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Streets of Denon (Surface)
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Streets of Denon (Surface)
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Luke Skywalker
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 Post Posted: Mon, July 30th 2007 08:32pm    Post subject: Streets of Denon (Surface)
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For the first time in what felt like an eternity, he could feel his senses again. It started off weak and distant, but after every passing moment, he could feel them returning to him. He didn't know why it was happening, but he didn't want to question it, lest it suddenly be taken from him again. In this situation, patience was key.

A waste of my time...

A voice. Yet, no one had spoken. Such a thing had plagued him ever since he remembered "waking up." Over time, he realized they were the thoughts of another. The thoughts of the spirit that infected his body. At first, they were only slurred statements every now and then. Now he was hearing every simple thought as clearly as if they were his own. And judging from the silence, he assumed the spirit could no longer hear his thoughts. The mutual bond had been broken somehow. Whatever had happened was a welcome change.

Luke watched from behind his own eyes as his body glided through the alleyways of Denon. It was a strange sensation to not have control of his own body. One that he wished he could change, but realized there was little he could do.

I grow tired of waiting for this woman. Perhaps I was mistaken in her ablity.

They had been trying to find Leia for days. Normally, such a thing wouldn't be a problem, but when one tries to avoid being seen it tended to make things difficult. Especially when everyone in the Galaxy was aware that the person in question was dead.

More thoughts of Jorak flooded past. He was obviously worried about something, even though Luke couldn't figure out what it could be. His mind was entirely occupied with trying to formulate a new plan.

That's when Luke realized something. His sense of touch had finally returned. As a hand brushed up against a nearby wall, he felt it. It was faint, but unmistakable. After a moment of thought, he gave everything in his power to move one of his muscles.

His finger twitched. Apparently, Jorak hadn't noticed anything. Finally, his patience had paid off. Finally, there may be a chance for him to rid himself of this spirit. But before he could do anything, he would need more control, and with that, returned to his meditation within the Force....
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Joshua Tam

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 Post Posted: Mon, September 10th 2007 08:52pm    Post subject:
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It was now a waiting game. Joshua had just finished speaking with his contacts, and had secured the transport, and the retrofits that it needed. Including several illegal systems that the empire would crap themselves over if a few TIE-Fighters came calling. He picked a ship that looked like a junker, but any seasoned smuggler would recognize the value of the Firefly-class transport. If taken care of, the ship would last lifetimes without needing significant repair, unlike the new ships that were being cranked out which needed a complete overhaul every five years.

Sighing to himself, he took a left at one of the various government buildings and into a small public park. The noon-day sun was shining now, and the smell of the grass and trees seemed to overpower the smell of starship exhaust that was almost always present on Denon. The trees seemed to drown out the noise too.

Walking over to a small bench, he sat down and leaned back, placing his hands behind his head. This was what he hated, the times when he wasn't busy doing something, the times when he could think. He hadn't had much time to think about his new assignment. Officially, he was dead. Killed in action on Kashyyyk, his remaining family sent a nice flag, and condolences. His comrades told about his demise, and assigned a new sniper. He wondered what they thought, what they said to that. He wondered if he would be able to visit his family again. Surely he would... The Unknowns couldn't be that secretive that he couldn't ever see his family again. He hoped.

He wanted to ask Jase this after Kashyyyk, but the bank robbery happened before he could, and Jase was in bacta the entire way to Denon. He could've asked while in the office he supposed, but considering how annoyed Jase had been with him at the time, he didn't think it was wise.

Closing his eyes, he wondered if he had made the right decision to join the Unknowns. It wasn't like it was his choice anyways, but he could've protested possibly. What would Jase have done if he had said no? What would he do if he sensed that Tam wanted out? Not that he did... Yet. But he was still having doubts.

He knew it would take a while to get used to it. He was new to the group, and no one there really knew him, so he wasn't exactly liked. And being a sniper didn't help matters, being a near-solo occupation in the first place. It was just as well that he was borderline anti-social, but that didn't mean he didn't want to be accepted in the new unit.

Sighing again, he opened his eyes for a second, then reclosed them. He would just have to wait and see with this new unit. In time, he might be accepted.

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 Post Posted: Fri, December 07th 2007 02:50pm    Post subject:
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All too easy. Sark thought, the foul stench of organic life now entering his nostrils. He glanced at his hands, and noticed a small trace of blood had still remained.

