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Jendob Residence
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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

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 Post Posted: Thu, February 22nd 2007 01:38am    Post subject: Jendob Residence
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I pulled into the garage of our new home, the cargo compartment of the speeder truck carrying the last few boxes from our old house. The moving company had packed and moved most of it while Shayera, the twins, and I were at Kuat.

I opened up the boot on the speeder, and tucked a couple of the crates under my arms before going in through the garage entrance. I started to set the boxes down when someone called out, "Not there!"

I looked up to see Shy hurrying down the stairs, flushed and sweating. Her hair was disheveled, and she was slightly winded.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She grabbed the two crates. "Wrong place... system set up. Bedroom and... another bedroom. 'kay."

Then she didn't even bother running up the stairs. She flew to the landing instead. "Get the rest of the boxes out of the trunk!"

I followed her up the stairs. "Shy, what's wrong?"

"No time, gotta get everything together," she panted, racing back towards me.

I intercepted the stampeding Thanagarian, being forced to pick her up off her feet to avoid both of us being dragged down the stairs. "Calm down."

She struggled for moment. "Okay, okay... for frak's sake, enough. Now put me down, I'm calm."

"All right... now why are you so agitated about this? There's no rush, Shy."

"There is, though," she answered. "The kids. I wanted to get their room all set up, and make sure nothing got lost. Those moron moving people we hired just threw everything together, and it's all a mess... grah. And I've been trying to sort everything out, and take care of the twins--"

"Shh, shh. It's okay. I'll sort, you take care of the twins and take a break."

She tilted her head a little. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. If I need you, I'll call," I reassured her.

"Okay..." Shayera trailed off. "I got the twins' room done, and some of the gym and our room."

I nodded. "All right. If everything goes well, we should be done in time to spend our first night in our new house," I noted with a smile.

"A little more to the left... and there."

I looked up at Shayera, and grinned. "Well, that's the last of it."

She straightened up, stretched, and cracked her neck. "And it's only... 9:20? Wow."

I sunk into the newly-placed couch, and looked up at my wife, silently beckoning her to join me in a well-earned break.

"No, not now. I'm gonna take a shower. I'm all sweaty and sticky and... blechh," she remarked, then smiled teasingly. "You spent most of your day filing reports and running boxes around. Some of us actually got something done."

"Go on," I laughed. "I'm going to bed. See you when you get out?"

"Actually, I was thinking of drying off and putting on some clothes first," she winked. "Too tired for anything else."

Shaking my head, I followed her upstairs. She quickly found the box with our clothing in it (only uniforms were hung up so far, since the Empire tended to frown on a messy appearance on duty), and found a change of clothes for herself and me. She took hers into the master bathroom while I changed out of my civilian clothing. There were still boxes and crates scattered about, but the essentials were all unpacked, except in the twins' room, which was completely unpacked and set up. Shayera and I could handle living out of a suitcase or a box for a while. The twins didn't need to and we weren't going to force them to.

Shy came out of the shower after a little bit, wearing her nightclothes. She slipped into the bed, resting her weary head on the pillow.

"Good night," she yawned.

"Good night," I answered, yawning immediately after. Why do yawns have to spread, anyway?

I closed my eyes, and in moments, the question of why yawning was contagious vanished into a night's deep sleep.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p
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Shayera Jendob
Huggably, Lovably Able to Kill You

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, March 05th 2007 02:49am    Post subject:
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I rolled over in the bed, my sleep broken my a gentle shake at my shoulder. "Morning."

"Good morning. You're late," Ams smiled.

My smile faded, and I turned to look at the chrono. "Crap!" I bolted out of bed, heading for the refresher, almost tearing off my pajamas on the way. After a quick shower and getting dressed, I ran to the garage.

Ams called after me as I ran by, "You'll do fine, Shy. Just relax."

I didn't have to time to thank him decently, only calling back, "Thanks!"

I jumped into the speeder, and made a beeline for the Palace. But about a quarter of the way there, my stomach's growling reminded me I skipped breakfast. I diverted my course...

A few minutes later, I parked in the Palace speeder garage, finished my donut and coffee quickly, and raced for the elevator. Not until I pressed the button for the correct floor did I dare check my wrist chrono: two minutes early. The ride would take a minute and a half.

Now I just had to make sure my hands stopped shaking before the weapons' drills.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, March 12th 2007 11:41pm    Post subject:
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I winced as Shayera's fingernails dug into my back, a feral moan ripping from her throat. A moment later, my hands involuntarily clenched on her hips as I groaned, and a few short seconds later, collapsed onto the bed. Shy held herself up for a moment, panting for breath, but she eventually fell into my waiting arms.

I cradled her lovingly, gently stroking her damp hair as she squirmed around, trying to get into a comfortable position. Finally, her wriggling stopped, and she sighed contentedly.

We looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity, basking in the afterglow, and a satisfied smile started to creep across my wife's sweat-drenched face.

"Oh Ams," she croaked, the quickly cleared her throat, restoring her natural timbre. "You were pretty into it tonight. Any reason?" she smirked.

"Hmm... maybe it's because," I trailed off, and kissed her on the lips. "I love you?"

"So the times it isn't as... strenuous, you don't love me?" she laughed.

Deadpan, I replied, "No, that's when I just like you."

She shut her eyes to stop from laughing, her body shaking with effort to contain that beautiful sound as she snickered into her arm. I gently tickled her wing to break her of that resolve, and was rewarded by her sweet laughter, and the gentle touch of her soft, sweet lips against mine.

As she broke the kiss, I grinned and caressed her cheek. She gently nipped at the palm of my hand before crawling off of me and putting her head on the pillow. Shy gently traced her finger around on my chest, in a random, lazy pattern. "Ams, can I ask you something?"

"You know you don't have to ask..."

She shrugged, and then came out with it. "Do you think we have sex too often?"

Why didn't you think of this two hours ago?
Then again, maybe it's good she didn't...

I quieted my thoughts, a little put off. "I don't know, hon... do you think so?"

"I--I don't know. I mean, we used to go at it every night--" She stopped, and smiled. "And don't get me wrong, it's good. Very good. But, well... it's starting to lose some of the spark, you know?"

"I hadn't noticed," I chuckled, putting my arm around her.

She smirked. "No more flattery."

"It's only flattery if it's a lie, Shayera," I teasingly admonished. "But seriously, if you think we should cut back, that's fine. "

"Heh, easier said than done. I think between the two of us is enough 'drive' to screw up any plans to cut back a lot."

"Well, it doesn't have to be a lot at first, you know," I shrugged, idly rubbing her back until my hand brushed against her wing. "Maybe just wean ourselves off it?"

She blinked with surprise, then wagged her finger. "Behave yourself, Ams..."

"Aww, but you have such pretty wings," I complained. "Nice and soft and warm... and gray."

Shayera started to chuckle, which quickly evolved into hard laughter, tears streaming from her eyes as her face turned deep red. "Y-you... you're frakkin' awful, Ams."

I grinned, and kissed her cheek, tasting the salty trail left by her tears. "And you love it."

"Damn right," she admitted, then placed her hands on the sides of my head and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I love it when you're forward, hon... I gladly obliged her efforts, our deep, passionate kiss lasting a little while.

"We should probably cut back on that, too," she gasped after the kiss was broken. "Since that usually leads to the other stuff."

I nodded, and gave her a playful smirk. "It does have that tendency, I suppose. But I think we should sleep on it before making any hasty decisions."

"Hmm, somehow I'm not so sure I'm safe sleeping in this bed anymore," she teased, her tone matching the mischievous glint in her eye. "Just how I like it."

"And now who's the awful one?" I smirked again.

"Pfft. Wife's prerogative."

"Oh. I see..."

"Go to sleep before I smother you," she chuckled.

"Don't I get one last request?"

Shy tilted her head. "What's that?"

I leaned in close and whispered in her ear. She shot me with a wide-eyed gape. "So, that's how you want to be smothered?"

"Well, if I'm going to go out, I might as well go happy," I snickered.

"Good night, Ams..."

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

Galaxy Map|Board and RPG Rules|Game Guide

"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p

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Shayera Jendob
Huggably, Lovably Able to Kill You

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 Post Posted: Fri, April 13th 2007 01:55pm    Post subject:
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The only sound in the twins' room was their quiet breathing as I slowly lowered Kris, then Kendra into their crib. "Sweet dreams," I whispered, blowing each rapidly-growing infant a kiss goodnight.

I walked silently down the stairs to the living room, tiredly plopping down on the couch, and glanced at the wall chrono. Twenty thirty--eight-thirty at night. I was acutely aware that I was the sole occupant of the room. Ams and I had what started as another small debate and it grew into an all-out war of words. That had been a couple hours ago, and I was still fuming and hurt by some of the comments made.

He's probably in the same shape, Shayera--
Actually, he deserves it! So let him stew.
And you, too?

I sighed. I hated arguing with myself. Some part of me tended to be right, and the other part wrong, in every case. "I need to blow off some steam," I muttered to myself, and pulled up the Entertainment Channel on the Holonet. A plethora of holographic games appeared on the display screen.

"Hmm. Nah, no racing games," I said as I set the search function to filter them out. "Definitely no roleplaying. I don't feel like putting up with horny teenagers*. No good shooters... hmm, what's this?"

After selecting the game in question, the holoprojector came to life, showing a cubical game arena. At the top, a piece materialized. At the same time, an oddly compelling tune started to play. I rotated the piece 90 degrees clock--well, counterclockwise to the rest of the Galaxy. But to me and any other Thanagarian, it was clockwise. The piece was then dropped to the bottom of the cube. Another piece appeared, but instead of being three blocks with one more block under the end, this was two rows of two blocks, offset. I manipulated and maneuvered, then dropped that one where I wanted it. Within a few moments, the bottom of the cube was almost full of little four-block formations in different shapes, and it was growing. Some of the spires reached up a dozen blocks. One last piece filled in the small gap on the bottom two levels. They flashed, and then vanished, causing the whole playing field to drop down to replace the disappearing blocks. After a while, the background changed, and the game slowly sped up. Fifteen minutes in, pieces were falling from the top of the cube at an alarming rate I managed to score a couple more levels before the pieces finally hit the top of the cube and the game was over.

After a few more tries, I still couldn't get more than two or three levels past my first try, though the game did certainly help vent some frustration and pent-up energy. I looked up the stairs, and sighed. I couldn't stay angry at him forever. Hopefully, he couldn't stay angry at me forever.

*Not that any of you fit into that category... :p

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob

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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Wed, April 25th 2007 01:49am    Post subject:
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"Happy Birthday, Ams!" Shayera grinned.

The twins immediately began to chant, "Habybrfday! Habybrfday!"

I shook my head and looked at my wife, son, and daughter. "I smell a conspiracy. Is it going to explode?" I asked, glancing towards the cake on the table.

"Nah, and it's not poisoned, either," Shy chuckled. "Well, come on, Birthday Boy. Now make a wish and blow out the candles."

I studied her for a moment. Make a wish? She's been watching too many of those Howley Hound holos, I thought. Still, the sentiment was... interesting, at least.

