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City of Aithikia, Crete Underwater Colonies
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » "Coronus" » City of Aithikia, Crete Underwater Colonies
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 Post Posted: Sun, January 13th 2008 11:16pm    Post subject: City of Aithikia, Crete Underwater Colonies
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Crete Underwater Colonies

City of Aithikia

Once the Dark Knights of Geonosis, are now the Justices of Aithikia

- Völundr
- Hjörvard
- Fëanor
- Moriquendi
- Eöl
- Maeglin
- Ossiriand
- Aelaral
- Kornae

Security Checkpoint Leaders
Once the Doorkeepers of Origin Zero, now the Checkpoint Leaders

- Hrothgar
- Desmill
- Olana
- Merias
- Lorana
- Waaliiist
- Mooni
- Desada
- Volde
- Mort[/b]

Otaanga Medical Facility:
Chief Medical Doctor: Alan Christof

Doctors w/ Rank [By Last Name Only]:

- Yindsay
- Niibs
- Kiiimarillo
- Saairra
- Saxiarmo
- Taamario
- Renaold
- Eesenda

Medical Nurse Team Command Staff:

- Nurse Keia
- Nurse Lola
- Nurse Frapn
- Nurse Nreos
- Nurse Pooqual

Cloning Facilities

Alatáriël Pallanén wrote:
Female Model: Serenity
Species: Human
Units Under Production: 500,000

Male Model: Hero
Species: Human
Units Under Production: 500,000

Traxion Prison Complex

Eve's Complex

Zerconian Hive

Lady of Geonosis Spire

Quarren Guard Barracks

Subfighter Hangars

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Joined: 26 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Mon, January 14th 2008 10:49pm    Post subject:
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The City of Aithikia.

The walls, the buildings, the walkways, even the droids, were polished with a beauty never seen by any creature of the galaxy. Eve was the first, and only inhabitant, besides her droid counterparts. Droidekas deployed, as astro droids rolled along peacefully, beeping at the remarkable imagery they were taking in.

Eve had personally designed most of the City, using techniques and architecture that the most gifted of organics would be pressed to match or improve upon. It wasn't suitable for life yet, the oxygen tanks still being installed and checked for biological conditions of the many races that would be here.

A billion lifeforms would be able to live comfortably, yet for now, she didn't mind the absence.

With a loud bellow, something caught Eve's attention overhead. A massive creature bellowed a second time, it's own eyes looking straight through the environmental field between them. "A banthrax." She said aloud, not to anything in general, but for self recognition purposes.

The creature bellowed again, and strangely, Eve caught the melody of the creature. Was it singing? Interesting enough, she recorded the melody and continued towards her primary destination...
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Tue, January 15th 2008 01:05am    Post subject:
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"You're giving Sark clearance to the city?" Ophelia's voice emerged behind the supercomputer's complex. Although the Human Replica Droid was not present, she was en route.

Using the vocal abilities of the chamber, Eve spoke. "I am."

Ophelia was taken back, her own systems recently reprogrammed from the loss of her...latest mission, and the loss of her prized Droid Control Ship. "May I ask why?" confusion wasn't the only thing in her tone, but a hint of fear.

The massive supercomputer pondered for a moment, only increasing Ophelia's anxiety subroutines, and a small, human, answer came, "He is family."

"He is dangerous." she retorted immediately, hesistating on expressing defiance. "He tried to kill Ryan. He tried to kill Arlyn."

A second voice emerged in the chamber, "That's possible, but unlikely." The replicated and intregrated version of the supercomputer answered as she entered the room. "Ophelia, do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course, but I do-"

"Let me show you something."

The supercomputer returned to silence, the need to speak was unnecessary with the HRD communicator present. The HRD was able to show, and physically explain something, far superior than an immobile unit ever could.

The walkway was long, and silent, but they arrived at the small droid factory that was underconstruction. "This will be the first model of the City, and I think you have a right to know why Sark is being granted the right to return."
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Thu, January 17th 2008 05:22pm    Post subject:
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The factory doors swilved and turned, the massive process of unlocking and entering the various internal security measures. The Supercomputer's connection to Risso's ship had been terminated, and the shuttle was destroyed. Was he lost?

No. The internal chip that had been planted was still active, he was alive, but aboard the Keeramak's flagship.

"High Alert status activated." Eve stated, coherent with her supercomputer counterpart. "Begin to arm the city's defenses."
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 Post Posted: Mon, January 21st 2008 04:14pm    Post subject:
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"The three sons of Rootai." Eve stated, walking to meet the city's latest officers. Arlyn had invited them here as overseers, and Eve understood why. Their abilities as a species was rather interesting, and they no doubt, found her mental silence just as curious. Umbarans.

