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YT-2400 Freighter - Kinrath
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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Thu, January 11th 2007 03:54am    Post subject: YT-2400 Freighter - Kinrath
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Pilot: Tensig Fey'kel
Co-Pilot: Valia Eross

Armament: Laser cannon turret
Cargo: Various spare parts

The Kinrath was given to Tensig Fey'Kel from the Alliance as a gift for his help in providing information. Normally being a rather expensive class of ship, its state of complete disrepair brings its worth much lower than it normally would be. Despite this, it can still operate at a rate that would surprise most first impressions.

The repairs on the ship are ongoing as Tensig attempts to restore the YT-2400 to it's former state.

Repair Status: Flying wreck

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Valia Eross

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 Post Posted: Fri, January 12th 2007 04:38am    Post subject:
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I walked through the corridors, which were cramped, dark and stale compared to what I had known until this point. I had adjusted to spacetravel onboard the ship which had taken me from Mantell almost four months ago, but there were some things that sent my stomach into knots. The piloting of the captain also had not been encouraging.

I had just woken up, used the 'fresher (which was one of the best things modern civilization could afford) to wash myself and I intended to speak to the Bothan about the deplorable state of the vessel. I had woken up to see a fresh batch of...some kind of dust covering my bed. Additionally, the--

I stumbled as my foot came in contact with something on the ground. I looked down, angrily, and saw the annoying black squawk-box. “Get out of here!” I yelled at him. He slammed his chassis into my ankle and wheeled his way down the corridor.

I continued to the cockpit, recalling my last thoughts before that obnoxious little “mouse” droid interrupted me. I recalled that I was going to the cockpit because I had discovered another flaw the ship. The power coil coming from the engine had been completely polarized – I knew little about ship maintenance, but I also had maintained several Resistance speeder bikes for several years past their life expectancy. If the coil was not replaced soon, we would be dead in space with nothing more than thrusters and auxiliary power.

It amazed me that this ship was gifted to Tensig as a reward; it seemed like a curse.

I finally arrived at the cockpit door and pressed my finger against the button. The door did not open, so I pressed again. I screamed in a fright as a panel burst open besides me, spraying some kind of gaseous compound into my face.

Groaningly angrily, I pushed the panel closed and shooed the smoke from my face. Pulling the vibroblade from my arm holster, I stuck it into the crack between the door and the hull of the ship. Applying pressure to the handle, I managed to get enough leverage to squeeze the door open just enough to fit my fingers in.

I looked in through the crack, my hair coated with the glossy substance, to see Tensig sitting in the pilot's chair, continually monitoring the course of the ship. I stepped across the loose wires laying in the corridor into the pristine-by-comparison environment of the cockpit and merely uttered these words, “We need a new power coil. And a new ship!” before I retreated back into the bowels of the ship.

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Tensig Fey'kel

Joined: 17 Jun 2006
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Location: Here, obviously. Sheesh.

 Post Posted: Fri, January 12th 2007 05:30pm    Post subject:
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"Thank you for your opinion, yet again," Tensig muttered sarcastically. He turned his head slightly to see if she had heard him, but noticed that she was gone. "Besides, the ship just has a bit of character to it, that's all."

His eyes scanned the navicomputer once again, making sure the course was set properly. It was hard to believe that he was heading back to Nar Shaddaa after his last incident, but Val made it clear that she was interested to see what the Smuggler's Moon had to offer. Although Tensig had no interest in seeing it again, he figured Val would have a good time. Someone with her personality will fit right in.

He secretly hoped that the navicomputer would suddenly make them veer off course so he could avoid Shaddaa once again. His luck had been going well for him up until now, and given the condition of the ship, an error in the navigation wouldn't be surprising. However, every time he checked, the course was the same.

Suddenly, he remembered what Val had said. He thought they had a spare coupling somewhere back in the cargo hold, but with the junk already back there, it might be a little difficult to--

A panel on the wall beside him suddenly burst open in a flash of sparks, hanging on by a weak hinge. He stared at it for a long moment, then used a finger to push it open slowly. Once it was nearly enough for him to see inside, another flash of sparks shot at him, causing him to pull back his hand in fright. He tried again to get a look at it, but another flash made him decide to leave the panel alone.

"Like I said," he muttered with a grin, "character."

A high-pitched whistle brought him back to reality as Mace was waiting near the cockpit door. He was anxious to get Tensig back into the main hold for repairs. The droid's stature made doing repairs himself a tedious task.

"Alright, I'm coming. We'll be coming up on Shaddaa in a few minutes, so let's see if we can find that extra coupling, eh?" the Bothan said, still bearing a smile. He rose from his chair and slowly made his way toward the door, all the while keeping a close eye on the explosive panel before leaving the room.

EDIT: Forgot to mention :p

The Kinrath is now en route to Nar Shaddaa.

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Valia Eross

Joined: 21 Jun 2006
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 Post Posted: Sat, January 13th 2007 02:59am    Post subject:
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I pulled the brush through my tangled hair, dipping its long black strands into the industrial sink that was positioned on the wall before me. The milky substance was all over my head, but I was slowly working to clean it out...unfortunately, it was proving most difficult.

Sighing, I cupped my hands under the water stream and threw it into my face. The remnants of the vapor substance were all but gone from my skin, but my hair refused to give up a few spots. I shut the water off for a moment and looked around the room, allowing some time for my hair to dry.

I was in the engine room, the only room with a large enough sink...for some reason. The sound of the engines hummed in steady ambiance around the enclosure. At least, any normal ship's engines would. These motors clanked every few seconds, making me wonder if I had underestimated the damage to the coil.

Why did I sign up to go with this blundering Bothan? Nar Shaddaa sounded like a promising resource, but it would not help me if we never got there.

I sighed and turned the sink back on, re-submerging my hair. It was not long until I heard a familiar sound of clumsy feet and high-pitched servos rotating. I parted my wet hair in front of my face and looked beyond the gap; Tensig and his droid.

“Decide to maintain your ship?” I muttered.
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Tensig Fey'kel

Joined: 17 Jun 2006
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Location: Here, obviously. Sheesh.

 Post Posted: Sat, January 13th 2007 03:35am    Post subject:
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Mace cooed in response to Val's remark. Tensig, his head now stuffed within a large pile of supply crates and junk, ignored her and continued his search. He was beginning to tire of her constant stabs at him or the ship, but then again he hadn't seen her with any other sort of attitude. He was beginning to wonder if she had any moods other than "bitter."

"I got it!" he called out, holding the part out from the pile for everyone to see. He threw his weight back onto his feet and stood up, looking over the power coupling. Funny that a single part could wreak such havoc on a ship's engines and leave them stranded in open space. Even the smallest part could do a lot of damage. The nearby engines let out another loud clank. If any more damage was possible, Tensig thought.

"You were looking for this?" he asked the woman as she strode toward him. Her eyes held the usual icy stare while her hand snatched it from him. Trying to get some sort of response out of her, he smiled, but she just watch him a moment, then turned to the engine and went to work.

Tensig didn't want to say anything, but his judgement got the better of him and he simply said it, "A little more thanks here and there wouldn't kill anyone." He noticed Val had muttered something, but he didn't hear what it was. Only after did he realize that his tone was a little more harsh then he intended and tried to change the topic.