After taking a small breath, I blew out the two candles, each made to look like one of the digits in 39. As wisps of smoke languidly drifted upwards, a knife flashed in the lights of the kitchen and in hands that could just as easily use it to carve a person, it sliced into the cake, easing through the decorative frosting with unerring precision, cleaving the underlying spongy material cleanly through. The knife rose from the cut, small particles clinging to the blade, only to be shed as it slipped back down through its victim.

I blinked, snapping myself back to reality. I was just personifying a cake... I pushed back the inner demons that had opted to assail me by somehow comparing a sweet dessert with one of the many ended lives on my hands. My past was just that, in the past. And I refused to drag it into my present, into my family.

Shayera placed a couple relatively small pieces on in front of the twins. They were starting on solid foods, and Shy watched them... well, like a hawk. She cut off little chunks from their cake, before guiding it to their mouth. Krischen moved back from the fork as it approached him.

"Aww, come on sweetie. Open up for Mommy," she requested, but to no avail. "Okay. Uh-oh! What's this? Here comes the TIE Avenger! He needs to make a landing in the hangar. Someone better open up the doors before he crashes."

She bobbed and weaved the fork, making sounds to accompany the maneuvering utensil. Kris laughed gleefully, and Shy took advantage of the opening. He happily munched on the cake as his mother helped out his twin sister. However, she required no persuasion, and virtually lunged at Shayera.

"Whoa, easy! You almost took Mommy's fingers off," she chided.

I chuckled, watching the whole display. It was amazing how people could change so drastically depending on who they were around. Around the twins, Shayera and I were protective and always made sure to take care of their needs before anything else. Even the Empire was relegated to auxiliary against the children. With each other, we were warm, caring, tender, passionate... sometimes too passionate. But we greatly enjoyed each others' company. Yet, on duty, I could send a half-million men into battle without blinking, or terminate either a traitor or an enemy craft with thousands of crewmen without remorse. As for Shayera, I had seen her kill with her bare hands before, wipe the blood on her pantleg, and continue on as if nothing happened. It was almost unnerving in and of itself.

But then again, such was the life of a soldier. It was almost impossible to treat the enemy as an equal, as sentient, and live with oneself. And in the Empire, everyone was a soldier, regardless of what they did. Intelligence agents, Security officers, bureaucrats... all were considered no different from a footsoldier in tactical scenarios. Indeed, there were many worst-case plans that detailed conscription of government and bureaucracy personnel to hold off an enemy.

I pushed the philosophical ramblings to the back of my mind once more, and enjoyed the next couple hours with Shayera, Krischen, and Kendra. However, the twins' bedtime rolled around eventually, and then it was just Shy and me. We retired to the living room, and sat next to each other on the couch. She rested her head on my shoulder, prompting me to lightly stroke her soft, silky hair.

Her green eyes peered up at me. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"How about just sit here and cuddle?" I suggested. It certainly sounded like a good idea.

Shy smiled warmly. "Cuddling sounds good. But, how about over there?" she nodded her head towards our slightly-used hot tub. We'd used it to relax after a long day a couple times, but beyond that, we hadn't used it since we moved in.

"I like how you think, hon," I replied. "I'll go get changed."

"Me too. Meet you back at the rendezvous point?" she smirked.

"Sounds like a plan."

Then I remembered something. "Hey, hon. A quick question?"


"Make a wish?"

She grimaced. "I'm watching too much Holovision with the twins."

I smirked. "I see. Okay, carry on."

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p

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Shayera Jendob
Huggably, Lovably Able to Kill You

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 Post Posted: Wed, April 25th 2007 10:46am    Post subject:
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I looked up at Ams, and couldn't help but smile as he kissed me deeply on the mouth. My fingers ran through his dark, damp hair as I looked into those handsome sea-green orbs.

"Happy birthday, big boy," I smirked after he broke the kiss. I glanced over at the chrono. Sure enough, there were still a few minutes left the day. But even as I turned my gaze back to him, a quip on my tongue, my eyes locked with his and all the jokes about the wild night, all the teasing melted away. I tilted my head, blinked, then whispered softly the words that burdened my heart.

"I love you too, Shayera," he answered, not breaking our mutual fixated stare as he lightly caressed my cheek. It was almost magnetic in nature, neither Ams nor me able or willing to break the invisible tethers between us. We just gazed into each others' eyes for what felt like hours... days... lifetimes, even. Time had no meaning. The universe shriveled to a couch in a house on Coruscant, with a very happily married couple lying on it.

"I could just lie here for hours, taking you in," he smiled. "You're so beautiful, so sweet..."

I laughed softly. "Aww, I'm not a bad girl anymore?" I teased, finally able to pick myself up and sit up, unfortunately breaking the link that had been so comforting. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, by the way."


I flushed slightly. It was actually kind of embarassing now. "That little... show."

"Oh, you mean my post-wedding-post-bachelor party 'show'?" he smirked. "Eh, I'll admit. I didn't expect it, and it was a bit... odd at first. Still, very nice. Definitely better than anything that blasted Twi'Lek you hired for the bachelor party could do."

I shook my head. "Ugh, I almost forgot about her. I think she was looking at me the whole time she was up there. Gave me the creeps, especially after she grabbed my ass." Then I looked at him and smirked playfully. "Only you're allowed to grab onto me. Oh, right. If you ever call me your 'naughty Hawky' again, I'll kick your ass."

"I plead insanity," he laughed, kissing me on the cheek. "Anyway, I think we should be getting to bed."

He helped me up, and I grabbed the bathrobe pooled by the hot tub, and tied it up so nothing showed. I also made sure to get the two pieces of the green bikini that I wore under the robe a few hours before. Ams put on his clothes, and we walked up the stairs to our bedroom.

"Good night, Shy."

I turned, and kissed him on the lips. "Good night, Birthday Boy," I smiled before turning out the lights.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

Joined: 09 Jan 2006
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 Post Posted: Fri, May 04th 2007 01:20am    Post subject:
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Shayera and I entered the house through the garage. "Dee Dee?"

"Hiii, Mr. Jendob! Hiii Mrs. Jendob!" the babysitter called as she pranced into the hall. She was tall for her sixteen years, and gangly with large blue eyes and her blonde hair tied up to either side. She was also something of a ditz, but she'd been babysitting for us for a week now and she was actually quite good.

Shayera went straight to business. "How were the twins?"

"Oh, they were good. They like to play together, and they almost never fight," she reported, a grin across her face. "They're sleeping right now."

Not if you keep your voice at that volume, I thought. "Okay. Thank you very much, Dee Dee. And, here's your reward," I continued, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a 100-credit piece.

She held it for a moment, her eyes wide. "I can't take this. It's too much."

I shook my head. "Nonsense. Consider the extra 20 to be overtime pay," I smirked.

"Gee, thanks!" she beamed a bit loudly.

Shy gave me a quick, wry smile then turned back to our boisterous babysitter. "Do you want me to give you a ride home, Dee Dee?"

"Sure. I'll get my things."

Shayera looked at me. "Well, then, I guess I'll be back in a little bit. Do I need to pick up anything on the way home?"

I checked the display on the cooling unit. "Hmm, no. But if I think of something, I could give you a call."

She nodded and picked up the keys to the speeder as Dee Dee came back out with her coat on and her backpack. "See you tomorrow, Mr. Jendob."

I took off my overcoat and sat down. "See you tomorrow, Dee Dee. And I'll see you in a bit, Shy."

"Yeah, yeah," Shayera teased. "Come on, Dee Dee. I don't drive as fast as him."

"Oh good, Mrs. Jen--" she was cut off as the door closed. I got up, and walked upstairs to the twins' room.

"Hey there," I whispered as Kendra's eyes blinked open.

"Da-da..." she sighed, sleepily.

Her green eyes began to close. "You go back to sleep, Princess. Daddy's not going anywhere," I reassured her.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

Galaxy Map|Board and RPG Rules|Game Guide

"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p
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Shayera Jendob
Huggably, Lovably Able to Kill You

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 Post Posted: Sat, May 26th 2007 01:31am    Post subject:
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"Aagh, no Ams. Not tonight," I groaned, getting annoyed with my husband. Why are men so damned persistant about this stuff? If I said no the previous nine times, I'm really sure on the tenth!

He sighed. "All right, I can take a hint."

After ten times, I'd hope the Director of Imperial Intelligence could, I fumed, bringing my index and middle fingers to rub my temples. I had a pounding headache, and Ams wasn't helping it. I wasn't in the mood to spar, and that was final.

"Can I get you something?" he asked softly.

I glanced up at him, a barbed comment ready to fire. "Yeah," I started, a distinct edge in my voice. "Um... a couple aspirin would be nice."

He smiled warmly. "I'll be right back. Water fine?"

"Yeah, water's perfect," I replied. At the last second, I just couldn't yell at him for actually caring. "Thanks."

He walked back to the kitchen, leaving me to try and control the throbbing in my skull. Mercifully, Ams was as quick as he was persistant. I gratefully took the glass of cold water and a couple tablets. Within minutes, the pain melted away.

"Feel better?" he asked, moving over from a chair to sit next to me on the couch.

I nodded. "Yeah. Just had a really bad headache. I'm sorry about getting snappy. Still, you did ask me ten times..."

"Sorry about that. It's just that we usually do it this day each week. And usually, you end up dragging me in there," he smirked, and gently squeezed my shoulder.

I returned his smirk. "Well, I'll be dragging you upstairs tomorrow. Unless this headache has other ideas."

"It better be gone," he whispered, kissing my cheek. "I've been waiting all week for tomorrow."

I kissed him back, this time on the lips. "Me too," I replied quietly. "Still, the wait makes it that much better."

"Mm, true," he replied. It seemed now like our lips were on autopilot. "Mmm, hon... I think... we... should slow down..."

I pulled back. "Yeah," I panted. "Heh, I guess we got a little carried away."

"I guess so," he smiled. "I'm going to take a quick shower, then I have a few more files to write up before I turn in."

After gulping down the last few swallows of water, I glanced at the clock. It was late, but not too late. Then again, since the two of us weren't up until all hours of the morning every day, I was getting used to eight to nine hours of sleep and not needing that cup of coffee in the morning. Bed wouldn't be a bad thing.

"All right. I'll meet you there."

He looked at me for a second, and there was a brief hint of confusion. "All right. I'll see you in a couple minutes, hopefully. Depends on what the latest reports say."

I got up off the couch, and went upstairs. Beyond the headache, today was fairly normal, and it looked like today would be normal too.

It definitely beat the hell out of expecting a Rebel fleet to try suicide runs on the planet. Once again, it seemed like the Galactic shit was hitting the fan, so nothing would really surprise me anymore. Palpatine himself could drop from the sky and it might get a double-take.

After changing, I crawled into bed and picked up a book chip. The damned thing was so boring I nearly fell asleep by the time Ams came in. I stayed awake long enough for an obligatory "good night."

Stupid headache better not be back when I wake up...

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Fri, June 08th 2007 10:57pm    Post subject:
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I smiled at Shy as the city lights filtering in through the window glinted off the sheen of sweat that clung to her face. A warm smile with more than a hint of satisfaction adorned her lovely features as she turned her head towards me. I couldn't restrain from gently caressing her cheek, feeling her soft, warm skin under my fingers.

