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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Bandomeer » Bandor
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James Vita
Lance Corporal

Joined: 30 May 2006
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Location: Furya

 Post Posted: Tue, June 27th 2006 05:06am    Post subject: Bandor
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The City of Bandor is home to some four hundred million people. It consists of the Government Sector, the Commercial Sector, the Industrial Sector, the Mining Sector, the Agricultural Sector and the Residential Sector.

The Government Sector is located at the very centre of Bandor. It has a large tower in the centre that houses the Parliment and the offices of the parlimentarians. A smaller, adjacent tower houses the Governor. Also in the Government sector is the headquarters of Vita Enterprises and houses a Bandomeer Security Force facility.

The Commercial Sector completely surrounds the government sector. It contains the Marketplace and various other Commercial entities on Bandomeer, such as the Mining and Farming companies. Directly on the border between it and the residential sector is the Spaceport.

The Industrial Sector is the hub of industry on Bandomeer. It is located to the south of the Commercial Sector. The entire sector only operates fourteen hours a day. The rest of the time everything is switched off. Also in the Industrial Sector is Bandor's principal power plant. There is a Bandomeer Security force here.

The Mining Sector is where Bandor's huge azurite and Ionite mines are situated. It is located to the east of the Commercial Sector. The Mining Sector operates 24 hours a day. There is a Bandomeer Security Force facility here.

The Agricultural Sector completely surrounds Bandor, and stretches for almost a hundred miles. It is home to millions of farmers.

The Residential Sector is located to the north and east of the Commercial Sector. It provides housing for the workers of all other sectors and is also the second largest, next to the Agricultural Sector. There are five Bandomeer Security Force facilities here.

James Vita
Governor of Bandomeer
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Tiara Tranada
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 30 May 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, August 07th 2006 05:26am    Post subject:
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The office of James Vita, former governor of Bandomeer was just as he left it. Tiara entered, accompanied by Will Kobindi and Jeanie Wessiri. She was here to clean out his office so that whoever Skywalker installed would not have to.

Figuring that the computer would be the best place to start, she logged in and started looking around. James' love for all things chaotic was evident even in his computer workstation. Files were scattered everywhere with links to who-knows-what filling up the screen.

Tiara had never seen James' private files before and was curious as to what went on during the long hours he had spent here. Most of it was budgeting and other boring paperwork but there were some truly interesting pieces of legislation that he was yet to propose.

Something caught Tiara's eye. Or more to the point, the absence of a lot of files. Somebody had been tampering with James' computer. Only somebody with a Level Six authorisation could get into this computer. She checked the logs, but they had obviously been tampered with.

Logging back in again, she went through the files again, looking for broken links. After almost an hour of searching, she found one. The destination was unknown, but the path left nothing to the imagination.

.../BSFI Ghost Protocol

Tiara was stunned. This protocol didn't exist, at least not to her knowledge.

"Will," she called, "come here a moment."

The corellian sauntered over and peered at the screen. Something in his face changed instantly.

"How did you find that?"
"I went looking. You wanna tell me what's going on?"

Will sighed and took a seat opposite her.

"If you remember, the BSF was formed only a few weeks after you and James got here. After all that happened to him during his life he doesn't have a whole lot of trust in people, especially those close to him. To the end, he established the Ghost Protocol. A group of fifty agents, mostly in the BSFI branch but there were others recieved higher level training and were only a part of the command structure as a formality.

I was the highest ranking member of the group, second only to James himself. I had more power than the regular group. I coordinated the operation from the BSFI headquarters."
"What do you mean by operations?" said Tiara, her tone dangerous.
"Relax, alright. James was testing you, your allegience. There were several scenarios that he designed to answer questions that he held. You passed every single one perfectly."
"Why didn't he tell me?"
"Because he was ashamed of what he had done. He loved you dearly, and never wanted you to find out the horrible truth."
"Which is where you came in."
"Right. I had a killswitch. If something ever happened, like invasion or his death I had the power to get in here and erase all evidence of the Protocol. The members would revert back to their normal jobs and noone would be any the wiser. Are you alright?"
"I don't care anymore. He's dead now. Its not like hating him for lying to me is gonna make the slightest bit of difference. Its not like anything we do makes a difference."
"Come now; don't say that. Of course we can make a difference."
"Of course," replied Tiara with a smirk, "maybe we can."

