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Corellian Sector, Archsyn Offices (Surface)
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Luna Aryss

Joined: 22 Jan 2007
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Location: Nar Shaddaa

 Post Posted: Fri, September 07th 2007 04:09pm    Post subject: Corellian Sector, Archsyn Offices (Surface)
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The expansive hangar still looked the same as she remembered. As she climbed out of the cockpit of her cloudcar, she gave her eyes a moment to adjust to the bright lights surrounding her. Despite being a massive room, it was very well lit. She assumed there were cameras watching everything she did, and the more light there was, the easily they could see.

Her boots clapped against the shiny floor as she paced back and forth. Tyron had given her orders to come to his hangar and await for his men to bring her to him. She was suspicious, of course, but was prepared in case things started to go wrong. And every passing moment only caused her anxiety to grow a little bit bigger.

With another scan of the hangar, she caught something odd. There was no shuttle docked. Normally, most men in positions of power keep an escape plan close at hand, just in case things went unfavorably. She knew Tyron was different, but it still caught her as strange. In all her time that she had been around his office, she knew he wouldn't have taken a chance like that...

"I'll assume you're the one we're here for?" a gruff voice asked her, making her flinch a little. Turning to meet the mercenary, she immediately took note of everything happening. One man in front, presumably their leader. Three behind him, each armed as heavily as they could have been. They weren't like the others she had seen either. Each one looked as if they had seen more battles than a soldier during the clone wars.

Before waiting too long, she answered firmly, "The one you want is still inside." She gestured to her cloudcar with a flick of her head. The leading mercenary swung a finger before two of his cohorts went to check out her speeder. A grin found its way to her lips. "Are you my escort?"

The man didn't answer. Instead, he watched her closely, then turned to watch his men drag the Bothan from the cockpit. They were quick, but far from gentle. Finally, she told them to be careful with him, then defended herself with, "I'm sure Tyron doesn't want him damaged before he can get his hands on him himself."

In reality, she was the one that didn't want him damaged. If something happened to him, she lost every bit of collateral she had. He was the only thing keeping her entire plan together, and if she lost control of that, she wasn't convinced she could hold things in place anymore.

The mercenaries muttered things to each other, which Luna didn't bother trying to hear. She had to keep her mind focused, especially coming face to face with Tyron. Not a single word could be out of place. She needed to say everything perfectly, or she'd lose her position.

As they left the massive hangar, she only hoped she wasn't walking head-first into a trap. Tyron specialized in setting people up....
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Luna Aryss

Joined: 22 Jan 2007
Posts: 15
Location: Nar Shaddaa

 Post Posted: Fri, September 07th 2007 09:34pm    Post subject:
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At the time of strutting into Tyron's own office, there was only one thing on her mind. After scanning everything around her, and taking her usual mental notes of whatever could help in her situation. Unfortunately, her mind continually led her to the same, inescapable conclusions.

There was no way out.

Not only did Tyron have the entire room wired with as many security measures as a galactic bank outlet, he was surrounded by mercenaries. Four of them, fully armored, including helmets, stood behind him, probably acting as personal bodyguards. The four that met her in the hangar walked calmy into the room and went to the sides. The two carrying the Bothan set him up on his knees, then joined the others.

Before she could say anything, she noticed that he was finally waking up. He was still groggy, but could support himself on his knees well enough. She assumed he didn't have any idea where he was, but as soon as he heard the voice, he froze.

"Welcome back, Fey'kel." Tyron's voice was harsh and powerful, which put fear in anyone that he spoke to. Not only that, but his face was just as rugged. Despite his short, white hair, his face revealed years of hard living. He was aged, but his eyes showed that he had the experience of a thousand men. This was no mere old man.

This was Tyron Archsyn.

"I'm interested. Why exactly did you come back to my moon?"

No response. The Bothan only stared up in wonder, his mouth hanging open as if he was watching a dream. Tyron chuckled at the pathetic display.