When my hand neared her mouth, she turned into it and nipped at my palm. I pulled my hand away, then slid closer to her and kissed her on the mouth. She tilted her head down slightly, pulling my lower lip in between hers. My eyelids slowly drifted together, and as they closed, I saw hers do the same. She placed her warm hands on the sides of my head as she moved to my upper lip and I took her lower lip into my mouth.

We switched back and forth for a minute or two before she pulled back. I smirked at her, running my fingers through her hair. "I almost forgot what a good kisser you are."

Shayera rolled her eyes. "I still say you're the better kisser."

I followed her silky mane of fiery hair down to her back, then let my hand trail lazily down her spine. She shifted, then sat up.

"Need to go somewhere?" I asked.

She nodded towards the chrono. "Yeah. Work."

I blinked and looked. "We were up all night?"

Shy chuckled. "Well, we did get a few hours sleep before you got up... then woke me up. Then we..."

"I was there, you know."

A mischievous smile played on her lips, a glint shining in her eye. "I know," she remarked while cracking her neck. "I just hope I can still walk. You have that inspection tour today. Then overseeing the refit of the Prestige. Finally, weapons demonstrations for the M95, the M19, and the RSB-80 and a testing demo of the M-25."

"Fun," I grumbled, finding the strength to push myself out of bed. "Did you memorize all that?"

"Unfortunately. I have to do something extra to earn this raise I got," she quipped, dragging herself out of the bed and putting on a robe, then throwing mine at me. "It's going to be a long day."

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Shayera Jendob
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 Post Posted: Wed, July 18th 2007 02:19am    Post subject:
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I killed the power to the speeder's drive motors, and looked over at my new passenger. Nevin was in the seat. I couldn't imagine how he must feel. He was back in the lion's den, and this time, didn't even know how he got there.

At least he could be provided a measure of protection from me and Ams... provided I could talk him into letting Nevin stay with us until we could get him out of danger and find out how and why he was in the Empire anyway.

The thought crossed my mind he might have been on a covert mission meant to take advantage of Ams' sympathies toward him. While it was a long shot that they'd expect us to take Nevin in, perhaps they assumed Ams would let something slip to his old friend.

Of course, if they did, whoever was running their Intel department really was an idiot. Still, it was something to take some inobtrusive measures with. But for now, the main goal was getting Nevin inside before he was seen.

"Well, we're here," I said, smiling at the younger man.

He glanced back. "Good."

So, he was more paranoid than me. Couldn't blame him for that. I just gave him a reassuring smile, and lightly patted his hand. "You can relax, Nev," I told him as I unlocked the doors and unfastened the safety restraint.

He did the same, starting to get out of his seat. I opened up my door and headed inside. The babysitter was still in, and I needed her to get out of the way. Plus I'd have to talk to the Monstrosity...

I ran through the hall connecting the garage door and the kitchen/breakfast area. Fortunately, the babysitter heard me pull in.

"You're early," she noted. "Is something wrong?"

A thousand excuses ran through my head. "Something came up. Don't worry about it," I smiled to her. "But I need to take you home now. I can't say more."

"Ooooh, spy stuff?" her eyes widened.

"Shh," I smirked. "Now go get your stuff together."

"Okay!" she called as she pranced off. Unfortunately, her boisterous voice must've woken up Kris, since he started crying from the playpen. I rushed over to console him.

"Shh, shh, it's okay," I whispered, gently rocking the two-year old. He's getting a little big for this...

His eyes opened at hearing my voice, and he stopped crying. "Momma..."

A grin spread across my face, and I looked up to see Nevin standing in the hallway. I looked back at my son to see him smiling up at me now, the tears stopped. I positively beamed, cradling Krischen.

Then I noticed Nevin holding at the doorway, as if afraid to enter. "Come in, Nev. Don't be nervous."

He took a few hesistant steps inside, then traversed the length of the hallway. Almost on cue, the babysitter entered the hallway behind him through the only side door. She ran for the garage, and was gone as Nevin turned to look.

"That's just the babysitter, Nev," I chuckled, gently bouncing Kris in my arms. "I need to take her home. Will you be okay by yourself for about ten minutes?"

He looked at his godson, and then at me with more than a hint of doubt. "Uh, sure."

I shifted Kris slightly, and held him out to Nevin. Then, addressing my son, I told him "You be a good boy for Nevin, Kris." Then to his new temporary guardian, "Kendra's sleeping right now."

"I don't know what to do!" he said desperately.

Oh... great... However, at that moment, I heard the speeder's engines power up while Kris looked at his godsfather and proclaimed proudly "Nebbin!". SHIT! She's gonna blow something up!

"Uh... don't worry. If you need anything," I paused, wondering what to say next. Thankfully, at that moment, that blasted droid walked into the room. "Ask her!"

I quickly ran down the hallway to the garage. The blonde ditz saw me coming and quickly jumped back into the passenger's seat. Fortunately, the speeder wasn't in flames, so I got in the driver's side and pulled out of the garage, praying the kids would be okay under Nevin's care.

Then I remembered about Nevin's own care. All he had were the clothes on his back... Frak! I forgot to lock down the computers, too!

I'll drop her off first, then message it, I guess...

With that mini-crisis resolved, I shifted the speeder into gear and flew off into the Coruscant skies.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Nevin Antilles
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Nevin sighed in defeat as the Thanagarian rushed out of the house. It was almost as if she wanted him stuck with the kid, who was now fondling about Nevin.

“'Nebby',” he cooed as he grabbed the young man. Nevin smiled a bit, but otherwise he had no idea how to react.

As everything finally became quiet, Antilles was suddenly aware of another figure: a blonde woman in a crimson red suit. She was fairly tall and was studying him with a calculating gaze. “Hello. You are Nevin Antilles?” she asked.

Nevin hesitated for an instance, postponing his worst “fear.” “Shayera told you?”

“No. You match his physical description and aural patterns. Please hold still for a moment,” she responded as she focused blankly on his form. From his shoulders to chest, torso, then to groin and legs, she studied him. In a moment, she said, “Dimensional data acquired. Transmitting to Mistress Shayera.”

Nevin watched, unimpressed. Obviously the “woman” was some type of human replica droid, programmed with the uselessly informative banter typical of Imperial Intelligence. In fact, Nevin had remembered something about--

“Where's 'Kendwa'?” asked Kris groggily.

“Here, do you...” Nevin groaned as he held out the child to the droid. “Take him.” The droid just walked away. Nevin's eyebrows dropped in defeat and he sighed, looking down at Kris.

“Guess it's just us.”

A couple hours later, Nevin found himself staring up at the ceiling, having been sleeping on the sofa. There was a strange weight on his chest, and for a moment he feared there had been a relapse of whatever had occurred from before. Then he looked down and saw that Kris was curled up on his chest, sound asleep, but he was now being pulled away from him by mysterious arms.

Antilles looked up and saw that Shayera had returned, and she was putting Kris into some enclosure, a playpen perhaps. She returned and placed a hand on Nevin's shoulder. “Hey,” she greeted. “I got you something.”

She moved to a low table and took a cardboard box, then sat next to Nevin on the couch. For such, Nevin was forced to sit upright. She opened the package as Nevin watched with a small smirk.

“These are yours. I figured you might want to have something to change into,” she explained. They were casual clothes, -- not casual enough for Nevin -- of light blue and white.

His thanks were barely out of his mouth when the door opened. Through it came Ams, who stopped and stared at the two sitting on the couch.

“Uhh, hey, Ams,” Shayera welcomed, as she grinned weakly.

“Hey...” Jendob trailed off, still obviously trying to figure how Nevin had come to be a guest in their house.

“Hi,” Nevin quietly said. He wasn't sure what else to say.

“Hi,” Ams responded in like. “How... what...?” He voiced breathless questions. “What are you doing here, Nevin?” He asked. Both Nevin and Shy could tell there was no suspicion in his voice, but he was certainly curious.

With a shrug, Nevin answered, “Guess I just have a way of ending up with you.”

Hopelessly confused, Ams still laughed a bit. “Whatever you say,” he gave up figuring. “Does anyone know you're on Coruscant? And you're... well... you?”

Nevin simply jabbed a thumb sideways toward Shayera. Arguably, no one else was aware of his presence, if her precautions had been enough. He didn't doubt that they were.

“I see,” Ams acknowledged.

“I offered to let him stay here a while,” Shayera explained. Nevin had to wonder how long “awhile” was. Friends or not, they all, including he himself, had to know the awkwardness he felt... additionally, there was the whole opposing factions deal.

“As long as it's okay with you, Nevin,” Ams said, surprisingly jovial. He smiled and put himself to a chair to Nevin's right, near Shayera.

“Just until I can get back to the Alliance,” Nevin added. He was looking forward to some leave, so that he could filter through this experience and try to determine what exactly had happened. However, he doubted that he'd ever find out totally.

With a nod, Ams leaned into his chair and looked to Nevin. “So, anything we can do to help you settle in?”

Nevin shook his head and began to push himself up from the couch. His muscles still ached – both from the devastating shock in his hazy memory, and from the uncomfortable position in which he had been sleeping. “Just, uh, keeping that droid away,” he muttered.

With a giggle from Shayera, Jendob relented. “Okay,” he smiled.

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Ams Jendob
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After dinner, I was still somewhat reeling from the shock of seeing Nevin--of all people--in my house. Granted, I did count the man is my closest friend after Shy, but... he wasn't really someone I expected to see in the boundaries of the Empire. Of course, after today... nothing would surprise. Zend actually trying to work with me was shocking enough. Perhaps, despite her psychotic tendencies, something good might come of her. As for Isard... well, she'd be dealt with in the morning.

The rich smell of the Thanagarian dish Shayera had prepared still filled the air. Spiced ground nerf in a pastry shell, with toppings like shredded nerf cheese, lettuce, and really anything else one wanted... I couldn't quite recall the native term for it. But it was quite good, at least the way she made it. Even Nevin enjoyed them. He seemed to prefer his with sour cream, hot sauce, and cheese. I wasn't quite as picky with it, and Shy would practically put a little of everything on hers.

We had a nice discussion over dinner, mostly casual stuff. Catching up, mostly. It was nice to actually be able to talk to him, face-to-face. He was currently talking with Shy while I brought out a glass of water each of them. I got the feeling Nevin didn't want to impose, but there was really no imposition on his part. Actually, the only imposing would really be on him, but I'd mention that with him later.

"So, how are you things with you and your blonde friend?" Shayera asked him, smirking.

I chuckled. No matter how much of a tomboy Shy could be, either at the Academy or now, she was still something of a gossip. Granted, she wouldn't tell anyone's secrets, but she still wanted to know them and talk about them with that person. Maybe she was more of an amateur psychiatrist than gossip.

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Nevin Antilles
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Nevin took the glass of water which Ams had offered and took a long gulp on Shayera's question. Things in that department... weren't very smooth. Poor Salla. She had considered Nevin distant before, and now he had disappeared off of Denon. He hadn't really thought about her until the Thanagarian brought her up to his conscious mind. He guessed he had too much to think about before.

