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Callahan Residence
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Thyferra » Callahan Residence
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
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 Post Posted: Fri, January 19th 2007 05:03pm    Post subject: Callahan Residence
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Flash back:

His room was always a sense of serenity away from the rest of life. The only place where he could be himself and not the daily charade of being the perfect child that was accepted by the galaxy. The walls were painted with a calming color, the bed was neatly made from the morning and the holo-vision displayed his favorite show.

Jake moved and turned up the volume of the weekly program Ilias, while his heart raced. He ran his fingers through his growing black hair as he sat on the corner of the bed. His eyes frantically and nervously looked at the clock. If he was so smart, why be doing this now.

Thump, Thump, Thump his heart raced almost loud enough for him to hear it. But he couldn't help it, he wanted someone... and Zackarias was everything. He said that he loved him, he said that he loved everything about him, that there would be no one else. He meant it, Jake could feel it.

And Jake loved him, because he had made him feel special. As if he was worth something to someone other than his family. A friend that you could physically bond with, someone to affectionately touch you and hold you. And Zackarias wanted Jake, badly. And if they loved each other, why wait?

"Jake?" his voice came from the doorway and Jake realized he had closed his eyes. Opening them quickly, Jake motioned for the boy to come in making up that he had a slight headache. Zack was more than physically attractive and emotionally, he was amazing. Rising to his feet, Jake watched the teenager close the door behind him and step inside. Zack appeared to be slightly nervous himself. With a little more courage and with needed humor Jake remarked, "You fixed your hair?"

Zack nodded with a grin having returned from the bathroom carefully alluding Jake's parents.

Thump, Thump, Thump his heart raced more quickly as Zack took a seat next to him on his bed. Jake looked away, only for a moment, his stomach rolled with nerves. Zack put his hand on Jake's knee and affectionately whispered into his ear encouragement.

Jake turned with a smile and leaned in for the kiss. Zack met him and together they melded. In unison they lowered their backs so they were lying on the bed. Zack's hand touched Jake's cheeks, his fingertips caressing for a moment as Jake gathered more courage. Rolling slightly, Jake positioned himself onto the boy. His eyes remaining closed as their lips never departed from each other, Jake slowly began to take off his sweatshirt when a sound erupted from behind them.

"FRAK!" a heavy voice sounded throughout the room and over the loud holo-vision commercial. Jake's heart pounded not from the emotions for Zack, but fear of the man standing behind him. Swiveling around, Jake tossed himself off of Zack as his father stood in the doorway. The man's eyes were wide, hatred filling his face. "My son is frakkin' fag!" His voice was cruel, yet unyielding to Jake's cries of forgiveness.

Jake's father entered the door and his eyes glared at Zackarias, who also covered in fear. "GET OUT OF MY FRAKKING HOUSE! GET OUT!" His voice screamed at the terrified boy. Zack hesitated, his eyes were filled with agony and regret as he looked at Jake. "DON'T LOOK AT HIM, GET OUT!" The man screamed his arm reaching and grabbing Zack and throwing him from the room.

"DAD!" Jake called out, while watching Zack violently thrown away. Cowering in fear, Jake moved from his bed and towards the back of his room. His father turned slowly, the door closing behind him. "I raise you. I cared for you. And you turn into a fag? This is how you repay your father?"

Jake shook his head, tears beginning to fill in his eyes as he lowered his body. His legs were collapsing and he could no longer support his own weight. Grief and regret spread over his entire body as his father towered over him. With a powerful grasp, his father raised Jake and pinned him against the wall. "Don't cry. Men don't cry." Before smacking Jake across the face. Jake's eyes faltered for a moment, a single tear, despite his entire effort, fell from his eye and began to roll down his cheek. A sob of 'sorry' was silenced with another violent smack, this time Jake was tossed to the ground. His lips that were once softly touched, bled with unrelenting effort.

"JOHNAHON! OH MY GOD! JOHNATHON!" a woman's voice screamed as she ran into the room.

"OUR SON IS A FAGGOT! HE’S A FRAKKING QUEER!" the man screamed back as his wife. Jake looked at his mother and sobbed silently, wiping the blood from his lips. The moment the woman saw blood, she turned against the husband and slapped him across the face. "HE'S OUR SON. OUR SON!!!!" she screamed into his face.

The man was too filled with anger and shoved his mother away, but he shoved harder than anticipated and she slammed against his dresser and collapsed into the ground. Jake cried out to his mother as she slowly climbed up to the angry man. As a rebellion officer she would never accept this kind of treatment and she refused to be forced to submit to the cruelty of her husband any longer. "Get out." she said with blood spilling from her own arm.

