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The Church of Saint Caprica
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » The Church of Saint Caprica
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 Post Posted: Sun, June 10th 2007 04:52pm    Post subject: The Church of Saint Caprica
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It was a rather small religious building, the only massive structure being a symbolic bell tower that rang throughout the populated center... also used as a broadcast station for religious news and archive information. Thousands of diverse citizens came to this church seeking salvation in the arms of the Saint Caprica, who would deliver her flock to redemption.

Religion was processed as a primitive belief of the unknown, yet it held the answers to the unexplained. The Human Replica Droid entered the building, the ancient artifacts scattered around, as Denon's moonlight pierced a small stained glass window and caused the blonde hair to radiate in the poorly illuminated halls. Her heels echoed against the distant chambers, with the sobs of an unknown biological presence. It was a child.

The child was small, frail with defeat and pain. Her body shook with each tear, each sob growing in intensity before she had to draw more breath. A priest entered, also sensing the disturbance but at the false perception of a looming mother figure, he left and returned to his chambers. The child was a girl, her eyes were wide filled with the tears that had yet to fall from their eyelids and soak into the poor fabric she was wearing.

The Human Replica Droid bent down slowly, processing the situation, unsure of how to approach the girl's sorrow. "Hello." the blonde woman's voice was soft and almost motherly to the human. The icy blue eyes stared, the sobs pausing only for a moment of her confusion before the little girl collapsed into Eve.

Eve held the human child, the intensity of the moment was strange to bare as the individual sobbed into Eve's clothing, the tears now falling onto her own clothing. Eve's hand rose and touched the back of the child's blonde hair, and affectionately combed the mess. She was six judging the parameters of the typical human aging process.

"Where are your parents?" Eve whispered into the child's ears.

The girl stuttered, her voice was tiny and almost inaudible. Eve failed to translate and before she could ask again, a woman's voice emerged behind her. "Kamelia." before running towards the Human Replica Droid and the child in her arms. The child sobbed more, however, a smile was on the girl's face instead of fear. With her arms stretching towards the incoming woman, Eve positioned for an easy transition.

"Thank you. Thank you." the woman muttered over and over as she took her child into her arms. She kissed and hugged her, not wanting to release her for a fraction of a second.

Eve smiled gently, her programming telling her to express joy and happiness, yet she did not. She merely smiled solemnly." I don't know how she got out." the mother frantically explained, still holding her child close, "We live across the way there, in the shelter. And I don't know how she survived all the chaos... I'm just so happy. Thank you."

She paused before giving a short prayer, to which Eve simply bowed her head.

"Thank the Gods. Thank Saint Caprica." and they departed. Eve turned, slightly off of her original plan of observation. She wanted to see the acts of faith, the gift and miracle of humanoid gods. It wasn't long til she processed that what had just occurred was. The child had managed to evade the strangers, the worst case scenarios of an open street and wander into an open church building in the middle of the night. Only to be found by a woman that shielded and protected her, until the mother ran to the church for help.

Eve processed the situation, the outcome that had played out, was rare. The odds of a four year old child making it into the church building were extremely low, however, not improbable. If the child was a regular visitor, it was possible she knew it was a safe haven and followed the subconscious directions. The intricate ability of human minds was hard to predict and calculate at times.

Eve looked upwards; the child had been standing right before the statue of Saint Caprica... a woman with outstretched hands, as if beckoning the people to follow, to believe in her. Eve bowed on her knees, and closed her eyes.

"Saint Caprica." Eve whispered in her mind before it was whispered across her lips...
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Joined: 26 May 2007
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 Post Posted: Sun, June 10th 2007 07:15pm    Post subject:
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The church doors opened, a second woman had entered the confines of the religious building... Eve rose to her feet knowing exactly who it was. She had attempted prayer, and nothing had answered her, no feelings of revelation, no feelings of comfort that it was heard. Perhaps it wasn't so easy, as the doctrine of this specific organization stated clearly it could take til the very last breath before you realize how Saint Caprica answered you.

The blonde human replica droid slowly turned around to face the humanoid with wings for the first time in her existence...face to face.

"Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad." Eve whispered, so her voice wouldn't carry. The thanagarian lowered her head and together, they turned to view the statue of Saint Caprica.

The brunette woman asked, "And what brings the most intelligent being in the galaxy to Saint Caprica's first church."

Eve pondered her response before answering with, "There are many things I do not understand, faith is one of them."

Alatáriël looked at her and with emotion in her eyes, a surprising response came, "I came here. Once as a child after I had left Thanagar. It was one of the stops we made." That had never been mentioned in any kind of biography, or record. "My people do not believe in Gods, in fact, we've grown to hate them. Worship is dangerous, as it clouds the mind of billions."