"She has a name," Nevin finally smirked as he set the glass down. His hands were moist - he couldn't tell if it was from the condensation on the glass, or nervousness from the subject material. "Salla's doing fine." He said, not too unconvincingly.
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Shayera Jendob
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"Right, Salla," I noted. He seemed a bit edgy about that, so I just told him the truth. "I forgot."

It was actually pretty embarassing that I'd forgotten her name. First, for the fact that she was the one Rebel on Tatooine (besides Skywalker) that actually showed me an ounce of kindness, almost friendship. Plus, it seemed she was important to Nevin. She was certainly by his side often enough, it seemed.

Well, better change the subject before things get even more awkward. "Well, that's good," I said, sipping at my water. "So..."

Then I blanked out. Dammit! "Uh... you, um, wanna do anything?"

I could've banged my head on the arm of the couch for that. "I mean, you're welcome to just about anything in this house. You don't have to be on pins and needles," I smiled, trying to recover.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Nevin Antilles
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Nevin couldn't resist the smirk that pulled at his lips. Shy always seemed to become very cautious when she talked about Salla. He allowed the small chuckle to escape. He just was unable to help it.

"I'm just worried about getting back," Nevin answered when the moment had passed. "There's lots of stuff to take care of," he went on idly. "You've done more than you've had to, really," he assured them, scratching the back of his neck as another lull in the conversation came about.

Then his eyes darted to the playpen, and to the children playing inside of it. "Funny how long it's been since we had a chance to meet up, though," he said, trying to figure out how old Kris and Kendra would have to be.
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Ams Jendob
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I watched Kris and Kendra as Nevin's gaze was drawn toward them too. I smiled as they played with each other, then looked at the chrono. It was actually somewhat past their bedtime, but they were still going strong.

Could use a couple minutes alone with him... I gestured to Shy, drawing her verdant gaze. I glanced at the twins, an unspoken signal. She patted Nevin on the shoulder. "I'll be right back," she said, walking over to the playpen and picking up the twins.

She walked up the stairs, and I turned my attention to Nevin. "Nev, we have to talk about a couple things. You and me."

The younger man looked over at me, a curious "Hmm?" issuing from his throat.

I smiled, to help reassure him before I got to the heart of what I wanted to say. "Well, everything Shy said is true. You're more than just a guest."

He leaned back on the couch, draping an arm across the rest. "Well, I know that." His tone wasn't one of arrogance.

"Unfortunately, there are more than a few people on this planet that would rather you not be... period."

Again, it was something he was already well aware of. "You don't have to tell me that for me to know," he noted without malice or irritation. It was a simple fact for him, seemingly as unalterable as Coruscant's gravitational pull on him.

I finally dropped the bomb, and hoped for the best. "This might sound a little harsh, but... you have to stay in the house at all times. At least until we can get you out."

To my mild surprise, he took it in stride. For a moment, it was almost like the old Nevin was back. But then again, Nevin hadn't really changed at all... the Universe had changed around him. "That's fine, I don't plan on staying long."

A smirk crossed my lips. "Our loss."

Similar forms crossed his features. "It isn't all that bad. I mean, at least we have a reason for not gettin' together." I noted his odd phrasing, but filed it away as the extent of Rebel corruption of him.

"Maybe that change in time," I said hopefully. Then, one of my old instincts reared up. "Oh, right... Shayera and I trust you, Nevin.

"Don't betray it."

I was shocked by the words I just uttered. I knew I shouldn't have said it, but at the same time, it was a preprogrammed response; the same a soldier with combat experience will often drop down when they hear an explosion.

Even Nevin was taken aback. "I wouldn't," he trailed off.

"I know," I answered. There was an unspoken apology, then another smile. It was just so enjoyable to actually see my friend once more. The least I could do was save him from walking on eggshells anymore. "Now, do you want something to drink besides just water?"

"Sure," he acknowledged as Shy came back down.

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"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

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Shayera Jendob
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"So, did you tuck him in?" Ams teased. He switched off the datapad he was reading.

Might as well have, I muttered to myself. I still couldn't believe what had happened.

I'd taken Nevin to the guest bedroom. "This is your room," I had told him, showing him the guest room. "The refresher's down the hall, as you know."

Nevin had been there, and looked around the room. "More than enough," he'd nodded, then looked back at me with a smirk. The classic Nevin Antilles smirk.

"Well, uh," I had paused, then smiled warmly. "Good night."

"Night," he'd winked.

Something had taken a hold of when he did that, and before I knew it, I'd kissed him on the cheek. I felt my face flush, and muttered a quick "Night," and walked quickly to Ams and my room.

"No, you're the one I'm gonna tuck in," I smirked, putting the still fresh memory behind me. I could still feel the very slight stubble he had, though.

Then again, it had been a friendly kiss, nothing romantic to it. Then why can't you stop thinking about it?

Well... he
is pretty good-looking. But it just never could happen. Hell, I don't even want it to happen. I'm very happily married, two kids...

I shoved the line of thought to the back of my mind, but not before Ams noticed. "Something wrong, Shayera?" he asked, sitting up in the bed and concern written all over his face.

I gave him a reassuring smirk, pushing any thoughts about our houseguest out of my mind. "Nope," I said, snuggling next to him in the bed. I made sure to get really close, just so there was no confusion. He smirked, telling me he hadn't forgotten about tonight, and kissed me gently on the lips. Our lips stayed pressed together for a minute or two, the pressure always light though. Almost... teasing.

Can't have that, I smirked to myself, then ever-so-gently put my hand on the back of my husband's head, then pressed my lips into his. He was only too happy to return the favor as he gently nibbled on my lower lip, then his lips eased down my jawline with practiced, sure movements. He knew my buttons, how to push, when to push, and where to push.

He reached the base of my jaw, and whispered softly in my ear, "What do you want to do tonight?"

I answered, drawing an interested chuckle from him as he slowly unfastened the buttons on my shirt. "All right."

He drew back from the side of neck to kiss me, this time deeply and passionately. My eyes locked with his as he slowly laid me down on my back...

"Oooh, Ams!"

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Ams Jendob
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There, last details of the Mantellian operation are finished. I closed the portable terminal's top and the screen's glow vanished. Another day of work done.

The whole operation started several months ago, when General Scyntor paid a "visit" to me at the Imperial Palace. Since then, Shayera took Nevin back to the Alliance via cruise ship (and apparently had an interesting encounter that she later told me about), our fourth anniversary came and went, and sundry other events occurred in the Universe. Apparently, Solo was put on trial for rescuing his children and even charged with treason. It wasn't surprising given who (or as I had been accustomed to considering, what anymore) filed the charges. Ultimately, the treason charge was thrown out in public court, but Solo was convincted on multiple counts, then given a slap on the wrist and sent on his merry way.

Yet, despite the glaring nepotism, I couldn't help but wonder if I would do the same for someone of similar standing either in my eyes or in the Empire. There were other changes in the Empire as well, some I couldn't even tell Shayera about, disturbing though they were. But everything was going to become clear to the Galaxy soon enough. Fortunately, perhaps unfortunately.

But there were some bright moments coming up. First was her birthday in a couple days, then the holidays and fete week. Then things would pick up in the new year, and possibly plunge the Galaxy into a dark time or a glorious chapter that no one could see the page turning on.

"Did you fall asleep in there?" a teasing but pleasant voice called over the house com. I chuckled, and left the office.

As I walked up the stairs, I still couldn't believe it hadn't quite been a year in the new house. It was far more spacious and comfortable than the old one, and perhaps most importantly, its location was secret. No record existed in official databanks, nothing for an assassin to track down.

Of course, that brief bit of safety from without was countered by hazards within. It seemed like every time Shy or I turned our backs for an instant, the twins would be getting into some kind of trouble.

But at the moment, things were peaceful. It was about ten at night, the twins were safely tucked in bed and protected. And as I opened the bedroom door, there was another welcome sight.

Shayera grinned from the bed. "Took you long enough," she chided, then gently patted the empty covers next to her. "You do look tired. Get some sleep, Ams."

I shook my head wryly. "Yes, Mother," I teased as I changed into my bed clothes.

"Oh, did I tell you? Kris called me 'Mom' today. Not 'Mommy,'" she sighed with maternal glee. "The little guy's trying to grow up too fast on me."

"You told me, Shy." About a half dozen times. But I couldn't really get annoyed about it. Her threshold of annoyance is much higher, I joked to myself while climbing into bed next to her.

She put her head on my shoulder, her hair brushing against my cheek. "Good night, Ams," she said softly, and kissed my cheek.

Returning the gesture and adding a gentle caress of her long, red mane, I whispered back, "Good night, Shayera. Sweet dreams... preferably about--"

"Yeah, yeah, I know," she groaned good-naturedly. "You're not gonna let up about that, will you?" my wife asked as she turned out the lights.

"Oh, give it a decade or two. Then I'm sure I'll forget about it."

She muttered something softly. "What was that, sweetheart?" I asked.

I saw her smile in the dim glow from the planetary city. "We'll just leave it at 'I love you' and 'good night.'"

Then she closed her green eyes and fell fast asleep. I shut my own, and quickly found myself drifting off into unconsciousness.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p
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Shayera Jendob
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"Come on, sweetie. We're home," I said to Kendra as I unfastened her seat restraint. As I picked her up, Ams was retrieving Kris. The cold air caused dense clouds of condensation to form around whoever exhaled at a particular moment. The twins seemed to be enthralled by the suddenly appearing and vanishing formations of vapor as Ams and I carried them to the front door.

After getting inside, we quickly helped the twins out of their winter clothes, then made sure they each got to a bathroom before something happened. The same thing happened when we bundled them up before leaving, too. Sometimes I felt like I knew if they needed to go more than they did. Very odd.

Of course, once we peeled off their coats and hats and mittens, and took care of nature's call, they needed to get into their pajamas, which meant a little more wrestling to get them ready for bed. The twins would help a little, despite the playful kicking and squirming around. They were learning to dress themselves, but for now, they still needed that little bit of help from Mommy. And I was glad to help, so everyone won.

A little while later, the twins were fast asleep. I put down the storybook I'd been reading them. It was real paper, a collector's item. It was a collection of stories about a sort of anthropomorphized hovertrain and his... hovertrain friends. Granted, it didn't seem to make much sense, but it was a cute story. The twins loved it, and even I was getting into the characters a little while reading to them.

The kids are asleep, now it's the grownups' turn to play, I thought to myself. And that meant locating my husband.

I found Ams changing out of his dinner jacket in the bedroom. He'd just removed that quaint bowtie when saw me, and smiled. "And there she is: the Birthday Lady."

A smile crossed my lips, and I moved in close and lightly kissed him on the lips. "I had a wonderful time, Ams. Thank you."

He returned the kiss, for just a moment longer. "My pleasure," he smiled.

I chuckled. "Yeah, about that," I said softly, in an inviting tone while slowly tracing my index finger down his shirt. "What about mine, handsome?"

A wicked grin crossed his face as his hand rested on the small of my back. "Oh, the dinner was it."

My response was a playfully dark laugh. "Was it now?" I asked, my hand sliding down his body. "Do I need to check on that?"

