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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Binds of Tyranny Forum Index
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  Topic: Moff's Suggestions (Also Q&A thread)
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Questions and Suggestions   Posted: Sat, October 11th 2008 06:12pm   Subject: Moff's Suggestions (Also Q&A thread)
Bah, we all know Palpy doesn't have wrinkles anymore, due to the wonders of Loreal Anti-Aging Cream :P
  Topic: Freelancer for Hire
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Galactic Communications   Posted: Fri, October 10th 2008 05:34pm   Subject: Freelancer for Hire
Jun'ko Shan, Human female. Specialising in Close Combat and Melee Combat, but with willingness to be hired for any other role to benefit the Client.

Details such as Contract length, contract detail ...
  Topic: Echani Weaponsmith Consortium - Shields, Armour, Swords
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Financial Holonet   Posted: Fri, October 10th 2008 04:58pm   Subject: Echani Weaponsmith Consortium - Shields, armour, Swords
1x Cortosis-weave vibrosword please

Transmitting payment of 30,000 credits to your account now.
  Topic: SWVIII Map
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Announcements   Posted: Thu, October 09th 2008 05:47pm   Subject: SWVIII Map
I always thought it was the Sith's job to be the antagonists :P
  Topic: Application for Jun'ko Shan
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Applications   Posted: Thu, October 09th 2008 03:07pm   Subject: Application for Jun'ko Shan
Darn it lol
And yes, I still want this character :)
  Topic: Application for Jun'ko Shan
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Applications   Posted: Wed, October 08th 2008 05:15pm   Subject: Application for Jun'ko Shan
Character Information
Name: Jun'ko Shan
Date of Birth: 8 YBY
Species/Race: Female Human
Desired Organization: None
Desired Occupation: Freelancer (CMAC Force Roll Please)
MSNIM: azza_brudenell@ ...
  Topic: Application for Tyber Zann (Unlisted Canon Character)
Jun'ko Shan

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PostForum: Applications   Posted: Wed, October 08th 2008 04:37pm   Subject: Application for Tyber Zann (Unlisted Canon Character)
Character Information

Name: Tyber Zann
Date of Birth: 34 BBY
Species/Race: Human / Anaxsi
Desired Organization: Zann Consortium (Custom, although it IS canon)
Desired Occupation: Crimelord
MS ...
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