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Coronet Spaceport
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Corellia » Coronet Spaceport
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Alatáriël Pallanén
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 Post Posted: Fri, September 22nd 2006 12:26am    Post subject: Coronet Spaceport
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Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad was flanked by her husband, Zack the CorSec Captain, two dozen Rebel Security officers, and twenty CorSec officers walked down the pathway leading to where Luke was about to exit the Public Bus. "Eve?"

"According to CorSec sensors, he hasn't left the Public bus yet."

Arlyn nodded, the speed and effort of their speeders managed to speed in front of the rogue Jedi. Her eyes flashed a concern, the news of the lost of his children would cause a stir in this situation, however, she needed verification that he was actually the Luke Skywalker and everything that took place on Bandomeer.

Her eyes flashed at the thought that he was the Intelligence Chief from her first few years in the Rebel Alliance. A traitor, preaching about loyalty to the Rebel Alliance during his days, and the mere thought of him beginning some foolish League...

"Ryan." her voice broke her concentration, "You have the se-"

Ryan interrupted her, the hatch was opening...

Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad
Leader of the Zerconian Hive
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 Post Posted: Fri, September 22nd 2006 12:49am    Post subject:
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Sark stood behind Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad, the thanagarian woman was asking Ryan about one of the hand guns he was carrying. He answered her with a nod, and that was it as the public bus hissed and the docking hatch began to open. Assuming his role as the CorSec Captain, "Men, weapons ready. Hold all fire."

Sark's face displayed a sweet grin, he was hoping Skywalker would put up a fight, and a fight he would receive. Not only had Sark prepped this entire Spaceport for his capture, he would prove to the thanagarian security chief that he was far mroe valuable than she thought. Pulling a sideblaster, he aimed at the opening ramp.

Arlyn's hand extended in the air, holding any kind of fire until her mark. Sark nodded and dropped his blaster a few feet. Their personal shields would prove enough, but the hidden automatic security weapons would be activated if the need be. If Skywalker was in the right place.

"If he gets aggressive, non-fatal blasts only." Her voice sounded unquestioned and for a moment, even Sark obeyed her demand.
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Ryan Davad

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 Post Posted: Fri, September 22nd 2006 01:10am    Post subject:
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Ryan Davad grabbed the special blaster from his side and carefully lowered it to a less aggressive stance. His eyes and internal sensors scanning for the exact coordinates of Luke Skywalker. Although the man had brought both joy and ultimate pain to Arlyn's life, he would not allow this man to escape if he attempted to harm his wife. Their personal shield generators powered, Ryan had thousands of Jedi tactics memorized and processed within his internal banks. He would need .001 of a second to make and clip the shot.

Eve was attached to both of their ears, allowing Ryan to internally communicating with her. "Shut down all forms of departure, stop all forms of vessel porting and connection."

Eve, for the first time, chuckled, "Not exactly your jurisdiction. But if it helps, Captain McCoy has several security factors in place. With CorSec knowledge, they believe some geeky female from an outside source is watching everything on this station and ready to stop the rogue Jedi."

Ryan looked at Zack and flashed a universal grin, "Ready?" Zack nodded, the same thought seemed to run in his mind. The worst case scenario would be the advancement of the third most powerful force sensitive in the galaxy. Luke Skywalker.

Ryan Davad
Human Replica Droid
dubbed "Lord of Droids"

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Luke Skywalker
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 Post Posted: Mon, September 25th 2006 12:33am    Post subject:
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All these posts happen before Luke leaves Corellia.
Luke stepped out of the turbolift and into a room filled with troops, looking around he noticed Arlyn and her Robohubby. Behind them was an overly large Geonosian, his name tag read 'Bubba'.

The thanagarian brunette scanned her old intelligence director, worry and affection both in her eyes. She worried for his emotions and how this situation was being calculated in his mind. Her affection extended to him and his family and the ripple of pain that would now be estretched in their lives. "Luke." she said softly, "I require a blood test. A croke has resurfaced in the galaxy..."

Luke nodded, "Yes, I just had my arm destroyed by him if you recall."
Arlyn wasn't able to see the action in crystal clear view, however, she nodded taking a step towards him. "You mind if I collect a small sample?"
Luke looked at all the guards around, then smiled as he easily sensed the hidden defences, "Sure, it'd be pointless since your Bothan friend nearly vaporised Secra a minute ago."

Eve had just whispered the outcome of the Secra and Trisk battle, the Croke was captured, but Arlyn would play it safe, sighing she said to the stranger, "I require a sample... "

Luke nodded "fine, I've got plenty left. Take what you need."

Arlyn looked him in the eyes and she walked over to him, "Luke, is everything all right." She turned and waived her hand. Everyone except Ryan and Zackery remained after a few seconds of depature.

Luke shrugged, "Just lost two of my kids. I don't even know which two..."

