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Announcements about the RPG and website in general
73 2353 Fri, August 14th 2009 08:34pm
Orrion Carn View latest post
Questions and Suggestions
New players can ask questions about the game, and everyone can give suggestions for improvement.
83 2746 Sat, July 11th 2009 12:02pm
Don Corleone View latest post
A forum for discussion outside of the RPG - a place to socialize and talk about anything on your mind
566 26750 Sun, August 09th 2009 04:18pm
Shayera Jendob View latest post
Applications for new characters.
492 1436 Fri, May 22nd 2009 11:52am
Ams Jendob View latest post
Forum for un-application of your own characters, allowing them to be released back into the main stream.
53 80 Sun, January 04th 2009 02:30am
Tiara Tranada View latest post
Assessment Room
Used to assess the RP of potential characters and for veterans to practice. It is also used for 'character reclamation contests.' Anything posted here is strictly not in the main game.
22 171 Fri, May 16th 2008 11:12pm
Ams Jendob View latest post
Fan Activities
Have a creative side? This is the place to share it! This forum is for posting your Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Fan Films or other fanmade creations.
28 671 Thu, June 04th 2009 01:40pm
Kilvec Ordo View latest post
Public Holonet Channels
Financial Holonet
The hub of virtual commerce in the Galaxy.
49 1595 Thu, April 23rd 2009 11:24pm
Ams Jendob View latest post
Galactic Communications
A Galaxy-spanning arena for debates, speeches and annoucements. To speak here, you must have access to proper communications equipment.
63 956 Thu, January 29th 2009 03:20pm
Velora Antana View latest post
Galactic Archives
Storage center for important information on the Holonet.
12 32 Sat, January 03rd 2009 05:53pm
Derek Brand View latest post
Galactic News Frequency
The center for all news channels in the Galaxy.
9 5 Thu, June 18th 2009 01:57pm
Shayera Jendob View latest post
A multitude of channels for education, entertainment, information, and other programs.
23 65 Wed, April 01st 2009 01:02am
Imperial Network View latest post
The Exchange
A criminal syndicate with its dirty fingers in every corner of the underworld, the Exchange also has its own Holonet channel to reach bounty hunters, smugglers, and the like. (IC forum, however, any information in here remains in here.)
Moderator Cyrus Bounto
13 37 Thu, January 01st 2009 02:33pm
Cyrus Bounto View latest post
Annaj (Terra)
Annaj, also known as Cannij Barr, and known to the incumbent government as Terra, is a planet in the Annaj system and the capital of the Moddell Sector.
5 12 Tue, July 25th 2006 11:16pm
Julian Noble View latest post
Bandomeer was a planet in the Outer Rim known for its rolling plains and mining operations. It is home of the native Meerian race.
11 73 Wed, September 20th 2006 07:30pm
Tiara Tranada View latest post
Bespin is a gas giant on the Ison Corridor. It's also a major source of tibanna gas, which is refined for production and transport in Cloud City.
3 11 Sun, January 13th 2008 10:47am
Xaph View latest post
A planet of varied and rough terrains and high gravity, Carida is a gladly willing Imperial world with major academies on its surface.
23 224 Sat, April 18th 2009 10:30am
Kalydon Skirata View latest post
The Centrality (T'au)
An empty region lacking many stable hyperspace routes, with areas so devoid of systems that some travelers would run out of fuel before finishing their journeys even halfway, the few planets within are under the control of the new T'au government, who refer to it locally as T'au as well.
3 3 Fri, June 29th 2007 02:01pm
Por’El Dal’yth View latest post
An idyllic worlds of rolling, grassy plains, Chandrila was reconquered by the Galactic Empire in the late stages of the Galactic Civil War.
2 5 Sun, March 11th 2007 08:04am
Tallarn Idanian View latest post
Clak'Dor VII
A steamy tropical world, Clak'Dor VII is home to the Bith race.
5 15 Mon, January 28th 2008 09:24am
Jane Williams View latest post
A temperate world with many large oceans and a spacefaring history extending back millenia.
25 229 Fri, February 13th 2009 08:50pm
Talon K View latest post
An oceanic world long uninhabited by its native sapients, Coronus is but a codename for this world.
11 58 Mon, January 05th 2009 02:20am
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
Once a temperate world of forest, plains, and some of the best bureaucrats in the Galaxy as well as Imperial Academy satellite, Corulag is now a barren wasteland with a toxic atmosphere, unfit for resettlement. The surface has only recently cooled enough for the crust to begin to solidify.
1 0 No Posts
Capital of the Galactic Empire, and considered by some to the be the capital planet for the Galaxy, Coruscant is an ecumenopolis on the grandest scale.
68 1242 Sat, June 27th 2009 03:34am
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
This cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes is the homeworld of the Chiss located deep within the Unknown Regions.
14 146 Wed, August 01st 2007 11:58am
Xaph View latest post
A pastoral world of steppes and grasslands, site of a huge battle in the Clone Wars as well as other battles and skirmishes in the Galactic Civil War.
3 13 Fri, February 16th 2007 08:39pm
Illuminatum Agent View latest post
Denon is a planet with city growth covering the entire surface, similar to Coruscant. In terms of being an ecumenopolis, it is second to Coruscant. This planet is also the capital of the Galactic Alliance.
