equally get resentful when I am repeatedly badgered about the result of a decision, or the result of something in-game.

Now that the battle has started, it's gotten worse. Information godmodding is becoming more rampant, and new forms are coming up, such as assets godmodding. There has also been some claim to CMAC decisions that have not actually been made. The attitude of the community at this point really stinks.

So, what do I intend for this post to do? I want to re-inspire the community to start acting like mature adults. We wouldn't have to moderate some people here if they were able to sometimes moderate themselves. Some people have vastly improved in this ability, while others have steadily declined.

I will reiterate, this game has gone on for too long for us to take this collective aura of "mehness." Even admins suffer from it at times. We all do. However, we need to pull ourselves out of this rut, stop the pride, stop the godmodding, stop the sheer idiotic activities, stop the idiotic factional fantacism, stop the arrogence, and keep this game that has been alive for almost one and a half years going strong.

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Han Solo
CMAC Artist

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Thu, October 05th 2006 08:41pm    Post subject:
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I'm not sure how to express exactly how I feel but a good place to start would be "burned out." Ever since the launch of this war, tempers have been flaring and egos have been running rampant all over the board and spilling over onto MSN. It's pretty sad when you have admins creating seperate MSN accounts to hide from this kind of childish behavior.

On top of that, I'm very disappointed in the amount of information and general godmodding going around as of late. I don't care if you think you should be the victors of this war, play the game fairly. I nearly lost it earlier tonight when an Imperial member claimed he knew the exact destination and trajectory of a Rebel Fleet and planned to attack it in mid-flight. C'mon folks, just because we list our orders and destinations in cyan after our posts doesn't mean you're free to use that information in character. There's no way for you to have legally obtained that information in the confines of the game. This whole rant goes back to what Cray mentioned about that very fine line between IC and OOC. There's hardly a definition anymore and this needs to change.

And of course, I'm sure we all remember that monster chat a few weeks back. I don't think I need to go into great detail with that, but let's just say some parties didn't find it amusing.

Finally, I want to reiterate what Cray said about people badgering us about issues and complaining to us about other members. I know you're all eager to get things accomplished and have that brand spankin' new starship out there in the spacelanes, but please have some patience. We are all very busy balancing this game along with our lives outside of the internet and we don't need the extra stress of several people continually down our throats regarding their special something.

Sorry you all had to see this, but the steam had to be released somewhere. Collectively, we all feel the same and when we begin to argue amongst ourselves over the most ridiculous things, we know it's time to do something about all the stress. And to think this all started with a simple request to start a war. I guess you know now why we were hesitant to start it in the first place.
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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, October 09th 2006 01:20am    Post subject:
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This rant took me a while to come up with, but, it has to come out. For starters, Han and Cray make excellent points. The baiting and tail-chasing and garbage must stop. After that disgusting chat when the Empire invaded the Alliance wherein several Imperial players were rubbing the Alliance's nose in it, I threatened everyone involved with a warning if I heard anymore complaints about it. For God's sake, people, you're all at least 13, and many of you are adults. Act it. Yes, this is a game, and sometimes you want to get in a little jab, but... seriously.

That said, something I really don't appreciate is when people (often brand new to the game) immediately try to take over the most populated planets and almost bite my head off when the income isn't in the billions. This hasn't happened for a while, but it still bothers me. Another thing that irks me is the truly unrealistic sums of money simply being flung around by private enterprises. In Star Wars, only very powerful governments or extremely rich people (read: Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Prince Xizor) even considered that kind of money. A ten-thousand credit fee for transport was considered insane, let alone a private citizen forking over billions for a ship. Seriously. I bet most people can't even imagine a billion objects at once. That's not meant to be an insult... I can't, and many people have told me that lack of imagination is not a problem I have (my girlfriend included :p). Hell, even a million. A million credits is like a million dollars... it's a huge amount of money. Sure, it won't buy you the UberDeath-class Super Battleships with 500,000,000 turbolasers... but you don't need it!!!!! Hell, an ISD-I costs under a billion, and it can supposedly pacify several star systems at once. And I for one am sick of seeing design after design with insanely high weapons and hull and shields... for example, when I get specs for a ship the size of a Carrack Light Cruiser with 150% the hull integrity as the ISD-I, something is very, very wrong. Or something literally too small to support a solar ionization reactor, yet it has half of the Akula's hull integrity?! I don't think so. Now, I'm not trying to be partisan since the ISD is an obviously Imperial design. In fact, I was glad to introduce the MC90 back in VII, even though it can smash through ISDs. No offense, but people need to think smaller. First off, there is currently a ban on the design of new "supership" vessels. Why? Because when we get designs that rival the Executor in firepower, something is wrong. And, for the record, an Akula against an Executor is no match: three salvos from the bigger ship and the Akula is dust. So don't even try to pull that lame comparison that I once heard in another thread... so long ago. :p

