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Miscellaneous Manufacturers
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Financial Holonet » Miscellaneous Manufacturers
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Thu, April 23rd 2009 11:24pm    Post subject: Miscellaneous Manufacturers
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1a.44.87 Data Encryptor: 210 credits

Borallis Metalworking & Materials
LSW-983 Laser Welder: 200 credits each
PCW-876 Fusion Cutter: 150 credits each
PCW-880 Heavy Duty Fusion Cutter: 300 credits each

Capris Technologies
CapTech Stealthpak Portable Blaster Power Pack Recharger: 750 credits each

Anti-Corr 113 Corrosion Preventative: 500 credits per 210-liter drum

Dalesepp Survival Apparatus
HPD-100 Heat Pod: 75 credits each

Dardrennis Survival Technology
EMS-500 Capacitor: 30 credits each

Karflo Corporation
G2-GE Drill Platform: 500 credits each
G2-GS Drill Platform: 1,000 credits each
TS-Titan Drill System: 5,000 credits each

Lardanis Survival Systems
MFCR-200 Portable Power Generator: 500 credits each

Locris Syndicate
MLC-50 Maglock System: 200 credits
SC-401 Stun Cuffs: 100 credits
Smasher Body Armor: 250 credits

2-CLG Cargo Label Generator: 120 credits each
B2-X Computer Interface Droid: 600 credits each
EV-Series Supervisor Droid: 750 credits each
IPI-1000 Personal Information Display Unit: 125 credits
Mimic Decoy: 500 credits
Socketguard: 70 credits
TS-Arach: 345 credits
Universal Computer Interface: 250 credits
V-series Droid: 775 credits

MicroData Technologies
Companion2000 Datapad: 160 credits each
Pocket Secretary Datapad: 199 credits each
Versafunction88 Datapad: 130 credits

MicroThrust Processors
Clockwatcher Wrist Chronometer: 150 credits
CO-0012 Com-Scan Console: 175 credits
ComTech Eavesdrop Protection Unit: 500 credits
FR9 Ore Scanner: 499 credits
Honey Comb IX Spike: 450 credits each
Impalement Forward Spike: 350 credits each
Intruder Spike: 150 credits each
Lancer Spike: 300 credits each
OrC-19 Planetary Com-Scan Unit: 1000 credits
Piercer II Spike: 100 credits each
Piercer IV Spike: 200 credits each
Piercer V Spike: 225 credits each
Riddle Eight Spike: 400 credits each
Spear V Spike: 250 credits each
SuperComp VII: 90,000 credits
Tunneler Spike: 500 credits each

3K40 Targetting Computer: 350 credits
9320/B Portable Sensor Pack: 325 credits
9954/1 Ground-Based Sensor Array: 525 credits
ChemDetect Chemical Sniffer: 299 credits
Hifold Sensory Package Implant: 900 credits
Hi-Sense Ocular Prosthesis: 450 credits per unit
K-64 Targeting System: 200 credits
MacroMotionMonitor Motion Detector Array: 60 credits
Model 608 Mega'puters: 100,000 credits
Model TD1.4 Electrobinoculars: 95 credits
Model TD2.3 Electrobinoculars: 100 credits
TeleSonic Audio Pickup: 30 credits
VXI-2c Electrotelescope: 100 credits
VXI-3 Electrotelescope: 480 credits

FD-62 Security Descrambler: 300 credits*

Opirus Personal Lasers
KL-543 Engraving Laser: 1,500 credits each

Quarren Industrial:
Mining Laser Platform: 4,000 credits each

PowerTrain Generator: 5,000 credits each

Regallis Engineering
FastTurn 3 Hydrospanner: 10 credits each

SuriTech Foodstuffs
Disposable Toximeter Patch: 20 credits
Ez1 Food Analyzer: 322 credits each

Personal Assistant-4x: 15 credits each

AR5G Cargo Winch: 1,100 credits

V-2z Servo lifter: 2,500 credits each

Model 1000 Macrobinoculars: 40 credits each
Model 1020/A Macrobinoculars with Long-Range Audio Attachment: 55 credits each
Model 1125 Headstrap Macrobinoculars: 75 credits each

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Financial Holonet » Miscellaneous Manufacturers
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