Will looked concerned at the change in her personality that had just occurred, but didn't let it bother him. The rest of the clearing didn't take long, and they were soon on their way back to headquarters.


Colonel Tiara Tranada
Agent Stentax 666

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Tiara Tranada
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 1364
Location: Svivren

 Post Posted: Wed, August 30th 2006 08:59am    Post subject:
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The Plan touched lightly onto the ground in a private hangar at Bandor's space port. The squadron members descended the ramp, their clothes a mix of various styles with just one thing in common. They carried not a single weapon between them. As members of the Bandomeer Security Force they were entitled to possess an E-11 but Tiara had decided that it would be easier to mingle with the general populace if they weren't sporting firearms.

Two men in black robes sporting a black hand with a silver outline were watching the progress of the group across the spaceport tarmac through electrobinoculars.

"I thought the Ghost Protocol was dismantled."
"It was. Why?"
"Because Kobindi is here."
"He's the squadron head."
"Then why's he up the front with Tranada and blondie instead of back with his squadronmates."
"Cause he's gotta a better chance of picking up if he's at the front. The Chiss has her legs crossed tighter than a Priestess. Tranada's been putting out to Vita for the last year; there's no reason why she wouldn't take Kobindi as well."
"Except the Killik just killed Vita; she's probably grieving."
"Oh yeah, then how come she's going out for a night on the town? That's hardly the behavior of a grieving girlfriend."
"Drowning her sorrows?"
"Maybe. Saen, she's looking. Get down."

"What is it, Ti?" Natalie asked. Tiara had stopped dead and was staring off towards the control tower.
"Tiara?" said Will, "what's going on."
"Somebody's watching us," Tiara replied, her voice distant.
"Come on, Ti," said Natalie, "lets get out of here."
"Yeah, thats a good idea," said Tiara, slowly snapping out of her reverie.

"How did she see us?! Does she have night vision too?"
"She can't have. Drayson's dead and no-one else knows how to do it. Its Vita. He taught her everything he knew. That's why there are five of us. Four for her and one for the rest of them."
"Are you insane? There's Wookiees and Barabels in that lot."
"Wookiees and Barabels are predictable. Tranada is not."
"I'd better not be the one who gets stuck with the Wookiees."
"Quit your whining. They're leaving the spaceport, come on."

"So which bar are we hitting first?" asked Will.
"The Underworld," replied Tiara.

The Underworld Bar was situated in a basement near the spaceport. The only light inside was provided by red strobe lights and blacklights. The crowd of the Underworld were notorious for getting in to fights, so it was not uncommon to see a BSF patrol near the bar from about midnight. They entered, paying their cover charge at the door. Since it was relatively early they managed to get themselves a whole corner of the bar. Tiara turned and looked at them.

"Who wants a shot?"

"Where did they go?"
"The Underworld."
"An interesting choice. You think she's holding on to a bit of residual anger?"
"I sure hope not. Come, we are to meet everyone else now."

"This is hardly fair," Chris Raab pointed out after their fifth shot, "how are we supposed to compete with the wook?"
"Thiss one is not concerned with the competition," hissed the Barabel Volchek.
"Fair enough," said Tiara, "you can sit out, princess. Tarfang and Denoso aren't bitchin about being half our size."

After the next round of shots Tiara took to the dance floor, moving around and drawing the stares of all of the occupants of the pub. Not to be outdone, Natalie joined her. Feeling brave all of a sudden, Chris got off his stool and immediately regretted it. The alcohol hit him like a wave. Still, he walked out to the dancing girls. Tiara said something to Natalie quickly and shot a look at Will. Natalie danced up to Chris, not touching him. He immediately moved in, but fell unconscious quickly as Tiara pinched a nerve in his neck. Will caught him and took him to the bar and sat him down.

The Bar was filling up by now, so Tiara and Natalie returned to their seats, ordering a round of drinks this time instead of shots. By 1:00 they were up to their tenth round and were all quite drunk. Raab had woken up during the fifth round but was still more drunk than everyone else. Everyone was pretty tired by this point, so they got up to leave the bar.

"The hotel's near the government sector," Tiara said, pointing off in a random direction. As a group, they started down an alleyway to an adjoining street that would take them directly to the hotel. They were a quarter of the way along when three men in black robes stepped out. Behind them, two people materialised out of the darkness.