"Tye Moore." the first male stated, before he and his brothers bowed before the Human Replica Droid. "And you either have a powerful mind or are, quite, inhuman."

Eve answered, "Replicated droid."

They acknowledged, respecting her existence.

"Master Droid of Aithikia." the youngest son played with her title, and she didn't find any interest in it. She handed them their duties, and their pay before leaving them behind. For now, their purpose was simple. To get the residents in, and establish order.

She had work to do, and Sark was no doubt edging closer to penetrating the city's entrance. It was part of her plan, and she knew why he was coming.
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Tue, January 22nd 2008 07:27pm    Post subject:
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Inner Rim Territories
-Transitory Mists
--Hapes Cluster
----Hapes Consortium Government Files
-----Brote Heckler

Eve accessed all information that was available to Ketra, Ford and Heckler's reign, and whatever information that had been acquired during the time frame.

Public Holonet

General Search: Hapes

She collected, her supercomputer pulling from all public resources.

Rebellion Security Files
-General Search, with Arlyn's clearance codes: Hapes

Walking into the subfighter, she was taken to the surface. It wasn't safe to send a transmission, not yet. A shuttle waited on the waves, the transition went rather smooth, as she boarded and it took off.

Tye Moore was already aboard, his sulken eyes gleaming as the droid appeared. "You don't want to know what the pilots think of you." he teased, as the thrusters fired at maximum power.
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Ryan Davad

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 Post Posted: Wed, April 09th 2008 10:45pm    Post subject:
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At last they had arrived at the City of Aithikia. Not wanting to catch much attention, the sub had entered one of the low key sectors of the already vacant city. Not much lived here, except the Zerconian Geonosians, and the army of droids. More would come, eventually, but for now, the vacancy wasn't so bad.

Damian played with the controls of the sub fighter, his harmless tamperings were made possible by the disabled keypads, and the autopilot the sub had. It's course was steady, and the artificial light the city created, was remarkable. The architecture that Eve had used was amazing, in all aspects.

"The second life." Rambaldi had once spoken, "A true soul, will never die." Ryan had researched this philosophy, and despite the billions of references, nothing had true fact behind it's afterlife presence. Even the Jedi were confused when it came to this subject, and Ryan had decided it may be best to remain quiet on his wonderings.

The essence of Ssi-Ruuvi technology had finally made it's final installments, and the implementation of some creative testing was finally underway. Although this man's life was virtually over, he would've died had it not been for the carbonite freezing process his wife had ordered.

The Human Replica Droid relays were a complicated series of investments, and the art of perfection was so rare, that it was unlikely that many models existed in the galaxy. It wasn't a secret that the Jedi were unable to detect his life presence, but it didn't adhere to the fact that he was sentient...

Whether the Force Sensitives realized it or not, Ryan was not to be detected. His actions were silent, and no mystical energy would be able to sense his movement...supposedly.

Damian yawned, stretching slightly in his father's arms, before returning to his dreamily state. "Lord Davad..." a Geonosian clicked, rather surprised to see the husband of the Lady. Ryan cupped his finger to his mouth, attempting to ensure the silence for the sleeping child, while he whispered orders.

"Can you put my son to bed?" Ryan asked, finally. The winged creature swept in immediately, taking the honor with a considerable bow, before taking to the sky with Damian wrapped carefully.

Ryan moved more quickly now, allowing his mind to venture back to the Ssi-Ruuvi technology. Hypothetically, the Human Replica Models could be perfected to assume the grafting abilities of the human subject, and in essence, be a perfect double. That had been achieved, several years prior with a business associate of Arlyn's.

The new idea, was to take the soul from a dying human, and place it into the Replicated body. It was only at the early stages of development, and would probably take a decade or two to perfect, but with positive hope, this was possible.

The doors to the science chambers hissed as Ryan Davad and his carbonite friend entered...

Ryan Davad
Human Replica Droid
dubbed "Lord of Droids"

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Alatáriël Pallanén
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 Post Posted: Tue, December 09th 2008 06:24pm    Post subject:
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The Fountain of Patriot Annatashia

The tip of her finger created several ripples throughout the fountain, the cool liquid sent a pleasurable feeling throughout her body. It wasn't water that filled the fountain, but a foreign substance that was considered divine and celestial to several species. To a scientist, however, it held antitoxins and unique chemicals that a single touch, calmed the body and refreshed the mind.