"Mmm, you are naughty tonight," he noted with--well, what passed with Ams as--glee. Our lips met again, but the time for coy stuff was gone. Our tongues met, twisted around and slid by and on top of each other. His hand gently held my head under my ear and jaw, the other slowly stroking my wing. I could almost feel a surge of relief and yet even fiercer longing wash over me. This was going to be a very long, and very fun birthday evening...

"Ohh... oh my gods, Ams," I groaned, panting for breath. "That... frak. I... don't think we can top that."

He nodded silently, then went back to devouring my neck. I still tried to wrap my head around what had happened since that kiss. Then I figured it would probably be best not to: I didn't want to get as excited again and possibly hurt poor Ams with overexertion. "Are you all right?" I asked him.

"Mm-hmm," he said simply, continuing to kiss up and down my neck, from nape to jaw.

I couldn't stand the stand it anymore, and had to tell him to stop. He was going to drive me into a frenzy. Then I rolled over in his arms to look him in those handsome sea-green eyes, and we kissed again. It was deep and passionate (I smiled to myself as I drew a nice little analogy to it), and I didn't want it to end. He rubbed my back with one hand while the free one linked with my left, my right just roamed.

We kissed for a good long time, I don't know how long for sure. But the intimacy from everything combined at that moment... I never wanted it to end. Sadly, even the humanoid body, for all of its wonders and endurance and complexity and beauty of form, has limits. And because of them, Ams and I fell asleep still wrapped in each others' arms.

But it made waking up the next morning all the sweeter.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob

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Ams Jendob
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A small blinking green indicator in the corner of the terminal's screen caught my eye. An incoming message? I tapped the small green superellipse, and the screen changed.


A smile tugged at my lips. "Hello Canjra."

She returned the smile. "Good morning. Not to cut it short, but I don't have much time. Can you put Shayera on?"

I blinked, then nodded. "Of course. I'll get her."

I stepped out of the office and quickly found her. "Do you have a moment?"

"I was about to put another load in the washer," she started. "What's up?"

"Canjra's calling. She asked for you, specifically," I told her. "She seemed a little rushed; it may be important."

She tilted her head. "All right, I'll get it."

Ten minutes later, Shayera walked into the laundry room. She looked troubled. No, no; it wasn't troubled... but detached. "Ams, I realize this is pretty short notice, but I need to go to Thanagar."

"Definitely short notice," I smirked. "Any special reason why we need to go?"

"I do, not we," she explained. "It's... well, I can't say it's personal. That doesn't quite work for you," she sighed with a wistful smile. "But it's something I have to do."

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing. I just... I don't know if I'll be myself for a few days, and I don't want to take it out on you or the kids," she explained, a hint of irritation entering her voice. "But you don't need to come."

"What if we'd like to?" I asked gently. "If you don't want us to, that's fine. But if you have no problems, well, I'd like to try to help you with this... whatever it is. And the twins do need at least one parent around," I added the last part with a little smirk.

Her jaw worked, and at first I thought she was going to explode. But then she let out a defeated groan and shook her head. "You over-supportive bastard... I'm never gonna shake you, am I?" she chuckled. "All right, I guess we can make a family thing out of it. Kinda fits, I suppose..."

"What is it, Shy?"

She swallowed hard, and I could hear the gravel in her voice. "It's my parents. Canjra's... found them. And I need to see... it's complicated."

I stepped closer to her and hugged her. "It's all right. I understand."

She looked up at me, and gave me another pained, wistful smile. "You don't. I can see it in your eyes, Ams. But... thanks for trying." She broke out of the hug. "Come on. We'd better get packed."

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The sun filtered in through the windows, touching the room with warm rays. The bright room seemed alive, but serene. The hum of speeders was subdued as the morning sun gleamed through sound-dampening windows.

It was a weekend, the kids were asleep and Ams was sleeping in for the first time in ages. Good for him. He works his ass off, I thought. Still, we hadn't been making much time for each other outside of the house, or for the kids. Things were just ramping up so fast, and it seemed like every minute was either buried under work or dealing with the kids' latest catastrophe or going to bed.

Of course, my own part was more or less adminstrative: sending this communique or that document. The last mission I had--

A mental block immediately made itself known. The Titan mission. It wasn't something I visited much, not because of what happened. Or... what hadn't happened, but seemed like it did. Or something. I wasn't even sure how to classify the experience.

Of course, someone had to take Nevin back to the den of wolves that probably abandoned him in the heart of the Empire. Ams couldn't really trust anyone else to do it, and he couldn't go on his own. So I had volunteered and made sure Nevin returned to his new comrades alive and intact.

I slowly peeled away the block, allowing myself to revisit the dark secret...

The warm water surrounded me as I relaxed in the suite's hot tub. No one was around, but Nevin was supposed to meet me later, so I wore my bathing suit. If he wasn't going to swing by later, I'd just relax, though I'd still probably cover myself to some degree--

No... no. That was in the past. It was already done, it had already been dealt with; there was no reason to relive it. If "reliving" was even the right word for it. It was an inconsequential thing, that's all.

Then why are you still bothered by it, even after you told Ams? that damned voice spoke up.

I sighed and rested my chin on my thumbs. Well, it was certainly a memorable "inconsequence," practically etched into my memory despite being a year old. I quickly ran back through the events, and felt a small smile tug at my lips. They weren't entirely unpleasant recollections, either.

I just hoped Nevin and Salla were enjoying each other as much as Nevin and I did for a few hours that one night... especially with Nevin's stamina.

I got up and paced around a little, but the thoughts still tried to replay the lascivious recollection. Eventually, the little play ran its course, from meeting him at the door, to sitting and talking in the suite's hot tub... and then the other things that led us from the whirlpool to the shower in the refresher, then to the counter in the same room, and finally to the suite's bed. It was a very interesting night.

Of course, then I woke up in a sweat in a darkened room... fully clothed, fortunately.

April Fools. ;) Been waiting to spring this one for a couple years. :p

The whole thing had been a dream, something I was sure to point out to Ams. I still felt guilty after the incident, so I had to tell him. He was very understanding, and just reminded me of something he said early in our marriage about certain dreams. Of course, then I told him that Nevin had an identical dream at the same time, and he seemed a bit... annoyed with Nevin of all people.

But we talked some more and any potential hard feelings were washed away. Of course, then he'd tease me now and then about it, but only as a joke; never was the tone vindictive.

Well, that's my husba--

"Good morning."

I turned around. "Hey sleepyhead," I smiled. "What are you doing up already?"

Ams shrugged. "I slept in a little."

"Do you want some coffee? I put some on," I asked, gesturing to my own mug on the table.

"In a little bit," he noted. "What have you been up to?"

I chuckled. "Well, uh... thinking."

He sat down on the couch next to me, cocking an eyebrow. "Should I be worried?" he joked.

"Nah," I smirked back. "I was about to change the subject, actually."

He gave me a funny look. "Oh? What to?"

I picked up the mug and sipped the coffee. "Well, we have today off... but I don't want to just hang around the house all day. And I want to spend some extra time with you, Kris, and Kendra."

He smiled. "I'll think I'll get that coffee. I'll need it."

"Aww, making you think?" I jibed.

He shook his head, though he'd learned not to mumble under his breath. Hopefully we'd come up with something to get us out of the house with the kids...

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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A soft, gentle pressure on my cheek roused my conscious mind. I opened my eyes slowly, and at first I could only see a shoulder with red hair falling upon it.

"Good morning, Shy," I said sleepily. Another point of pressure appeared, and this time, I was fairly certain about what it was. "You're awfully affectionate this morning."

"Aww, I thought you like affectionate," Shayera giggled. "Anyway, you need to get up."

I groaned. "Why?"

"Oh, this little matter of running a quarter of the Galaxy, the largest intelligence service in the Galaxy, and ensuring the loyalty of the largest military in the Galaxy?"

"The Galaxy can take care of itself for a day," I muttered, half-conscious. What is she talking abou--oh, right... "Fine, fine..."

"There you go," she chuckled as I got myself out of the bed. "C'mon..."

I looked back at her. "When did you become my personal motivational coach?"

She was unaffected by my mildly annoyed tone, almost jovially replying, "Getting grumpy in your old age, hmm?"

"It's only a number," I retorted, although most of the annoyance was gone now that I was mentally waking up.

Shayera grinned. "Hey, it's only the one-third mark. Now come on... I need to show you a couple things before work."

Work. What a bland word for describing running the most populated section of the Empire, the best informating-gathering organization in the Galaxy, and armies of dedicated, crack troops intended to counter threats from within and without the Empire. To gird the only nation in the Universe with the right to rule against numerous threats was a monumental task... and it was starting to get as routine as putting on a pair of shoes. For nearly twenty years, I'd loyally served the Empire. I'd been an executioner, a shadow agent, a naval captain, a teacher, and at one time was second only to the Emperor himself. There were even rumblings that I was positioning myself for a coup against Vader.

But now it was... almost boring. Posturing on the Holonet, meaningless threats and "cunning" insults (or idiotic drivel, depending on who was making it)... I'd almost resigned myself that the idiocy would end. And without it, well... what was there to do? When the Empire spanned the Galaxy from the Unknown Regions to Wild Space, what then? Watch the Empire fragment all over again? Eternal chaos?

Would spending fully half of my life defending and bolstering the Empire be wasted? Destroyed by democracy-crazed fanatics, just as power-hungry as the Tarkin, Motti, or the Sith themselves? Fall to internal strife and countless coups?

"Hey... Ams, come on." Shayera's concerned tones snapped my ruminations. "Today's your birthday. You should be enjoying yourself, wondering how things will turn out decades down the line."

I turned, giving her a small smile. "Are you sure you're not telepathic?"

She laughed. "If I am, you are. I don't need to be; I could see it written all over your face. And I know it's your job especially, but today... relax. Please?"

I nodded, then stood up. "I'll take a shower, then you can show me those couple things. All right?"

"Oh, I think you better see them first," she said suggestively. "Come on... downstairs."

I sighed and followed her. First was a cute crayon drawing from Kendra and Kris. But then Shayera started to act suspicious. She kept glancing toward the garage, then trying to look everywhere but. Finally, I questioned her on it, and her head sunk, as if she were defeated in her efforts.

But once she opened the door into the garage, I realized I'd walked right into her trap.

A sleek, blue-tinted, graphite-hued form adorned what had been an empty spot in the room. Slightly over a meter high, more than two meters across, and five meters long, it was a stunning craft. It hovered silently, like a steely ghost. And yet, there was something oddly familiar about it...

"You like?" Shayera asked, grinning. "It's one of a kind. Just for you."

I ran my fingertips along the cool metallic surface as Shy continued on. "It's got a few modifications, but I'll show you those later."

Walking around the magnificent vehicle, I saw the letters AJ-1 embossed in the side. "I... don't know what to say."

"I do. Happy birthday. Oh... and the major says if you wreck this one, he's not replacing it."

I turned. "How did he get in on it?"

"He added most of the fun stuff," the Thanagarian chuckled. "I'll show you all of the features when we get home. But now, you should probably take that shower."