"Who are you?" came the crisp response, the attitude of superiority around him. Sark entered the shuttle, not answering the man, until the Mando took ahold of his shoulders, a physical form of persuasion. Sark moved quicker than the Mando could blink, the Mandalorian's hands snapping at the wrist, with the right hand being completely removed. Blood squirted, then spewed at a constant until he gripped instinctively to minimize the bleeding.

"Your race is pathetic." Sark stated, his eyes watching the Mando's face. An interesting complexion of fear, and the gathering of internal courage was a splendid site, indeed. "Kill me." Sark taunted.

The Mando pulled a blade, quicker than what most humans would be able to accomplish and slashed towards the Coruscanti sounding villain, but to no avail. Sark had moved and kicked the man in the groin. He collapsed, the blade's fall echoing across the metallic flooring. Sark bent downwards, snapping the man's ankles, before taking a holopadd and smashed in his kneecaps.

With a final grunt, and pain-driven tears, he died. "What a warrior." Sark finished before taking the controls of the vessel.

His body was later dumped in some landfill, honorless.
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Nevin Antilles
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 Post Posted: Fri, January 18th 2008 02:44pm    Post subject:
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Nevin moved through the evening bustle of Denon, going by foot to his apartment. It was a brisk, chilly evening. It was a bad day.

Nevin sighed, his breath appearing as light gray moisture. He hadn't felt this way since he was torn from the Empire, and all his commitments there. Once again, external circumstances had singled him out, and they weren't to let him back.

Ever since he had left Coruscant, Nevin had been thinking about leaving the Alliance. His “discussion” with Leia did not go as he had planned. He rather regretted a few things he had said. He hadn't intended to be so abrasive, so abrupt. He wanted to talk to Leia, to tell her everything he knew, then to bow gracefully away. He resigned not because he was mad at the Alliance: he resigned because he truly felt he could bring nothing more to it. He felt as if any of his obligations would suffer if he remained joined to them, like a plague-bearer to his family.

Of those connections, the Alliance wasn't the foremost. He thought back to an hour earlier. He had been walking to Leia's office, when he had heard a familiar voice. “Nevin?” It had been, trembling as if it were afraid or curious.

He had turned to see Salla Vivek walking toward him. She had, apparently, just finished a brief chat with some other office when she had seen him. It had not been what he expected to find on his way to the meeting with Leia.

“Salla,” he had stuttered. He hadn't seen the woman since he had left Denon – that seemed like years ago.

“Yeah, uh,” she had tripped over her words, though with a smile. “Hi.”

“What, uh,” he asked, moving aside in the corridor to a small alcove with a window seat. “What're you doing here?” Salla was in the Army, and she wasn't usually in the same complex as he.

“I was gonna ask you the same thing,” she had responded, closing the gap between them until they were almost touching. “I didn't see you for awhile.”

Nevin's eyes had focused on her movements, watching her like a security camera. “Well, I was just,” he had hesitated. “Away for awhile,” Nevin had answered. He'd cringed on his mannerism, but he was not ready to tell anyone.

He had thought about her constantly since he returned, but he was afraid. He was fearful of getting close to her again, just to have some dark, nameless spirit rip him away and hound them both to the grave. He felt – he knew – it would happen if he tried.

“You were sent on a mission?” Salla had extrapolated, her eyes wide with concern. “Are you alright?” She'd asked, backing away a tad and inspecting him as if to see wounds beneath his clothing.

Nevin had found himself smiling a bit at her over-exaggerated concern. “It's alright. It... wasn't really a mission. I'm fine.”

She had looked back to his face, and her head inclined in a slight nod, though her eyes still strayed as if to see any tell-tale signs of harm. Still, Nevin had gotten the feeling that she knew he didn't want to talk about it. “Well, I was just worried about you, that's all,” she had stated, her voice still trembling like her concern was overwhelming her.

He had wanted to allowed himself one pleasure. He had moved closer to her again, feeling the urge to secure her tightly against him. But he resisted. “Me too,” he had said simply, the pained smile irreverent of his concern still on his face. He had felt as if that encounter would be his last grasp at something that would have to leave from him.

“Really?” she had asked with a clumsy smile on her face. “You missed me?”

