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Industrial Zone 99/A, Block 12
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Coruscant » Industrial Zone 99/A, Block 12
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Neo Sarkkas
Lance Corporal

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 Post Posted: Sun, February 25th 2007 12:05am    Post subject: Industrial Zone 99/A, Block 12
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Neo stood on the corner of the street as he waited for Agent Greaves to show up. He casually fingered his blasters-one on his waist in its holsters, one on the inside of his coat, and the DC-17 repeater in his sleeve. This far away from any sort of lawful presence, it was common for people to be assaulted and/or robbed in the Industrial Zones. As Neo adjusted his collar to cover his cheeks against the cold, and also any surveyors that might be spying on him, a man stumbled out of a nearby alleyway, his swagger making it obvious that he was drunk. However, there was something else wrong with him. He was favoring his right leg. As he approached, Neo could see that a slow trickle of blood was dripping from the left leg of his trousers onto the ground.

Neo slowly walked over to the man, wary that if there were snipers on the balcomies waiting to take him out, now would be their perfect opportunity. He was three meters from the drunk when the man suddenly collapsed. Neo hurried to his side and rolled him over. He performed a quick search of his person, and found a slightly smudged identification, an empty bottle of Whyren's Reserve, and a few datacards. He checked his wound. There was a shallow blaster burn on his left shin that was producing a slow trickle of blood, not enough to lose conciousness, but just enough to keep him woozy.

Neo gently nudged the man. "Sir? Sir, are you going to be okay-" Suddenly he broke off as something was jammed into his back. "Get up," a gruff voice bit out. Neo did so, his hands in the air. "Don't move," the voice said. "Don't even talk." He felt a hand slowly go up and down the length of his side, searching him. It found the blaster pistol and jerked it out of its holster. Neo heard it clatter to the floor a few meters behind him. "Turn around," his captor ordered, and emphasized it with another jab in the back. Neo did so, and got a look at the man holding him hostage.

He was tall, with a medium build, and carried an impressive CR-1 Blaster Cannon. His expensive-looking coat puzzled Neo at first. Why would a mugger care about his image? He pushed these questions aside as the man began feeling his sleeves for more weapons. He suddenly reached inside Neo's coat and pulled out his second blaster pistol. Tossing it to the ground next to the other one, he gestured with the CR-1. "Move,"

Neo shook his head. "I'm not going anywhere until you give me a kriffing good reason to." The man growled and reversed his CR-1's stock, preparing to whack the living daylights out of Neo. One good smack with the rear end of that cannon could knock him on his butt, Neo knew.

Then again, the man wouldn't have a chance.

Shooting his hand forward while his captor's blaster was still raised high above his head, Neo stiff-armed the man in the chest, while at the same time shooting the blaster still in his sleeve forward into his hand. Clicking the safety catch off, he prepared to fire.

Suddenly there was a brilliant blue flash of light, and all of Neo's nerve endings fired at once. His trembling hand dropped the blaster, and he slumped to the floor. Seconds before he lost conciousness, he saw the drunk towering over him, his blaster still smoking after stunning Neo...

Neo Sarkkas is now incapacitated and is being taken to a secure location.
Colonel Neo Sarkkas, Internal Security Bureau

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 Post Posted: Thu, March 08th 2007 10:15am    Post subject:
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OOC NOTE: I'm going to continue this story arc as soon as my computer is fixed, I had my secod post on Word and I forgot to back it up or save it to my USB when I uninstalled everything. Once I get everything back the way it was, I'll post. Until then, I'll only be ably to make short posts (Financial, OOC, etc).
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