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Stategic Locations
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Questions and Suggestions » Stategic Locations
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 Post Posted: Tue, October 07th 2008 09:17pm    Post subject: Stategic Locations
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Hey, I was just taking a look at the Galactic Map, an I noticed that every faction has planets literally everywhere. I mean, both Hapes and Nespis have planets scattered everywhere. If there was a war (an if I'm correct, there is), wouldn't it be for the most part, impossible to send rienforcements and supplies too these far-flung planets?

An the trade-routes, their just a jumble. :P If this was real (or I should say cannon), wouldn't these strongholds along the trade-routes process thousands of tons of commercial and private shipping. Giving the faction that controls the said planet a advantage?

I mean, this even goes for the major factions (Rebellion and Empire). The rebellion seems for the most part, centralized, yet when you go past the Hydian Trade Route it appears they are basically surrounded by Imperial planets. An vice-versa when discussing the Empire and their holdings of Kessel, Utapau, Anoat, Hoth and Eridau.

Just bringing up some concerns of mine. 8)
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Tue, October 07th 2008 09:31pm    Post subject:
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Legitimate concerns. Of course, bear in mind that usually a strategic world is taken first--regardless of location when you can travel at millions of times the speed of light--then surrounded by buffer worlds to provide a wall against invasion. We've had this aspect in the battle and strategic systems for some time... though you can bypass a world on the way to another, rest assured that they will sound the alarm.

And communications are even faster than ships.

So, if someone were to invade Coruscant, they'd have to go through about a half dozen Imperial worlds. If no action was taken on those worlds other than detection and sending along a warning, then that fleet could go all the way to a very, very well-prepared Coruscant with a defense force expecting them. Of course, if they did take action (such as switching on an Interdictor at the worlds not yet reached)... the invasion fleet could take extreme losses before they even knew what hit them.

And since travel by hyperspace route is much fast and more efficient than some kind of insane, looping course to avoid detection at all costs... you're going to have to break some fortress worlds to reach a target. Either that, or risk having already lost the war by the time you reach your target.

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Adria Reyna
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 Post Posted: Wed, October 08th 2008 04:19am    Post subject:
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Also, several worlds have been gained via diplomatic agreements, and with the Empire having only recently revived agressive expansion - we're gradually building up extensions to the more far-flung reaches.

On the other hand you can just blame Ams as his, up until Adria started a huge expansion in the Galactic South-East, namby-pamby liberal approach to Galactic Relations if you want to as well, that also works. :P

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Han Solo
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 Post Posted: Wed, October 08th 2008 01:55pm    Post subject:
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Well, you can blame that to everyone being power hungry and personally, it's a major detractor of the game. Everyone is out to get planets and that's what happened early on with SWVIII. They didn't care where they were located, they just wanted something to call their own. Hopefully we can start swinging things back the other way and get things back on track.
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 Post Posted: Tue, November 18th 2008 02:57pm    Post subject:
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There are many reasons a system becomes a keystone. For some, it is the name and its impact on galactic history. For others, material resources. Still others, it becomes holding a position on a major trade route.

It is this reason that Corellia is a demilitarized zone. With the armaments that the Rebels and the Empire have to throw at one another, this system would be heavily contested piece of real estate, worthy of the attentions of several fleets.

However, given proper motivation and reasoning, any single system can become a major hassle and an invaluable asset. A system, whether on the fringes or in the Deep Core, is worth what you are willing to pay for it. Victory, then, becomes a matter of whether or not your opponent is willing to pay more for it.

Still, you have a valid point. War will find a way to balance these matters out, however, and as we stand on the brink... well, I somehow doubt that this will be an issue in the near future.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Questions and Suggestions » Stategic Locations
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