"I know, it's hard to figure out what happened, but all that matters is that you can thank your little friend here for bringing you back to where you belong," the smirk on Tyron's face gave Luna a chill. Even her own grin had vanished, replaced with a neutral expression. To her horror, the Bothan turned to her and watched her with his dopey eyes for what felt like an eternity. He didn't say anything, but she knew what he was thinking. She did her best not to think about it as she tore her eyes away from his.

Once he had turned back to Tyron, he finally worked up the effort to speak, but said only one word before Tyron ordered his goons to grab hold of him again.


"Take our guest to his suite," Tyron commanded, still wearing his evil grin. "As for you, young lady, I underestimated you. Here I thought you were hatching another of your schemes when in fact you bring me the little furball that escaped my reach. I simply must commend you."

Luna didn't say anything about it. She simply went straight to the matter she wanted. Payment.

"I did your part. Now you do mine."

Tyron gave a nod as he leaned back into his cushy chair. "I'm listening. What's your proposal?" She felt the eyes of every person in the room watching her. The pressure was building, and Tyron knew it. It was one of his tactics, but it wouldn't work on her. Not this time.

"I want my job back," she demanded, staring him straight in the eye.

"That could be tricky. Just because you brought me Fey'kel doesn't mean I trust you."

"You don't trust anyone."

"Neither do you." His remark was bitter, despite coming from his thin, grinning lips. "But I can't restore your old job. I don't trust you as a bodyguard. Besides, as you can see, I already have all the positions filled."

Luna's eyes shifted from person to person as she scanned those standing behind his desk. They watched through helmets, so she couldn't even see their eyes staring back. It made her a little more uncomfortable before she shifted in place and put her focus back to the man sitting at the desk.

"Then I ask that you at least give me something to do. There has to be a job opening somewhere around here."

"Naturally, you're right. I have a position that involves quite a bit of responsibility. Something I'm sure you'll be good at doing. There's an slot down in the hangar control room. All you need to do is clear people for entry. If anyone suspicious shows up, well, take care of them," his grin widened as he finished speaking. Luna found herself sharing the smile as she thought to herself. It wasn't exactly what she had planned, but it was far from over. She had plenty of tricks left.

"When can I start?" she asked confidently. He leaned back onto his desk and placed his hands together before he answered, "Right now. Jaran will show you to your station."

With a flick of his head, one of the mercenaries stepped forward. He gave her a cold glare before turning and leaving the room through the narrow doorway. After giving Tyron one last, long look, she followed close behind.

Even after the metal door hissed shut, she could feel his eyes piercing the back of her head, but still breathed a small sigh of relief.
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Luna Aryss

Joined: 22 Jan 2007
Posts: 15
Location: Nar Shaddaa

 Post Posted: Fri, September 07th 2007 11:08pm    Post subject:
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The room was small, but had countless monitors installed on the wall. A single terminal stood by itself inside a small alcove within the center of the wall. The opposite wall was nothing more than large windows overlooking the hangar. Doors on each side of the room led to catwalks outside. The catwalks ran above the inner hangar, but the only stairs to get to them were back inside the main offices. A layout that would prove a little daunting in a pinch, but Luna knew she could work with whatever she could find.

The only part that surprised her was when she saw another woman in the room. Jaran said nothing before leaving Luna alone with her and returning back to the offices.

"I take it he doesn't like you very much?" Luna asked.

"None of the mercs do. When you're security chief and you hate the person you work for, they tend to be a little cold," she explained. "I imagine you'll end up feeling the same way soon enough."

"I already like you." Luna smirked back at her, which was mirrored by the officer. "Anyone who hates Tyron is a friend of mine."

"Strange logic," the chief said, walking to the main terminal and beginning to fiddle around with it. Lune noticed what she was up to, then immediately began going to work. She needed to work quickly, especially with the Bothan no longer in her keep.

"I know we just met, but I have a favor to ask," she began, slowing waking her way closer to the other woman. "What would it take for you to give me administrative access to the entire security network?"