Arlyn stopped in front of him, his emotionless persona frightened her. "Luke...you're in shock. Is there anything I can do?" she grabbed a splatter of his blood and it was electronically anaylzed.

Luke nods slightly, using all his Jedi strength to avoid feeling the grief that had led many Jedi down the dark path, "Keep my sister safe." Pausing slightly he looks up at Arlyn, "Secra and Gavin aren't the top of the food chain with this terrorist thing. They're only miniscule parts."

Arlyn nodded back to her intelligence director, the compassion of loyalty and friendship they once shared seemed to return. The essence of time the manner it would return, was not yet defined, however, Arlyn gently side pocketed the device and laid her hands on his shoulder. "It is a dark time in the galaxy, Luke, but you have family and friends..." She hoped they would still be considered to be friends of the Skywalker family, "Luke, I will do everything in my power to find those responsible for these deaths. You have been a great help"

Luke slowly wipes away the sweat beading on his brow, "Alatáriël, you are a dear friend... but I fear this goes beyond even the great powers of Alliance Security."

Arlyn smiled, "And what of the great powers of a friend? You have my aide, in one form or another." She patted his back slightly, "Where are you headed to?" Her voice was sincere and a tad of curiousity. It would be unwise for him to dwell alone too long, she would hate to lose him the emotional darkness that she could sense.

Luke frowned slightly, but tried not to let it show. He was certain he let everyone... oh wait. He hadn't had time to announce it to everyone yet... "I'm going to Yavin Four. Nicole will meet me there were I can get this League properly started." He shot a glance back at Arlyn, "and become a Rogue Jedi, as you so nicely put it."

A smirk appeared on her face, "Rogue Agent, I believe was the name you dubbed me before Ma'shi came into office." Her smile faded, "You have much ahead of you. The League is something this galaxy can benefit from..." Her voice trailed, "Luke...please contact me if you need anything. Ryan and I will be here for you and your family. You know that. You can sense that."

Luke smiled slightly and shrugged, "You had a rougish attitude back then." Back then being about two years ago, "And you did look the part of a Rogue." Luke almost faltered as Arlyn's voice trailed, "You need to attend to your people on Geonosis first. Soon they will need you, sooner and with more need than you could ever have thought."

Arlyn's eyes widened, for a moment, Luke may have just handed her the most crucial thought of her stay on Corellia. Nodding carefully, she shook her head. Something told her, they would both be in a lot of pain in the next couple of weeks, "Thanks." Knowing his abilities, it was the least she could say. She was speechless, "It seems a dark time in both of our lives has consumed everything."

Luke turns to her and grips his former subordinate's shoulders lightly, "Never give up hope Alatáriël. Hope is why the Rebellion exists."

Her eyes filled with unseen tears, her heart nearly overloading, "Luke...please stay with us, the Rebellion needs you."

Luke shakes his head, "The Rebellion needs heroes. I'm not the heroing type anymore."

A smile curled over her face once more and she released the Jedi Master, "Something tells me thats not entirely true." Even though it was one of the last thing she wanted, he needed to leave, "Be safe. Maybe we'll see each other again, in a new way, once all of this is over..."

Luke nodded slightly and began walking towards his ship, "Oh, Arlyn... on another, business related, note. Your bothan friend has broken the law by bringing highgrade weaponry onto Corellia. Get him before the Imperials do."

Arlyn couldn't help but smirk, despite all the bad news, something told her everything would be fine in the end. "Thanks, Luke." Remembering the short and yet comalized Jedi Master Yoogle, she added, "May the Force be with you in these dark times. I look forward to a dinner, with your family, on the planet of Coruscant. We'll dine at the highest tower, overlooking the free world that both our factions can look over and we'll smile. Our glasses will clink at the remembrance of those we lost and we will cheer for times ahead as bonds of friendships are renewed with a new sense of energy."

Luke smiled, not wanting to mention that he didn't like Coruscant's population problem and lack of trees, "The Force will be with us... all of us, always." He turned, his cloak whipping around him as his boots clicked on the tarmac. He whispered to himself, "Why do we always say that when we think we're gonna die?" He opened up the hatch to his craft and boarded quietly.

Arlyn sighed and watched as he disappeared. The words of the Jedi Master weighted heavily within her. She slowly turned to Ryan and embraced him. Sorrow engulfed her, but she held strong. Her last words being, "I have a bad feeling about this."
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Gavin Young

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 Post Posted: Wed, October 04th 2006 02:42pm    Post subject:
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The minute the heat was off Gavin emerged into Coronet Spaceport, jumping onto the nearest transport he left the planet.

Gavin has left on a public transport to Denon.

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 Post Posted: Thu, October 12th 2006 09:50pm    Post subject:
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Gretha smirked as Young boarded the transport. She followed him aboard, waiting for her chance.
Gretha too is on Denon.
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