"Tiara, Tiara, Tiara. How unlike you to let your guard down."
"Alert the BSF!" Tiara yelled. "Launch the ESA squadron!"
"Tiara, we are the ESA squadron," said Will gently.
"Frak," said Tiara, sinking to the ground defeated.

"Now if you will all be good agents nobody has to die."
"And if not?" replied Starr.
"Then people will die of course, Miss Nuruodo."

Tiara tried to stand up too quickly and staggered backwards into the group. Stewbacca held her up and woofed a question to the man.

"We are not cowards you furry oaf! We chose now because we couldn't get into your headquarters."
"Things will go so much worse for you if you do not let us go," said Will, stepping forward.
"Get back, Kobindi. You can't talk your way out of this one."
"Yeah," replied Will, "I'm starting to think that."
"You're stalling," the man said, "what is it that you can be waiting for? Do you perhaps think that you will be alive long enough to sober up."
"I dunno," replied Will, reaching behind his back, "you don't seem the type to have any brains."
"I don't know why you've got your hand behind your back, Corellian, you don't have any weapons."

Will smiled amicably, but kept his hand behind his back.

"Just for arguments sake, lets pretend that those two guys behind the group aren't dead," said Tiara, "stepping out of the shadows behind the trio with a blaster in her hand, "do you think that our armaments really make a difference?"

The man whipped around, his hand moving to his side.

"That wouldn't be a good idea," said Will, raising his hand, a blaster pistol in it. Beside him, Natalie and Starr did the same.
"Now it's four blasters against six," said Tiara, "not bad odds considering we are obviously better trained than you are."

Starr fired, hitting one of the operatives in the head.

"Now its even," she said.

"I thought the Chiss weren't supposed to attack first," said the man.
"Hence the reason I'm not on the capital right now."
"You have one chance to surrender," said Tiara, "I will not offer it again."

Tiara, Starr, Will and Nat all fired simultaneously, the two operatives falling like stones to the ground. Tiara got out her comm.

"Nickolai, I have a crime scene for you. See you soon."

A BSF crime scene squad arrived within five minutes.

"It's been a big night," said Tiara, "we'll stop by in the morning okay?"
"Sure, Director. There's a couple of hovercabs on the way if you don't want to walk. Please wait here for your security escort to make sure you don't leave the city until we have taken a statement from you all."
"Thank you," said Tiara.

A few minutes later the promised hovercabs arrived, allowing them to get to the hotel and get some sleep.


Colonel Tiara Tranada
Agent Stentax 666

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Tiara Tranada
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 1364
Location: Svivren

 Post Posted: Mon, September 04th 2006 07:40am    Post subject:
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Tiara awoke in the morning beside Natalie, who was still fast asleep. Will was sitting in a chair in the corner beside the BSF guard who was stationed on their room. It appeared that he had been awake for some time.

"Will," she said, yawning and stretching, "come here."
"Two girls in bed together and one of them inviting me to join in. I could take advantage of that situation you know," said Will with a sly grin as he moved to sit beside her on the bed.
"You wouldn't," Tiara replied, "your conscience wouldn't allow it."
"Yeah," replied Will, "gotta get rid of that thing one of these days."

Tiara laughed and looked beside her to Natalie's prostrate form.

"She sleeps like an angel," she said.
"That she does," replied Will, looking at Tiara closely, "but I didn't know you appreciated that sort of thing in women..."
"Who said I did?" replied Tiara defensively, "it was just an observation."
"Right, well just so you know you have my support regardless," replied Will.
"Thanks Will."

Beside them, Natalie stirred and opened her eyes. She looked at Tiara and Will sitting together on the bed.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" she said dreamily.
"Of course not."

Natalie rolled over and sat up, climbing out of bed. Upon seeing what she was wearing, Will immediately started complating the intracasies of the roof. The BSF trooper joined him in this venture soon after. Tiara, however found herself staring at Natalie. The Prime Minister of Vorzyd was clad only in a G-string, but was facing away from everybod else as she once again donned her leather pants and halterneck top. Tiara also climbed out of bed, though she wore a more modest singlet top with lacy underwear. Once she was dressed she wore the same pants as Natalie but with a silver top.

Will cleared his throat and the BSF trooper looked back. Upon realising everyone was dressed and ready to go, the trooper stood up.

"I'll escort you down to the station now," he said.

Tiara, Natalie and Will followed him out of the room and down to a waiting patrol speeder.


