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Space Jawas - An Urban Legend
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Fan Activities » Space Jawas - An Urban Legend
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Space Jawa

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 Post Posted: Sun, February 18th 2007 01:49am    Post subject: Space Jawas - An Urban Legend
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Beleive it or not, my name does actually have an origin. I was writing a "Hitchhiker'"esc Star Wars Fan Fiction (which is currently frozen in carbonite) and in it, I came up with this idea of vicious jawas in space, who are thought to be an urban legend but actually exist, I think based on an image I had seen of a nastly looking jawa with a gun, and liked the story I created for them so much that I picked up as a username in some locations.

While I don't know if the story I created them in will ever get finished, I figured I'd at least provide you with a version of the Urban Legend I came up with that is the Space Jawas.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, there was a nameless Jedi who wasn’t entirely there in the head. Being a force user, though, no one really called him on it because they never knew how he might react to being called crazy and the Jedi themselves was busy with more important things, so they never really got around with stopping this half-crazed Jedi before he did some half-crazy stuff.

So the nameless Jedi, during his travels, made his way to Tatooine, as many Jedi often do, for as out of the way as Tatooine is, it has a presence in the force that no one can quite explain. Most just accept it and went on to other things. The Jedi, upon reaching Tatooine, sensed the presence of the Force in a small, smelly little creatcher that he couldn’t quite make out. So he went to investigate. The presence he found happened to be that of a jawa who went by the name of Yinj Moktar. Yinj was your typical jawa, with nothing to separate him out from all the other creepy little hooded people on the planet, and had the unnamed Jedi not sensed the presence of the force in him, Yinj likely would have gone the rest of his days without anything special happening to him, with the possible exception of unfortunetly being killed in a Tuskin Raider attack or being eaten by the Sarlacc.

The Jedi, being the not-fully-there-mentally person that he was, decided to test Yinj to see if he really sensed the force in the little guy or if he was just being crazy (again). Lo and behold, Yinj truly was force-sensitive, and the Jedi took it upon himself to teach Yinj the basic matters of the force before he was forced to leave for reasons that nobody knows to this day.

With this newfound knowledge, Yinj started getting some revolutionary (for a jawa, that is) ideas in his head. First an foremost of these being that the jawas should start standing up for themselves. Which, in his mind, somehow became taking revenge upon the Tuskin Raiders for all the nasty stuff they’d done throughout the years. So, while self teaching himself to better use the Force (though some think the nameless Jedi left a holocron for Yinj to study) , Yinj started gathering supporters, using his Force powers to impress and convince many a jawa kind to join his cause. Eventually, Yinj’s organization was able to secure for itself a sandcrawler of its very own, and the revolution began.

The sandcrawler was heavily modified for battle in the traditional jawa fashion – jury-rigged – though with Yinj’s help, they were able to get it operating in an acceptable manner. With the sandcrawler upgradeded, the jawas drove over to nearest Tuskin camp. When he got there, he proceeded to send a message to the Tuskins demanding that they surrender. Unsuprisingly, the Tuskins took this as a joke, and proceeded to attack. Normally, this would have resulted in a lot of dead jawas and a really stinky battleground. Not so with this battle. The upgraded sandcrawler, with its many weapons, opened fire and started killing Tuskins. The Raiders, confused by this turn of events, quickly surrendered and gave into Yinj’s demands, which consisted of handing over all the non-essential for life items that the Tuskins owned – Gaffi Sticks, rifles, bantha saddles – all of it. Happy and full of moral from their first overwhelming victory, the jawas proceeded onwards towards their next target.

Word of this new “Sand Terror” quickly spread throughout the Tuskin community. Realizing the danger of this machine to the Tuskin way of life, the Raiders got together and formed a group of Tusking Raiders never before or since seen in the galaxy. This band of warriors proceeded to fight and, eventually, stop Yinj in his reign of sandy terror.

Seeing defeat as inevitable under the current situation, Yinj activated his trump card that he had planned for should the jawas not be able to escape by land. Using secret repulstorlifts and space engines, the sandcrawler lifted off the planet and shot into space. The Tuskin Raiders celebrated before breaking back up into their smaller tribes.

With the defeat behind them and not wanting to give up, Yinj proceeded to plan for the future. The “Space Jawas”, as they now were, started flying around the galaxy collecting wrecked ships, abandoned craft, and even lone, unarmed and supposedly insignificant craft, taking them apart and adding to their “Space Crawler”, and then dumping the people they found on out of the way planets where they’d likely be thought of as crazy. Eventually, Yinj even picked a small, out of the way and hard to find planet and established a colony there, in order for his group to better grow for his ultimate goal which the Space Jawas believe Yinj or one of his handpicked followers will one day lead them to – the return to Tattoine, full revenge on the Tuskin Raiders, and then maybe moving on to bigger things.
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Kyle Korrel

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 Post Posted: Sun, February 18th 2007 02:35am    Post subject:
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You've inspired me to make a 3D Space Crawler model... congratz. :P I'll have a picture soon.
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 Post Posted: Mon, February 19th 2007 11:35am    Post subject:
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I think the crazy Jedi gave a piece of his craziness to the jawa too.
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Alatáriël Pallanén
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 Post Posted: Sun, February 25th 2007 04:59pm    Post subject:
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hahahha. This was great.

Five Stars!
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