I nodded, still dazed slightly. That's my wife... then again, at least something stays interesting.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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"The Preying Mantis often sizes up a potential mate while wearing too much eyeliner..." - Velora

"You are so cool, you make James Bond proud..." - My Dad... sarcastically. Don't try to juggle cutlery. :p
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The room was quiet, save for the gentle hum of the water jets in the hot tub, the sloshing water, and the gentle crackle of bubbles. A relaxed sigh joined the gentle background noise as Ams masterfully rubbed down my neck and shoulders. I closed my eyes and began to drift off, nearly slipping into the sea of ivory foam.

But a pair of strong arms pulled me back up. "No sneaking off," my husband laughed.

I looked back and grinned. "I've had five years to sneak off. If I was going to, I would've done it by now," I teased.

His left hand slid down my arm and he gently took my hand in his. I turned around, looking at him as a touch of fond realization dawned. It'd been coming in spurts all day... the realization that Ams and I had been married for five years. But this time, it lingered, and the awe had time to develop.

Five years. A fairly sizable portion of my life, really. It was actually a rather strange feeling, thinking about it all. Five years living with a man who literally dropped out of the sky. Granted, it had been a few hours before he walked up to that observation deck but still...

If I had known... Well, I probably wouldn't have punched him... quite so hard. I chuckled to myself.


I pushed myself to the other side of the tub so I could turn around and look at Ams. "Nothing. Just thinking about how we got back together... five years. Can you believe it?"

He grinned. "It seems like a lot less. I guess time flies when you're having fun."

I rolled my eyes and nudged him with my foot. "No more bad one-liners for you."

Ams smiled, then flexed his fingers in a beckoning motion. "Why are you all the way over there?"

I slid back, sitting next to him and resting my head on his arm. He put his arm around me and kissed my hair. "I love you," he said softly.

I looked up and kissed him lightly. "I love you too," I answered, wrapping my arms around him. "Happy anniversary."

Soon I felt him embrace me, and we held each other for a little while. Of course, that eventually had to end because of some reactions that were followed by blushing and sheepish smiles. "Maybe we should've worn swim suits," I chuckled.

"This was your idea," Ams noted with a smug smirk.

Well, he was right. But what's wrong with enjoying a little marital nudity now and then? I was comfortable with my body and I didn't mind letting my husband see it when it was just us. It was also kind of fun to get past that inflappable exterior Ams put up... moreso lately than ever before. This Palpatine business...

No, no. This is a day for celebration, to be happy. You can think about the war tomorrow. I set myself straight, and answered Ams. "Well, as long as we can keep ourselves in check, Lover Boy..."

He carressed my cheek. "Well, we do have our little rule about anniversaries."

I nodded. "That and well..." I trailed off.


"Uh... it's that time again."

As I understood it in human females, they were likely to get pregnant anytime the ovum was outside of the ovary... which was most of the time, though there were times that were more sensitive than others. In Thanagarians, though, it was almost a holonegative. Human females had "safe times"... we had "unsafe" times. And I was about a day or so into one. So, unfortunately for my dear, excitable husband, any fun and games would have to wait for a couple weeks. Well, unfortunately for me, too, I thought wryly. Aside from the fact that I rather enjoyed our intimate interludes, the hormones from the primal mating drive wouldn't help matters.

But Ams just nodded. "All right, sweetheart." Then he paused. "Well, unless..."

"Unless what?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Well, it's been a long time since we even thought about it last..."

"Unless what?" I pressed.

He held me a little closer. "Well, what if we wanted to have another child?"

I blinked, a little stunned. "Do you?"

"Ah, well... I won't be the one carrying it around," Ams smirked. "It's really up to you."

"Well, it's something we should decide together," I noted. "Though, yeah, good point."

He shrugged. "I haven't really thought much about it, honestly. Especially not lately."

I smiled, and pulled myself up onto his lap, coming nose-to-nose with him. A bit of a cruel tease, but I wasn't trying to excite him. The genuinely innocent look I gave him helped him keep his cool; I just wanted to cuddle, no frisky stuff. "Well, you can think about it now."

He smiled as I got closer, and kissed me lightly before responding. "I can't say I'd object to us having a bigger family. And you and I aren't getting any younger," he admitted. "Of course, by the same token... we're not getting any younger."

I could see where that was going, both times. We did only have a handful of years left in our window of opportunity; but he was forty and I was turning thirty-nine in a couple months. The twins still ran us ragged at times... And yet, there was a stirring within me that told me to damn the pains and tribulations. We made it through the Terrible Twos, and the twins turned three a little while after the Ball. So, they were slightly less dependent on Ams and me...

"So, what do you want to do, Shy?"

Reason and instinct fought it out. And in the end, I just wasn't sure. "I don't know."

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob

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“Come on, sweetheart. For your birthday,” I needled as we walked in the door. I'd been trying to convince her to let me make dinner tonight in lieu of going out.

Shayera looked pensive for a moment. “I dunno.”

I reached over and squeezed her shoulder gently, giving her a smile. “Think about it. The kids will be there, no waiter pushing to bus the table... no high heels.”

She laughed. “You had me at heels. All right.” Then she moved closer, and locked those deep green eyes with mine. “And I have to say,” she whispered, “it's tempting to try opening up one my presents right now.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips. “No presents until after dessert.” She raised an interested eyebrow. “It wasn't a euphemism or innuendo.”

She smiled playfully, and said nothing more. I broke the brief silence, “So, what would you like for your birthday dinner?”

“I'll see what we have.”

“No,” I insisted. “Tell me. If we need anything, I'll go and get it.”

Shy groaned. “I don't wanna be a pain--”

“Be one,” I smirked. “Anything you want. Just tell me,” I stated as I kissed her cheek.

A few hours of ordering groceries and preparation (and locking Shayera out of the kitchen), everything was ready. The dining room was just off from the kitchen, so transportation was easy enough. Of course, there was the difficult challenge of getting the twins to come to the table and remain there. Then Shy was escorted to the dining room.

“All right. I'll admit, it was well-worth the wait,” she admitted as she looked across the table. “Are those Korschian oysters?”

I nodded. “I know they weren't on your list, but Canjra sent them a few days ago. She suggested I add them.”

They were a Thanagarian delicacy. Shayera had me try some when we went to Thanagar for Canjra's wedding. She said they were one of her favorites. I spent a week trying to shake the aftertaste. On the positive side for her, that meant she had them all to herself since I doubted the twins would want to try them.

Everything works out in the end, I thought with a tinge of amused irony.

“Please sit. Then you can look,” I said as Shy continued to gape at the spread. “Happy birthday.”

She sat, and continued to survey. “Wow... thank you.”

“We helped!” Kendra blurted.

Shayera eyed our daughter. “Did you now?” She looked back at me.

I nodded. “They both did. They wanted their Mommy to have the best birthday ever,” I smirked, unwittingly repeating what the twins had told me. Not quite verbatim, but close enough that I paused a moment.

But Shy didn't seem to notice. “Well, I'd say it is already,” she grinned at our children.

You have no idea, love. But that secret would wait until after dinner. Of course, being a secret, not even the twins were in on it. For having spies as parents, the twins were decidedly open-mouthed about anything they knew. But then again I supposed that was to be expected with a three-year old.

The meal progressed, mostly with the twins providing a fair amount of conversation. Questions, announcements, and declarations flowed forth from those two like water through a hose. I was tempted to sit back and marvel at them, but with a large number of questions either directed at or deflected to me, I didn't have much choice.

Most were typical, involving pointing at at this dish or that and asking what the contents were, if it tasted like candy or was it a vegetable, then following up with either a request to try some or a profound declaration they didn't like it because...

A touch of dark humor entered my mind. Some of their silly claims weren't that far removed from the garbage spewed out by a fair portion of Imperial officers. Of course, it was forgivable—even adorable—in Kris and Kendra. But what is passable at three and what is expected of supposedly educated adult...

“Why does Mommy have wings?”

Krischen's question snapped my reverie. Shayera glanced at me. “Maybe you should ask your father,” she smirked before attacking another oyster.

“Ahh,” I stammered. How does one explain xenobiology to a young child? You don't. Oh, she;s going to shoot me for this. Then again, a little teasing on a birthday was also a good thing. The day would just not be complete. “That's because Mommy is an angel.”

Shy's eyeballs nearly leaped from her skull... presumably to strangle me. She swallowed, hard, and looked me. “No. Otherwise, Mommy wouldn't think she exists.” Surprisingly, she was almost laughing. “It's a long story, honey,” she said to our curious son. “I'll explain it when you're older.”

“I want wings!” Kendra demanded.

That drew a laugh from both of us. “Maybe you'll get them, sweetie,” Shy smiled warmly. “Maybe you both will. Maybe not. But we'll probably know soon.”

“No, I want wings. Kris can't have them.”

“No, I want them more. You can't have them!”

Shy laughed again. “Hey, that's enough. If you're both good... maybe you'll get them.”

“I'll be good,” vowed Kris.

And Kendra swore, “And I'll be gooder!”

That little speed-bump of conversation aside, dinner progressed more or less smoothly. “I hope you three have saved some room for cake,” I remarked as I got up. And now a little acting, just to see the look on her face... “Oh, hon, I almost forgot. They didn't have the kind of cake you asked for. I hope what I got was all right.”

“Oh, don't worry about it. You went way out of your way for dinner,” she replied.

I had to suppress a knowing grin as I went back into the kitchen, and from a hiding place she'd never think to look, retrieved her birthday cake. I walked back through the dining room door, and set it down in front of her.

Her eyes became the size of Torpedo Spheres as she looked at it. “Is that... real?” She asked haltingly.

I nodded. “Real, genuine chocolate cake.”

Shayera wasn't really much one for eating, and definitely not a glutton. But at the moment, I swore she wanted to try to eat her birthday cake whole. Chocolate was a rare thing, after all. Only eight planets in the Galaxy had the climate to grow it. Granted, there were small private makers in artificial environments, but that was just a pale imitation. And Shy was an utter, complete chocoholic. She'd try to restrain herself, maybe indulging her sweet-tooth now and then. Hot chocolate was far and away her favorite beverage, easily outstripping her tastes for various—if ineffectual, in her case—spirits.

The cake itself was of decent size, three layers tall and covered in dark brown, real chocolate frosting. “Happy 39th Birthday Shayera” had been painstakingly written in colored frosting. There was not a hint of imitation product in it. It was a little expensive, but my wife's birthday was a special occasion and I'd be damned if I'd pinch decicreds for a special occasion like this. Or really any that pertained to my family. And she did seem like she'd enjoy it for the few moments it was in her mouth more than a piece of ornate jewelry or some silly trinket. Hell, if she wanted one every year—even every week—I'd do it for her. Even every day, but at the point, I'm not sure if the Galactic production would be able to keep up.

Of course, she wasn't quite that hyped-up over the sweet brown stuff. But then I noticed her cutting sections out of it, and then passing them to the twins. “Tell Mommy what you think of this, guys,” she was saying. “You've never had chocolate before.”

“Is it a vegetable?”

Always the mother. Gods, I loved her so much...

Then she cut me a slice. I tried to wave her off. “No, you get some too. For arranging all of this, you crafty...” she paused, nearly falling back on her usual vocabulary. “...devil.”