"We'll be there soon. I'll be in the front, if you need me," he said quietly, followed by another coo from Mace. Tensig's head lowered slightly and he wandered back toward the cockpit with Mace at his heels.

He hoped she would eventually warm up to him, otherwise this would be a long trip. A very long trip. Then again, she could handle herself. Maybe if things got out of hand he could just leave her there. A smile touched his face as the thought crossed his mind, but only for a moment before it faded away.
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Valia Eross

Joined: 21 Jun 2006
Posts: 22

 Post Posted: Mon, February 12th 2007 04:02am    Post subject:
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I closed the panel and activated the disabled power distribution system. The ship seemed to growl as the initial draw of energy sapped juice from the other systems. Soon, however, the sound died down and was replaced by the familiar drone of the poorly maintained mechanical workings. I let a smirk play on my face, though, when I saw the soft, affirmative green light from the indicator illuminate the pit.

Standing up from the small depression in the floor, I re-activated the sublight engine standbys and took the tools back to their place. Thanks to me, we could now land when we reached our destination – probably just for that Bothan to trip down the ramp and break his neck when we exited.

I left the engine room behind me and walked through the narrow corridors of the ship. It always crossed my mind how a ship in such a deplorable state could have been considered a gift from the Alliance instead of a curse. Yet, Tensig had accepted it with glee. I would have taken the thing and sold it for scrap.

The doors of the cockpit slid aside (for once) as I slapped the button. I saw Fey'kel sitting in the pilot's chair. “Well, it's in,” I informed him. “but it still sounds like things are about to fall apart,” I continued. I cast an inspecting gaze over the enclosure again. “or already have.”

“It might not be the engine. I've been hearing a noise like it up here for awhile now,” he admitted.

I moved through the doorway and let my weight rest against the hard metal wall. “I applaud you for managing to narrow it down to just one noise,” I said with both cynicism and gratification in my voice.

“I never said it was one. It is a new one, though,” he returned.

“and what is it?” I asked.

“Uh,” he hesitated as he looked towards a little object on the floor. “Mace?” The droid beeped and scurried past my legs and down the corridor. “We've got someone on it,” Tensig added in utmost seriousness.

His continued reliance on that little box of evil made me roll my eyes. Still, I supposed that the droid did have a way of getting things done, so I wouldn't question it. I would just mock it within the silence of my mind at every possible opportunity.

The navicomputer beeped, attracting Tensig's attention. “Hmm, looks like we're here. The wondrous moon of Nar Shaddaa,” he introduced me to the planet as he deactivated the drive.

Immediately I felt the base of my skull slam into the metal wall behind me, a groan and a curse slipping out of my mouth. I was pressed to the wall and I could see Tensig was pushed against the back of his seat. “That's new,” he remarked quietly. “Everything still intact?”

As the inertia released me, I pushed away from the wall and rubbed the back of my head, bringing a cold glare to bear at Tensig. “What was that?” I demanded.

“I dunno,” he shruggered, looking over his instruments. “But the good news is that we're still flying. I'll look into it when we're back on solid ground.”

If we are,” I corrected.

Fey'kel seemed to ignore my helpful statement of fact. He was much more involved with the sensor overlays. “Hmm,” he said, casting what I interpreted as a frown over the readout. “I don't see any of Tyron's ships.”

I was poised to quip back at him, but I then realized the great sphere floating before my eyes, seemingly just meters outside the viewport. I had seen Denon, as I had seen Mantell, from space, but every new planet – or moon - seemed to add a new dimension to this new experience for me. I imagined it would at some point wear off, but for the time, I was content to gaze in wonder at these showcases of the galaxy.

“What is the deal with him?” I asked, breaking my near-catatonic state and returning to my apathetic demeanor, as I moved closer to the viewport. “Your fur seems to...I don't know – but it does something when you talk about him.”

“It's, uh, a long story,” Tensig assured me. “Let's just say I left a sour taste in his mouth. Or rather, in his bank account.”

“And you think yourself important enough that he would be scattering ships everywhere for you?”

“This guy doesn't take failure lightly,” he said pointedly as he directed the ship closer to the surface. “Let's hope you don't find that out the hard way.”

“I'll go whatever way I have to,” I muttered. I had come this far, away from my home and friends – my adopted family – and I was not going to be set off by some gangster whose only concern was how many dancing girls he had lined up for a performance, or whatever he was. “When will I be able to see about these weapons?”

“Shouldn't take long. Suisa usually keeps his shop open near the docks. Gets the most business there,” he paused and smirked for a moment. “Heh...and it's the fastest way out of a bad deal.”

“I see,” I replied as I leaned against the console to look once again at Nar Shaddaa. “I'm going to have to think of some pretty interesting ways to pay him..maybe the Alliance would have given me money if I did not, well...betray Nev and all,” I trailed off, still remorseful over the whole incident.

Tensig's head turned slightly. He might have been casting a look at me, but I couldn't tell. “Well,” he said after some time. “Suisa keeps a lot of jobs open. He's not the most loved person on Shaddaa. I'm sure he'll have something,” he assured.

“Like what jobs?” I questioned.

“Mostly depends on what's been happening to him lately,” he began to explain. “Most of the time it's just to dust up some local riff-raff or handle a debt or two of his. He doesn't care how it gets done, as long as it's done,” he concluded with a smirk.

“Then I might be a valuable partner to him,” I said with a similar grin.

Tensig soon turned his attention back to the viewport. “Hmm, I still don't see anything. I'll put us down in the Corellian sector,” he stated as he made some adjustments. “Most of the traffic heads through there, so it shouldn't be too hard to slip in unnoticed.”

“Uless this Tyron is looking for you,” I pointed out.

“He has a lot of eyes, but he can't look everywhere.”

“Well, forgive me for not taking any chances,” I said, pushing my hair out of my face with a look of disgust. “I'll be ready when we land.”

With that, I walked out of the cockpit. If Tensig was correct, we would soon be at the end of our journey.
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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Tue, February 13th 2007 01:42am    Post subject:
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As every moment passed, the massive gray sphere grew and eventually morphed into a twisted horizon of skyscrapers. Everything was all too familiar to Tensig as he piloted the ship through the mess of traffic and toward the Corellian Sector. When he entered the area, he recognized a number of landing pads on the level under the surface. Last time he came around here, they offered free access. However, he didn't know if the offer was still up.

"I'll take my chances," he muttered to himself, steering the Kinrath toward one of the vacant pads.

The ship swooped in, scattering dirt and dust over the metal panels below. Soon after, the extended landing skids made contact with the floor below. Jets of air hissed and the Kinrath settled down before stopping entirely. Once they were down, Tensig flicked a few switches to shut down the engines and lower the boarding ramp.

Before he stood from the pilot's chair, he let out a long sigh. "Safe and sound," he said quietly, arms still stretched over the controls. Part of him was eager to explore the Smuggler's Moon again, but the other part of him was terrified of what lurked in the shadows.

Once he had worked up the nerve, he rose from his seat and found his way back to the cargo hold. Aside from Mace scurrying back and forth, it was empty. He assumed Val had already wandered outside and decided to follow after.

"Stay with the ship. Keep any intruders off," Tensig said with a grin as Mace gave a disgruntled squeek.

The moment he stepped on the ramp, he felt the familiar air. It was warm, but not inviting. It was almost as if he could smell the scum of bounty hunters, smugglers and pirates in the air, but it was somehow comforting to him. He didn't know if it was his history with the moon or if it was just a strange part of him. In either event, Val probably felt the same way as she intently watched everything going on around them.