His father spat angrily and swore at her calling her phrases that only made Jake sob harder. When it was over, the man known as Johnathon was forever gone.

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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
Posts: 89

 Post Posted: Mon, February 05th 2007 04:26pm    Post subject:
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The residence was quiet without his mother home, as the memories of his abusive father disappeared from his mind. Jake Callahan held an official notice from the Rebellion Navy Military services of honorable death within the war. His father was contacted but had refused to accept custody over the remaining childhood life, being a year away from adulthood and the liberties thereof. The law permitted all of his mother’s assets under his name, but it would not restore the relationship the two had shared. She was gone, forever.

Jake’s eyes played the scene of his father slamming his son against the wall, his hand brutally smacking across Jake’s face. Tears of the regret of the actions of that night came and they faltered in his eyes over his mother’s entrance. If it had not been for Jake’s imbedded attraction for males, his father would still be within his home. Someone to remorse with. Someone to feel the loss of his mother. Someone to hold Jake, and say that everything was going to work out. Arms that would wrap around him and tell him everything would be fine and that he would be taken care of.

The loneliness of the residence was at its peek as Jake collapsed to his knees over a hologram of his mother. Her kind features reflected a smile, welcoming and loving, yet it caused severe pain to Jake’s soul. She was gone, forever.
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
Posts: 89

 Post Posted: Mon, February 05th 2007 04:37pm    Post subject:
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The morning came, yet unlike the darkness, the agony failed to part the airs of Thyferra. The Rebellion rejoiced over peace with the Galactic Empire, yet the Thyferrans mourned for their dead comrades. They mourned for the neighbors that served bravely in the navy. Hundreds of thousands begged for more than neutrality with the Imperial bastards, yet the Senate moved for diplomacy. Thyferran leadership had recalled their senators to speak of the matters concerning the planet, yet the loss was something they would not tolerate.

Jake Callahan woke alone to the empty air. The usually strong smell of breakfast was absent due to his mother's forced parting. An electronic ring had caused the emo teenager to stir from an unusually unbroken sleep. Climbing to his feet, he moaned at the disturbance and walked. Saying a few words to the security system the front entrance opened with whoosh to reveal a naval officer and a protocol droid. Rolling his eyes, Jake asked what the man wanted.

“Sir, your mother was Captain of the Golan II Battlestation and I had the privilege to serve with her many times. She was valiant and it’s a terrible loss to Thyferra and the Rebellion.” His words stung more than he meant and Jake faltered for a moment before issuing gratitude. “If there is anything I can do for you, I would be honored.” The man mentioned before introducing the droid beside him. “Your mother’s military and personal assistant droid-” Before the man could finish Jake injected the droid’s name. “Prometheus” The naval officer bowed and remarked, “Yes, Prometheus.”

The droid courteously bowed its upper body and said, “My name is Prometheus. Naval Assistant to Captain Callahan of Golan II Battlestation-” it paused rethinking its statement and continued with, “I am yours now, if you wanted, sir.” Jake pondered the droid’s existence and asked, “How did it survive?”

“Your mother had sent the droid to Naval headquarters with schematics on a port analysis. She trusted him greatly with such data.” The officer responded coolly and checked the time, “Would you like to keep the droid, sir?”

Jake eyed the droid one more time, as if it was some kind of furniture or decoration for the house. With a simple answer Jake responded, “Yes.” The droid bowed its head issuing how much of a pleasure it was to be and entered the residence. The Navy officer saluted and left immediately after.

“Prometheus,” Jake questioned the droid, “It’s been a while.” Jake knew the droid from several occasions before. “Do you miss her?”

“Of course I do, sir. Your mother was an exceptional woman.” It stated, “It was an honor to serve her. And she mentioned you often, sir.”

Jake hid his pain from the mechanical being and sat down on the couch. His eyes shifted from the protocol droid to the holoscreen. Flipping on the viewscreen several shows appeared on, nothing too appealing except he came across that a child of Leia Organa Solo had been kidnapped by Dark Jedi and that, nothing else was known about the kidnap. Things were bad within the Rebellion,Jake recollected the latest newscasts, with it facing three potential invasions, the kidnap of the State of Chief’s child, the ex-Commander and Chief facing court martial, and the Security Chief’s announcement against the Imperial presence on Thyferra. Flipping the viewscreen off, Jake turned to find the droid standing exactly where it had been before.

“Feel free to roam around. And call me Jake. I’m not a superior.” Only in sentience. Jake added mentally. The droid seemed to enjoy exploring the residence by itself as Jake moved from the living space to the kitchen. Calling Prometheus, Jake asked, “Can you cook?”

