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Council Building
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Taris » Council Building
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Yusana Fennis
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 Post Posted: Sun, December 24th 2006 09:00am    Post subject: Council Building
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The Oblique slid out of hyperspace and into the orbit of Taris. Horribly bombarded in the Sith War, Taris had taken billions dead. Even now, after four thousand years of recovery, the world bore deep scars of those dark times, and the population was barely a sixth of what it had once been. Nonetheless, with the Echani founding of their new home on the surface and the defence levy suggested by the natives, it was well defended – three Karideph-class light cruisers orbited the glittering globe, replacing the recently scrapped Carrack fleet.

“I shall take my fighter down to the Council,” said Yusana to the Captain of the Oblique. “I shall try and stress that you do not deserve punishment for helping me in that abortive – and aborted – mission.” Her mouth curled into a slight smile. Her first operation in… how long? And it had been called off by the bloody Council. Though as a member, Yusana’s first loyalty was to the Echani, then to her mercenaries, it was still quite an imposition.

“Understood, Captain,” replied the Oblique’s own commander, “good luck.” Yusana nodded, and shook her hand. Motioning for her second and third in command to follow, she left the freshly minted bridge; the whole ship was less than a week old, and bore no scars or stains. How long it would remain so in such turbulent times was uncertain.

“The Council will be angry about you requisitioning the Oblique,” said her second, running a hand through his unkempt white hair. You instead of us, noted Yusana. Interesting… did this man really presume to challenge her authority?

“I’d imagine so,” she replied, as they rounded a corner and came within sight of the turbolift, “Possibly with good reason.”

“There aren’t many of us left,” her third, a pleasant young girl with rare blonde hair chimed in.

“Indeed,” replied Yusana. They entered the turbolift and keyed in the command to head for the hangar. The cylinder shot down.


The view of Echanis city grew in the X-wing’s cockpit. Built over a century, it was a thing of beauty, tall delicate spires and towers emphasising that it was uniquely Echani in design. Mandalorians would have hollowed out the land, killing it, and covered what remained in ugly concrete bunkers. Philistines.

“Okay, people,” she ordered over the radio, “Get to base. I’m going to see the council. Alone.” If only she could see her second’s face when he heard that comment. Men were always getting high and mighty. It would be useful if she at least knew his name though, but he’d been quite adamant to go under his stupid alias.

The Council building was dead ahead, a large domelike structure of chromium and glass. The X-wing curved down to land on the small landing pad just outside. Yusana swung out of the cockpit, and making sure her tunic was on straight, put on the ceremonial hood. The soldiers at the entrance saluted her and raised their vibroglaives. She saluted them in turn and entered.

The Council room had moved in the month she’d spent away from it, training fiercely and raising her mercenaries. She was waved in and found herself standing in a semicircle of high chairs around a tall marble table. This wasn’t the way it had been.

“You’ve redecorated, have you?” she asked, “Or have I misremembered this Truth Commission-style setup as some chairs around an oak table?” There were a few stifled giggles from the council members.

“The old council room was found to be bugged,” replied Trianna Haltis. Though it was stated in the code that no councilperson was above another, Haltis was the de-facto leader of the group, and her word held much weight with the military and the general populace. “We moved here to escape that, and had the room thoroughly investigated.”

Silence. Yusana looked up at all the other councilmembers, two male and six female, and after looking from left to right at their high chairs, found that there was no place for her. “Did I miss something?”

More silence. “The old chambers were found to be bugged soon after you left us for your little sabbatical,” said one of the male council members, “So there have been aspersions.” His eyes were filled with doubt.

“Aspersions,” Yusana stated. This was not happening. How could they ever think a Fennis would betray the Echani?

“However,” Haltis continued, “Since you have returned and are at our mercy, there are doubts as to your guilt. You will retain your council status but will not sit in at sessions until we have cleared your name. We hope you understand.” Haltis’ expression told Yusana that there was no choice but to understand.

Yusana nodded and bowed. “I do.” She smirked. “To be honest, I thought this was about me using the Oblique to convey my people to Onderon.”

Haltis’ eyes held no mirth. “We’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that again. The distinction between military and private forces must be clear. There aren’t many of us left.”

“Indeed,” replied Yusana, and left. Hopefully, the cleaner had kept her apartment clean while she’d been away – or she’d have his head. Then there was the matter of finding more soldiers, and there was the promise of that new recruit, and then there was the matter of having a bath, something to eat, and a change of clothes. After a month in the same white tunic and pants, her current attire was starting to look like something a Gammorrean would throw out.

~Captain Yusana Fennis - Rogue Councilwoman of the Echani, Adventuress

Alex says:
no, Echani just have to fight someone to know them completely
Alex says:
doesn't matter how they fight
Alex says:
they can also predict the course of a battle beforehand
Alex says:
and they make a mean sandwich
Vita the Were-Squirrel says:

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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Taris » Council Building
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