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Good Morning Rebellion
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Galaxy News Broadcasting

Joined: 19 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Sun, November 04th 2007 01:50pm    Post subject: Good Morning Rebellion
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"Good Morning Rebellion..."

The Galactic Senate

The Galactic Senate will meet three times this week under the falling;

- Drug Traffic Control, Security Administration has gained clearance to flag and search a hundred suspected vessels... So far, only six have been searched and all have found heavy loads of death sticks

- The Thyferran Crisis, Thyferran Senators have returned from their homeworld and called an emergency session. Reports from both Senators have appalled many, and the discussion they wish to bring to the Senate will most likely bring about a fiery debate.

- Resource Recycling, A Galactic Wide Resource Recycling Program is under debate. Rebellion activists Igg Reyd and Temeria Sey wish to call attention to a plan that could save hundreds of billions of credit funds throughout the next fifty years. The Senate will meet and discuss the individual needs of their planets, along with logical applications of the Resource Recycling Program.

Han Solo

Han Solo and Chewbacca returned to Denon and within an hour, he was arrested and escorted from his home. Reports have been confimed that Jaina is alive and well.

Rebellion Security has not released any statements on the charges or how long Han Solo will remain confined.

No statement from Leia Organa Solo or her office has yet been released.

Munto Codru

The first round of negotiations went stalemate as Diplomatic teams attempt to recruit a new planet.

Diplomatic teams are resuming their conference in two days.

Confirmations of Joan Lorraine, Senator of Thyferra, Chief of Rebellion Security, and Jedi have been made within attendance.

Kashyyyk and the Trandoshans

A month after the failed Trandoshan coupe, Trando has authorized an increased Alliance military presence on their homeworld. Trando diplomats requested an increase, to assist in locating any further collaborators.

Peace talks between the Wookiees, Trandoshans and Rebellion representatives have continued.

Nevin Antilles

Navy Command Nevin Antilles is still Missing in Action... investigations have paused momentarily, and the disappearance has caused several conspiracy theories to arise throughout the Rebellion. Both distrust and worry settles throughout the fleet...
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Galaxy News Broadcasting

Joined: 19 May 2007
Posts: 12

 Post Posted: Wed, November 07th 2007 03:02pm    Post subject:
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Nevin Antilles...Found!

The state of the man's return is still under investigation, but the Navy Commander has returned. No word whether or not he will be returning to his post...

Munto Codru Delegations Proceed with Renewed Vigor

Joining Rebellion Diplomat Ryan Davad, would be his family, Chief of Security, two Senators (Thyferra and Geonosis) and team of Jedi. Delegations are scheduled to resume tomorrow...

Han Solo is Released From Security HQ...Receives Home Arrest

After a two hour hold at Security Headquarters, the Rebellion hero has been released into Home Arrest regulations. Chewbacca remained several hours after the Corellian, and was also released to Home Arrest. A court marshal has been scheduled for Han Solo, with Chewbacca as a suspected accessory.

Senate Drug Trafficking Session Goes Well...

New regulations are proposed, and a plan of action on Nal Hutta put into motion. Drug lords are busted, and punishments are amended to suit the specified needs of the galactic community. (Life Sentence being the maximum)

Senators of Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Toydaria and even Ryloth have signed and promised to uphold the new regulations.

Bounty Hunters, Quiet?

With the disappearance of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, the publications and fascination with the criminal lifestyle has also vanished. No longer stationed at Geonosis after supposedly being kicked off world, the Guild has completely disappeared.

Rumors have it they are continuing in secret, others whisper they have finally disbanded and drink in various cantinas across the galaxy.

Female Rebellion Twi'lek Wins Cup

Aadria Fekr wins the Hutt's prized Cup after beating widely anticipated rival Bubcur. Making many fans poorer, and the few, rather dangerous gamblers, much richer.

Odds were 1:90, against the female twi'lek.

Ryloth celebrates its champion, and holds a party on the capital.

Zeltrons Party Gone Wild

With over one hundred thousand party goers, an amazing party was voted the best of the year. Scandalous photos and holo videos have appeared across the Rebellion...still no announcements of regulations. The following has been released by Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad, Chief of Rebellion Security, "Zeltros knows its limits. They know the risks and the precautions. With little to no major injuries, I say they know how to party."

The party is expected to last the rest of the week.
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Galaxy News Broadcasting

Joined: 19 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Fri, November 09th 2007 01:33am    Post subject:
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Kashyyyk and Trando...Peace at Last?
A month and a half after the rogue Trandoshan invasion of the wookiee homeworld, wookiee leadership, in league with Trando politicians, have collaborated a joint system celebration of differences.

Han Solo Seas of Lawyers
Hundreds of firms and individual lawyers move to contact Han Solo or the family for the expected trial. The Rebellion Justice Department has yet to release whether the trial will be held within military or civilian courts. So far, no legal counsel has been selected.

Munto Codru Delegation Arrives Early...
Rebellion Delegation Party arrives early, states Rebellion Holo News, and with a crowd of supporters. Chief of Rebellion Security and family will be taking a tour of popular attractions.

Jedi seeks recruitment, and Joan aides less fortunate school c

Hoth's Endangered Collision Warning, Recalled
"Several large asteroids, most likely runaways from nearby field, have been vaporized... no expected world killer collisions," states Defense Network Commander Jonne.

Popular Restaurant: "Hutt Putts" Closes

Not meeting their galactic quota for the fifth year in a row, the company has decided to end its galactic reign over the hundog, and retire.... permanently. Franchises are ordered to change appearance by the end of the year. Competitor 'Turk's Wraps' offers deal of absorption, no response.

Denon's Third Podrace, Postponed
Local authorities stopped the race from proceeding after several threats were made to the safety of over one hundred million fans. Investigation links the terrorism to pranks and the falsified endangerment of sentient life. No conspirators have been caught. Stern measures in place.
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Galaxy News Broadcasting

Joined: 19 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Fri, January 25th 2008 02:39pm    Post subject:
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Month 1 Day 25

Senate Meets and Discusses Trade Agreements
The Galactic Senate meets today to discuss trade agreements between member worlds. Recent groups have inquired on the routes and suggestions for adjustments for the Travel Bureau.

Medical Association Releases Fitness Program
A fitness program designed for member species has been released, in an effort to reduce the risk of negative factors. Commissioned by an alliance of several health organizations, and is free to the public.

Security Chief Aides the Homeless
A hundred shelters were surprised today, with hundreds of meals from the Office of the Security Chief. Her efforts to step up the community continues, and has received a positive feedback from the overall population. She has announced this will be a continuing tradition, and each week, an additional 100 shelters will receive some assistance. Volunteer programs are being organized and encouraged on other worlds.

Drug Raids on the Rise
Selected planets have seen an increase in drug raids. A step the Security administration is taking to limit the drugs from 'poisoning future generations'.

Pallanén-Davad Academies Currently Enrolling
Announced last year, the Pallanén-Davad Academies are now accepting student enrollment, galaxywide. The institutions are step in making education a goal, fighting against crime and illegal activities at the core. Ryan Davad was quoted with, "We want to see children that have the chance, get it. It's just that simple."
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