A strange look came from the officer, but quickly turned back into a devious grin. "A promise that maybe someone will finally put Tyron in his place."

Luna's smile widened and she leaned in closer. "Have I got a deal for you."

The woman was easily persuaded, but then again, Luna had a way with people. She knew that, and wasn't afraid to use it. It was the best weapon she had.

With administrative access, the entire layout of Tyron's office level was revealed to her eyes. The security systems were complex, but she managed to find what she needed without much searching. It surprised her that everything was going as smoothly as it was. Tyron had been accepting and fairly forgiving, much to her suspicion. Nevertheless, she wasn't complaining. The easier things were for her, the better.

But then again, the easy part was now over. As she climbed into her cloudcar, she looked up at the security office windows before jumping into the seat. The security chief gave her a nod and a smile before hurrying off. Luna smiled back, sat before her familiar controls and closed the cockpit window. Once the sound of the engines hit her ears, she realized how close she was. Only a few more steps to go.

Unfortunately, the hard part was just getting started.

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Valia Eross

Joined: 21 Jun 2006
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 Post Posted: Fri, September 14th 2007 11:21pm    Post subject:
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The vehicle slid into the midsection of the towering office building. As far as I could tell, this Tyron was not one for huge presences – he seemed to be headquartered in an ordinary building, sharing the space with other lessees.

For the duration of the trip, I had been trying to figure out the tactics I would use to retrieve Tensig, but it hadn't been fruitful, since I was not acquainted with the building. As I looked around the small, yet smooth and graceful, hangar, I was still wondering.

“Any suggestions?” I asked the mysterious woman.

“Look busy,” she grunted as she pushed up the cockpit shield. I rolled my eyes at her “advice” as I disembarked from the car, hindered slightly by the awkward armor, my hand on my blaster.

To our surprise, no one was there. I had been expecting armed guards ready to intercept the red woman. She must have done her work well; yet she still seemed to be surprised, pacing around the area and trying to spy out any security guards.

“Not many people here to see your fireworks,” I said, tongue-in-cheek.

“I told the staff to get out,” she explained. “Turns out I'm not the only one that hates Tyron around here,” she finished with a smirk in my direction. “The only ones left should be the mercenaries. Tyron pays them himself, so they keep their loyalty to him.”

“I don't really care about Tyron,” I admitted as we worked our way towards the hangar doors, which lead into the rest of the office facility. “I just want Tensig out of here.” Did I really just say that?

“He'll care, though,” the red woman reminded me. “As long as they think you're one of them, you should be alright.”

“Then, just tell me where to go and I'll get him. Do what you want with Tyron.”

“Good,” she responded as we passed through the doors, which led into a narrow, furnished hall. Just in front of the hangar doors was a staircase, hugging the corner, that led back towards us to an unseen higher level. Beyond our immediate area was an intersection of another hall. “He's down there somewhere,” she advised, pointing down the length of the straight corridor. “Like I said, I'm not sure exactly where, but just look for the door with guards. Then act like one of them.”

I nodded, hoping my disguise would be enough. “I'll meet you back here in...?”

“Thirty minutes. But the sooner, the better.”

With another quick nod, I moved down the hall, trying to look as if I were on patrol. Within a few moments and after a few turns, I passed several guards wearing armor like my own. These must have been the mercenaries about which I was warned. Fortunately, they paid me no extra mind, aside from the occasional nod. The guards eventually thinned out – apparently Tyron was low on loyal mercenaries (if there was such a thing), and I passively wondered what was important enough to man armored guards throughout this central hall.

Then, I reached the end of a branch of the main corridor. It had several, nondescript doors. But one of them had something interest. Outside it stood a guard, the only one in this region. Unlike me, his face was exposed and I could see paled aquamarine eyes behind a hardened face. Without skipping a beat, I came up to him and stood straightly before him.

He regarded me with an unmoved voice. Yes?”

“Mr. Archsyn wants the prisoner delivered to him,” I said, finally speaking what I had rehearsed in my mind for the past few minutes. “I've come to escort him away.”

