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Speeder Bus 214 - General Area
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Speeder Bus 214 - General Area
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Trisk Bon'varlo

Joined: 20 Aug 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, September 18th 2006 12:54pm    Post subject: Speeder Bus 214 - General Area
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Trisk Bon'varlo soared into the night Corellian sky, his hair rushing as his driver sped them towards the Speeder Bus location. Secra would not escape the mighty Bothan Director, and if he was, he would deeply be scared by the Spynet's wrath. His thanagarian security chief partner was only seconds behind him, but he would surely not allow some terrorist to escape under his wrath so he wouldn’t wait for any type of backup assistance she may provide.

The hunt for Gavin Young had gone very unnoticed by the public, but they were close and now they had the chance to secure the capture of the changling monster. Trisk's long hairy face allowed a smile to curve in the darkness. The speeder bus was soaring into a high altitude. Knowing that breathing would become more difficult the speeder's top sailed over top, securing a comfortable breathing environment.

Marvolous, the driver of the Bothan incursion, yelled something in his native tongue, and Trisk translated it mentally. Looking behind a CorSec police speeder was only seconds behind them. Those Corellians sure pack acceleration into their speeders. It raced along side of bothan speeder, Marvolous seeming to take the Corellian Captain, the recent addition to the investigative team, as mere challenge to his racing skills. He powered the engine, before increasing the acceleration.

With the fun and games aside, two lightsabers were ignited, their lights flashing in the night sky. Luke Skywalker was battling the changling?! In a matter of moments their confusion would be answered... Just a little closer... A little closer...
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Private First Class

Joined: 29 Jun 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, September 18th 2006 01:09pm    Post subject:
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Under the alias of Captain Zackery McCoy, Sark soared towards the already high altitude of the Corellian Public Speeder Bus. It was a pain to be driving the Pallanén-Davads, he could so easily kill them at the moment, it caused him to frown. He could tell the thanagarian's eyes were intent on the slashing of lightsabers, but the dramatic sense of the nature was annoying. Jedi...always going the extra mile to fight at some high nature.

"Luke, hang on." Arlyn whispered as one of the lightsaber's de-activated. Sark detected sympathy in her voice, sympathy! He growled internally and watched with humor as Secra was about to slash Skywalker's throat open, but something happen. The Force. Secra was raised into the air, Arlyn flashed a smile and looked to her husband, who was sitting in the backseat. Sark flashed an annoyed glance he was obviously rooting for a fellow killer, but something happened...a red speeder bike slammed into him. The Bothan director, was hanging outside the window.

Now that was humorous image, a hairy humanoid attempting to get a blaster shot at this altitude?! Sark bit his lower lip and hid the laughter, but the Bothan seemed to have changed his mind. The driver slammed in reverse and chased after the changling. Props to the bothan.

"I'll get Secra, you ensure Luke is all right. See if you can get any information on Ma'shi, then inform him we know of Gavin Young...he may want that information." the Bothan said over the radio, his voice quick with adrenaline, "And Alatáriël, he just lost two kids and his home was destroyed on Tatooine. Be gentle."

Sark couldn't believe his electronic ears, two of his children?! He looked at Arlyn's face, he could tell that she was emotional at just the thought of losing even one of her children. He enjoyed the emotions, and despised the gesture when Ryan laid her hand on her shoulder. Breaking the moment Sark said, "Coronet Spaceport...hang on." He adjusted some of the controls, to make sure everything was spaceworthy. These Corellian speeders were quite handy when you needed them.

In the meantime, Arlyn ordered what Rebel Security was on the statioon to meet her and Skywalker. Something seethed into Sark, that this was either going to get all touchy-feely or another action packed fight. A smile flashed on his face for the latter.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Speeder Bus 214 - General Area
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