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Skywalker Ranch
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Tatooine » Skywalker Ranch
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Luke Skywalker
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 Post Posted: Wed, July 05th 2006 07:35am    Post subject: Skywalker Ranch
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Death. Destruction. Disaster.
Luke awoke with a start, his bed drenched with sweat. He dreamed. He dreamed a powerful dream. He dreamed of death. He dreamed of destruction. He dreamed.
The dream he dreamed wasn’t like other dreams other’s dream.
The dream he dreamed was a true dream. His dreams were other’s realities.
When he dreamed of death, someone died.
When he dreamed of destruction, something was destroyed.
When he dreamed of a disaster…

Luke Skywalker quickly slid out of the bed he shared with is wife. She felt him leave and Nicole Wexler Skywalker opened her eyes sheepishly. She looked up at her husband who looked back silently at her.
“What happened?” She asked him, feeling the cold sweat seeping into the bedclothes on her husband’s side of the bed.
Luke looked into his wife’s eyes mournfully, “I do not know. But I fear something disastrous has happened. Chief Aryln, Master Yoogle. I fear for them.”
Nicole sat up in the bed, leaning slightly against her pillow, “So you’re going back?”
Luke nodded slowly, “I have no choice. I must go and assist.”
Nicole’s eyebrows furrowed, “You have a choice. This isn’t your war, you’re not involved this time.” She slid slowly out of the bed opposite her husband, “You brought us out here to keep us safe, and now you’re telling me you’re going back… into a disaster area?”
Luke nodded slightly and turned away from his wife, getting a black silken garment from the open closet behind him.
Nicole shook her head, “You Jedi and your damned crusades…”
Luke draped the garment over the door to the closet without saying a word, he removed his night clothes and replaced them with a simple black robe. The one he wore when walking from his bedroom to the bathroom. The distance between the two was minimal but his sense of propriety kept him from walking around wearing nothing.
Luke entered the simple bathroom, which comprised of a small counter for a baby change area, a sink, and a sonic shower. A device that uses sonic pulses to remove dirt, grime, bacteria and the like from the body, not as refreshing as water but that was an expensive commodity on the desert world of Tatooine.
Luke opened the door to the sonic shower, removed his robe, and stepped inside. Once inside he closed the door and initiated the cleaning cycle.
He felt the sonic pulses pressing against his skin, wiping the dirt off and cleaning his pores. The sweat from last night pulsed clean off and left him smelling clean and refreshed. The pulses also cleaned his hair which was starting to grow longer. He closed his eyes and concentrated slightly on one of the skills he had mastered over the year of isolation. His hair started to cut itself into a way he liked, a short back and sides, very official looking.

The shower had finished and he stepped out. He replaced the bathrobe and walked back into the bedroom, back to his wife. Packing his bag.
Luke raised his eyebrow at her as she took clothes out of the closet and packed them into a black leather case. “How long to you expect me to be gone?”
Nicole jumped and turned to see her husband, she put the robe in her hands into the bag and slowly sauntered up to him. Nicole wrapped her arms around Luke’s waist as he wrapped his around her shoulders, “I know why you must go. But I still don’t like it.”
Luke nodded and kissed her lightly on the cheek.
Nicole shook her head, “you call that a kiss?” She took his head in her hands and pressed her lips to his, opening her mouth ever so slightly to allow her tongue to pass through her lips, into his mouth, past his teeth. Nicole’s tongue danced around in Luke’s mouth, his tongue lashing and twisting against her own. He broke the kiss, “Artoo has my fighter ready outside, I must get dressed and go before it’s too late. I might be able to do something useful for once.”
Nicole nodded, “quickly.”
Luke smiled and quickly dressed in black robes, cloak and cape. He hooked his shiny new Electrum/Cortosis hilted lightsaber to the belt on his waist and looked himself over, “Right, I’m ready.”
Nicole leaned in and kissed him again, “Hurry.”
Luke nodded and smiled his boyish smile, something he hadn’t done for a long time. He turned and rushed out.
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Nicole Wexler Skywalker

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 Post Posted: Sun, July 09th 2006 06:55pm    Post subject:
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As Nicole waved her husband off to do ‘that hero thing’ she thought she heard the howls of Tusken Raiders, but not the distant one’s she was used to. These were much closer.

“It’s one of THEM,” howled the Tusken scout to the Chief. The chief thought for a moment and replied, “One of the slaveys?”
The scout moved his head vigorously, obviously an affirmative as this was replied with howls of “hunt them! Kill them!”
Slavey was the name the Tuskens had given to any offworlder that smelt similar to one certain… troublesome slave. They didn’t know the slave’s name but they knew what he did.
The chief of the Tuskens recalled the night when he was selected for his first hunting party.

I was so excited. It was dusk, my father and I loaded up a Bantha and climbed on the giant beast’s back. Well, in actual fact father climbed and dropped a rope to me and hoisted me up.
The chief waved the two of us off and we soldiered on with the rest of the party. Two fellow Tuskens sitting outside a special tent with guns in hand nodded the party off. The Special Guard were watching over a human woman they had captured in glorious battle. The party quietly approached their prey, a small farm on the outskirts of the Wastes, with no animals, but the prey they were after was inside. Father jumped off the Bantha and walked up to the door, several armed party members behind him, guns at the ready. Father knocked on the door hard and quickly moved back to where the armed Tuskens were. The human opened the door and shots rang out and smoke spewed from the Tusken weapons. The human hit the ground, dead.
The party roared and howled with victory. Father dragged the human out of the small hut and threw him over the top of the Bantha before climbing up himself. Father howled and gave the reigns to me and told me to guide the party home. I tried to rush the Bantha so it ended up stopping in its tracks and snorted at me. Father tried also but to no success. Then I had an idea. I tied a piece of food to the end of a rope and tied the other end onto father’s gun. I reached out and draped the food just out of reach of the Bantha’s mouth. The Bantha saw it and tried to get the food with it’s mouth but failed. So the Bantha walked forwards, trying to get at the food. My father clapped me on the back and soon we were getting closer to the campsite.
As we approached father knew something wasn’t right. He told me to stop and the rest of the party got their guns and rushed towards the campsite. A man suddenly jumped out of the Special Tent with a kind of light sword and struck down both the guards. He quickly and without mercy made quick work of the others, men, women, children. The entire hunting party except me were killed in the vicious assault. An assault by a man I only knew as Slavey.

The chief slowly nodded, “Kill Slaveyboy’s family. Then when he comes back. Kill Slaveyboy.”
The Tuskens howled and mounted their Bantha’s.
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