A curious eyebrow raised on his forehead. “I've never seen you here before.”

“You'll have to forgive Tyron for not keeping you informed of every little decision he makes,” I said, in pseudo-boredom, before I put an edge on my voice. “And you know he's not a patient man for what he wants.”

He studied me again. I could only wonder what was going through his mind. However, he must have been perceptive enough to accept my gruffness and obey me. “Alright, Fine. Just hurry it up,” he said as he stepped aside.

A smile formed beneath my helmet, but my voice didn't show it. “Would you expect anything less? I don't know what Tyron wants with that mop, but I'm sure he'll make it quick.” I said, trying to put as much distaste for the prisoner in my voice as possible. I activated the door mechanism, and inside I stepped.

Surprisingly, it was rather pleasant, for a “cell.” It was dimly illuminated and there were a few cameras in the room, but aside from that it seemed to be a converted office with a small sofa and a desk.

“I'm getting a beating, aren't I?” Came the broken voice from the other side of the room. I looked over to see Tensig sitting on the couch.

Masking my delight for show, I stepped over to him and grabbed his furry arm harshly. “Get up!”

He grunted and stammered a compliant phrase, and I pushed him through the modest room to the hall. I took out my blaster and pushed him down the corridor. Those cameras would soon get back to Tyron, and he would surely know his newest mercenary really was no one at all.

Apparently, he was faster than I thought. The guard outside the room was speaking softly over comlink, suspiciously eying us as we pressed on. Tensig saw it too. Nervously, he turned back to me. “So, where are we going, exactly?” He asked conversationally. He never ceased to amaze me – if that was the right word...

“Out of here,” I muttered. “And maybe to get you a bloody personal field generator.” I slid up my visor a bit so he could see my face. He visibly relaxed as recognition crossed his face, but he also seemed at the same time a bit uneasy.

We proceeded down the corridor, but Tensig did not stop talking. “How did you even get in here?”

“Long story, short time,” I dismissed him. “Just get your feet moving. We don't have much more time.”

Tensig was confused, but he didn't put up an argument. “Right.” He clearly had no idea what the red woman was planning, nor did I have the patience to inform him. Honestly, I didn't know myself, but I could guess it was going to involve explosions. Lots.

I could see the staircase and the adjacent hangar door ahead of us as we crossed the intersection. Unfortunately, things were not destined to be that easy. No sooner than we had crossed through the junction, blaster bolts were sizzling down the corridor, the sickening ozone smell very permeating in the small area.

“You weren't kidding!” Tensig exclaimed.

I gestured for him to keep moving to the hangar while I brought up my blaster, firing it down the left corridor to the source of the bolts. After firing a few shots, I turned about and ran after Tensig – but he was gone. Sparing a few precious sections I looked around. The hangar doors were not open; the fool had gone up the stairs!

I rolled my eyes. I wasn't planning to alert the entire level and draw more guards in an attempt to find him, again! Instead, I turned around and determined to finish off the remaining guards. I'd get Tensig, but I wasn't about to throw my life away.

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Luna Aryss

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 Post Posted: Sat, September 15th 2007 03:54am    Post subject:
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In a matter of seconds, Luna was on her way up the stairs and into the familiar control room. She still couldn't believe how easy it had been to convince the other staff members to clear out. Even the security chief handed over her access codes surprisingly readily. Obviously, she wasn't the only one that was willing to let Tyron get what he deserved. The only difference was that she planned on sending the package.

When she peeked into the control room, she didn't see anyone else inside. It both surprised her and worried her. Surely Tyron had noticed something wrong. Surely he would have sent some of his cronies to check things out. Maybe he really did trust her.

It didn't take Luna very long to begin prodding away into the security system. She had went through the floor plans briefly before she left to pick up the other woman. The defining feature she noticed was the fact that explosives lined most of Tyron's office level. With the right security access, anyone could set the entire level to go off like a firework. And luckily for Luna, she had just the access she needed.

