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Xozhixi Youth Academy
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Thyferra » Xozhixi Youth Academy
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
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 Post Posted: Wed, September 27th 2006 05:30am    Post subject: Xozhixi Youth Academy
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The dark haired twelve year old boy stared into the eyes of his best friend, Jesse McCallister, as the rest of the school past them by. Jesse's lips had just been torn open by some vicious dug, a slimy creature of the outer rims. Jake had successfully defended his only friend from the violent alien and approached his friend more affectionately than most. "Jesse..." he whispered, "You all right?"

Jesse played it off, coolly wiping the blood that dribbled off his lips, shrugging he said, "Thanks." Jake dipped his head and his hand extended to touch his friend's lips. Wiping the blood slowly, Jake had actually enjoyed the sensation of touching his friend’s lips... Moving closer, the Corellian boy approached his friend and for a moment, they stood staring at each other. Moving in, Jake leaned in to kiss his lips...

A powerful punch was issued, so unexpectedly, it caused Jake to plummet to the ground. Jesse watched as he tumbled, his fist recoiling. "Fag. Don't touch me...don't...talk to me." Jake twisted on the ground, looking at his best friend for the last time.

What had he done?

The Xozhixi Youth Academy buzzed with life in the early morning, as the recently inter-planetary transfer student drove his speeder towards Thyferra's most prestige and respected youth education facility. He was nearly graduated from the interplanetary education system, at least within the Rebellion. The black speeder soared through the open skies, the music of his favorite band blasting and rumbling the nearby speeders.

Jake Callahan sped through the early morning traffic, fearing he would be late for the first day of the education semester. His mind dwelled on the thoughts of Corellia and the faithful day that had caused him a lifetime of pain. The mere memories and thoughts of homosexual attraction not only terrified himself, but those around him. But that was years ago, he had admitted that he was 'defective' as some would say, and accepted who he truly is.

His heart crippled at Jesse's last glance, Jake's hand instinctively touching his right eye to where the punch had landed. The pain and ache remained after years, and something told him, he wasn't entirely accepting of who he was. He sighed, soaring into the academy parking lots....


Advanced Communication III
Professor Miller

The black haired emo boy entered the Academy doors, the many preps and stereotypical popularity contest raged, it seemed, across the galaxy. Wanting to fit in quickly, he approached a few of his general types, but they had ignored his presence and moved onwards. Sighing, Jake decided this would be a long day...if not a long school year.

Over the past five years, he had been to over twenty schools, thirteen of those, were on separate planets. He had found time to study and become the best of his class, quite easily and adapt to each, however, he never lasted long enough to make a lot of friends.

Stepping before the doorway to Advanced Communication III, he released a breath. What new darkness lay behind this door? What new torment waited for him? His emotionless attitude had been perfected over years of emotional turmoil, self-esteem failures and other mental limitations he had set since the day with Jesse. Pressing the key padd, he entered the classroom.

He was flooded by light, his hand shielding his eyes from something that was on the Professor's desk. The old professor turned instantly to see the black haired emo teenager standing at the entrance to his classroom. A mischievous smile poured on his face and as though enjoying himself, he walked towards his new victim.

"Mr. Callahan, I'm glad you could join us." his voice brought ripples of laughter throughout the student body. What a great start... Jake taunted himself, how did he know my name? I can't be the last one- The old professor sliced through his mental embarrassment, "You're the last one to arrive. Congratulations, you have a seat in the front row."

Turning, ignoring any type of baiting into further embarrassment, Jake moved towards the front seat. Not a single seat was available, what was this man playing at? "Young Callahan, over here." The Professor pointed to an odd desk in the middle of nowhere, with an old companion computer. Of course. Moving to his new seat, Jake quietly sat into the seat and took out his electronic notebook, the automatic computer loading up the class course then taking the Professor's notes and current lecture into affect. It seemed he was using some sort of communication beacon from hundreds of thousands ears ago as some sort teaching aide to modern technology.

