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Denon Pub
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Ryan Laxer

Joined: 21 Sep 2006
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 Post Posted: Mon, October 02nd 2006 05:40pm    Post subject: Denon Pub
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Ryan and the other fighter jocks around him laughed as one of the pilots told a joke. He smiled, loving the entertanement. The bar was empty execpt for them- and that's all it needed. 16 rambuncuis pilots and tech officers. Would be 17 if Surge was here. Ryan thought. The fighter captian was usually more rambucious then the rest of them- especailly when he was drunk. But he had some 'important buisness' to attend too, so he wasn't. Ryan reached out for another Denon Ale. The stuff was good. He took a sip, and eyed the few girls in the back. Alin Jaf, a 20 year old, orange hair pilot, caught his eye. He had a soft spot for her, but so did everyone else, especailly Surge. And she liked Surge as well, even though she never admitted it. Ryan then turned his eyes on the other girls, and continued to sip his drink.

Ryan Laxer~
Galactic Alliance- Lieutenant
X-Wing Firebrand, Havoc Squadron
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Alatáriël Pallanén
ECP Member

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 Post Posted: Sun, April 27th 2008 03:44am    Post subject:
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Rebellion Security had the entire place secured, and under direct lockdown until the Chief herself arrived. Under the guise of a local tradesman, a Galaxy's Most Wanted had tripped the security nets, and with a tip from a local resident, his position had been surrendered.

Captain Corters entered the entertainment complex, his hands dusting off the uniform as he scanned the saluting officers. "Clean the formation up. She'll be here any minute!" He barked, looking at a female graduate who had passed the academy just in time to possibly receive a medal for the service work her unit performed during capture "Excellent work." He commended her, and though he was twenty years senior, he couldn't help but feel a bit of potential passion the two could share, off hours.

His feet slipped over to the bar where the man had been apprehended, his eyes coated and glassed over with alcohol as he struggled slightly in his restraints. "Frakkers." he cursed. The Captain paced nearby, looking to and fro at his gadgets.

"Dart bracelets...quite a few of them." he said, opening a brief case full of black market supplies, "Deathsticks, Aaurouna Leafs, Giggledust, glitterstim, fake passports, and a strange thermo configured device trigger;" the actual device was removed by an explosive special droid unit in order to render it inoperable. "Saint Caprica, this bastard was packin' "

"Security frakkerrrs." his drunken voice slurred the last word while he swayed, "Hate the lot of you."

"That may be," the Captain started, "And we don't particularly care for thugs and criminal slime like yourself."

"Captain Corters." came a female voice from behind him, and as he turned, he saw the woman with wings.

* * *

"An interesting collection of gadgets..." Arlyn took particular interest in what had made the man so formidable, "It's a pity some of the locals betrayed you to government officials..."

The man shouted some alien curses, nothing that she could remotely identify...the alcohol didn't help either.

"Right. Do we have any recognized accomplices? He had a briefcase full of bracelets, spices, and a detonator. I think he was going to meet someone important tonight." she told the captain, "Get a background check on everyone we caught in the bar. Take these back to Headquarters," her hand scanned over his briefcase, "I want to run some sweeps on the equipment, have the specialized unit take a gander, and see if we can't find anything else we can use to convict him to Rhen Var... I hope you enjoy the cold," she said to the man, "consider it an ice cold vacation, and the beauty of it is, you won't have to pay a single credit for it." She eyed the security captain to ensure he had heard her orders.

"Yes, ma'am." came the Captain's response.

The drunk man took a final glance at the "angel", before collapsing into a dreamless, drunken state. Whenever he would come around, he'd find himself in a holding cell, and all the materials that he tried to sell, confiscated, and in some cases, destroyed.

Alatáriël Pallanén-Davad
Leader of the Zerconian Hive
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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index » Denon » Denon Pub
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