97 1301 Tue, March 17th 2009 11:04pm
Ackbar View latest post
This temperate world is home to the Devaronians and their cousins, the Devish. The terrain of Devaron is made up a low mountain ranges with deep valleys, shallow lakes, and thousands of rivers. Capital of the Devaron Sovereignty.
16 134 Sun, December 28th 2008 05:04pm
Petyr Baelish View latest post
Hapes was the homeworld of the beautiful Hapans and the capital of isolationist monarchy known as the Hapes Consortium.
11 91 Thu, November 09th 2006 07:18am
Ta'Chume View latest post
Karideph is a heavily populated planet in the Minos Cluster, where the Trition Trade Route meets the Rimma Trade Route. Its main industry is food production.
8 34 Tue, May 29th 2007 03:59am
Velora Antana View latest post
A thickly forested world, home of the wroshyr tree and the Wookiee species.
9 73 Tue, January 27th 2009 12:25pm
Hartman View latest post
Korriban is the original homeworld of the Sith species and a sacred planet for the Sith Order, housing the tombs for many ancient and powerful Dark Lords of the Sith, and containing tremendous dark side power.
9 46 Sat, April 28th 2007 02:06am
Amoz Shadowyrem View latest post
An industrial world, formerly home of the massive Kuat Drive Yards corporation until it was merged with Sienar Fleet Systems and Damorian manufacturing, creating the Imperial Manufacturing Corporation.
18 176 Sat, September 20th 2008 10:10am
Zero View latest post
Mon Calamari
Known as Dac to the natives and Mon Calamari to the rest of the Galaxy, this planet is home to a massive shipyard complex and the Mon Calamari and Quarren species.
3 11 Sun, May 25th 2008 02:41pm
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
A beautiful world of rolling hills. wooded swamps, pristine cities, and large oceans. The Naboo and Empire jointly control this world.
15 82 Mon, April 07th 2008 06:45am
Don Corleone View latest post
Nar Shaddaa
The largest moon of Nal Hutta, the moon is an ecumnepolis riddled with crime, filth, and pollution.
12 74 Tue, June 17th 2008 04:08am
Denavus Zarthen View latest post
Nespis VIII
A formerly-abandoned spaceborne city near the Cron Drift, and base of operations for the Republic of Nespis.
26 158 Fri, November 21st 2008 11:16am
Jahan Stresemann View latest post
One of three planets in the Japreal system, Onderon has a temperate climate, and was once home to a primitive race of humanoids. Like many other fringe worlds, the Onderonians have a distrust of aliens.
Moderator Serrith Wuir
12 57 Fri, March 16th 2007 09:03pm
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
Ord Mantell
Located in the Bright Jewel System, Ord Mantell is known for its lenient banking laws and their flexibility. It was settled some 12,000 years before the Battle of Endor by Corellian colonists as an advanced military outpost for the Old Republic.
6 56 Sat, August 18th 2007 11:35pm
Neo Sarkkas View latest post
Skor II
The Squib homeworld, Skor II is on the Rimma Trade Route. The planet is ruled by a system of government known as the "polyanarchy," which is headed by a King.
5 27 Sun, November 12th 2006 09:43am
Halmere View latest post
Once a city of ancient splendor, Taris was devastated by the forces of Darth Malak four millennia ago. Only recently have new settlements sprung up.
14 210 Fri, February 27th 2009 02:02am
Dane Mereel View latest post
An arid desert world and home to the Jawas and Sandpeople.
14 52 Tue, February 24th 2009 05:08am
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
Telos IV
A battle-scarred world in the Kwymar Sector, first devastated by Saul Karath four millennia ago, then the subject of the brutal Kwymar Suppressions under Palpatine. Also home to Citadel Station.
7 31 Mon, June 15th 2009 08:01pm
Kilvec Ordo View latest post
A planet in the Unknown Regions, Thanagar is a mysterious world with a temperate climate. The Thanagarians are known for their strength, powers of observation, and ability to fly.
3 4 Sat, January 05th 2008 01:28am
Ams Jendob View latest post
A hot, humid planet located in the Polith system on the Rimma Trade Route. Thyferra has a near monopoly on the Galaxy's bacta production. The planet is now under the joint control of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.
7 41 Sat, May 24th 2008 09:19pm
Sark View latest post
Vorzyd Cluster
A group of systems in the Vorzyd Sector, the Cluster contains the Vorzyd System.
10 49 Sun, July 29th 2007 10:29pm
Natalie Pearson View latest post
Yavin System
An Alliance world known for being the site of the destruction of the first Death Star.
14 52 Sun, November 19th 2006 07:01am
Luke Skywalker View latest post
A desolate wasteland of a world, Yinchorr acts as a training ground for the Empire's most deadly soldiers.
12 81 Sun, January 28th 2007 01:10pm
Jace911 View latest post
A planet in the Unknown Regions and home of the Killiks.
4 11 Fri, June 08th 2007 10:57pm
Noruas View latest post
Ziost was a world made up entirely of an ancient dark forest. Not only was it a focal point of the dark side, but it was homeworld of the Sith species.
4 123 Thu, January 11th 2007 07:04am
Gavin Onasi View latest post
Other Systems
Events occuring on worlds without dedicated forums occur here.
186 1854 Fri, May 08th 2009 05:14pm
Alatáriël Pallanén View latest post
In-Game Archive
Where old threads go when they're outlived their usefulness.
44 459 Sun, October 12th 2008 12:26pm
Derek Brand View latest post

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