To many residents on Coronus, the fountain had become a taboo, some avoiding it, and other devoting hours basking in the liquid's calm demeanor. It was, to Ryan's satisfaction, non-addictive. During times of war, where family and friends lived on probable BDZ targeted worlds, it provided them with a strange, infectious sense of hope.

For the thanagarian, however, it calmed her from the worries and the strategic operations. The war was slower than she had anticipated, and the Galactic Holonet was much more difficult to navigate without Eve's supercomputer to assist her. Almost impossible to pick out phrases, and transmissions that would help them.

The Bothan Spynet, despite Bon'varlo's dedications, proved to be a difficult ally to work with. Bothans were paranoid, almost as gifted as her own, but not quite. They still worked with several of her agents, and through information trade, they had provided valuable intelligence.

It was difficult to track the Galactic Empire with the minor resources she had, even with the use of friends and other governments. But she had recently hired several internal agents, people that passed freely in and out of Imperial space. It was a start.

She watched the fountain, it's organic texture replenishing the lost substance, as fraction as it was, while sterilizing Arlyn's touch. It was constantly pure, and that was one of the puzzling facts about the design.

Arlyn drifted to a daydream state, wishing she could have a typical family day on one of their favorite worlds, versus feeling trapped by Coronus and its remote location. It was a beautiful city, well beyond Eve's greatest explanations, but it was becoming more and more of a prison.

With Palpatine returning to the very reign of the Empire, entire civilizations could disappear, vaporized in seconds.

To be honest, this planet held everything she cared for. Her family, her friends, and her greatest achievements. The only thing it lacked, were her Rebellion allies, and friends. She disagreed with some, but it was a friendship she could not turn her back on.

She waited for their call, their need of aide... for now, however, she built her own defenses. She couldn't rely on the Rebellion to protect her family, her children, no, it was her charge to keep.

She stuck her finger into the fountain, and a cool relaxing emotion overcame her. It was enough to calm her worries for now, but she knew she couldn't sit by the fountain any longer.

Her wings lifted her, as geonosians followed closely behind. Guards weren't needed here, but they insisted.

* * *

Factories roared with the latest designs, as several clone groups marched into formation, before transversing the city. They were undergoing some of their last training operations, and she was rather pleased with how they turned out. They were all designed for special operations, the most gifted of agents.

A group of fresh wookiees played a sport from their homeworld, maintaining their speed and strength on their day of rest. It was fun to watch, when Arlyn wasn't in the War Room, the Room of Seven Galaxies, Eve's supercomputer complex and the rebuilding attempts her people were making. It wasn't easy, and it may take decades before they recover what they once had.

Ryan felt more lonely, the absence of his mind-friend caused him to dedicate most of his time to rebuilding her. It was sad to see him push his HRD abilities to his peak, but he seemed to have to feel like he was doing something...

That emotion trickled throughout the Zerconian forces, all wanting a piece of the Empire, yet understanding the importance of maintaining the pace that had been set. Only Admiral Freyja would see the front lines, and only her. Arlyn had decided not to pledge any more forces, any more offenses, but focus purely on the defense of their homeworld.

Once total defense had been achieved, then they could look for offensive strategies.

* * *

She landed outside one of the zoology museums, where she was meeting several independent agents, that held very little allegiance to anyone, unless the creditbook was high enough...or, a favor was to be owed.

"Lady Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad," the female commander spoke softly, her eyes wide with anticipation, "It's been a long time since my cell had been activated, pre-Rebellion, if I recall correctly."

A second, yet similar female curled her lips adding, "She always recalls things correctly. Why now? Is it the war, hmm? We were nothing, but soldiers to you."

Arlyn collected herself, "True, but not entirely. You served with me, not for me."

"Now we serve you," the first female hissed, almost ready to reject the mission that had been set out.

"You have been invited to one of my most delicate secrets," Arlyn's voice was quick, "The time and the energy needed to manage your emotions, is something I do not wish to waste here. You answered my plea, now I will answer yours. Consider your biggest worry, solved."

"You ki-" the two women asked together, then were silenced by Arlyn's answer.


The twins glanced at each other, then turned to face Arlyn immediately. "We accept your offer, mi'lady." Both entering a passive stance, with eyes not losing a beat of the conversation.

Arlyn nodded, "I'm sending you to Corellia, where Karlos Ketra and one of the clones will be waiting. I have a feeling that our Imperial asset will be in the system... do what you do best, ladies. Don't let me down." Their seductive smiles caused two of the nearby wookiees to growl. It wasn't their bodies, or their facial expressions, but the pheromones they had released.

Arlyn walked into the museum, where two of her children were waiting for her...

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