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Syberdyne Hospital - Lower Level District
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Syberdyne Hospital - Lower Level District
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Alatįriėl Pallanén
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 Post Posted: Wed, April 09th 2008 04:19pm    Post subject: Syberdyne Hospital - Lower Level District
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The Syberdyne Hospital was an Alliance controlled facility, meant for the guidance and medical attention for agents in many districts. Although the type of procedures were protocol, the hospital itself was extremely foreign. The thanagarian's team moved about her, the bodyguards flanking every position possible, while she followed the pair of intel agents.

"Alatįriėl!" something screamed in the distance, "Alatįriėl!!"

Her heart raced as she approached the screaming man, her eyes tracing along the ground, attempting to collect composure. The room was humid, thick with hot air, as droids attempted to calm the man. A human doctor was in the room, but he was only supervising the process. And by the tell of his face, he had already lost hope for the man.

"Alatįriėl, is it you?" his raspy voice, twisted with affection as she entered the room. Her reflexes surged, her throat tightened... she had seen the battlefield, she had seen wounds and deaths that were so violent, but nothing like what this man was experiencing. It was horrifying.

"Alatįriėl, is it you?" he repeated, but she was overwhelmed by his condition. Her mouth opened, and spazzed as though she was about to vomit over the floor. "Alatįriėl!!!" he screamed loudly, over and over again.

"Agent De'kol." she said finally, her eyes not looking at him, but somewhat above him.

"Alatįriėl." the man released a sigh of relief, his breathing calmed, before he spoke, "Come here."

She took a step forward, but the doctor grabbed her arm. Without remorse, without discretion, he said, "He's infected. I wouldn't touch him. It's why I have droids operating on him." The thanagarian paused, her eyes watering as she looked upon the man...

* * *

Three Months Earlier

"Agent De'kol?" the thanagarian sat behind her desk as the officer entered the security office. Her voice was distracted, and she didn't care to notice him until his voice caught her attention. He had a peaceful manner, something that brought more comfort with every word he spoke.

"Yes, Chief. It's been a while." she looked up, and then she found the face of a friend. It had been two years since she had last seen this man, several years since they had served within DRWP's Intelligence Corps.

His smile was what captured her memory, also causing her to stop the report she was filing at the moment. "Agent De'kol." she said with more familiarity. "I didn't know you were in the service..."

"Yeah, I was brought in several months ago, and decided to volunteer for some of the high risk operations. You know me."

Suddenly, a blond woman emerged from the door, Eve's sudden arrival caught both of them off guard, but Arlyn was relieved that she had come. "De'kol, this is Commander Evelynn Starr. Starr, this is De'kol." Although the two greeted each other for the first time, Eve knew everything about this man. She knew every mission, every outcome, and the very reason why he volunteered for the high risk objectives...she simply smiled and acted as though it was a formal greeting.

"De'kol...the mission Intelligence gave for you, needs to be superseded, I'm afraid." Arlyn's voice was careful, as she approached one of her favorite viewpoint windows. "I need you to go against your orders. I need you do something for me."

"Anything." his response was quick, and it was geniuine.

"Commander, will you give him his new orders?" Eve turned, and approached the man, she seemed as though she wanted to protest, but she remained silent. As the man's eyes traced over the operation, even he seemed hesitant. "Are you willing to carry the mission out?" Arlyn said, not willing to turn around and face the man.

"Yes, I am." his response was emotionless, but the way he returned the datapadd to Eve, signalled that some fear pulsed throughout his body.

"You're dismissed." Arlyn finished, "May the Force be with you."

* * *

"Alatįriėl!" he yelled again, "My fingers, I cannot type. I have the information you want, I have it!"

"Everyone dismissed. Including you, doctor."

"I don-"

"Now." she ordered with authority that wasn't to be questioned, not now. Not in this man's final hour. As the room suddenly became oddly open, the security chief sat on the corner of the man's medical bed. Her eyes overlooked him carefully, and for a moment, she thought she recognized his smile...

"Alatįriėl," he sobbed, "Alatįriėl." his voice was weak, and his vital signs were about to drop...

"Agent De'kol," her own voice breaking, "Brein. What happened to you?"

The man sobbed louder, his heart racing, before he jumped from his position. His arm grabbed the thanagarian's fingers, and he shouted. "SEVEN FOUR SIX FOUR FOUR FIVE EIGHT ONE ONE ZERO THREE."

She pulled a blaster from her side pocket, the fear of infection was too high. "Don't let me die. I don't want to die."

"You have to let me go, Brein. Let me go. I'll save you. Just like I promised on Contruuum." He released her, and with a sigh, she holstered her blaster. He had completed his mission, and now, his life was forfeit because of her selection. Or was it?

"Doctor!" she called, "How long does he have?"

"Minutes, at most. I could sustain him for an hour, maybe two. But that's all. His vitals are too weak, and look as his condition..." his voice trailed off, but Arlyn already knew what needed to be done.

"Do you remember what happened to Han Solo on Cloud City?"


"Can you replicate that procedure? Can we freeze this man?" she asked.

"I can try."

Arlyn's eyes watered as she bent towards him and whispered, "You've done well, Agent De'kol. You made us all proud. May your next life, be bliss." As she slowly rose, she watched a tear fall from the man's eyes.

"Carbonite freezing will hold his condition, if he was ever unfrozen, he'd die within minutes...I don't see the point."

"Doctor, four years ago, I promised this man a second life. I have lied before, I will lie in the future. But to this man, I will honor my promise. That is all that you need to know."

Alatįriėl Pallanén-Davad
Leader of the Zerconian Hive
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Ryan Davad

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 Post Posted: Wed, April 09th 2008 07:48pm    Post subject:
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The red speeder pulled around, one of his sons was sleeping in the front seat, as Ryan and a squad of bodyguards arrived at the hospital. His eyes scanned the distance, everything seemed to check out, before he slipped through the hospital doors and towards the secured waiting room. A large chunk of carbonite waited for him, and curiousity took the best of him, as he lifted the cloth to see the metallic impression that was made. His spine tingled with a programmed sense of disgust, his eyes looking away momentarily, before he laid the cloth over the hover cart.

"Load it up." Ryan told the geonosians, before turning on his heels and exiting the room.

Ryan had yet to visit Coronus, and decided to personally deliver this man to his new home.

Ryan Davad
Human Replica Droid
dubbed "Lord of Droids"

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Syberdyne Hospital - Lower Level District
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