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Temporary Residence - 453- DC - 35312 - 4
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Temporary Residence - 453- DC - 35312 - 4
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Karlos Ketra
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 Post Posted: Wed, April 16th 2008 05:23am    Post subject: Temporary Residence - 453- DC - 35312 - 4
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It had been two years since Karlos had been a free man, and the traffic lanes of Denon's evening skies brought a grin to his face. Eight years ago, he was on Coruscant, and the feelings had been very similar. He wasn't entirely sure why he was being brought to the capital of the Rebellion, but he had a feeling blondie knew more than she was letting on.

"Now that we are on the surface, I think I have the right to know why you faked my release." Karlos had thought his innocence through. And though he wasn't a malicious, evil man, he wasn't exactly guilt free. He had his fair share of crime, enough to convict him for a decade, or two considering his behavior.

"She wishes to speak to you." the Commander stated, her eyes leaving the speeder's window and with a haunty look, she stared. At first, Karlos was curious as to whom she was referring to, but the window itself gave him all the answers he needed, and then some.

Rebellion Security Headquarters.

"Frak that." Karlos spat, "Calias would have never-"

The woman's eyebrow raised and a penetrating sense of personality became of her, "You're anger is misplaced, and the rumors of Calias Ketra's so-called Geonosian Empire is still very much alive."

Karlos shifted his weight, before staring at the dark sky-scraping building. He didn't have any hatred towards the woman, but he certainly didn't care enough to visit her and become part of some Rebel scheme. His days of fighting the Empire were over, he had lost.

"I don't fly anymore." Karlos whispered, "I gave that up on Corulag."

Commander Starr remained silent, though he could tell that he struck a pin in their fine little plan. Whatever they were about to offer him, he wanted the ability to control every aspect. He wasn't going to be used for some political agenda, not after what Heckler and Ford had done.
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 Post Posted: Thu, April 17th 2008 03:43pm    Post subject:
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The next morning, Eve had arrived promptly at her schedule time, only to discover the human was still sleeping. Entering his residence complex, she took a seat across the bedroom, before her voice quietly, yet full of authority, ordered, "Get up."

Karlos stirred, releasing a vile groan, before his eyes opened. "Do you mind?" She didn't answer him, stressing the concern for his absentminded behavior.

"Get dressed." with a tone that wasn't to be questioned, the man growled as he tossed the blankets off of his body. With two years, and very little to do in his cell, he had managed to keep his muscles aligned and toned.

"I want to shower, first." he said, and without care, dropped his underwear and stepped into the bathroom. Seconds later, the water started and the door closed. Her patience was tested, and he was about to cross the line. Using a link, a superbattle droid clambered from the distance and emerged into the room.

She didn't have to speak to issue the order, and before long, the droid entered the bathroom and she could tell it's effectiveness by Ketra's yell. "Frak!"

The battledroid dragged him, as he attempted to towel himself. "The Great White Tree of Ithor!" he hissed in vain, "What the hells is wrong with you?"

Eve's legs crossed, her eyes looking from his stare to clothes that were laid out. He grumbled, taking the clothes before disappearing into the bathroom. The superbattle droid stomped over and into the next room, as Eve waited patiently for the man to return...

* * *

"That wasn't necessary, you know." Karlos dragged on, "I'm sure she could've waited five more minutes... read over a report or something?"

"She's a busy woman." Eve stated, before turning to face the complaining human, "And you should've been more careful with time. Now we're late."

"Oh really? I'm sorry I had to drag your name through the dirt, Madam." Karlos breathed, staring at the skyscraper government building. With each passing second, it came closer and closer.

She didn't feel the need to talk with the man any more than to answer his questions. He was a conversationalist, where Eve felt the need to reserve her part of the communication. It kept her in a position of power. Her answers were chosen, versus extracted. As the speeder pulled into it's designated slot, Eve couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. In six minutes, she wouldn't have to hear his voice...

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Temporary Residence - 453- DC - 35312 - 4
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