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Proving Grounds (Livefire Excercise)
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 Post Posted: Thu, April 19th 2007 07:00pm    Post subject: Proving Grounds (Livefire Excercise)
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" Well, Mister Zero," the instructor said. " It seems you've retained quite enough of Imperial History. These test results are exlempary, I am impressed." Zero nodded, " Thank you, sir." The instructor pressed a sequence into his datapad, then looked at Zero. " I'm passing your results on to Colonel-Genral Scyntor. Congratulations, you've passed. " Zero stood and nodded to the man, heading for the door. As it slid open, an Imperial Officer greeted him. " Mister Zero, you have special orders from General Khryss. You are to partake in a livefire exercise, report for a diagnostic of your suit before the exercise." " Of course...", Zero said, sighing as he exited into the hallway.

The computers chirped and beeped as they scanned Zero's armor through the uplink. " So these are the twenty best troopers in their respective classes?" The technician looked up, shrugging at the question. " Apparently, I guess they want to see how well they fare against you, since your combat skills haven't truly been tested." Zero closed his emerald eyes, as if the four he had killed upon awakening hadn't proved enough. " Don't worry, Mister Zero," the technician chimed, " we're setting your blasters to stun for you. They won't be wearing their armor and this will be a strictly non-lethal. You won't have to worry about doing any permanent damage."

The technician went back to his screen, adjusting the power levels of Zero's blasters. He wouldn't tell the man that while the suit would register them at stun, they would be quite lethal. Of course, they would only leave a wound that barely registered more damage than a stun burn. The upper echelons of R&D wanted the bodies of these troopers; and they had figured Zero would be the best way to do it. Plus, this would be a perfect exercise to test his abilities.

Blaster fire pounded the boulder as Zero leapt behind it. Well, these troopers were good, he would give them that. Zero focused on his hearing, focusing the auditory enhancers to their full capacity and honing in on the sound of the trooper's voices. He could hear them shouting to each other. Brief spurts, most likely a ruse. They would know it was wiser to use hand signals than voices for coordination. Refocusing on their footfalls, he quickly assesed their location.

Five of them were behind him, ten were heading ff on an uphill path and the other five were moving in on his left flank. Okay... time to do this... He turned quickly, facing the huge rock he was behind. Slamming his gauntlets into the rock, his neurosensors compensated, adjusting his strength and his fingers dug into the rock. Servomotors whining and sensor readings flashing in the back of his mind, Zero hefted the rock off the ground. Using it as a shield, he charged the five in front of him. Dropping the rock into the ground, he kicked his foot into it and scrampled up it in two leaps.

As he rose leapt over the edge, the troopers opened fire. Zero swung out his left forearm and legs, kicking and swiping away the bolts with his reinforced, durasteel armor plating as he brought his right forearm to bear. Eyes and blaster worked in unison, sending a bolt to the chest of each man. The five that had been approaching his left flank had watched in astonishment as their comrades were taken down. They quickly regrouped and took up a squad fire formation behind another large outcropping of rock.

Zero rushed towards them with incredible speed. The neurosensors read the trajectories of the bolts and adjusted his course accordingly, making him impossible to hit. As he neared them, he leapt into the air a clear twenty feet. Once again, targets were acquired near instantaneously and the blasters let loose a barrage. The five men fell quickly and Zero swiped away bolts with his armor plating as the last ten fired desperately upon him from their position.

Ducking behind the rock, he primed his blasters and swung out to the right. Eyes and blasters moving in perfect unison, he struck down three more and ducked behind cover again as more bolts flewtowards him. Ducking to the left this time, his neurosensors read a projectile incoming. He did a backflip into the air and kicked away a stun grenade before it detonated. As he turned in air, his blasters acquired six more targets and made short work of them. The last trooper ran.

Zero tracked him with his sensors as the man ran desperately to get out of firing range. Just before he made it to a safe zone, Zero fired. The bolt caught him in the small of the back, sending the trooper to the ground. Accomplishing victory, Zero let out a heavy breath. Panting heavily, he straightened himself and looked behind him. An officer approached, entering data onto a pad. ' Congratulations, Mister Zero, you have defeated all hostile units. This exercise is over, we will have medical teams attend to the other participants. You are free to go, report for diagnostics and then get some rest." Zero nodded and headed for the shuttle that was flying in to pick him up.
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Scyntor: Oh and this is my new best friend Zero...no...noooo...don't point the big experimental plasma weapon at the nice rebel leader...
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Mejaque Khryss
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 Post Posted: Sat, April 21st 2007 06:43pm    Post subject:
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Mejaque watched as the shuttle carrying Zero took flight and carried him away from the training grounds, the suit performed perfectly for an ancient design he could only imagine how the next phase of Dark Trooper's would benefit from the data and designs garnered from its' construction - of course all of the groundwork was down for the sixth phase of the project - and Zero had just helped in the formation of phase seven,

"Was the lethal setting on his weapon necessary?"

Mejaque looked at a lab-coated tech beside him, "Entirely necessary, not only has he proven how lethally effective the suit is - but twenty of the finest young brains of the stormtrooper corps are now ours." he watched as med teams activated temporary life support packs on the mortally wounded troopers and shuttled them to one of the Catalyst's shuttles. "Oh yes they have made a worthy sacrifice."
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Mejaque Khryss
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Joined: 17 Apr 2007
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 Post Posted: Sun, April 22nd 2007 03:53pm    Post subject:
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Mejaque paced silently into the Catalyst's secure laboritories - they weren't his own and he couldn't find himself adjusting to them anytime soon, but this was too important a time for him to be away from the heart of the corps - Scyntor had to witness the early results of this project himself, Mejaque needed his support to progress. He passed the last set of Phase II sentinels on the way to the inner laboritories, he had exchanged his uniform for a white lab coat that still bared his rank insignia.

Once he was within the central laboritory he was met by a similarily suited Imperial scientist, who inclined his head in lieu of a salute, "General, we are progressing as scheduled - however one of the subjects has not responded to sedation as well as the others."

Mejaque glanced towards the line of unarmoured bodies of the former stormtroopers - his eyes glancing towards the one still-living subject at the end - Mejaque paced towards the trooper, an alien, a duros, its crimson eyes glancing around wildly, speaking rapidly in its own language. "<Whats going on, whats happening?>"

Mejaque's upper lip curled in semi-disgust - it was somewhat unsettling for ones subject to be aware when you were preparing to use them for a project such as this, he turned away, "Administer a higher dosage and prep him for surgery." he paced away as the techs crowded round the struggling alien as it started to cry out in terror - he ran his fingers round the barren inside of one of the other troopers skulls and glanced back to one of the techs "Cremate these bodies, Scyntors orders are for their ashes to be sent back to their families - be sure to take any samples of their organic matter that you will need before you send them to the incinerator."

He paced over to the entrence to another ajoining laboritory and smilled as he entered the dim light - glancing at the nineteen pulsating brains in their glowing jars "Your journey's are only beginning," he muttered, "You have no idea what part you shall play in the future of the Empire."
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