"Mr. Callahan, perhaps you could tell us where the golden sol doro originated." the Professor looked at what appeared to be his newly appointed victim-pupil. Flipping his hair slightly, Jake unemotionally answered, "Corellia."

His eyebrows raised, "And the man who invented the Golden Sol Doro?"

"Milo Rambaldi." Jake fired back unintentionally.

The Professor nodded and a different kind of smile appeared on his face, "Impressive. Someone has done some excellent research on his ancient communications. Not only does this device emit a high energy of light, it is a time capsule of information...."

The Professor had moved on to torment other students, Jake managed to slip from the Rambaldi question by doing a research paper on the lost prophet two years ago. One of his most famous inventions was the Golden Sol Doro, which was now said to be in the possession of the Geonosians.

As the professor strolled onto Rambaldi’s ancient influence on the communication world, the door opened once more. Believing he was the last student to arrive, Jake ignored the entrance. The class seemed to stop, Professor Miller annoyed that at the climax of his Rambaldi story, some teenager had to ruin it. “What do you want?” he growled.

A male voice caused Jake to stop what he was noting and turn around. He looked at a stimulating male emo counterpart, “I transferred into this class. Finished microbiology, professor.”

The old man growled, “My class is full. Perhaps you would like to go into the Bacta Advancement class…”

Jake internally hoped the professor would change his mind. Come on, let him stay! More parts of his body wanted this fellow teenager to stay. Their eyes met and for a couple of seconds, the glance was held. The teenager looked back to the professor, “I see an open spot, next to him.” Jake realized he was speaking about himself. Yes.

“Reserved, sorry.” The Professor spat back.

The teenager coolly protested, “I happen to know more about this subject than half the nerf-herders in here. Besides, any civilian child of Thyferra knows enough about bacta to take an university professor position.” Jake processed his ego, somewhat of a turnoff, but hell, he was hot.

“Damn them.” The Professor murmured. The emo student took a step closer as if trying to hear, “Take your seat and one interruption and you’re out.”

Jake beamed inwardly and turned to face the front of the classroom, a ripple of chatter spreading in the ‘back’ of the room. The blonde hair male approached, his head nodding a male greeting, and then he took his seat.

“Jake Callahan.” Jake whispered an introduction of himself as the Professor was silencing the rest of his pupils.

The blonde hair student looked and composedly stated, “Landon Miles.”
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
Posts: 89

 Post Posted: Tue, October 10th 2006 01:23pm    Post subject:
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The professor continued his speech about how magnificent Milo Rambaldi was and how his inventions continue to this day. Jake found it hard to control his stares at the individual at his side. Landon was extremely attractive and the mere thought of sucking -

"PROFESSOR!" a female secretary of the school rushed into the room and literally screamed his title, "Imperials!" she blurted out the information, Jake's eyes whipping to face the educated man. His brow was furled, seeming more upset that his lecture on what appeared to be his idol was interrupted than the fact a possible invasion force was present.

"Thyferra is under attack!" a student screamed with his holo-vision handheld in his hand. A news station blasted the surprised entry of the Imperial fleet. The Professor carefully walking to his desk. "Children, do not panic. The neccesary defenses should be in order in enough time for the Rebellion fleets to arrive."

"Leia kicks ass!" someone shouted.

"Leia is halfway across the galaxy, you idiot." another responded. Jake rolled his eyes, his heart racing faster and faster. How long did they have? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? The Professor raced to find a small golden sphere, something that looked as if it had profound value.

"Children, your parents have been notified and alerted of the procedures. For now, remain in the classroom..." the secretary was cut off by the ignorance of the professor.

"Frak this, I'm outta here." a large boy stood up and made down the stairs, four others followed his wake. Landon rose to his feet taking Jake by surprise, but Jake rose as well.

The secretary stepped into the classroom and punched the door command, "It would a safety violation for all of our students to leave at once in a panic or such rush of adrenaline."

The professor added, "And the civil suits the academy would face..." The secretary shot the older man a silencing glance, causing the most rebellious of the students to halt.