He noticed she was watching him descend the ramp, but before he could say something, his leg caught something else and he tripped. With a less-than-graceful stumble down the ramp, he regained his footing a few feet from the edge of the landing pad. The moment his eyes saw how close he had come to falling, he slowly stepped away from the edge.

"That was close," he mumbled under his breath. Although he hadn't been to Nar Shaddaa in some time, there was one thing he did know. If you fall on the Smuggler's Moon, you won't live. He then remembered Val, watching every move he made. When he looked over to her, she was smiling back. But not a friendly smile. The sort of smile she used to tell people "See? I'm right."

"What's so funny?" he asked as he approached, trying desperately to act as though nothing had happened.

"Nothing," she said, still smiling. Tensig shot her a suspicious look before leading them further into the landing sector.
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Tensig Fey'kel

Joined: 17 Jun 2006
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 Post Posted: Tue, August 21st 2007 07:38pm    Post subject:
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The familiar sound of the cockpit door sliding open heralded the appearance of Val. Tensig didn't bother to turn from the controls. He was busy trying to navigate the narrow lanes, but mostly just didn't want to make eye contact. Every time he did, bad things happened.

"We need to draw less attention next time," she said, sitting in the co-pilot chair while watching the traffic outside the viewport.

"Less attention? Did you see a bunch of eyes staring at us that I didn't?" he asked. He still hadn't taken his eyes from the controls and could feel her cold gaze turn to him. The fur on his neck ruffled slightly before she answered, "No, just two."

"I take it you didn't particularly enjoy our little encounter outside?" He knew what her answer would be, but he said it mostly to comfort himself. The encounter had left him confused, really. He didn't know what to think of the woman they met outside. Overall, the others didn't seem to trust her. Yet there was something about her that told him to trust her. Something he couldn't figure out...

His thoughts were broken when he turned to look at Val. Her gaze had turned into a glare. Payback for the stupid question, he supposed. "Not really, no. Like I said, we don't need the attention."

"Was I the only one that got a weird feeling about her?"

"That's what I've been trying to say!" she explained. He knew what she had meant before, but...

"Not necessarily bad... Just... strange," he added, but realized it was another stupid comment and decided to make an attempt to save himself from any more of her humiliation. "If that makes any sense."

He noticed Val shrug as she continued, "I don't care if she's a bloody goddess. That can't happen again. Who knows who she works for..."

"Not Tyron, and that's good enough for me," he replied, gaining a small grin as he looked at her smugly. Her eyes never left his as she mimicked his own look with one of her own. As soon as he saw that, he retracted the smug look and turned back to the viewport.

"The fact she talked about him makes me think otherwise," she mocked.

"Well, if we ever see her again, then I guess we'll have to speak our mind, won't we?" he added, trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he knew he wouldn't be getting the last word. After all --

"I'm sure it wouldn't take you too long."

-- he never did.

The next few moments passed in silence as Tensig refrained from opening his mouth again. No matter what he said, she could turn it against him. After conversations between them, he often just kept quiet, lest he make more of an idiot of himself. At least he was finally learning her method. Before long, he'd be able to put her right where she belonged...

The cockpit door slid open again, revealing Suisa's figure. His crooked posture kept him at a distance from all the various panels in the room, which, judging from his constant scanning of them, was probably a good thing for him. It wasn't easy to get accustomed to the Kinrath, after all.

"There's a small warehouse where I had everything hidden near landing pad 17. Let's hope we're the only ones that show up there," he finally said, still scanning the cockpit for dangers.

"You don't seem to have much faith in this little hideout," Tensig mentioned. He felt Val's eyes go past him and toward the Quarren.

"I speak from experience," he answered calmly.

"Sounds like a fun neighborhood."

Val's sigh broke into their exchange before she rose to her feet and gave Tensig one last look, as if to say, "I told you so." She then turned back to Suisa and patiently asked, "I hope no one else knows about this place?"

Suisa only shrugged then gave her a sidelong glance. "No promises," he said. It was a simple answer, but enough to agitate Val even more, sending her out the door and back into the hold once again. Tensig watched his friend take the seat she was just in before returning to his piloting.

"She's a peach," Suisa sarcastically remarked. Before he could say anything else, Tensig had to jump in. To him, even sarcasm was too nice of a treatment for that woman.

"That was never ripe. Now shut up and start telling me where I'm going..."

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Valia Eross

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 Post Posted: Wed, August 22nd 2007 08:56pm    Post subject:
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I made my way back up to the cockpit as I heard the engines' whine slowly get slower and change pattern. The landing cycle was beginning, and we were about to touch down at Suisa's depot. I was hopeful that we would get the weapons, drop the Quarren off, then blast off. Still, I had some doubts, and the conversation I overheard as stopped at the threshold confirmed that I was not alone.

“You're sure this is the right place?” Tensig asked doubtfully, looking over at Suisa sitting in the co-pilot's seat.

“Yeah, I'm sure,” Suisa muttered, probably growing tired of that repetative question. “Let's just hurry up and get this over with.”

With that, there was a clunk; the ship touched down. The ramp hissed open with a sickening creak. I would have made a crack about the perpetually deplorable state of the vessel, but I was focused on securing the weapons. Tensig seemed surprised that I was standing silently at the doorway, looking at him with a urgent stare.

“Safe and sound,” the Bothan sighed as he stood up and turned to the corridor to the hold. Suisa followed in like and began to walk out of the cockpit.

“We're just getting these weapons and leaving, yes?” I asked for confirmation, dropping into step behind Suisa.

“Unless you've got any other business down here, yes,” he responded.

“Absolutely not,” I snorted. “I'm quite ready to get off this ball.”

After closing down the console, Tensig followed behind us with a smirk. We both knew that relations were initially tense – I often wished to say they were 'tensing', hah - between us, but it was a certainty that we were growing more accustomed to each other.

Within moments, they were at the bottom of the ramp, standing before an old building. It was made out of a chipping stone, exposing some of the internal framework of steel, and kept a low profile. At the front under a slight overhang were large industrial doors, which Suisa swung open with a quick passcode.

The man entered and threw a glance around the spacious area, filled with some full crates and a bunch of fractured planks. “Alright, it's clear,” he said with some relief. “Looks like there's some crates left.”

“Great,” Tensig exclaimed. “Let's get them on board.”

Suisa turned to him with an incredulous stare. “I don't suppose you have a load-lifter inside that pocket of yours?”

“No,” Fey'kel started. Then a smile came onto his lips. “But you can go find one.”

As Suisa's expression dropped, I took over the conversation. I really didn't want to waste time. “Let's just go get it,” I sighed.

“There might be one down a bit further,” Suisa muttered to himself as we filed down a narrow alley between boxes. “Let's see...”

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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Wed, August 22nd 2007 09:30pm    Post subject:
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Once the other two had disappeared around a corner, Tensig turned back toward the landing ramp. He kept his head low, staring at the metal floor panels beneath his feet. It probably wasn't a good idea to be loitering around alone, especially in the lower levels, so he decided to head back inside the ship until the others came back. However, before he could get inside, something stopped him with a piercing screech.

"What?" he asked the familiar black box, watching him from the top of the ramp. It replied with a squeak, allowing Tensig to continue. "Yeah, I didn't think we'd ever be back here either. I guess life works out in ways we don't expect."