Once she had fiddled her way into the right place, she began looking for the right detonation sequence. A few seconds passed before she saw it and opened up the prompt to enter the correct code. Every time she touched the terminal, she could feel her smile growing wider. She was only a single stroke away when she suddenly felt her smile vanish. Her head twisted to the side and watched in horror as a blaster bolt tore through the air and fried the security terminal before her in a shower of sparks. She jumped back and placed a hand on one of her blasters.

"You didn't think it would tip me off when all my staff suddenly vanished without a trace?" Tyron asked, keeping his pistol raised. Behind him stood two mercenaries, each with a pistol of their own and holding vibroswords in their opposite hands. She didn't hesitate to pull a blaster from her own belt and keep it tight in her grip.

"Quite the coincidence, isn't it?" she returned a question. Inside, she was cursing as loudly as she could think. The console he just blasted was the master terminal. Without it, there was no way she could set off the explosives. Not remotely, anyway.

"I've learned how you work," Tyron continued, taking a few slow steps toward her. She responded in kind by backing away to an opposite door. "I've learned that around you, there's no such thing as coincidences. And now I find you hacking into my security system? I'm afraid to say you've crossed the line."

"A line I know all too well," she remarked, giving him a sly grin. There wasn't any more running around she could do. The time to face her demon was at hand.

As she drew one of her vibroblades, she continued to back toward the other door. Tyron, however, wasn't going to let her get away and continued his pursuit. "I can still make one more deal. Leave the little furball with me and I'll let you go free. Because I'm sure I'm not the only thing on this moon you're running from."

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again," she began, but was suddenly interrupted when a freighter awkwardly flew up into the hangar and started to land. All eyes turned to see what exactly was going on, but Luna's were the first to land back on Tyron's face.

"I don't have to run from anyone."

Like a bolt of lightning, her arm raised her pistol and fired. The bolt missed Tyron, but hit one of his guards' shoulders. She noticed him stumble back and scramble to fire back as soon as possible. Then she noticed he wasn't the only one. Both Tyron and his other guard were both firing back.

Luna wasted no time, spinning on her heel and flying out the door before smashing the control panel behind her. The door hissed shut, keeping her enemies away for now, but they were quickly on their way through the opposite side. The two mercenaries were the first ones out while Tyron immediately grabbed a comlink and began giving orders to the others throughout the level. She scanned everything around her for the upcoming fight, all the while trying to come up with a new plan.

But before she could think of anything, she was running across the catwalk, dodging blaster bolts as they whizzed by and returning fire. Her shots gave her a short moment of freedom, allowing her to cut across to the other side and arrive on the same platform, between the two others. After replacing the sword on her back, her empty hand snapped to the other blaster. Pulling it free, she unleashed a maelstrom of bolts in both directions.

The mercenaries tried to find an opening to fire back, but were pinned down. Luckily for her, they couldn't even find room to move, so when she charged one, he was too stunned to fight back. Her boot made firm contact with his chest, sending him on his back and his blaster falling to the hangar floor below. A small victory, but the other merc was becoming irritated, so she turned both blasters to the same target. Finally, she landed a hit and watched as he fell backwards and sprawled out on the walkway.

Immediately, she holstered a pistol and pulled a sword free again, pointing it at the neck of the mercenary at her feet. Victory was hers, for the moment, but it only lasted until Tyron fired off a few shots from the control room doorway. Luna ducked and rolled to the side, returning a few shots and causing him to retreat down the stairs and out of the hangar. She sprung to her feet to follow him, but had to deflect a swing from another vibroblade with her own.

The mercenary that, just moments ago, was at her feet was bearing down on her. He continued his assault without giving her a single breath. For a time that felt like an eternity, she managed to fight him off and eventually maneuver herself to the other side and was about to bolt toward the stairs and after Tyron when another blaster shot broke them apart. The old man was on the hangar floor firing up at them!

