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Royal Candidate
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Galactic Communications » Royal Candidate
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Don Corleone

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 Post Posted: Sat, February 23rd 2008 10:06am    Post subject: Royal Candidate
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Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the known galaxy, and to the numerous others that may be receiving this transmission beyond the charted regions therein. My name is Michael Corleone, Chairman of Corleone Industries.

As many of you may be aware, the Imperial Galactic Empire shares political control of my homeworld, Naboo, with that of the Royal Naboo government. However it has come to my attention that neither the incumbent monarch, nor her Imperial overseer - whomever they may be, have graced the public with any sort of contribution. As gracious as we are that the Imperial Empire continues to defend Naboo, and without meaning to sound obnoxious or self-important, we have noticed that your attentions have been diverted from the citizens of Naboo. Admittedly the other matters that have diverted the Imperial attentions have most likely been of a very crucial nature to the workings of the machine that is the Empire.

However, although the Empire must see things on a grander scale, we the Naboo must focus our attentions on our homeworld and the situations thereupon, and as such I am formally announcing my intention to run against the incumbent monarch, Her Royal Highness Queen Laissa Toran, in what will be the first democratic election since the Imperial Empireís cooperative leadership with the Royal Naboo government begun.

I have prepared a brief biographical statement to outline my political and commercial experiences:

I was born outside of Theed, Naboo on the twenty-fourth day of the seventh month in the year two forty-nine eighty-seven. My father was a businessman, an importer primarily. Starting with simple olive oil and working up to a multi-planetary corporation, which I now am the head of.

I attended Castelia Vale Junior Academy from the age of five to the age of twelve. It was a boarding facility, but I saw my parents once every month, and I returned home over the Fete periods.
At the age of twelve I begun attending Castelia Vale College, it was much the same to the Academy, but much stricter. Corporal punishment was popular back then, and I think I still have a few of the scars to prove it.

During my years at the College I became involved with the Student Body Organisation, rising to the position of President after holding that of Secretary and Treasurer.

After leaving the College at the age of eighteen I was accepted into a political internship within the office of the Senator of Naboo as a junior aide, eventually rising to the position of Senatorís Aide for a period of two years. After which, at the death of my father, I moved to take over Corleone Industries, which I still lead to this day.

As you can see I have had many forays into the political realm in both the organisational and the practical elements of politics I am well versed, and in the administration of business and commerce I have been quite successful.

I welcome any questions or queries that anyone, Naboo or otherwise, may present.

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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Sat, February 23rd 2008 12:54pm    Post subject:
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You are a fool, sir. The Empire has been paying very close attention to Naboo, as has Her Royal Highness Queen Laissa. Also, I should remind you--since you clearly pay little attention to politics on your homeworld--that her term is not even half complete. An election at this time is highly improper and irregular.

As for contributions, the Empire has effectively increased the GNP of Naboo greater than tenfold at the request of Her Highness. The Empire has helped strengthen the Naboo forces defending your world, assisted them in research and development of new equipment to keep up in the modern Galaxy.

I can only assume that either you are being misinformed, perhaps out of ignorance or gullibility... and that you are attempting an insurrection against the sovereign government of Naboo and its people. I sincerely hope it is the former. The Empire takes a very dim view of treason, and history has shown that the Naboo do as well.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Galactic Communications » Royal Candidate
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