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Coruscant Hospital
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Coruscant » Coruscant Hospital
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Ams Jendob
CMAC Battlemaster

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 Post Posted: Tue, January 16th 2007 12:59am    Post subject: Coruscant Hospital
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"How is she, Doctor Kelso?"

The gruff doctor just shrugged, his gray-blue eyes. "We managed to replace the damaged portions of her brain with cybernetics," he explained, then paused. "It's taken her this long just to get her identity back and learn to talk again.

"We managed to flash-imprint her cybernetics with her memories from her last brain scan, but she's had to relearn almost everything. I'd prefer if you kept your time with her to a minimum."

I nodded. Agent Shelvay had been greviously wounded by a traitor many months before, shot in the head at point-blank range. Amazingly, the woman survived her injuries, but she'd never be able to go back to active duty.

Looking into her room, I saw that her blonde hair had been shorn away at one time, but was slowly growing back. Her blue eyes were dull now, once blazing with incomparable zeal for the Empire's cause. The sight was utterly despressing.

"Agent Shelvay?" I asked softly. She turned her gaze., and her eyes lit up with a hate that was known but the reasons for it were not. No doubt her resentment stemmed from her personal politics. I tended to go against the grain of most ISB agents.

"What?" she scowled, her voice raspy. "Sorry. I just... feel uneasy, and I don't even know who you are, Supreme Moff."

I threw a look back at Kelso. "Her last scan was three years ago," he explained softly.

I nodded. Made sense, then. "That's not important. I just want to say the Empire is grateful for your sacrifice, and in its gratitude, you are receiving an honorary promotion to Subcommander, and you have been awarded the Imperial Cross," I informed her, placing the small box in her hand. "Thank you, Elena."

Her expression softed. "Th-thank you, sir. And tell Commandant Antilles of my gratitude."

Gods... Nevin. I immediately thought of Thyferra and Korriban, and prayed he wasn't among the dead on those worlds. "I'll be sure to, Subcommander."

"Time's up, Supreme Moff," Kelso noted. "I'm sorry but I have to ask you to leave."

"All right. Take care of her, Doctor," I told the older man, and left the hospital complex, reflecting on the fact that I had just looked a true hero in the eyes.

At least the bitch who maimed her is long gone, I mused angrily. The body of the traitor was found, and incinerated unceremoniously. Too good for her.

Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segments, Director of Imperial Intelligence

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Shayera Jendob
Huggably, Lovably Able to Kill You

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, June 18th 2007 07:07pm    Post subject:
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I scowled at the entrance to the hospital. What the imbedded agent inside had told me in that communique was unnerving enough. Now, it looked like I'd have more delays when I couldn't afford any.

Then I saw the fourth floor landing dock for ambulances, and smiled. Perfect.

The flight was short enough, though it did feel good to stretch my wings. The dock attendant's face dropped as I landed and tucked them back in behind me.

"Intelligence business. I need to get in there."

He gaped for a moment. "Uh, yes ma'am." He quickly opened the door into the intensive care unit.

He said room 421... and you are 499. And you're 497... this way. I walked briskly down the hall, just in case anyone with ill intentions for target was watching, I didn't want to tip them off. Yittreas and Treshan still had a lot of strings they could pull on.

Too bad they don't pull the one around their neck. That'd be funny, I mused. 456.

I exited the ICU, moving into another wing of the hospital. That was a small relief. The agent had noted the person was in serious condition at the time. I was just glad he found them before some goon of Yittreas'. Shortly after the Rebels declared war on us, Ams ordered agents to watch out for specific Rebel personnel. In some cases, they were to kill on sight. In others, to report. The suspect in this case was a reporting case.

425... 423... 421. I stopped and looked in the small window, and realized the agent had been dead on. The highest priority reporting case was in the hospital bed. "Damn. It's really him," I muttered in disbelief, shock, and a bit of relief.

I opened the door, looking over the patient. His chart showed no name, thankfully. The beeps and whirrs of the surrounding machines seemed like they indicated normal life functions, though I really wasn't sure. My medical expertise ended after basic first aid.

Nevin Antilles was unconscious, and somehow in the very heart of the Galactic Empire. He was wearing a simple hospital gown. There were no bacta packs in the room, and no marks on his body, so whatever had him out wasn't physical. He did look odd, though.

Drained. He looks like something tried to drain the life out of him, I thought, stepping closer and looking him over. He was ashen, his face scruffy with short bristles. Something took a hold of me, and I gently touched his cheek. It was cool, and the short hairs growing from it lightly scratched my fingertips. I asked quietly "Nevin?"

Nothing. I tried again, a little louder, and giving his shoulder a light shake. I didn't want to jolt him awake, since I had no idea what was wrong with him that he'd be in the hospital. "Nevin?"

Still nothing. Another shake, slightly firmer. "Wake up..."

I leaned over him slightly, watching his face, waiting for some answer.

Colonel Shayera Jendob - Chief of Security for Supreme Moff Jendob
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Nevin Antilles
CMAC Webmaster

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 Post Posted: Wed, July 11th 2007 05:30pm    Post subject:
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As he slowly came back into consciousness, Nevin felt as if he was alone in a very large room. The oppressive blur of the past few... days or months, whatever it was... finally faded away, but it left him in an odd sense of emptiness. It felt as if he had been restricted for a long time and was finally free to stretch and exercise his mind. He couldn't explain it. Fortunately, he didn't have to.

Soon, the loneliness felt within him was overcome by the distinct sensation: there was someone else in the room. He opened his eyes as a soothing voice filled his ears. The vibrant colors, which for what seemed like an eternity been faded, nearly startled him. As his eyes came into focus, he knew what he was seeing without a doubt, although he couldn't understand why he was seeing it.