“I am programmed to cook over 892 billion forms of food.” Prometheus stated.

“Corellian Pancakes?”

“Yes, Jake.” The droid moved to the kitchen and activated several of the devices. Looking for the ingredients, Jake took a spot at the counter and watched the droid place an apron around its neck. The odd sight was rather humorous as it used to belong to his mother. The pink and flower pedals would receive constant ridicule, yet his mother always defended the oddity of her cooking ‘uniform’. Jake’s arms folded on the table and he placed his head between his hands. The memories of the normal mornings entered his mind and it called the agony of his soul.

Prometheus noticed this and with a flip of a spatula device, he was able to access some childhood songs that his mother would sing to Jake as a child. What had surprised Jake was that his mother’s voice had sounded from the droid.

With no emotion or facial expressions, the droid played the gentle beat of the music with his mother’s voice singing Bacta to Thyferra and Bacta for the Soul. Both were his mother’s favorites to sing as it sung of the happiness that was usually absent from their lives. Jake rose from his own depressed persona as a smile curved on his face. Together, with his mother’s recorded voice, Jake sang.
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
Posts: 89

 Post Posted: Wed, February 07th 2007 06:35pm    Post subject:
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"My gadgets, Master Jake. A human of your age has a voice!" the protocol droid exclaimed as it flipped a Corellian pancake. Jake smirked, remembering the many times he and his friends would play at each other's homes. Thyferrans just lacked the appreciation for their music, otherwise they could've been popular.

"My mother used to encourage music classes, but I had to drop the course." memories of another boy appeared in his mind. A sensitive subject that he didn't wish to discuss with a technological being that had limited understanding. Jake watched as the syrup was carefully poured over the breakfast, causing Jake's stomach to growl in hunger. With a smirk the teenager, reached and took the plate from the droid. "Thanks, Prometheus."

The droid's body clicked mechanically as it slowly took off the apron and hung it back in its place. Bowing slightly, it remarked, "Always a pleasure to serve a Callahan, Master Jake. Shall I prepare the speeder for your departure?" Jake thought for a moment, shoving a mouthful of pancakes, allowing his tongue to navigate through the food, he spoke, "Nah. Tell me a story." Protocol droids were known to tell the infamous stories that could catch any's attention, if you got passed their talkative behavior schematics. The droid paused, scanning its database to bring up something that would peek interest in the Emo teenager.

"Milo Rambaldi, Father of Droids." Prometheus stated simply, his memory recalling one of members that had helped create the programming and some of the very first models of droids. Jake recalled his first lesson of Advanced Communication, and his ears perked with interest. "Milo Rambaldi was widely accepted, at the time, as the droid creator. The programming and pieces required to perform the actions of the programming. Milo had created his very first artificial life form, yet its name was never shared with any. And it is still unknown to this very day. It was a primitive design, yet sacred to him and a religion would eventually be created because of this man and his beliefs. And part of his beliefs was an Ang de Leivas would rise and fulfill his prophecy of artificial intelligence. She would bring and pass his greatest work. A woman of great, yet cursed beauty. Any biological humanoid that she loved was cursed to a brutal and violent death, as Rambaldi intended that she would find the Lord of Droids, a unbeknownst ruler of artificial intelligence."

The droid paused, its mechanical proceedings scanning over the story, "Levia's Angel would seek and discover the Lost Vessel of Rambaldi, where she would uncover the Oracle. The Oracle would cast her future, describing the misfortunes in her life, and the beneficial news of three children. The Droid Lord was ordained to give birth to them and raise them. And it would be Him that brought forth the first Artificial City. A City of Droids." The droid paused and told of Rambaldi's prophecy in a single sentence, "A marking point in time, that immortality of the Gods was given to the droids, and that immortality would be used to care for the humanoids and biological lifeforms of the galaxy."

Jake's mind raced.

Prometheus paused, "These are legends, of course." He went about his business ending with, "No such reports are conclusive, of course. And such a City would be difficult to run with government policies and the potential dangers and fears of humanoids."

Jake pondered for a moment, "Would you want to live in such a place? No humans? No Thyferrans?"

Prometheus, "Want to live?" he processed the words carefully, "One would have to be alive, in order to want." His programs conflicted one another, "Artificial City is but a legend, and a story that was programmed into my databanks."

Jake dipped his head and thought for a moment. An artificial city would be interesting... especially if the droids had somehow evolved from their non-sentient programming, but that could take hundreds of years, if it was even possible. A holo-horror movie came to mind and he laughed at the thought of Prometheus rising up and attempting to kill him.