Eve understood this. A single word from a religious figure could have a massive effect. "Were your prayers answered?"

Arlyn shrugged slightly, her eyes carefully attempting to explain her experience. "Perhaps. You know of Rambaldi, and my experiences in his religion. I can never really be sure, of course. For some it's hard to comprehend that something else is in charge of their destiny, that they do not have control over their lives; their purpose. And for others, they rely too much on the forces of the superior, that it fails to actually save them." She paused, "Are higher powers in this universe, yes. The Force is an example of this. How you view, the 'Will of the Force' or as a tool, as a genetic advantage... defines how you view faith, religion and theology."

Eve knew very well the capabilities of the Force and the beliefs hundreds of worlds held on them. She understood what Arlyn was saying and agreed. "I understand." Her prayer may or may not have been received by 'Saint Caprica' and only time would reveal an answer by the religious figure.

"I found religion interesting." Eve confessed. "The faith and respect an individual places in a rather supersticious aspect of life is interesting. I can never have or experience faith." She could obey orders, process odds, and 'luck' or chances of something happening, but she could never rely on a superior being to assist her.

Together they reflected in silence the statue before them.

* * *

Leaving the church behind, Alatáriël offered Eve a place of residence inside of her parent's estate. They still had not replaced the maids and service lost the night of the Hand's attack, and Eve could experience toddlers.

Eve took one final glance at the Church of Caprica, leaving behind a small programmed sense of hope in the walls and foundation of the building...
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Jase Denora
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 Post Posted: Mon, December 10th 2007 08:34pm    Post subject:
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" Filth...," Jase huffed, opening the doors of the quiet church and stepping inside. The building was large and for the most part...quiet. He looked around and spotted Eve. Nodding to her, he hefted the youth off his shoulder and set him down on a pew. He checked the boy's pulse and breathing, disappointed that the crazed young man was still alive. He deserved death for interfering with my plans... Standing up fully, he looked to Eve and pulled off his vomit stained outer robes. Tossing them to the ground, he stood in his back bodysuit, favored lightsaber clipped to his side.

" I have brought the boy," he said quietly, narrowing his eyes at the HRD. " he should be thankful when he awakens that I listened to you and did not end him. You may wake him up, I do not feel like having any more of my clothing stained by him today."

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 Post Posted: Wed, December 12th 2007 01:46am    Post subject:
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As the boy collapsed on the floor, Eve's supercomputer detected Ryan Davad's signature. He had been activated, yet his communication terminal which Eve used to speak with him, had been blocked. Strangely, she took a moment to trace his location, and before the trace could complete, the signal went offline.

"We don't have much time." Eve said, her voice frantic as she stood over the teenager. The human had been through an impressive amount of stress, the drug overloading the mind and the body in shockwaves. Bending towards him, Eve lowered the vial and injected the serum into his body.

"Jase, this boy is our only hope to finding them in time." she took a step backwards, and joined Jase at his stand-offish position. Her eyes watched the squirms slow, and the rhythm of breathing return to a normal. "Although you may not believe it, he has helped spare the lives of millions." She thought of informing Jase of Milo Rambaldi, but now was not the time. They needed to extract as much information from the boy as possible, before he collapsed into a deep sleep.

"Alexander." Eve called to the boy, her knees bending so she was very near his body. "Alexander, can you hear me?"

The boy stirred, his heart still racing faster than normal. "Evelynn?" Sunlight that penetrated the church's windows hit his eyes, causing him to dry heave slightly before thrusting backwards.

"It's almost over." she told him, "Can you tell me where the Hand's operation center is? The one on Denon?"

"Kremili." the boy voiced, before his brain shut down and entered REM. A female priest entered the room, her eyes bulging at the sight of the malformed boy.

"Evelynn! What in seven galaxies has happened?" She rushed over, avoiding Jase indirectly. Eve took the Priest by the shoulders, and through whatever eye to eye communication she could convey, the situation was more important than exact details.

"Can you take him?" Eve asked the old woman.

"By the god of -" her voice muttered as she collected the boy, attempting to heave him outwards. Without wasting another second, Eve tossed Jase the speeder's access key.

"You know how to pilot one of those, right?" she lead grabbed a pair of black robes that were hanging nearby, "Kremli Sector. Level 67."
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Alexander Risso
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 Post Posted: Wed, December 12th 2007 11:58pm    Post subject:
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The Final Phase. Alexander's mind tormented, "I have to go." he told the female priest, "Now." She resisted, but he was stronger.

He had to go.
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