I nodded, planning on holding out and then letting her have it. Shy carved herself a piece and wasted no time severing a bite-sized chunk and thrusting it into her mouth. She let out a moan that for a brief instant made me wonder if we weren't making love and this was all some strange daydream.

“I don't really like this, Mommy,” Kendra sighed.

Shayera shot Kendra a look as if our daughter had just starting to chant in Ancient Sith. “Well, that's okay, Kendra. Would you like something else?”

The mouth-watering smell of the piece in front of me began to get to me. No... she'll probably want it, she's just being... well, her. But I looked at it, at the dark, moist inner core, the rich scent pouring off of it. All right, one little piece. She can have the rest.

But I was truly unprepared for the dusky explosion of flavor in my mouth. My jaw throbbed as I chewed the piece—rather, as it disintegrated into sheer flavor—and swallowed. All right, another piece...

“Good, isn't it?” Shy teased. I looked and realized that “one more piece” became about half of what was on my plate. Hers, however, was gone.

And there was a fair portion remaining of the cake itself. I started to slice off some more for Shayera, but she refused. “Not now. Later. As in tomorrow or so.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I'm sure,” she grinned, then looked at her chrono. “Uh-oh. Looks like it's about time two little munchkins got to bed.”

“I want more cake!” Kris demanded.

“You'll get a tummyache, honey,” she admonished. “But you can have some tomorrow after lunch... if you're a good boy and you get ready for bed.”

Krischen seemed to struggle with it. I helped him out. “Come on, Kris. I'll read you a story.”

He immediately came to my side, and I also received a wry smirk from my wife. “You boys... how about you, Kendra? Are you ready for bed?”

“Yes Mommy. I didn't really like that chocolate stuff.”

“It's all right, honey.” There was a smug underlying tone, and even a touch of greed in her eyes. Granted, she would never take anything away from the twins... but should they willingly relinquish it... All's fair in love and dessert.

She guided Kendra off while I took Kris with me to get him ready and read his story. I already knew he wanted it to be from that hovertrain book...

Much talk is made of mother's intuition, but I found my father's intuition to be on the mark for bedtime stories. Sure enough, Kris grabbed the book. I knew Shy really got into the characters, but well... I guess I lacked her storytelling skill. Still, it did help get Kris to sleep.

While I'd been reading, Kendra joined her twin brother. “I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned up,” her mother had whispered quietly in my ear.

Once those two were asleep, I went downstairs and cleaned up what was left. “We should really get a droid for this,” I muttered to myself. We once tried asking the Terminator with it... it responded by vaporizing the dirty plates and bowls. I'd considered running a system diagnostic at the time to see if it actually felt that was the best way to deal with the issue... or if some independent thinking coupled with a burgeoning sense of humor had arisen.

For a moment, I did reflect on the rather amusing fact that I was a Supreme Moff in the Galactic Empire, Director of Imperial Intelligence, supreme military and political commander for a full quarter of the Galaxy, commander-in-chief of the best troops the Galaxy had likely ever seen... and I was washing dishes. And I used to change diapers.

Then again, it was better than becoming a Yittreas or one of the various corrupt officers that dotted the starscape. So I got my hands pruney... better that than blood-soaked or catching who-knows-what from a harem of randomly kidnapped or bought-off women. Besides, it was actually rather humbling, being a husband and father who did work around the house. Shayera had noted once that she actually rather liked that, as compared to our first relationship.

After a while of quiet contemplation—and housework—I went upstairs to the bedroom. I didn't hear the shower running, Shy must've gotten out. The sound of a hair dryer started... all right, she was definitely out. I gave a gentle knock on the door to the 'fresher. “It's just me.”

“Okay,” she called. “Hey Ams?”


“Thank you. It was a wonderful evening.”

I smiled. “It was my pleasure.”

There was a pause. “Oh, you have no idea,” came the chuckled reply.

I laughed. Same old Shy. Sometimes I worried we'd be in our nineties and her libido would've have abated a single iota.

“I heard that. Clothes off, lover boy.”

“Well, someone is certainly taking charge,” I laughed.

She opened the door and poked her head out. It looked like she was wearing her teal night shirt. “That's why it's great to be the birthday girl. I'm supposed to get anything I want. And I wasn't kidding about the clothes.” She ducked her head back into the bathroom. I heard her brushing her teeth and gargling.

And what was there to do but comply? When the most beautiful woman in the Galaxy asks me to do something like that?

I shuffled under the covers, waiting for the birthday girl. “Oh, right. Above the covers,” she called. For a moment, I almost questioned how she heard that. It was sometimes easy to forget she was naturally gifted with keener senses than a human.

“All right, then. Above the covers,” I called back. What does she want for tonight?

She finally came out, and grinned. “Good boy.” Her teal top was left open, though still covering her save for a band down the center of her chest to her navel. However, the rest of her was quite bare; she wasn't wearing the bottom half of the ensemble.

She stalked over, gracefully and silently, slowly sloughing off her pajama top. Now she wore only a broad grin as she sat on the bed and draped herself across me. I put my arms around her and kissed her deeply, lightly stroking her feathers as I pulled her close. “So did you really like your birthday, love?”

Shayera grinned. “Yeah, I did. So, you feel like helping me end it on a very, very high note?”

I kissed her again, and she passionately returned it. “Absolutely.”

The score is now Ams +1. >_>

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I smirked at Ams, and he smiled up at me. I leaned in and kissed him lightly, tantalizingly, then rolled off of him.

Only then did I try to catch my breath. The aching burn of overused muscles began to make itself known. But, of course, there was the satisfaction. That soothed my burning limbs a bit.

Then a strong hand wrapped around mine, and the ache vanished from my mind completely. I turned my head, and Ams was still there, looking at me. The smile returned to my lips and I rolled onto my side to face him.

"That was fun," I teased.

He wiped the sweat from his brow. "Well, for you at least," he retorted with amusement.

"Aw, come on. You enjoyed yourself, just like every other time. I think you like having me kick your butt."

Ams chuckled. "Maybe."

I squirmed a little closer to him. "Still, you put up a good fight. Your saber work is getting better."

"Well thank you, Professor," he laughed.

I nudged his arm. "Ugh... I don't want to get up," I groaned as the aches made themselves known again.

Ams winced, sat up, and sighed. "We're getting too old for this," he said, only half-joking.

I scoffed, and propped myself up on an elbow. That helped. "Oh, come on. You're in good shape." I reached out lazily and grabbed his behind. "Everything important checks out to me."

He gave me a wry look, then took my groping hand and pulled me into a sitting position. "Sometimes I wonder what to do with you."

A laugh was the reply. "I dunno about you, but I could use a shower," I grunted, wiping a thick sheet of sweat away. It splattered on the gym mat with a distinct sound. Ewww... definitely need a shower.

"I think I'll take one too."

"Okay. Do you want upstairs or downstairs?"

Then he gave me that smile. "Which one are you taking?"

"The one where I'm alone," I shot back with a wry smirk. "Too beat for anything else."

The warm water splashed across me after I stepped into the shower. I resisted an urge to relax every muscle and just slump against the wall, under the spray. I turned on the side jets, and was rewarded with a comforting blast of hot water now on three sides. The aches from the vigorous swordplay almost completely faded.

I turned, getting one of the powerful side streams on my back, and let out an involuntary moan. I tried to remember the last time I craved a shower so much. I had to go all the way back to the end of the first Civil War, after the Rebels confused--somewhat understandably, I supposed--a peace offering for an attack force. With fifty people aboard a force of Acclamators.

Eh, they're political idealists... not geniuses, I shrugged. But what a clusterfrak that almost became.

Ams was a lot less open-minded then as he was now. He even admitted that he was tempted to burn Tatooine to a glass marble. I admitted that, if our positions were reversed, I might've after picking him up.

Sometimes I wondered just how seriously I meant it. Was it just spoken in anger? A dark joke? Or could I be driven to the point where I would commit such an act?

And it wasn't like I was particularly mistreated by the Rebels. Granted, Solo pushed me around a little and slapped me, but I had broken his jaw prior to that. The rest were actually rather decent in terms of prisoner treatment, especially once I explained the ships were a peace offering.

Especially one little blonde cadet... I had to smile when I recalled her. Salla, if I recalled. Salla Vivek. I supposed it was a touch of poetic justice, really. I'd been her interrogator when we nabbed Solo and her at the end of the war. So, then she runs into me during my imprisonment just before it really ended. But, it wasn't bad...

The dry stale air that permeated my cell on Tatooine was only matched by the dry, stale mood I was in. Granted, prison wasn't exactly meant to be a luxury resort, but I was damn bored. Of course, I wasn't even supposed to be incarcerated... but once again the Imperial Diplomatic Division proved themselves to be a pack of incompetent frakwits and they just happened to forget to send an envoy, a message, or any damned notification. They were lucky that none of my men were injured with anything worse than a post-stun hangover, or I'd definitely put in a word with a certain Moff with whom a had a rather nice... rapport about what to do with them.

Oh boy. What would Ams think of this mess? I wondered. Hopefully, my husband of seven months would react with his trademark Coruscanti stiff-upper lip instead of a planetary bombardment. But until he showed up--hopefully to pursue the peace treaty and get us the hell out of hack--I needed something to do.

And once again, I was stuck with the dilemma of the cell. There wasn't even sand in the room... somehow. I shrugged inwardly, got down on my knees and then my stomach. I twisted my hands around in the binders until I had them in a slightly comfortable position, with my fingers wide and palms down. I extended my arms as a test, and found that despite the cuffs, I could still a push-up without undue discomfort.

Well, that's something.Some quick position fixes, and then I was starting to whittle away my time doing push-ups. Then, if I had to escape on my own, I'd be in better shape to do it. If not, I wouldn't have gone crazy from boredom. But it wasn't long before someone opened the thick, metallic cell door. I looked up, and away after the bright light from the corridor outside seared my eyes. I began to remember the cell I was in wasn't particularly well-lit inside.

"What?" I asked the silhouetted figure in the doorway.

A female voice--oddly familiar--spoke up. "You want to eat, don't you?"

Ahh. Feeding time at the Rebel Zoo. I sat up. "Yeah, it'd be kinda nice if you people actually--" Then the voice began to really ring bells. My eyes narrowed. "Wait. I know you."

"Uh, no you don't," the female said, tensing up.
Oh yeah, I know exactly who you are. You're that little bitch that tried to shoot me!

"Sure I do. You're that cadet."

My eyes had adjusted to the lighting difference, and I could see her narrowing her eyes, trying to see into the dark. I realized I was still in the door's shadow. "Wh-who are you?"

I stepped into the light cast from the corridor. "Remember me now? You tried to kill me." I paused, to let the tension sink into her. "Lucky for you, I don't hold grudges."
Oh yes you do, that damned inner voice murmured. But there was no need to scare her too much more.

The girl gasped. "You!"
It's nice to be remembered. She paused a moment, then spoke again, with a touch of quavering bravado. "Wait, they got you?"

I grunted. "Yeah, yesterday."

The little blonde smirked and took a step into the cell. "Well, uh... oh..." But there was definitely a hint of confidence.
I could snap your little neck given half the chance, Blondie.

