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Warehouse #1134
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Nar Shaddaa » Warehouse #1134
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Denavus Zarthen

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 Post Posted: Mon, May 12th 2008 07:44pm    Post subject: Warehouse #1134
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Staring at the hutt through the blank faceplate of his armor, Denavus crossed his arms in a gesture of disgust. It was a vile creature, but it was wealthy; and that meant a sizable sum of credits for the job he had completed for the creature. ~" Tell me, Mr. Zarthen,"~ the hutt spoke in it's filthy language. ~" Have you destroyed your targets as agreed?"~ Denavus sneered behind the faceplate. if only this...thing knew how good he was... " As per our arrangement, Shamballa.", the grainy, metallic tinged voice came through the vocal modulator in the helmet.

The rain hit the ground in large, heavy droplets that pelted the Rodians as they patrolled their shipment. They cursed silently at the weather as two of the seen walked a perimeter around the shipping containers. They were skimming off of the shipments, taking small quantities of their employer's merchandise... and Shamballa the Hutt was not pleased with this. The two Rodians stopped in their patrol and began chattering with each other in their native tongue about the weather. The one on the left never saw what happened.

A gleaming vibrosaber came soaring out of the darkness and embedded itself in the Rodian's skull via an eye socket. The creature fell over, right leg twitching as the brain sent out a last, futile array of electrical signals. The other Rodian turned in shock, it's mind still trying to process what had happened when it met the end. A heavy, repeating blaster's muzzle lodged itself into the skull of the criminal, aided by the Force enhanced strength of it's wielder. The muzzle flashed inside of the cranium and a crimson bolt erupted from the other side of the Rodian's head, splattering brain and bits of bone and flesh across the nearest container.

The other five came running around the corner, blasters ready to meet the intruder that had caused the noise. When they saw the figure clad in the glinting armor that resembled an ancient Sith trooper; they nearly dropped their weapons as they watched the stranger nonchalantly pull the vibrosaber, dripping with blood and tissue, from the skull of the first dead Rodian.

The criminals screamed in horror and rage as they opened fire o nthe unknown assailant. To no avail... The bolts bounced off of the phrik plating that was reinforced by a personal shield system. There screams filled the night sky as the figure removed a second vibrosaber from a sheath on his right upper arm and made quick work of the five Rodians.
~" They are all dead?"~ The hutt's questions were beginning to aggravate Denavus. " All of them," the armor clad figure said, tossing a sack of body parts, dripping with blood in front of the vile creature. ~" I see..."~, Shamballa said, eyeing the sack with disgust. ~" Here is your payment,"~ the hutt crime lord said, as a guard brought forth a case of credits. Denavus took the case, opened it and inspected the payment, insuring that it was all there and the case was not rigged. Hutts were not to be trusted...

Denavus bowed and left the building stopping two blocks away and pulling out a communicator. " Oh... and Shamballa..." The garbled voice of the hutt came in over the comm, obviously annoyed. ~" What is it, Zarthen? You have your payment."~ Denavus smiled murderously behind the faceplate. " Yes, I do, but I must tell you something. You should have better security at night. if you had spent enough on the proper types of guards, I might not have been able to plant all of those charges around your building last night." ~"What?!"~ Denavus twirled a remote detonator around in his hands. " Scratch that... it doesn't matter how good your guards could have been. Nothing stops me." ~"What?!?!"~

" You should pay your debts before handling your own affairs. Hareesh sends his regards." Flipping the switch on the detonator, there was a satisfying roar as the building two blocks away exploded in a brilliant orange fireball, incinerating all inside.
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Nar Shaddaa » Warehouse #1134
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