Another squeal caused the Bothan to chuckle to himself and face the direction Val had wandered off in. "I know, she's pretty good proof of that isn't she?" Mace continued to bad-mouth the woman until finally Tensig cut him off, "Alright, she's not that bad. She just needs to warm up to you a bit."

The box cooed slightly, as if shrugging off the Bothan's words. Tensig smiled at the idea of a fued between a mouse droid and a woman. Only he would be lucky enough to experience anything as comical as that. When he turned back to say something more, the droid was gone. Probably scurried back inside to work on something else that had gone wrong with the ship.

Suddenly, he heard a ship soar overhead. It was a loud screech, probably from a smaller ship. He looked for any sign of it, but couldn't find anything. Assuming it might have been an airspeeder, he began to scan the surroundings even closer. His hand instinctively found it's way to his blaster.

Mace let out a small squeal from inside the ship again, rolling back to watch Tensig, who held out a hand and warned the droid, "Stay inside the ship. We might not be alone out here."

It was then he saw a silver cloud-car landing on a pad next to theirs. It was certainly small, only big enough to hold a couple people, but it was fast. The part that scared him the most was that the cockpit window was already open. There was no one else around the small ship.

What really made him jump was the voice that suddenly poked in from out of sight. It was a soft, calming voice, but it sounded very familiar. After the unexpected "hello," he turned to see who it was and was greeted with the crimson skin and maroon hair of Luna, wearing a small, crooked grin.

Somehow, it didn't surprise him that she had followed them.
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Valia Eross

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 Post Posted: Thu, September 06th 2007 02:21am    Post subject:
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I stood in one of the long aisles of the warehouse as the Quarren climbed over a pile of broken boxes and splayed parts. As he reached the summit, he exclaimed, “Ah!”, and pulled some of the junk away. It revealed a large metal tray with some handbars. “Well, it's not in the best condition I've ever seen, but it should work,” he called down to me. “Better than that thing you call a ship, anyway.”

I don't call it a ship,” I scoffed in correction. He activated the load lifter, the transportation device floating quietly before him, and began to push it down the aisle back to the front of the warehouse.

As I followed behind him, there was a question nagging in my mind. “So, where is the rest of what you used to have here?” I asked.

“Good question,” he sighed. “I'm guessing either still in the hands of some thieves, or on the shelves of a shop on the other side of the moon.”

“Must be hard to do business here,” I said thoughtfully. With a small smirk, I added, “Well, unless you're a crook.”

“Including you?” I asked, alluding to the real question on my mind.

The alien looked back at me with a look that I could only interpret as a chide. “Well, we are looting the weapons I used to sell.” He explained, as if he had just told me this.

I averted my eyes and kept walking steadily. I had known small-time law breakers like Suisa, all the way up to crime lords and evil men... but for once, I wanted to imagine that someone could be willing to steal without becoming a madman. I wanted to believe Suisa could be that way... for some reason. I needed a hard drink.

When the Quarren had believed I would give up the subject, I spoke again. “I did not really take you like that,” I mused. “Why do you even stay here?”

“That's something I ask myself a lot,” he admitted, surprising me. “I'm not really sure why I stay. I guess I'm just too used to it all that it doesn't bother me anymore.”

“I mean, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of money in it for you,” I continued, trying to get a feel for this man's priorities.

“I get by, and I guess that's enough,” he shrugged simply.

Suddenly I gained a new depth of empathy for him. The sheer carnage, deceit, the constant tricky sleights performed on Mantell was the rule for me, not the exception. It was... somewhat comforting, in a disturbing way, to find other nooks in the universe that shared a similar situation. However, nothing could be like it. I had to remember my primary focus.

“I can sympathize,” I admitted, but I found my words growing quieter as I surveyed the area before us. It was where we had left Tensig, but the aimless Bothan had disappeared.

“He must be waiting inside,” Suisa said, picking up on my confusion and studying the area himself.

“He's so jumpy,” I said with a sigh, theorizing what kind of insect likely scared him back into the Kinrath. I walked to the door of the warehouse and stuck out my head. “Fey'kel! Get your fur in here, help us transfer these things!”

Then Suisa called to me. “Did you hear that?”

I withdrew back into the building and closed the door, turning towards him. “Hear what?”

“Sounded like...” Suisa trailed off, his bulbous eyes searching the ground.

“What?” I repeated as the Quarren stared quietly at a spot on the ground. I followed his gaze and saw something curious: a mouse droid. Suisa moved over to pick up Mace and set him on his small wheels.

“I hope you can understand this thing,” he hoped as Mace started to beep wildly.

“Uh,” I put forth my doubt. I walked over and bent down over the black box, which was still squealing wildly. “Shut up!” I called out with my usual care. “What's going on?” I questioned softly after the droid had stopped.

My response was a milder stream of beeping and anxious wheeling around the general area. It occurred to me I had no idea in the galaxy what to make of his “speech.” “Where's Tensig?” I asked, hoping the droid would lead us to him.

He left out a low, wobbling beep. Suisa seemed discouraged.

“Pick a droid with a vocabulator next time,” I growled under my breath, as if Tensig could hear it now. I looked back to Mace. “Look, just take us to him.”

Another wobbling tone issued from the small container of circuitry. “I don't think he can,” Suisa muttered. We looked at each other, but before I could speak a word, Mace began to roll out towards the closed door. “I think it might be a good idea to go,”

I nodded my agreement, sliding my blaster from its holster. “Keep an eye out,” I warned as I opened the door. “Maybe it's on the ship.”
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Valia Eross

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We entered the near-derelict ship cautiously, prepared for any sudden strike. The jittery Mace had wheeled in ahead, and was springing from room to room anxiously. I came up behind Suisa, watching over his shoulder, before he turned his tendril-bearing head back to me. “I think it's clear.”

“Then what the hell happened?” I asked as I replaced my blaster in its holster. “Don't you have any cameras around this place or something?” I asked, half-expecting the answer.

I was right. “Oh, there's always someone watching you,” Suisa informed. “But I doubt there's any security cameras down here. Ones that are operational, anyway.”

I felt a strange emotion – not unknown to me, but one rarely felt – stream through my body. I was actually... worried about Tensig. “Then what? This is a big city, we can't just blast into the lanes and hope to find him.”

“I guess we could head to the nearest security office and ask around,” Suisa suggested. I wondered if the police here were any less crooked than the merchants.

After a few minutes of preparation, we were in the lanes, zooming towards the upper city away from the muck of the undercity.

Well, most of it, anyway.

I was unsteadily seated in the co-pilot's chair as the ship whined, but otherwise proceeded smoothly. Something wasn't right...

Suddenly, there was a loud clunk and a bit of rattling. Ah, there it was. I relaxed. Suisa seemed on edge. “... I think we're okay...” he muttered worriedly. I would have agreed, but a few moments later, another foreign sound intruded upon the ship; it was much louder and more violent. “Maybe not.”

“Never did that before,” I exclaimed in surprise. I was about head back to the engine room when the little mouse droid, makeshift engineer, came scurrying into the front. He was screeching anxiously.

“Something must be wrong with the engine,” Suisa sighed. “I don't know how far we'll be able to make it, but let's see if I can make it back to my shop,” he proposed, flying defensively, slowly drifting downward.

