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  Topic: Rendili Stardrive

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PostForum: Financial Holonet   Posted: Tue, December 18th 2007 01:36pm   Subject: Rendili Stardrive
1 Katarn-class Shuttle, please.
  Topic: Dune Sea

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PostForum: Tatooine   Posted: Sat, June 09th 2007 08:00am   Subject: Dune Sea

It was truly a delight to watch my Master kill so efficiently. He was surrounded by Sand People, but none seemed to manage to get close to him. He wielded his weapon with perfect balance, precision ...
  Topic: Tiara's Fire

Replies: 51
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PostForum: Csilla   Posted: Wed, June 06th 2007 01:04pm   Subject: Tiara's Fire

The escape from the battle gave neither myself nor my Master any trouble. While he was inquisitive towards the nature of the battle, I had managed to overhear much of the reasoning behind it and wa ...
  Topic: Taris Space

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PostForum: Taris   Posted: Thu, February 22nd 2007 12:39pm   Subject: Taris Space

I had been taught to factor the Force into my combat abilities. I knew never to let a Jedi be within a few feet of their fallen lightsabers, I knew not to let meatbags be waved at by a Jedi, I knew ...
  Topic: Dxun

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PostForum: Onderon   Posted: Sun, January 21st 2007 10:49am   Subject: Dxun

The Master had done well. The zakkeg was tireless, and in his exhausted state, the Master would not be able to commit to any prolonged conflict. A spark of creativity, some sheer luck, and a low-gr ...
  Topic: Dxun

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Onderon   Posted: Tue, December 26th 2006 04:16pm   Subject: Dxun

My circuits ran through the same diagnostics over and over again.



I am programmed to know my situations, my circumstances. To be caught unaware is a danger, and that cannot b ...
  Topic: Dxun

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Onderon   Posted: Fri, December 22nd 2006 05:57pm   Subject: Dxun

“Answer: Here, master.”

“In the temple?”

“Answer: No, master. Here on Dxun.”

“And what am I looking for?”

“Unsure Answer: The head of zakkeg.”

“Unsure? Why are you unsure?”
  Topic: Dxun

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Onderon   Posted: Fri, December 22nd 2006 05:22pm   Subject: Dxun

Photorecepters receiving information.

Begin startup process 122012


Auditory sensors online.

Visual sensors online.

Olfactory sensors online.

Vocabulator online.

Motor ...
  Topic: HK-47 Re-application

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PostForum: Applications   Posted: Thu, December 21st 2006 07:24am   Subject: HK-47 Re-application
Name: HK-47
Date of Birth: Some 4,000 years ago
Species/Race: Droid
Desired Organization: None
Desired Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin/General Ass-Kicker
  Topic: Character Application: HK-47

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PostForum: Applications   Posted: Tue, June 20th 2006 01:42pm   Subject: Character Application: HK-47
Ok...Re-Do of Acct...2nd Character

Name: HK-47 (Canon)(KotOR)
Desired Organization: Freelance
Desired Occupation: Freelancer/Bodyguard to Jaden Korr
MSNIM: Knightblade1967@hotmail.com
Anyth ...
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