She rolled her eyes in frustration as she deflected one last blow from the other's sword and spun it out of his hands. The blade bounced off the catwalk and tumbled to the metallic floor below. His hands went up in surrender, but she simply grabbed him near his collar and spun him to her other side, trying to use him as a shield from Tyron's fire. Once he had served his purpose, she pushed him ahead, but she noticed he didn't simply stumble to the ground. He seemed to crash into something, as if someone else was standing there.

That's when she realized there was someone else standing before them. And he had fur.
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Tensig Fey'kel

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 Post Posted: Fri, September 21st 2007 12:40am    Post subject:
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"What are you doing here?"

He watched helplessly while she barked at him. The same woman who moments before had been the one that delivered him to Tyron. Now, she was beating up his thugs and, after grabbing the mercenary she threw into him again and yanking him back, apparently trying to save him. At least, he hoped she was.

"You're supposed to be down there!!" she screamed, extending a hand toward the Kinrath, which was mysteriously docked below them. He noticed that Suisa was scrambling down the ramp to get a better view of the action. As he scanned to the front of the hangar, she noticed Val come through a door, apparently being followed by more mercenaries as laser bolts zipped through the open doorway. She managed to return a few shots before it hissed shut again, but then wasted no time trying to find Tensig. His fur stood up on end slightly when she made eye contact.

"Get down here!" she screamed up to him.

What the hell was going on?

Tensig, without protesting began retreating the way he came, but before he could take a step toward the stairs, he heard another voice scream, "No! Not that way!"

He spun on the spot, not sure what to do. Looking to Val for an answer, she only pointed back at the Kinrath as forcefully as she could before she was under attack again.

"How am I supposed to get down there!?" he yelled back. Unfortunately, no one answered. Everyone was too busy fighting off thugs. All while Tensig stood silently in the middle of it all. He turned to the woman next to him, who only rolled her eyes before shoving the mercenary she had in her grip back toward him.

"Here, do something with this one!" she said, firing a few shots to help cover Val.

This time, he felt his footing slip when the other man crashed into him. He tried to sidestep the collision, but ended up stepping too far. The front of his boot slid off the edge of the catwalk, taking the rest of his body with it. He immediately looked in every direction for something to grab on to, but found only the trenchcoat of the mercenary before him. With no other choice, he lunged out to grab the coat. His hand found a fistful of material, but the other was hardly sturdy enough to stand up and came over the edge with him.

Luckily, a stack of huge cargo crates was just beneath them, giving him a relatively safe place to land. It still hurt, but at least he was safe. Well, maybe not as safe as he thought. After opening his eyes, he realized he had landed on the edge of the crate, his one arm hanging over the side. Strangely, he was still clutching something in his hand. When he raised it to his eyes to see, he saw that it was the coat of the mercenary.

But there was no mercenary inside.

He quickly pushed himself up and peeked over the edge. On an offset crate stacked just beneath him, he saw the sprawled body of the man whose coat he had just stolen. If he hadn't been unconscious before the fall, he certainly was now. After a moment to feel guilty about the event, he picked himself up to his feet, then looked over the long, black coat again.

It really wasn't that bad of a coat. And best of all, it fit Tensig when he tried it on.

Before he could admire it any longer, he felt the clunk of another body landing on the crate. He turned around to see the red-skinned woman kneeling down, still firing shots at the thugs below. She met his eyes and said only, "Are you quite finished?"

"...Yeah," he replied simply. She stood up and they both began climbing their way down the stack of crates one by one while dodging any blaster bolts that flew past. Tensig made a point of carefully stepping over the crumpled body, lest he suddenly spring to life again. After a few minutes, they were on the same level as the others and were running to join Suisa at the Kinrath.

Tensig and Suisa greeted each other swiftly before crouching behind the nearest cover they could find. The other woman joined them, providing plenty of covering fire for Val as she finally caught up. Once they were all assembled, Tensig heard Suisa remark,

"Nice jacket."

"You think?" he asked, beginning to admire it again, but the painful screeches of two angry women brought them both back into reality. There was a far more important matter at hand.