I nodded and stood. “Get us there,” I agreed and turned towards Maec. “I'll try to see what's up.”

After about fifteen minutes, I trudged through the grease on my boots up to the cockpit. I was greeted with a fresh spray of virgin hydraulics fluid. Grudgingly, I opened the door and spied outside; we have landed, thank the gods, safely.

Suisa turned to look at me. “Any luck?”

“No,” I grumbled. “The secondary fuel manifold is... I don't know, cracked or something. There's too much fuel spraying around back there to see. We need a new one.” My knowledge of mechanics was quite solid; I couldn't pilot a ship this big, but I had heavy experience in repairing decades-old speeders or automated cannons. It was all pretty much the same.

The Quarren frowned – I think – and spoke with a sigh as he stood. “I'll see what I've got.”
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Tensig Fey'kel

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After everything that had happened, Tensig could hardly believe things were quiet again. The busy traffic of the Nar Shaddaa lanes almost seemed serene and peaceful after the battlefield he had just waded across. At the moment, it didn't really feel as dangerous as it should have, but now that he thought about it, he was lucky to be alive.

"It's probably not a good idea that we stay on the planet," a voice said, snapping Tensig out of his slight daze. He glanced backwards to see Val sitting in a chair behind him and Suisa as they piloted. The red woman was standing in the open doorway, leaning against it casually as she continued, "Tyron had a lot of friends."

"After that, I doubt there's anyone on the planet who won't be looking for us," Val added in a quiet tone. She didn't sound very pleased, but then again, after what they just went through, he didn't think anyone was overly happy.

Suisa turned away from the controls for a moment to add, "I'm sure there's plenty that'll want to thank us for putting him out of commission."

"There'll be just as many who'll want us dead," the red woman said, her grin fading a little. Tensig watched her for another second, then turned his attention back to piloting. That's when he realized why Val was upset and turned back to her.

"What about your weapons?" he asked.

"We need them," she began, staring at the floor at first. After a moment, she lifted her eyes to meet his. "But, I'd rather leave empty-handed than dead."

"You can borrow mine... Captain." the other woman said, thick with sarcasm. Tensig turned back to the viewport as they began to leave the atmosphere. He was waiting for Val to snap back, which didn't take her very long.

"You have enough for a whole planetary force?"

"You think BIG, I see." From her tone, Val had surprised the woman. Tensig smirked at the exchange. For once he wasn't the target of her remarks.

As they flew further and further from the Vertical Moon, Tensig watched the traffic around them gradually thin out until finally they were far enough to make the jump to hyperspace. He reached for the navicomputer, but suddenly realized that they didn't even have a heading. "So, where exactly are we going?" he asked to no one in particular.

"I'll settle for anywhere that isn't here," the woman's voice came. Soon after, he heard Val reluctantly agree followed by Suisa with a nod.

"How about back to Denon? Any objections?" A brief moment of silence gave Tensig the clearance he wanted. "Right, then," he confirmed before punching in the correct information for the navicomputer.

"I'll check into my room," the red woman said, slowly turning and wandering out of the cockpit. Suisa followed her shortly after, muttering something about repairs. As the ship entered hyperspace with a rattle, Val sighed heavily and stood up. She began to leave, but stopped for a moment. Tensig felt her look back at him, but didn't turn to meet her. He considered saying something, but she was gone before he could.

He leaned back into his chair and stared out the viewport for a long time, thinking about everything while not even sure what to think about. It was the familiar squeal of Mace that brought him out of his daze again. The droid stood silently beside his seat, expecting an answer.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Tensig said, which was followed by a joyful screech from Mace. "How's the ship?"

The droid answered with a long explanation, but Tensig wasn't even paying attention. He was still in thought. Another question from Mace finally caused him to turn and watch the box wheeling anxiously back and forth on the floor.

"It's over, don't worry. We're safe for now."

Mace cooed as if he was satisfied, but didn't leave the cockpit. A moment of silence passed before the droid spoke up again, saying something akin to, "Nice coat," before rolling back into the main hold.

A smile returned to Tensig's lips. Things really were starting to look up after all....

The Kinrath is en route to Denon.

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Tensig Fey'kel

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Note that this takes place about two months ago.

The ship gave it's usual, violent rattle as it dropped out of hyperspace over the familiar planet. Tensig placed his hands over the controls, where he felt as though they belonged. He looked over to see Suisa in the other seat, watching the planet before them intently.

"I know the first thing I'm looking forward to is a drink. I think we've earned it," Tensig said proudly as Val entered and sat in a seat behind them. It only took her a moment to reply,

"And you can buy me it. "

Tensig found himself grinning a little. Although it was a little odd, he seemed to have found a small place in his heart for his quips. He guessed that enough time around her would have that effect.

"You know, I don't ever remember seeing anything other than Shaddaa in years. This is quite the adventure for me," Suisa noted, still staring out the viewport.

"You and me both, squid," Luna's voice added. Tensig turned around to see her leaning in the doorway, watching Denon as well. He wasn't even sure if she had ever seen anything other than Nar Shaddaa before, but he did know that it was a nice change of scenery for them all.

"What are you planning to do when we land?" Val asked. Tensig was about to reply when, almost on cue, a loud crack rang out through the ship, followed by another rattle before it eventually died down.

"My guess?" he said, giving her a funny look. "Repairs."

As he turned back to the controls, he heard Val growl something to herself, but didn't bother paying attention to it.

"It looks a lot like Nar Shaddaa," Luna broke in, ignoring their conversation entirely. It was as if she hadn't noticed anyone else was even talking. All of her attention was focused on the planet outside the window.

"Yeah... Well, it's definitely cleaner," Suisa noted.

"Probably a lot safer too," Tensig added. Although he had little experience with the planet, what he did know was that it was nothing like Shaddaa. It was... peaceful.

"It better be," came Val's reply. Although she had been on the planet before as well, she had no more experience than Tensig. In fact, he assumed she knew less, given her tendency to ignore her surroundings if given the chance.

"It'll be nice to be able to relax for a while," he said, changing the topic a bit.

"I still have things I need to... obtain." Val was obviously still under the influence of her original mission. The very one that managed to send her all the way to Nar Shaddaa and come back empty handed. Tensig felt a little guilty about talking her into the trip, but couldn't really bring himself to formally apologize to her.

They continued toward the planet in silence before Luna eventually retreated into the hold. The others remained in the cockpit and watched as the landscape slowly changed from a blanket to rows of buildings. Tensig was careful as he flew through the streets, and eventually came across the perfect starport to land inside.

He tensed up for a brief moment as it began the landing cycle, hoping it would hold together long enough to finish it. To his surprise, it landed without incident other than a loud clunk. But to him, that was a good sound.

After they had gathered up what they wanted, Tensig began his way down the ramp with the rest of his crew in tow. Even Mace wheeled alongside him for their return to Denon.

It felt great to finally be somewhere safe again, especially after the ordeal they went through. Although Tensig was still a little worried about everything that had happened, he was relieved that they had all come out of it in one piece.

More importantly, he was relieved the ship had come out in one piece.

However, just as they reached the bottom of the ramp, a large piece of metal fell to the ground from the Kinrath's hull, causing them all to look over at once.

Well, mostly one piece, anyway.

Tensig studied the part for a moment, then pointed an innocent finger at Suisa and ordered in a charming voice, "Handle that, wouldya'?" Suisa sighed heavily and began his trip back into the ship for his tools.

