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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Safehouse
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Jase Denora
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 Post Posted: Fri, April 13th 2007 09:43am    Post subject: Safehouse
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After enough maneuvering, false stops, four hours and five hundred credits; Jase was sure he had thrown off any pursuers. His final stop was an office building. Stepping inside, he used the skills that had made him a remarkable assasin to get into the sub-basement. Removing a duct on the wall, he slipped inside and replaced it. He followed the tunnel as it led deep into the sewer. Walking along, he made endless loops and doublebacks, finally coming upon his first destination. It was a large pit, surrounded by a railing. At the bottom, a giant fan blade spun.

Jase grimaced, hoping this enough to keep them off his backs long enough. The railing was old, in decay. One well placed kick, and it broke outward. Throwing his staff into the pit, he watched as it was shredded. Nodding to himself, he pulled a bag of his own blood, acquired from the hospital, from his belongings. Spilling the contents into the pit, he replaced the bag and looked down. The illusion was nearly complete. He pulled the cortosis laced gauntlet from his belt and wrapped the fingers around the railing. With a sigh, he placed his yellow bladed lightsaber on the ground.

Turning his back to the scene, he pressed a button on the remote uplink. A panel opened in the ceiling, revealing a durasteel hatchway. The hatch opened and Jase reached out to the Dark Side, using it to leap up into the hatch which was well over fifteen feet away. Closing the hatch, he set the security measures and walked to a wall in the room he was now in. " I've gt to hand it to you, Fett. You really know how to live it up." Tapping on one of te reinforced walls, a panel emerged.

Bringing up codes in the remote uplink, Jase found the one he was looking for and entered it. The wall opened, revealing a large cache of weapons and armor. Jase looked upon it, glad to see that Fett kept busy, no matter where he was. Reacing for a suit of Fett's Mandalorian armor, Jase grabbed some tools. It was time to customize it. Many hours passed and Jase worked through them all. When he was finished, the suit hardly resembled the type worn by Fett. The jetpack/missile launcher was removed. In it's place, a modified rotary cannon on a retractable mount was placed. The shortened and modified cannon would move up the mount to hs shoulder, via commands from the helmet. "You truly have the best toys, Fett," he said aloud, almost expecting to hear Fett's voice respond.

The flamethrower on the wrist had been replaced with a smoke ejecter. Jase hated pellets and a steady, always available smokescreen was much preferred. He kept the capture wire, that might come in handy. He also kept the knee dart launchers, very effective. The twin holsters ere removed and Jase attached modified loops for his red and purple lightsabers. Satisfied with his work, he painted the entire thing black. Putting the suit on, he sat and entered a state of meditation. He would remain like this until his new ship arrived, then he would regain his freedom.

Lt. Colonel Jase Denora
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Safehouse
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