"Ma'am, to be blunt, the Imperials are going to smash through those shields and seige this planet." Landon pierced the silence and seemed to raise the fear in others, "The last place I want to be is a school."

"According to the Imperial Supreme Moff's signature, such facilities will be the most secure-"

"Imperial bastards! They lie." a student flamed the empire.

"Watch for Leia, she'll pounce and destroy them." the earlier student added to the conversation.

A fierce and loud conversation emerged, Leia portrayed as this people's savior and fierce leader versus the Imperial might and surprise and doom of Thyferra. It boiled to a fist fight between an unusually calm dug and two human friends. The secretary ran from her post to interrupt the fight and attempt to save the school from any kind of lawsuit, in the mean time Landon threw Jake a cool expression. "Coming?"

Jake was confused for a moment, then realized the door was open. Nodding the two bolted towards the only exit. Landon accessed the keypad, the doors rushing open to see a madpanic in the hallways. The emo pair dashed into the mad rush, pushing students aside until they could reach the parking lot.

It was not an order fashion, it was pure chaos. With parents flooding the school and attempting to get their children...

"My speeder..." his mouth hung open an empty spot meant it was stolen in fear. Jake saw that his was still untouched, yet a massive group was moving in that direction. Grabbing Landon's arm, Jake took off towards his own. Alarms blared as the ground chaos emerged. Picking up his holo transmitter, he let his mother know he was safe and he would meet her after this mess. She acknowledged, worried, but her love had disappeared over the years.

Thirty seconds later, after three near hits with opposite cruising speeders, Landon and Jake were soaring into the open skies of Thyferra...
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Jake Callahan
Private First Class

Joined: 26 Sep 2006
Posts: 89

 Post Posted: Wed, February 07th 2007 11:52pm    Post subject:
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The intricate hallways of the academy were supposedly some of the most prestigious artwork on the planet and well known throughout the galaxy as one of the top competing schools. When Jake first arrived at the school about a year ago, it was awkward to be around so many nonhumans. Now it was normal and his father's prejudice had fully dwindled from his mind. Moving rapidly towards his first class, Jake's mind replayed the droid's story and compared it with the facts he knew. If there really was a religion based on Rambaldi, his mother was surely apart of it. But who could possibly be the Ang de Levias?

Entering his class, Jake's pace was stopped by a firm grasp of his arm. "Jake." Jake turned to see a beaten form of the boy that he had recently fallen in love with. The boy's lips were chapped and looked as though the blood was scraped from his mouth. His eyes were black, swollen from powerful blows to the face, and his body looked crushed. Jake froze in sudden terror as he said, "Landon." Landon coughed his whole body spazzing at the pain.

"I was out protesting against the Imperial bastards, when a group of pro-Imperials came and smashed us up pretty good. I barely escaped. I couldn't go home. Please help me." his voice was full of panic as students slowly passed them, looking at the beaten body of Landon. Surprised the emo teenager would come to the Academy instead of anywhere else, Jake took his arm and lead him to a corner.

"You left me, Landon." Jake spat angrily. Landon cringed at the words, but Jake continued, "Why should I help you?" His heart didn't mean the words, but he wanted Landon to admit what he had done was a mistake; "Jake." his throat sounded scratched and tormented, "Please. I was there for you."

The sudden re-occurrence of the Far Point station and Jake's collapse seized his body. Nodding Jake took Landon's arm a second time, and led the emo teenager back to the hangar bay. A professor looked and the Thyferran’s pace quickened towards them. Not wanting a lengthy discussion, Jake activated the engine of his speeder through a special device while their doors opened. "Get in." Jake growled.

Landon rushed inside, his body collapsing into the passenger seat as Jake blasted the music player over the Professor's cries of authority. Slamming the vessel in reverse, Jake sped out of the hangar bay and into the open skies. Picking up his communicator, he called the only individual he knew.

“Prometheus, I need some help.” Jake eyed the body next to him, “Be ready for me. We’re going to a hospital.” Not wanting to answer any of the protocol droid’s question, Jake ended the transmission.
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