Tensig turned back to the sunlight and smiled. He couldn't help but feel yet another nagging feeling creeping somewhere in the back of his mind. Although he wasn't sure what it was, he could certainly feel something ominous. But it didn't take long for him to focus on something else. After all, he had more important things to do.

Things like getting that drink.

The Kinrath has arrived at Denon.
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Tensig Fey'kel

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"Give it a try now!" Tensig called out. The ship came to life before him in a flash as he watched proudly. All the hard work they had done on it over the past few weeks was finally paying off. Maybe the Kinrath would finally fly in a single piece again.

Of course, that was before he heard an ear-shattering bang, causing the entire thing to rumble before slowly dying down. Whatever pride Tensig had, he exhaled it all with a breath of air. Another day, another failed engine.

"I am really getting tired of this," came Luna's now familiar voice as she stormed down the ramp and into the fading sunlight. "We've been at this for months. And yet these engines refuse to take anything we give them."

"Well, we did manage to get a lot of other things repaired. Maybe the engines are just... stubborn," the bothan explained, running a hand through his mane before returning it under his other arm across his chest. There it remained as he stood before his ship, staring at it in wonder.

"Stubborn? Eross could go head to head with this thing and lose a step," she replied as she rolled her eyes and began cleaning her hands with a rag. A few minutes later and another set of footsteps could be heard coming down the ramp.

"Next time, could I have a bit more warning before you try to destroy the thing?" Suisa asked before joining the others. Luna passed him the rag, which he used to clean the greasy hydrospanner in his hand before tossing it onto a crate with a number of other scattered tools. "I'd rather watch this thing fall apart from the outside than being in it."

Tensig chuckled before asking him the status of the hyperdrive. "Well, it still works, which is probably a plus on this thing. But if you want it to work properly, then we're still at square one. Everything I've tried seems to make no difference in it's output levels, so whatever is causing the problem is something I haven't found yet."

"Go figure," Luna added sarcastically. They had spent months looking for problems they couldn't find on the ship. Though some were found easier than others, there were still many mysteries on the Kinrath.

"Well," Tensig sighed as he pulled his sleeves back down to his wrists. "We've put in a full day's work. I guess we can pick up again tomorrow." He scooped up his coat off of another crate to his right and slid it on. It still fit like a glove.

"What about Eross? She's skipping out on the work again. Where'd she run off to, anyway?" Luna asked, trying to fix her hair as she spoke, but only succeeding in making it worse. Finally, after a few seconds of fiddling with it, she gave up and left it in a mess.

"All I remember is her reading some Holonet reports, then saying something about 'doing what she needed to' before she ran off. I'm sure she'll be back before too long," he explained as he brushed the dirt from himself, which was plentyful when working around the ship. "Now, let's get a drink."
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Valia Eross

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The ship left off an angered, exasperated hiss as I valved off the refrigerant container. I had to wonder what exactly Tensig and the rest of the motley crew had been doing yesterday, when I was away. “Apparently nothing,” I growled under my breath.

In fact, the ship seemed to fall apart a little more. It usually happened when someone wasn't looking. Apparently, I thought, they had been working on the engines yesterday – and in the process had undone my work on the cooling system. It probably wasn't intentional, I told myself, although that red-skin would probably like to see me become bent out of shape.

At any rate, it seemed like the dispersion manifold had a proper supply of the liquid. With some “luck” the ship would be able to run again.

I triggered the internal thermostat manually, and the whining pump started to push the refrigerant through the long spirals of tubing, up and around the engines then down to the manifold/heatsink below.

With a satisfied smile, I rolled myself out from under the ship. I stood and took a rag from my pocket, wiping my hands clean. I watched the ship for a few moments, to observe the engines; they sounded horrible by civilized standards, but they were almost perfect for the Kinrath.

Until they suddenly shut down again. The whole ship rocked back and forth as the uneven motion of the engines became slower and slower. Oh, I probably took too much away from the energy converters, I thought with a growling sigh. Two steps forward and one back.

I threw in the rag, literally, and sat down on the open ramp. No matter how much I tried, things just didn't seem to work the way I wanted them to. Or, when they seemed to be fitting together perfectly, they would suddenly repulse like faulty magnetic constrictors.

An example would be Nevin, for instance. Finally I was getting him to see me in the proper light, the one I knew he could see again. We were so close, in fact, that I could feel it. Then some random person comes and barges in on our love? If it were home, I would have thrown a vibroknife at the intruder.

But it wasn't home.

It wasn't home. I had to keep telling myself that. It truly was a different world. The month-or-so that I had spent there helped me to adapt myself to their ways, but it wasn't really me. Deep down, I was--

“Malfunctioning?” came a voice. I snapped my head up to see Fey'kel approaching the ship, with a knowing smirk on his face. It took me a moment to realize he was talking about the ship.

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Tensig Fey'kel

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"Malfunctioning for this ship would imply it actually functions," Val replied as her head turned back to the ground. It was obvious that she was thinking about something else, since her eyes seemed to be staring at something in the distance, yet the only thing before her was the cold steel below. Tensig didn't want to prod too deep so suddenly, so calmly continued wandering closer.

"She still does her job well enough," he said, keeping his hands clasped behind his back.

"Could always be better," she remarked.

"Anything could be better." It looked as if she wanted to say something else, but she only stood up and quickly returned to her work. Tensig followed after, and upon reaching the top of the ramp watched her angrily throw her wrench to the floor beside her. Maybe he had to prod a little.

He took a few short steps toward her and smirked. "Now, I'm no expert, but I have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong."

"Oh, really?" she asked after glancing in his direction.

"Well, you usually don't throw wrenches around," he said before quickly adding in, "Unless it's at me or Suisa."

She let out a grumble and tried to look away from Tensig, only offering a weak remark as an excuse. "I guess I'm not in the best mood."

"Something happened last night, didn't it?" he prodded, somewhat unknowingly. He knew better than to prod into Val's life, since she would never share anything she didn't have to. Although every now and then, Tensig half-hoped she might slip, and maybe he could get some sort of reaction out of her. But then he would remind himself of who he was dealing with, and the hope faded.

After a heavy sigh, she finally looked in his direction. "Am I that obvious now?"

"Well, you weren't around last night, and now you show up here like this. Wouldn't you think that's a little suspicious?"

"I had some other stuff..." she began, but quickly trailed off and ended with another sigh. Maybe he had found a window after all. A small window, but it was something. "I just wanted to see Nevin."

"I guess it has been a while since you've seen him, hasn't it?" he commented, to no one in particular. It was more for his own sake as he reminded himself of how long they had been gone. For Tensig, it wasn't a big deal. He was used to the sort of life, but Val was still just trying to get used to it. Although she may have acted as though she was fine, it was obvious that something still wasn't sitting right with her. She missed Ord Mantell.

Snapping him out of his slight daze, she answered the open question, "Since we left for Nar Shaddaa."

A grin found its way to his lips once more as he knocked on the wall of the ship. "Not since he handed this thing off on us."

"Bastard..." she remarked, causing Tensig's lips to curl a little more. Deciding not to poke into her personal life any further, and avoid any potential physical harm, he started on his way toward her. As he wandered closer, he scooped up the wrench she had slammed to the floor before holding it out to her expectantly.

"Can I help with anything?"