“Shy?” He interrogated into the woman leaning over him. His voice resonated, to him, with a different tone than he'd heard since... Denon? Where had he been? He couldn't recall...

“Hey,” she said soothingly as she eyed him with concern.

Nevin bobbed his eyes to look up and down her face, blinking to make sure he wasn't in the middle of another lucid dream. When he finally convinced himself that verily she was there, he stared pointedly at her face. “What the--what the hell are you doin' here?”

Shayera gazed at him incredulously. “I've got a better question. What the hell are you doing on Coruscant?”

Nevin narrowed his eyes before realization of her statement set in? Coruscant? “Coruscant?” He echoed aloud, with surprise. Here he was thinking he was in Alliance space, but he was in the middle of the lion's den, on Coruscant? There was nothing but bad memories in the Core.

“Shh, shh,” the Thanagarian shushed. “Not so loud. No one knows who you are... somehow. Let's not tip them off.” She realigned her eyes to various spots around the room, carefully making sure no one heard. Nevin followed her survey, taking in the surroundings. They were in a hospital room, he guessed, and he was on a bed.

He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to make sense of his current predicament. Flickers of memory shot through his head. He remembered being in some... great, dark facility. Sparks... then, regret and--

“Ugh,” he winced away the memory as a tingling feeling rushes throughout his nervous system. He let himself fall back into the bed and shut his eyes tighter.

“Just relax,” Shayera said, unaware of his thoughts. “I'll get you somewhere safe. But first,” she paused and looked down into Nevin's now-open eyes. “Do you have any clue about how you got here?”

Nevin shook his head against the pillow. Half of him wanted to withhold his strange experience, as he began to remember more. The other half just didn't remember the whole story.

She took his hand and searched his eyes. “Anything, Nev?” She pleaded.

“I just remember Denon,” he responded at length.

“Denon?” She repeated, confused. She stood up and withdrew from him, pacing around his bed. “Frakkin' A. How the hell...”

Nevin sat up and watched her. “What?” He asked.

“We need to get you out of here,” Hol said, her voice suddenly deadly serious. “Yittreas and his cronies have friends everywhere.”

Nevin winced at the mention of Moff Yittreas, one of the most deplorable men in the Empire. And everyone knew it.

“Do you think anyone would mind if you attended a little sleepover?” Shayera continued, a smirk slowly arriving upon her lips. Nevin looked at her cynically. “Hey, it'd be safe. At least until we can send you back,” she paused before adding one last thing. “If you want to.”

Nevin watched her as she added the final offer. She was soliciting him to return to the Empire. “Not now,” Nevin responded bluntly.

“I figured... alright,” She finished as went into the hallway and called for a doctor,. “Doctor, I need this man released into my custody at once. He's a special agent back from a mission in the UFP. He's Intelligence's patient now. Also... I want all records of this patient sent to me, then any copies here are to be destroyed. He was never here. Neither was I.”

Nevin couldn't help but roll his eyes. For what ever it may be, Shayera thrived on that sort of thing.

“As you wish,” the doctor responded before walking out.

Within a few moments, they were out of the room and enroute to a speeder.
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Jacen Tranada

Joined: 19 Dec 2006
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 Post Posted: Wed, August 01st 2007 05:13am    Post subject:
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I woke up with a terrible hangover, quite a feat considering that I hadn't drunk anything before passing out. As I lay in the sterile white bed staring at the sterile white ceiling memories of what happened before I passed out came flooding back. Who was this mystery blonde woman? What did she want? Was Jessica really gone?

I had so many questions and absolutely no answers. The door opened and a severe-looking human male in a white coat with permed hair came through. The tag attached to the breast pocket on his coat said Dr Perry Cox and he looked like one of those take-no-crap types. I sat up in bed, instantly regretting it as what few colors that had managed to make their way into the room swam before my eyes.

"So, I'm just gonna go right ahead and talk, Rummy," the Doctor began; definately not your average nice doctor, "you managed to get your blood-alcohol level to almost half a percent. I should be talking to a dead guy right now. For some reason somebody took pity on you and took you here from the Spaceport and now I have to waste my time treating an alcoholic for ... wait for it ... alcohol poisoning."
"You got the poison part right, curls. When does the Titan get back to Coruscant? I have things to do."
"You are in Coruscant Hospital, rummy."
"I..." I couldn't say anything. How the devil had I managed to get from the Titan at Devaron to Coruscant without anyone knowing? Yet another question to add to my collection.
"Would you look at that; the alcoholic has scenes missing. One more night then we'll bounce your alcoholic ass out of here, Rummy."

Cox turned on his heel and left without a second word.

Colonel Jacen Tranada
Agent Alderaan 333
Project Blackbriar

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Jacen Tranada

Joined: 19 Dec 2006
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 Post Posted: Sat, August 04th 2007 01:24am    Post subject:
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Left on the doorstep of the hospital with the bag I took aboard the Titan, I was left with a vague sense of confusion as to what I should do next. Not wanting to stand on the doorstep for the rest of the day, I walked down the steps towards a public seat. I hoisted my bag up and started to rifle through its contents, checking to see if anything was missing. Curiously, everything I had on me when I followed the devil into that staff-only area was in the bag, including my DL-22 which was tucked into the toiletries compartment.

I quickly found a public restroom and donned the front-waist holster before selecting a dark jacket and loading up my credits, ID, commlink and other necessities. If I was going to track down this woman I would need to be prepared for anything. I walked back out of the restroom and sought out an airbus to Sector nine.

Colonel Jacen Tranada
Agent Alderaan 333
Project Blackbriar

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