Also, another thing that makes me furious is when people expect me to handicap myself or the Empire simply because I'm an admin. While I can promise I won't use my position to give the Imps the advantage, I will not ever restrain myself or my faction for another one, especially one opposed. I'm sorry, but this is a game aimed at realism. Realism (and some basic intelligent military strategy) means we hit the enemy where it hurts. We don't pussyfoot around, lose half a fleet to a fighter squadron because the pilot has some connection to Wedge Antilles, and ultimately lose every battle... or at least have a Phyrric victory now and then and only on a useless hunk of ice or rock. Sorry, ain't happening. If people want to defeat the Empire, they have to overcome our war machine. And no trick of Hollywood magic will save them. This battlesystem actually features a way to employ strategy, and to those who don't see it, let me give you this scenario: there is a way for a Victory-class Star Destroyer, Mark I, to force an MC90--a ship superior in virtually every aspect--into retreat... if you know the strategy. Also, and this is for the record too... FIGHTERS SUCK. :p Seriously. All they are is a massive maintenance headache, and a prime target for antifighter weapons. And people, above all... enough with the Clone Wars gear fetish. It's outdated garbage by now, but you expect it to take on modern machines with a ten-to-one kill ratio or something. An ARC-170 or anything like that would be gone in seconds on the modern battlefield. And the capital ships? Please... the best of the CIS ships was stopped by a few Carrack cruisers and a Dreadnaught. Yet someone once told me that one turbolaser hit from a Munificent or Providence should pierce the shields of an Akula or Chancellor! :? Well, I've done the calcs based on the supposed firepower of that ship... a Nebulon-B has roughly the same power gun, and more of them. So, please... stop buying outdated Clone garbage. It's just annoying, and then CMAC has to hear "This is stupid because your ultra-modern frigate just murdered my 50 hunks of junk... GODMOD!!!!11111111" We got enough of that shit back in VII, and it's just that: shit. Now... this rant isn't aimed at those that upgrade and update them. That's smart. Kudos to you. But even so, you can only modernize so far before you have to throw out the ship or fighter or tank or droid completely. And as long as we're talking about designs, they take time to do. And getting the design board online together can be difficult. So, please, you must be patient with the issues you submit to us. We're not room service... we're real people with real lives outside of this game.

Finally, the one thing that will incur my wrath more than anything is when a player holds a clear double standard; when they can pull any stunt they please and run to CMAC to enforce it or complain when it fails... but God forbid anyone dare come for them. It appalls me to no end, and I will not stand for it. There is one example, wherein the player will not be named, nor will whether or not he or she still is among us. But, said player wished to execute another person's character. They immediately went to CMAC, without consulting the player. We instructed them to correct that oversight. The conversation was essentially:

"Can I kill you?"

Then they returned to us. So, after debating at length with this person, I'd had enough. So, I asked Han if I could kill this person's character, aiming the same amount of firepower at their character as they tried with the other person. I explained in nigh-excrutiating detail my plan to attack, surround, and terminate this character using fleets of Imperial capital ships, including several capable of atmospheric entry. As I tried to do so, I was called a cheater, a poor player, and many other things; every step in my perfectly legal plan was assaulted, called foul or cheap or godmodding... regardless of the fact they even obtained their hold on the victim under false OOC pretenses (a lie of omission is still a lie in my book). Yet, even after the hoax was shown for what it was... the person was still unrepentant! It angers me to no end, and though I mean no ill will to this person (indeed, I like them a good deal, but I cannot tolerate their double-standard, and I hope they see this not as an attack, but just an explanation)... and it is not just the person from that example above. I have seen it in many members of this board, and I tell you now: I will not put up with that. It's childish, it's petty, and it's wrong. The rules fall on everyone, equally, whether their name is in white, green, orange, red, or cyan, or if the planets their faction controls are in blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, green, rust, or any other color.

And finally (for real this time :p)... if you're going to play a canon character, you must do so according to that character. You cannot simply twist anyone into a slave to your desires, IC or OOC. Thrawn isn't a pirate. Lira Blissex isn't a gun for hire. Palpatine is long dead. Ikrit is a Jedi Master... not a test rabbit for Viagra. Luke Skywalker is a fairly humble man, without fan clubs or Monty Python-esque routines. Now, I will say this only once: if CMAC feels a player has sufficiently twisted a character, they can and will revoke not just a player's hold on it, but any actions performed by said character.

Now, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings with this. I truly don't. I value every member of this community we've built together, and I hope you will all be with us for a long, long time. But, I was asked to voice my own feelings on certain matters, and I have. And to anyone who feels targeted or slighted, I apologize. It was not my intention. I also apologize to anyone I've snapped at over the years. Personal issues, stress, or whatever the case may be, there's no excuse for an admin to behave poorly to his or her members. Unfortunately, I am just a human being... and sometimes I don't behave as I should, and I'm sorry. But this thread has come about because many people are doing the same, which in turn gets on the nerves of other people, including CMAC, and we don't behave as we should... and it eventually comes to a head and culminates in threads like this.

All I ask is that you remember we're people too... and don't run around with double-standards. Now, please, go back to the game. I hope you have seen our points, and we welcome yours. Good luck, and happy roleplaying. :D

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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