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Luna Aryss

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 Post Posted: Fri, September 28th 2007 05:15pm    Post subject:
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"So then can anyone tell me what exactly is going on?" the Bothan asked, as if frustrated with the situation. Luna didn't really blame him, but there was hardly any time for her to explain everything now, so she simply replied with a sharp,

"No." To her amazement, the other woman had said the same thing and their voices overlapped. Immediately, their eyes met, as if at odds with each other, but before anything else could pass between them, the voice of the Quarren addressed Luna.

"You never told me we'd be under fire when I got here," he said in a similar tone than that of the Bothan's.

"Things didn't exactly work out as planned," she remarked, keeping a close eye on the mercenaries across the hangar, still firing at them. She noticed the other woman carefully do the same thing. The small group of crates they were hiding behind provided them little room to move and worse yet, Luna knew their enemies were likely closing in from all sides.

"We'll exchange notes after we're out," the woman remarked before returning her eyes to the others. "What's the plan, Red?"

"Good question," Luna answered while at the same time desperately searching every part of her brain for a solution. The only master security console was destroyed, and the next best thing was probably in Tyron's office. With the blockade they had set up at the main doorway, there was no way they could get that far back into the building.

"You don't know?" the squid prodded further.

"We need some way to set off the explosives linked to the security system."

"Explosives?" his reply was one of shock. "That sounds a bit dangerous."

"You have no idea. They're lining pretty much everything on the level," she explained.

Everyone's eyes seemed to grow a little as they watched her deliver the news. The human, however, didn't seem phased by it and simply responded with, "Bad news for them. If we set this off."

"Bad news for them?!" came the Bothan's cry. "If anything that spells more bad news for us!"

"Oh, it gets better." Luna continued without even looking at the others. She kept her eyes on Tyron. "The only console I had access to has been turned into scrap. And unless you've got one hidden away inside that newfound jacket of yours-- Unlikely! --then it looks like we're stuck."

Immediately after finishing, she turned to the mercenaries and fired a few blasts from her pistol. Two of them were trying to sneak around to their flank, but the sudden bolts scared them back to their cover. None of her shots hit anything worthwhile, but at least they bought her a little bit of precious time.

"Wait a minute."

Her eyes turned to the Bothan, who apparently had something to say. She wasn't expecting much, and judging from the others watching him, neither did they.

"If these bombs line this office level, wouldn't a right-sized explosion set them off either way? It's not like we need a computer terminal for that, right?"

Silence. Everyone simply stared at him in awe, especially Luna. It was such a simple idea, yet why hadn't she thought of it? Perhaps she had been caught up in her own granduer too much to think of a simple solution. Despite her lack of faith in him, the Bothan proved to have been worth her time.

"We'd just need to be out of here before we trigger it..." the woman said, her eyes staring blankly into space. Luna's mind was working at the speed of light, putting together something that would work. The only thing that was left was...

"Not to mention we need something to set off--"

Bingo. "You still have that brown bag onboard that flying wreck?" she immediately sprung into action, interrupting the Quarren. By the way he acknowledged her and replied affirmatively, he didn't seem that upset about it.

"Get it," she commanded. He stared at her for a moment, then decided that arguing probably wasn't a good idea and scurried back into the ship. A few seconds of returning fire later, he came back down with the bag in his hand.

When she looked inside, she saw exactly what she wanted to. Four deactivated mines looked back out at her, causing her to smile slightly. It looked like her grand finale was going to be a bigger boom that she had hoped.

The next thing she needed was something nearby to blow up. There was a massive fuel cell near a wall to her right, and would serve her purpose beautifully. Everything was set up and the only part that needed to be done was--

"Cover me," she said, tossing the Bothan one of her pistols before drawing the other and bolting out from behind the crates.