She took the wrench from his hand, but before she could get off more than two words, Suisa was on his way up the ramp with a few other tools in hand. They both looked toward him as he casually made his way past them, as if neither of them existed to him. Once he was next to Tensig, he finally said something in a monotonous tone,

"Someone here for you."

"Thanks," Tensig said, though he wasn't sure if Suisa even heard him, or if he even cared. The Quarren proceeded into the back and out of sight, causing Tensig to raise an eyebrow curiously. With a final exchange of glances with Val, they both walked back to the ramp and outside once more. Tensig noticed that she still clutched the wrench in her hand, almost as if she was planning on using it as a weapon. He smirked, but said nothing.

Once they were in the daylight again, Tensig scanned the area for any new faces. Luna was fiddling with something a short distance from the ship, but she was alone. On the other side of the bay, however, he noticed someone different. Certainly not a new face, but one he hadn't seen in quite some time.

"Well, we don't get many visitors up here," he said as he came face to face with Nevin Antilles again. It had been four months, but he still recognized him. Tensig would never forget the man that made him a captain. Or at least, as much of a captain he would ever be...

"Can't imagine why," he replied through a sarcastic grin. Tensig took a moment to glance at the ship behind him, still in as much of a state of repair as it was months ago, but still found himself with a smirk.

"So then what brings you out here?"

"Well," Nevin started, but upon looking in Val's direction, he stopped. "It's complex."

Val was quick to interject her voice before Tensig could ask. "Did it have to do with him?" Nevin answered her with a meek nod, which only further confused the Bothan.

After shifting his eyes between the two of them for a moment, he simply continued, "Well, I won't pry. But there must be a reason why you're here."

"Well, really, I need a ship. Me and a-" he hesitated to think of a word, "...friend were talking about being indistinct. And, well..." his eyes moved back toward the ship behind them both. Once again, Val's mouth was too quick to silence. "Did you also need to be immobile?"

"Hey, she'll still fly," retorted Tensig with a furrowed brow. As if on cue, a piece of metal plating immediately felly from the hull and landed on the ground below with a clatter. Everyone's heads turned to see the plate, then returned to Tensig expectedly. After an awkward silence, he confidently turned to them and said, "We can fix that."

"I hope so," were the only words Nevin could say through a sudden grimace. Tensig wanted to say more to reassure him, but figured he might as well just as quickly change the topic.

"It's been a while since we've had anything to do. Where are you headed? Don't suppose it's Ord Mantell again, is it?"

"No, fortunately. Those missions drag on forever. But I don't really know. It's-" again he hesitated, apparently nervous about something, "...personal, sort of. Skywalker thinks it's more, though."

Tensig's hands went up, as if in defense. "Like I said, it's not my place to pry. As long as the planet's on the map, there shouldn't be any problems getting there."

A smirk made its way back to Nevin's lips as he spoke, "Well, I can probably dig up a location."

"Perfect!" the Bothan exclaimed, though after taking a moment to think, leaned in and said in a quieter voice, "This isn't any sort of spying mission or something, is it?"

Nevin shook his head. "I don't think." The news was slightly relieving for Tensig, so he leaned back and continued as naturally as possible.

"Well then, how soon do you need to leave?"

"A couple days, maybe. I need to get back to him."

"Alright," Tensig turned to Val before asking, "We can have everything ready by then, right?"

"Well, do you plan to subcontract a ship?" she answered. He should have known better than to give her an opening like that, but sometimes he just liked hearing the little insults she had. Maybe he was a masochist of some kind.

"I'll say that's a yes," he concluded, turning back to Nevin who replied with a nod. "When you need us, we'll be here."

"Alright, I'll be in touch," Nevin said before he turned and quickly started to walk off. However, after a few steps, he stopped and looked back at them. "Thanks."

"No problem," said Tensig rather quietly as he watched the man leave. Val's voice suddenly chimed in again, though not with her usual tone.

"Something was not right with him," she noted. Tensig nodded before adding, "You think so? He did seem kind of distracted."

"He was on edge yesterday, too, until we were... well, uh," she stumbled through her words as he raised an eyebrow and looked at her. Obviously, she decided to change the subject instead. "Two days we have to get this thing flying again?"

"Two days is plenty of time, as long as we know what we're doing." Tensig suddenly realized just what he had opened her up to again, but this time didn't want to let her have it. Before she could get a word off, he had thrown a finger toward her face and simply said, "Don't." He then turned away and began toward the crate where Luna was working, leaving Val to herself.
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Tensig Fey'kel

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"Are you sure this fits here?" Luna asked, still holding a metal plate to a section of exposed hull. "We've been at this for an eternity. And my arms are getting tired."

"It hasn't been that long," Tensig responded before continuing his welding. A few stray sparks bounced off his goggles as he made the way around the plate. Once he had finished, Luna shook it a little. To both of their amazement, it didn't fall off.

After taking off the black goggles, he looked over his work. A small grin found its way to his lips, but it was short-lived. "Yes, it has been that long. Then again, we could just pack up and take off whenever we wanted right? Oh, that's right, we can't. Unless we want to risk blowing up, that is."

"Not anymore," came another voice from the ramp. They looked over to see Suisa making his way down and cleaning the grime from his hands. "Me and Val managed to get the main drive engine running smoothly again. Well, as smoothly as it could be."

"Wait," Tensig stopped him with a hand. "You and Val were working together?"

"Well, I worked. She... supervised, I guess."

As he placed the welding torch and goggles on a nearby crate, his smile eventually reformed on his face. He set a hand on Suisa's shoulder before replying, "Either way, the ship can fly."

The three began reorganizing the tools scattered around the area, getting ready for the trip they had coming. Tensig had been a little worried, for any numbers of reasons. Would they really have enough room for so many extra people? Was Nevin telling him the truth? Would the Kinrath even stay in one piece? However, before he could follow up on any of his thoughts, another unfamiliar voice called out,

"This your ship?"

Everyone's heads turned to see who it was. A blonde woman was waiting near the doorway, still scanning the entire hangar. Tensig wiped off his hands and turned to meet her, but Luna managed to get in a word before he could get away. "If that's what she wants to call it."

Once Tensig was close enough for a more private conversation, he greeted her with, "Yeah, this is mine. Looking for one?" More passengers? Maybe Tensig was finally getting popular after all...

She gave the Kinrath another good look before avoiding his question. "It's... nice?"

"You don't have to be afraid to call it a piece of junk. I know what it is," he responded with a chuckle. "But it'll get you around."

"I see." The woman shifted her weight and put a hand on her hip. She was looking Tensig up and down before she wanted to say anything else. The strangest part was that she looked familiar to him. "Tough guy, hmm? Anyway, I'm not exactly looking for a ship?"

Tensig felt an eyebrow raise at the "tough guy" remark. He didn't know how she made that kind of an assumption, but he figured it wasn't worth pursuing. Especially if Luna or Val ever got ahold of it. The thought alone was enough to make him shudder. "You're looking for something, though."

As she slowly moved closer toward him, he noted the hint of a smile on her lips. "Yeah, you could say that."

"So... can I help you find that something, then?"

"I think I may have found it," she said, repositioning the duffel on her shoulder. The smirk disappeared from Tensig's face as he eyed her suspiciously.

"Is that right?"

"Are you familiar with Alliance procedures, Mr, uh," she stumbled through his name, letting him fill in the blank.