Salla always had the strange tendency to assume no one cared about her. “Oh, come on, you thought I didn't?”

She had hesitated for a moment, unsure how to answer him. “I didn't see you in awhile, I assumed the worst, I guess,” Salla had responded ultimately.

Nevin knew that she had been subtly pressing him to reveal what he had experienced, but he had kept going. “It's no big deal. But, I didn't have any comm or anything,” he had explained to her.

“Why not?” she had asked, losing subtlety with her brow furrowed. “I thought you said it wasn't a mission. Why else would you be restricted?”

“I wasn't restricted, b—well, it... sort of was,” he had bumbled. “But it's too much to explain.”

“Then it was a mission,” she had said, her face going hard. She had to feel slighted, as if he were lying to her, but she just hadn't understood.

“I said, I don't—can't talk about it,” he had told her, becoming frustrated.

She had breathed a deep sigh and had put her hand on her hip. “Why did you lie to me?” She had demanded. “All you had to say was it was classified.”

“It wasn't a mission!” He had yelled, feeling like he was being pressed for information. He didn't know why he was so defensive, but he felt it was imperative not to let anyone know about what happened, lest it happen again. “I'm not even gonna get missions anymore.”

She had cringed from the outburst, but then her curiosity had gotten her. She had caught Nevin's slip. “Wait... what do you mean?”

He had bit his tongue. He imagined if she knew his intentions, she would just be all the more confrontational. “What? I don't get them, I'm just navy.”

Salla had not believed it. “Don't act dumb. That's not true,” she had told him, stepping closer. “What happened?”

As she had moved closer, Nevin had moved away, pressing his back against the wall. He had suddenly felt very cornered. “I don't think I'd have to be interrogated again when I got back by you of all people.”

Her eyebrows had bent in anger. She had lost her patience. “Interrogated?” She growled, obviously feeling hurt. “I don't even know what to say, Nevin. I-I was worried about you and I want to help!”

Nevin had let his eyes stray to the people walking down the corridor. He had needed distraction, some time to think, some time to salvage his words, without losing her. But, could he really keep her? “You're overreacting,” he had said after precious moments of silence, once again facing her.

“It's not so simple!” He had pleaded for her to understand. It pained him that he had been so introverted. But how could he open her up to the horror? How could he possibly live with himself, if the demon would reach her through him? “I don't even... I don't even know myself either, alright?” He had said, quieter.

Salla had begun to lose herself. She hadn't known what to do or what to say. So, she had said the only thing that she could be sure she meant. “I just want to help you. You know that, right?” She asked in a repressed whisper.

“I guess,” he had admitted. He wanted to make himself think she didn't really care. It hurt him all the more that she truly did; he would have to be the first to make the move, if she was to be protected. “I just, I don't know... I need time, or something.”

She had searched his deep eyes for a long moment. “What do you want me to do, then?”

Nevin had studied her. Then, he had shrugged his shoulders. He had wanted to say so much more, but he knew he couldn't. To open himself to her would have been to open her to things that he didn't understand; things he didn't want to understand.

Salla had retired herself. She had looked at the ground in defeat. “Fine... I-I'll just go, then.”

It had been too much for Nevin to bear. “Look, it doesn't have to do with you,” he had tried to explain. He had known he couldn't escape out of this without pain to both of them... but maybe he could lessen it, somewhat. “I'm not trying to...” he just trailed off. He hadn't known what to say, and he still didn't. No matter how many times he went over the situation in his head, he couldn't think of any other way to say what he said.

“No, I know,” she had cut him off. She hadn't been looking at him, however. She had looked past him, towards nothing in particular. “You need time to yourself. I-I understand that.”

The man had just continued to watch the woman. This was her, the person that had saved him so long ago. Even when he was irrational, a liche of the Empire, she didn't give up on him. He had to somehow, in some horrible way, return the favor. Nevin had only sighed.

“Maybe I better go,” she had said, finally bringing herself to look to his face as he had averted his gaze.

Finally, Nevin had looked back to her, one last time. “I'll... keep in touch.”

Salla had smiled. Anyone could have seen it was just a mask for what she felt. “I'll see you around,” she had concluded before she turned away. She had moved down the corridor, her arms tightly wrapped around herself.

Nevin had done nothing.

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