"Why did you pick that one?" Jake asked, "Out of all the stories, why the story of Rambaldi? And Artificial City?"

Prometheus shifted and responded, "I do not know." It seemed a bit confused as to why it existed within the droid’s memory banks.

"My mother was always interested in the founding of artificial beings. She worked at a droid museum as a teen. She later joined the military, in hopes of becoming a scientist, but she turned out to be a brilliant tactician." Though she was unable to prevent the destruction of her own station, "And then we moved to the shitty world of Thyferra, so she could become a Captain. And watch over the precious Rebellion bacta."

Prometheus moved and stood nearby, "Your mother was a brilliant woman, Master Jake, no doubt about it. Many times has she altered my memory banks and adjusted and added files. It is possible the Rambaldi story was implanted, as it does not appear in the standard and basic droid programming. Nor on most academic levels of study. It is possible she was a member of Milo's Astute, or perhaps, the Hand."

Great, now the droid thinks my mother was part of a criminal organization. Recalling a Security Chief announcement the year before, the Hand was a merciless organization that was moving to seek weapons of mass destruction. "She was not a member of the Hand." Jake stated simply, not wanting the droid to think otherwise.

Prometheus looked at Jake and bowed again, "Of course, Master Jake. I was simply stating the possibilities of her involvement with Milo Rambaldi."

"What does the Hand have to do with it?" Jake injected defensively.

Prometheus answered as if anticipating the question, "The Hand is believed to be the most strict and merciless followers of Rambaldi's work. They seek the weapon Rambaldi had built so long ago, in attempts to seize the galaxy."

"And why doesn't the military do anything about it?"

"No factual evidence exists to support the theory that Rambaldi even existed, Master Jake. Much like the Gods and Goddesses. The Force."

Disgrumbled, Jake asked another question, "So this is a religion?"

"Yes and No. The Hand considers it as fact. Whereas the Astute consider Rambaldi a man of the gods."

Pieces began to fit together like a puzzle now, "And that is why they call her an Angel? Because of the religious aspect to the whole thing."

"Indeed, Master Jake. I see you are catching on."

"Not really. I have no frakking clue what the hell we just talked about." Jake rubbed his head, "I'm going to the academy. Clean up the place, will ya?"

The droid bowed and waved as Jake grabbed his bag and walked out of the door. His mother wasn't part of the Hand, however, Jake knew she followed Rambaldi's beliefs. In his childhood he had visited a Temple on a religious world that was now part of the Rebellion. His mother was conducting business, or so he thought, however, a priest had spoken with Jake. The old and bitter man was persistant, pressuring Jake to sit near the fountain of fortunes. Casting his future and when learning of a romantic involvement with another male, the old man ended the session in disgust and cast the boy from their presence.

But that was only the beginning of his Mother’s business trip that summer. They had gone and visited other places, and now, Jake had trouble recalling where they had went. Playing with his snake bites, Jake opened the speeder door and climbed inside. Bullshit. All of it.
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, February 12th 2007 03:31pm    Post subject:
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"Callahan Security Protocol One, has been successfully activated." the computer stated throughout the residence. One of his mother's prized alarm and anti-entry programs was up and running, with the activation of some security droid that was now patrolling the interior. Jake had filled his speeder with everything that he would be needing, Prometheus making all the necessary arrangements for both Jake and Landon's departure, educational leave, and government fares and registration made. Within the next hour, they would be boarding and leaving Thyferra for a long time.

"Good bye." Jake stated, shutting the final door to his residence. Turning his back, the final sequence in the alarm and security system was activated instantly, and a sense of pride swelled within him. Mom, I'm doing it. He held in his hand, her private journals that were falsely labelled as business. Prometheus had uploaded the information to his own database and together, the trio would decide where to make their first stop.

Prometheus stated, "Master Jake, I believe Ryloth is home to a sanction of the ancient religion. An Elder lives deep within its capital and also has access to the crime network. According to your mother's entry almost a year ago, he had assisted her with knowledge of the Oracle."

Landon opened the passenger seat to the speeder, sliding his small bag into the back of the vehicle and added, "Ryloth could also be home to the Hand, nice and less secured world plagued with sydicates."

Jake grinned and opened the driver's door, "I thought we were going to try Nal Hutta."

The droid stepped into the back of the speeder, slamming the door. It started to speak, but Jake was unable to hear the beginning until he stepped and shut his own door. "-utta, would be controlled more severly by Rebellion Security and moreso, the Hutts. The Hand would be minors in two large bids of power in such a district." With a simple nod, Jake agreed. "Ryloth, it is."
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