"Fey'kel. And I try not to familiarize myself too much with Alliance procedures." It was then that the gears started turning in his brain. Maybe popularity wasn't such a great thing after all. "Wait a minute, Alliance?"

"Yes, Alliance procedures," she continued. "And could you please explain your position to not familiarize yourself with our decrees? You have another calling perhaps?"

Tensig's hand found its way to his blaster. Things had a habit of not going his way, and he didn't expect this to be any different. There had to be a way out of another mess. "I just try to keep out of trouble."

"Out of trouble, hmm?" Through narrow eyes, she continued her analysis. It was obvious that she wasn't buying a word he said. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but trouble may have found you anyway..."

The story of his life...
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Nevin ran from the back of the ship as the arcs from the engine coil threatened to fill him with a thousand volts of electrical fury. Once he was sure he was reasonably far enough away from the danger, he reached over to touch the control panel on the wall – the metal wall. Testing it with a curled finger a couple times, he finally made full contact with the panel, shutting down the “experimental, more efficient” catalyst.

He made a mental note not to trust anything that “Mace” droid said.

Ever again.

With a sigh of relief, Nevin rubbed a cloth over his greasy hands, walking towards the ramp. Skywalker would be arriving soon, and he intended to tell Tensig the Gullible about his psychotic mouse droid. He threw the towel into a pile of junk – one of many – lining the corridor before taking a couple steps down the ramp.

There was Luna, the red woman, standing with a couple of tools in her hands. She was the only person whose anger was near that of Val's, who, incidentally, was nowhere in sight. Near the middle of the hangar Tensig was standing. The Bothan seemed to be staring into the thin air. It didn't really surprise Nevin.

... until another person came into his view. A human female, blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders, holding a pack on her back with both hands.


Nevin's knees nearly gave out. He had successfully avoided her for days, since he last saw her in the Alliance Headquarters. She was the last thing he wanted to see, though he wished fervently he could take her into his arms again. Not being able to do so caused a dull pain in his shoulders, as if some imaginary force was needed to restrain him.

“Why are you here?” Salla Vivek asked, after an eternity of quiet. Her eyes were locked with his, hopeful.

Steeling himself with enough willpower to proceed, Nevin slowly willed himself to walk down the remainder of the ramp. “A trip,” he curtly explained.

The woman raised her eyebrows in surprise, throwing her hand back in gesture to Tensig. “With him?” She demanded, as if the very prospect was incomprehensible to her. The Bothan simply looked at Salla with a passive face, sloppily shrugging his shoulders.

He didn't blame her for thinking so. “Why are you here?” He parried and countered with a new subject. He wasn't willing to cause either of them any more pain than he already had.

“I was just in the area,” she informed, masking with a grave look her surprise at the accusative property of his question. “You know, the new kaf shop? I had to check it out.”

“Must have had twenty cups,” Nevin muttered with a brief look to Tensig, who was still regarding the woman. He also figured that the Bothan wanted to enter the conversation, but held his tongue.

Salla shrugged her shoulders passively, willing to admit that she was presently frazzled. “I also saw him snooping around,” she specified Tensig with narrowed eyes. “He looked suspicious.”

“It's his ship,” Nevin said flatly, intent on ending the conversation as soon as possible.

“It's my ship!” Tensig echoed.

Tightening her jaw, Salla took a moment to calm herself before responding. “You have proper credentials?”

“Sure,” Fey'kel nodded, offended by the implication. “Like I said, I try to stay out of trouble.”

“Right,” she responded, unconvinced. “You always did have a knack for picking the most interesting characters to help you,” Salla recalled, turning to Nevin.

“Yeah, well, we're ready to take off,” the Mantellian responded, avoiding her gaze and beginning to turn away. As much as he would have liked to stay with her and apologize, it was not possible. He couldn't trust himself, nor could he keep away those who wanted him dead from Salla.

“Take off?” She repeated. He could feel her eyes softly on his retreating back, though he could not see her. “To where?”

“It's personal,” Nevin muttered, each moment of continued conversation sapping his will to leave.

“Does the Alliance know about this?” Salla inquired, thinking she could perhaps stop him if she could just catch him on any technicality.

“It's none of their business anymore,” he cut her off as he turned back around, eyes locking with hers for a fraction of a second. “I quit,” he admitted to her. It had been a short time since his resignation, and he hoped word had not gotten around. Apparently, his desire was fulfilled.

Hoping that revelation would floor Salla for the time being, Nevin turned to Tensig, anxiously commanding, “Let's go.”

“Oh, right,” Tensig stuttered as he began to move, snapping out of his fascination with the conversation. He glanced at Salla, not breaking his stride. “Sorry about the misunderstanding.”

“Wait,” Salla begged, stalling for time as she tried to order her thoughts after Nevin's statement. Her verdant eyes were bouncing between the two men. “What if,” she continued, taking a breath before taking a step towards the ramp. “What if I say I quit too? You can't go alone.”

“No!” Nevin barked. He didn't mean to come across harshly. However, he couldn't let himself to put Salla in risk. If she were to come with him, everything Nevin had accomplished in the past few days would be nullified – even though he desired her companionship more than anything. “No, you have to stay here. And you can't quit... I'm not alone, I have the rest with me.”

She stopped in her tracks. Immediately, a hurt expression assumed position over Salla's delicate face. “The others?” She asked, before answering her own question with a quick glance at Tensig, who was smiling awkwardly in recognition. “What about us, Nevin?”

That was the inquisition Nevin least desired to answer. How could he explain it to Salla? Was it possible that she'd believe his story of possession by Emperor Palpatine through the Force? He himself would write any such recount as lunacy, if he had not experienced it himself. Furthermore, how could he make her understand that he was fleeing from her in order to guard her?

How could he convince himself?

Nevin remained silent, unable to answer

Tensig turned to him, quietly speaking. “You know, we can make room for one more.”

The Bothan's offer tempted Nevin. He had to restrain himself from giving in, redirecting his frustration at Tensig's lack of comprehension. “You don't get it...”

Salla made no further attempt to conceal her anger and betrayal. “Oh, I get it perfectly,” she growled, starting to undo the zipper on the duffel. “Just swell, not even--”

“Nearly ready?” A new voice issued from far end of the hangar. All heads turned to see Skywalker, the Jedi at the root of this whole matter, himself. His good-natured smile made a feeling of nausea and contempt rise in Nevin. Later on, he would have to thank Skywalker for getting him into this mess.

The Jedi caught Nevin's hint, looking between all three beings. His smile faded. “I've developed a bit of habit of interrupting you, haven't I?”

With a sigh, Nevin threw his gaze to Salla, indicating her. He hoped Luke would get his message, that her presence undermined Nevin's entire objective.

“Did I miss something?” Salla demanded, nervous in front of the almighty Skywalker. She restrained her previous outrage, crossing her arms over her chest.

Luke studied the couple, deep in thought. “Perhaps you have,” he quietly stated, before becoming resolute. “But maybe Nevin would be willing to explain if you joined us?

Nevin glared at the older man. Had some kind of Jedi intuition made it possible for Skywalker to know what he did not want? Or, maybe, what he did want...

A smug smirk coming over her face, Salla turned to regard the Jedi Master. “What?” She asked, knowing fully what he said. She turned to look at Nevin again, satisfied.

Nevin's face remained blank as Luke took Salla by the hand and escorted her closer to the ship.

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