Colonel Tiara Tranada
Agent Stentax 666

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Tiara Tranada
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 30 May 2006
Posts: 1364
Location: Svivren

 Post Posted: Tue, September 05th 2006 04:42am    Post subject:
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Tiara sat in a room without windows; an interrogation room. A BSF captain sat in front of her with a voice recorder on the table in front of him. He pressed the button on the recorder and looked up at Tiara.

"Please state your name and occupation for the record."
"My name is Tiara Tranada. I am the Director of BSF Intelligence."
"In your own words, describe what happened."
"We were walking down an alleyway towards the Hotel, when three people appeared out of the darkness in front of us and two behind us. I pretended I was drunk in order to buy myself time to think. I stood up quickly, still pretending to be drunk and pretended to fall backwards. Will stepped forward to cover me. He distracted the leader while I slipped into the shadows that they had hidden in. I crept along in these shadows until I was behind the two guards at the back. I incapacitated them and stole their weapons. I snuck back into the group and armed Will, Natalie and Starr and kept a gun for myself. Once they had weapons I snuck behind the lead group and waited for the opportune moment to step out. Once I did I gave them the opportunity to surrender. They declined so we shot them. Then I called you guys."
"Thank you Ms Tranada; that is all."


Colonel Tiara Tranada
Agent Stentax 666

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Natalie Pearson
Staff Sergeant

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 Post Posted: Tue, September 05th 2006 08:15am    Post subject:
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Natalie sat at a table in a windowless interrogation room in the BSF station in Bandor. Her interrogator was a grizzly, scarred meerian with about the same sense of humor as a rancor. He paced the room in front of her, occasionally throwing a glance in her direction. She had rolled her eyes every time he had done this in the past half hour.

"Are you ready to answer my questions yet?" he shot at her.
"One; I am a foreign diplomat so I don't have to answer shit and two; you haven't asked any questions," she replied.
"You don't look like a diplomat."
"You don't look like a cop either."
"I assure you, miss playing games will not get you out of here any faster."
"How 'bout you go get the ranking officer in this station at the present time and I'll answer her questions."
"How do you know its a she?"
"Cause the Director of BSF Intelligence outranks a station commander. Level Six authority and all that."
"I will be back momentarily."
"I doubt that," replied Natalie, smiling sweetly.

About five minutes later Tiara entered with an exasperated smile on her face.

"You don't like cops do you?" she said.
"Nope," replied Natalie.
"I'm a cop," said Tiara, "do you like me?"
"You're an agent," replied Natalie playfully, "they're better."
"So you ready to give a statement now?"
"Depends whats in it for me."
"I'll buy you a drink."
"Better not let that get on record, Madame Director, it might cause a sensation."
Tiara laughed, "the recorder isn't on yet."
"Well what do you say we turn it on and make some interesting noises for the BSF grunts to decipher?"
"Tempting," said Tiara, "but no thanks."
"Fine. I guess i'll co-operate. Wouldn't want you to get out the whips and chains."
"You wouldn't? Oh okay then."
Natalie laughed, "okay now you can turn the recorder on."

Tiara sat down and pressed the button on the recorder.

"Please state your name and occupation for the record."
"Natalie Pearson. Prime Minister of Vorzyd. Enjoys long walks on the beach and sunsets."
Tiara stifled a giggle, "please tell me in your own words what happened on the night in question."
"We were out for a drink at the Underworld Pub and it was getting kinda late, so we elected to return to the hotel for the night. We took a shortcut down an alley and were stopped by five men. The gorgeous Tiara Tranada, director of BSF Intelligence, bested two of them single handedly and armed three of us. She offered the remaining three the chance to surrender, but they didn't. All of us with weapons fired on the three remaining men. Then Tiara called the cops and we went back to the hotel and slept off the alcohol."
"Thank you, Prime Minister, that is all."

Tiara turned off the recorder.

"Did I mention that we shared a bed, half naked?" Natalie continued.
"No, thankfully you left that part out," replied Tiara.
"Thankfully, well if thats how you feel..." Natalie said, letting her sentence hang.
"Well no, but ... well come on, we should get back."
"Sure," replied Natalie.

The members of the ESA squadron, having been fully co-operative had been sitting and waiting for Natalie for at least an hour. They were given a jail transport to take to the spaceport. Within the hour they were in the air on their way back to the BSFI headquarters.


Superior Moff Natalie Pearson
PalpySlut Second Class

"... it's "Voila," you inbred piece of --hey look, a butterfly... " - Rory
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