"Sorry, no table to put it on," I remarked about the tray of food she carried. "Just put it on the floor," I muttered sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

When I looked back at the girl, she was studying me. "I was planning to."

"Stop eying me, Blondie," I growled.

She flinched and darted her eyes away.
Ams was right. She is fragile. A pang of pity, even guilt washed over me. She quickly put the tray down near me, but not too close, without saying word. Not even eye contact. "Thank you," I said softly, pulling the tray to me.

"Uh, yeah," she said. She quickly turned away and headed for the door.

"I mean it. Thanks," I asserted. "Takes guts to do what you do."

She looked over her shoulder. "You mean that? After what happened?"

I shrugged. "War is war, Blondie." Her name still escaped me... too much of that day was better not revisited. "It's ugly and we do things we wouldn't normally do. But with any luck, this war will be over soon enough."

The girl turned all the way around and studied me again. "How soon?"

I had to smile at the hopeful tone. "I'm no Jedi," I shrugged.
I hope soon...

"But do you really think it'll happen?"

I nodded. This little blonde cadet wasn't so bad, once I got past the part about her pointing a blaster at me on the
Lusankya. "Yeah, I do."

"I don't want to experience anything like I did on Coruscant again."

Her candor was rather surprising. "Me either," I grimaced at the bloody, gruesome memories. Her name still eluded my recollection, and calling her "Blondie" would probably start to wear on her. "What's your name, anyway?"

The girl hesitated a moment, then replied, "Salla."

"Right; Salla Vivek," I recalled. "I'm Shayera."

There was a brief silence. Finally, I broke it. "You should probably go," I said with a little smirk. "They might count this as fraternizing with the enemy."

"Oh, no. If they didn't catch me after last night, I don't think they will. Then General even walked in on me," Salla said.

My eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Who was it?"

The younger woman shot me looked at me askance. "Who were you with last night?" I clarified.

"Oh, just some scruffy Imperial," she shrugged. "We've been capturing a lot lately."

No frakking kidding. "I noticed," I frowned. "One was my friend. His name's Nevin... do you know him?"

Vivek reacted as if I touched her with a live wire. "Y-yes..." she stammered.

"Is he all right?"

"Pfft, yeah, he's fine," she dismissed.
Oh... wow. Nevin, Nevin, Nevin... what did this girl do to you last night? Then again, she did look like Nevin's recently deceased betrothed. Frak, Nev... please tell me you didn't...

"Good to know," I said neutrally.
Does she do this with every prisoner? I give her one little compliment...

But Vivek shrugged at my comment. "I just gave him his meal... and, well, talked a little."

I picked up the tray of food on the floor--rather awkwardly because of the manacles--and carried it over to the slab-like cot in the room. When I looked up, Salla was still there, still studying me.
...Okay... "Um, do you need something else?"

She blinked, as if surprised. "Uh, no; just making sure you got that..."

I smiled. "I've got it."

The blonde nodded, then walked rather quickly out of the cell, stumbling on the knee-knocker along the way.
Nice kid, but what a ditz, I mused...

I smiled at the recollection. But then I realized I'd been standing there, in the shower, for however long it took that little mental replay to carry out. Then again, between the sweat and aches from the lightsaber fencing and actually picking up a real foil for the first time in ages, I figured I'd dally a little bit. After all, the day was still young; it was the weekend, the twins were probably waking up shortly.

And there was still the uncomfortable issue I had to discuss with my husband... and superior officer. It was, unfortunately, in the latter regard that it involved. Meh, no use putting it off in the shower. Get it over with, then depending on how he takes it, go from there.

I finished up, dried off, and threw on some knockaround clothes. Then I checked the twins' room; they were gone, their beds a mess of tangled sheets. I just shook my head, and straightened out their beds. I was tempted to grab a decicred coin and see if it bounced off the sheets.

We definitely need to start teach them to do this, though--
--Now wait a minute. They're only--
--Four. Five this summer. Wow. Time catches up, doesn't it?

I headed downstairs to the sounds of children laughing. The sound brought a smile my lips and my heart. Back in that cell on Tatooine, I definitely couldn't see myself as anyone's mother. Now, almost six years later... I couldn't imagine it any other way.

"Hey you two," I smiled.

"Hi Mommy," Kris said, his eyes fixed on the holoprojector, which was currently singing something about someone living in some thing under the Mon Calamari sea.

Kendra was apparently more transfixed than her brother. I walked over, and gently touched her shoulder. "Hey, sweetie."

She jerked, as if struck, whirled, and then smiled. "Hi Mommy!"

I knelt down, and she quickly embraced me. "So, I guess you like your cartoon?"

"What do you mean?"

Smiling, I kissed her forehead. "Nothing, honey. Just saying good morning. Do you know where Daddy is?"

Kris spoke up. "He's in... The Office."

The importance imbued on the last two words was evident, even in his four-year old voice. And with good reason: the office was the one place the twins weren't supposed to enter. If they needed Ams, me, or both of us when we were both working in there, they were to announce themselves at the intercom, then we'd take care of it outside of the room.

It seemed rather odd, even cold, at first, but there were things in there the twins didn't need to see, hear, or be exposed to. Yes, mostly it was paperwork, but it was set up so that, if need be, it could be an emergency war room. And many a conference--sometimes heated--took place within... when the time came to explain what their parents did for a living, Ams and I had agreed we'd tell them. But not a moment sooner.

I walked over to the sealed door, and knocked. A moment passed, and it hissed aside. "Oh, Shayera. I thought it was the twins again," Ams said with some surprise.

"Nope, just me. Am I interrupting the fate of the Empire at the moment?" I smirked.

He laughed. "No, just some paperwork. What's up?"

"Uh," I paused a moment, figuring out how to phrase it. "Well, I need to add to that paperwork." I walked into the room, and the door slid shut. Sitting down in a chair, I looked at Ams. "Please don't take this personally... but I'm requesting a change of designator. And yes, I know there's a demotion involved with what I want, but... I still want to do it."


I sighed. "How do I explain..."

Ams was still looking at me. "Are you asking for a transfer, Shy?"

"No! No, no!" I quickly corrected. "No, I'll stay on as security chief. I rather like my job and the... perks."

He raised an eyebrow. "Perks? What--oh. Right..." He chuckled. "I should've seen that coming."

Ams paused a moment, then became serious again. "So, you just want a change of designator? To what?"

"Intel SecCombat. I know my marksmanship is good enough for it, so is hand-to-hand." I shrugged. "And I get to keep my position."

"But, why go through the hassle? And when you know, apparently, that I'd have to demote you?" he asked.

He's either gonna laugh or think I'm crazy. Or both. Probably both. "To be honest, I don't feel I earned my rank. I mean, you promoted me on the spot to Executive six years ago. Then Vader bumped me to Administrator--which was really nuts. Seriously, Ams. Administrator is comparable to a frakkin' High General or Fleet Admiral. And I'm a glorified bodyguard and secretary."

"No, you're not--"

I shot him a look. "I wasn't born yesterday. 'Security Chief for the Director' and 'Personal Assistant to the Supreme Moff' are exactly what I said. But, I get to work alongside my husband and rarely get shot at, we come home to our children every night, and we make more than enough money to live comfortably and stash some away for their education.

"But Ams, seriously... even after getting demoted, I'm still ranked the same as a full general, and I'm paid almost twice as much. It's not right."

He blinked. "Wait, you're doing this out of some sense of patriotism?"

"No. And no, you can't sell it to ImpNet as that, either," I warned. "I just don't feel right in that position, with that high of a rank. It's... wrong. I didn't earn it."

"Well, Shy, you probably wouldn't have had the chance. You'd just get shuffled from one clerks' post to another," he noted.

"Yeah, I know. And I don't really feel like cutting my teeth in the company like you did." I paused, smiling briefly at the image. "Besides, they'd probably try to stuff me into some stupid catsuit for missions.

"But really... I want to change my designator. And if that means you bust me back to Lieutenant, well," I trailed off. Part of me was terrified that I'd be tossing aside the highlight of my career. "I'm willing to climb up the ladder the old-fashioned way."

"I see," Ams said, leaning back in his chair. He turned to a terminal, turned the screen so I could see it, and then pulled up my personnel file.

"Damn, that's a lousy holo," I grunted. "So, are you going to have me watch as my career gets thrown out an airlock?"

He just gave me a wistful smile. "No. Although," he trailed off, and scrolled to a small, recent notation. "You requested starfighter pilot training?"

I nodded. "The one thing missing my from my SecCombat qualifications."

He leaned back. "I thought you did fighter sims at the Academy. I did, and we were in the same year..."

Now it was my turn to give a rueful smile. "Yeah, well... you know how the instructors liked to pick me out for... enhanced training?" I asked, using an ancient euphemism for throwing impossible scenarios at a trainee in hopes of washing them out.

He just nodded. I continued. "Well, you know how they would do the cascade failures in the flight sims; to see how you'd cope and if you'd soldier on like a good little Imperial, bail out, or just plain crack? How many times did you get a complete systems failure in all systems, including the stuff that it's physically impossible to cut out unless you're flying into a black hole or supernova?"

"I think once."

"Lucky you. At least twenty that I remember, maybe a couple more. I essentially washed out of fighter training, and only my academics, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand scores kept them from completely tossing me out," I recalled.

"You suspect it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage you?"

I turned my eyes back from holo of Ams, the twins, and me to my husband. "Is a dead man the Emperor again?"

"There are other ways to go about it than enlisting in a fighter training program."

"No. You're not changing the scores, and you're not tracking down the instructors. They're probably dead or discharged anyway, and I don't want Imperial credits wasted on my personal little vendetta with some prejudiced jackasses. Besides, it would look bad if it ever got out," I joked about the last part. "I'm going to try it again. If I pass, I pass and I get qualified. If not... at least I'll have tried on equal terms."

He sighed. "Why don't you do the fighter trials first, and then we'll see about changing your designator?"

I thought it over. "All right. But either way, I think I should still be lower."

"We'll see," he remarked. "Just as long as my favorite bodyguard doesn't go away."

I stood up and grinned. "Considering it's your body I get to guard, I'm not gonna let anyone else take the job."

He shook his head, laughing. "Go on, get out of here. Some of us still have work to do."

I started to walk out. I was just about to open the door when Ams spoke up again. "Oh! I almost forgot... do you have the arrangements set up for training?"

I turned. "Umm... I was going to look into that after this talk, in case you said no."

"Look up a man named Stele. He's currently acting as an instructor," he advised. "Might not be there for long; he's one of our best pilots. Palpatine wants him to form up an elite squadron."

"...Uh, I think you're jumping the gun a bit, Ams."

"Oh, I'm not worried about him snapping you up. You were never a good pilot anyway," he teased. "Even when the instructors didn't blow up the ship."

"Careful Ams... you may be the superior officer in the Empire, but I can put you out of the couch on a whim," I retorted, complete with wagging finger.

I opened the door, and was halfway across when I heard him say, in mock submission, "Yes ma'am."

Ahh, my husband... sometimes I'm not sure whether to laugh or whack him upside his head, but I gotta love him.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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