Without even looking at her target, she fired as many shots as she could. Blaster bolts whizzed past her, some coming dangerously close for her liking, but she couldn't stop running. She didn't even know where she was running to until she looked up and saw the fuel cell. As she bolted toward her cloudcar, she saw that the cell wasn't very much further. However, something stopped her in her tracks the moment she passed the cloudcar.

She didn't know what had happened, but she was suddenly lying on her back. Her chest hurt and she could no longer feel the bag of mines in her hand. Her blaster, however, was still gripped tightly by her fingers. After shaking her head, she looked up to see the armored figure of a mercenary bearing down on her. She hadn't even noticed him hiding behind the car, which gave him the perfect opportunity to clothesline her.

Once she had regained her senses, she suddenly recognized him. The mercenary was the same man she had let go from the landing pads. The one that had her at gunpoint, but made the decision to run rather than shoot her and save his fellow merc. The one she had moulded like putty. Unfortunately, she was now the one at his foot. She didn't have the time to talk her way out of this one.

Luckily for her, he was taking his time to enjoy the kill, so she swung her foot toward his, hoping to trip him. To her surprise, he stopped her kick with a rigid leg, then returned the favor to her side. The armor he wore made the pain infinately worse, proven by the loud yelp she felt escape her mouth.

Her mind raced again, unsure of what to do. She held out her pistol toward the fuel cell, hoping to get a shot off and set the chain reaction in motion, but another kick to her hand caused her to lose her grip. She watched helplessly as the pistol slid across the floor, far out of her reach.

Finally, he pointed his rifle to her head and waited. Her eyes closed, expecting the worst, when suddenly a blaster bolt exploded on the cloudcar behind him. Her eyes shot open again, not even bothing to see where it came from. She rolled to the side as the mercenary fired, leaving a black mark on the floor where she was. Her hand instinctively found her pistol as she rolled over top of it, then held it up and let loose a few shots. Most of them grazed off his armor, but one was a hit, making him stumble back against the car.

She sprung back to her feet and charged him, stopping just in front of him and kicking the rifle from his hands. His arm was swinging through the air in a wide arc shortly after, but she simply ducked underneath, then backhanded him across the face in his opening. He fell to his knees and fumbled to get to his rifle, but another bolt exploded just before his face, causing him to stop and look up and be greeted with the barrel of Luna's blaster.

His eyes met hers in terror as she felt her smile return. She could have killed him right then and there, but decided it wasn't worth anything to her. Her quarrel wasn't with him.

"Now run along."

He immediately followed her orders and scrambled to get to his feet as he ran back towards the doorway with the other mercenaries. Her smile remained for a moment, but suddenly faded when she remembered the explosives.

Turning on her heel, she raced to grab the bag. Once she was in range, she slid past it and scooped it up in an open hand. As she returned to her feet, she could see Tyron yelling at his men to fire everything at her. She wouldn't have enough time to get to the fuel.

Without thinking, she took what little cover there was behind the cloudcar, but as she leaned against it, she accidentally opened the cargo hatch. That's when she realized it. The fuel cell wasn't the only thing she could blow up.

She tossed the bag into the hold after grabbing a mine for herself. She activated it with a short timer, then tossed it in with the others. They didn't have a lot of time now, so she signalled the others to start getting back on board the ship as she shut the hatch behind her. After a second to catch her breath, she closed her eyes and sprinted for the ship's ramp.

Despite not seeing anything, she could almost feel the bolts flying past her. For a moment, she didn't feel as if she would make it, but upon opening her eyes at last, she noticed she was back behind the crates again. The others were all on board, urging her to follow them, but she wasn't done just yet.

She looked out past the crates and saw Tyron staring back. He knew what was coming, but didn't even bother trying to run. He knew she had finally won, and there was nothing he could do about it. Luna smiled her trademark smile in response, then hurried up the ramp as it closed.

Before she realized it, they were in the air and desperately trying to distance themselves as much as possible from the building. A few tense seconds passed before the explosion was felt behind them. It had been a close escape, but they had made it out. Luna felt herself sigh as she felt relieved for the first time in what felt like an eternity.

It was over at long last.
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